Wayne's Muffler Business Retirement

Auction in 101 N Lake Street, Neenah Wisconsin, United States

18 Tuesday
June 18th, 2019 6:00 PM
Hansen Auction Group
Phone: 715-265-4656

Wayne's Muffler Business Retirement

Auction in 101 N Lake Street, Neenah Wisconsin, United States

Tuesday at - 18th June , 2019



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Auction Items For Sale


Vehicles, Tools, Equipment and More!

Over 375 Lots



On online auction with the Hansen Auction Group. Bidding starts at $1 and ends June 18th.

OPEN HOUSE: Friday, June 14th (10-3)

ADDRESS:  101 N. Lake Street, Neenah, WI 54956



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Rotary Alignment Lift - Bring tools and help to remove - Must be paid for before removed - Must be removed by July 8.

Hunter Alignment Equipment

Computer Wheel Balancer

Ben Pearson Pipe Bender

Rotary Vehicle Lift - Bring tools and help to remove -  Must be paid for before removed - Must be removed by July 8.

Snap On Air Conditioning Service Center

Coats Tire Changer

Magna Force Air Compressor

Log Splitter

Bottle Jack Press

Snap On Vehicle Hoist

1972 Chevrolet El Camino - VIN 1D80H2K555045 - Has title

1985 Ford F350 Wrecker Truck - VIN 1FTHF3616FPA31420 - Has title

2006 Dodge Grand Caravan - VIN 2D4GP44L96R727709 - Has title

2005 Ford Escape - VIN 1FMCU93175KB02753 - Has title

2001 Jeep Cherokee - VIN 154FF485X1L578512 - Has title

2005 Ford Escape - VIN 1FMCU93115KC94445 - Has title

2000 GMC Jimmy - VIN 1GKDT13W3Y2185891 - Has title

2005 Chrysler Town & Country - VIN 2C4GP54L15R158291 - Has title

2005 Mercury Sable LS - VIN 1MFHM5575A614851 - Has title

2004 Dodge Intrepid - VIN 2B3AD46R74H706925 - Has title

2001 Subaru Legacy - VIN 453BH635617300646 - Has title

2010 Dodge Caliber - VIN 1B3CB4HA5AD662048 - Has title

2002 Lincoln Continental - VIN 1LNHM97V22Y699970 - Has title

1981 Kawasaki LTD 440 - VIN JKAKZHA12BB512221 - Has title

Delta Bench Grinder - Bench

Contents of (2) Drawers

(3) Wrenches

Misc. Lot

Misc. Lot Under Bench

Misc. Lot

Items on Racks on Wall

Hose - Reel

Cart and Contents

(12) Bottles of Thrive Oil

Sony Radio

Misc. Items on Top of Counter

Tool Box and Contents

Oxy/Acetylene Torch on Cart

Propane Torch - License Plates

Exhaust Piping - Rack

2.5 Subaru Engine

Oil Catcher

Peak Antifreeze - Coolant

Mac Tools AirEvac

Mac Hole Saw Kit

Snap On Torque Wrench

Snap On Graphing Scanner

Metal Break Lines

(2) Snap On Tools

Magnition Sorensen Electronic Ignition Tester

Milwaukee Cordless Driver/Drill Kit

Milwaukee Sawzall

Snap On Master Spindle Rethread Kit

Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set

Ball Joint Tools

Snap On Fuel Injection Pressure Gauge Set

Tool Bag

Electric Fuel Pump

(2) Mufflers

Homelite Chainsaw

Car Repair Manuals

Box of Hardware

Snap On Compression Gauge Set

Pittsburgh Jumbo Socket Set

Pipe Extenders

Master Ball Joint Adapter Set

Napa Cabinet - Memory Foam Topper

Universal Brake Caliper Tool

Gear and Pulley Pullers

Pipe Cutters

Snap On Cooling System Tester

Marine Terminals

Central Micrometer

Universal Block Tester

Napa Battery Conductance and Electrical System Analyzer

Headlamp Aimer

Autel MaxiTPMS

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Right Angle Drill

Tune Up Equipment

Diablo Rubber Air Hose

Rivet Tool

(2) Electrical Tools

Rivet Tool

Digital High Impedance Volt/OHM Meter

Stud Extractor Set

Mac Tools Deluxe Hubcap & Wheel Lock Removal Kit

Mac Tools Power Steering Pulley Remover-Installer Set

Damper Puller

Gasketing System

Cordless Dremel

Train Set

Vehicle Manuals

Cut Off Saw

Top Shelf Contents

Bottom (2) Shelf Contents

Oil Barrel and Stand

Box of Exhaust Hangers

Box of Exhaust Hangers

Box of Exhaust Hangers

Box of Exhaust Hangers

Box of Exhaust Hangers

(2) Sprayers

(2) Wrenches

Box of Exhaust Hangers

Exhaust Clamps

Engine Stand

Contents on Top of Cabinet

Hardware Cabinet

Box of Exhaust Clamps

Box of Exhaust Clamps

Box of Exhaust Clamps

Box of Exhaust Clamps

Box of Exhaust Clamps

Box of Exhaust Clamps

Pennzoil Barrel

Misc. Exhaust Parts

Box of Exhaust Clamps

Misc. Exhaust Parts

Grease Guns

Millermatic 200 Welder

Air Hose Reel

Air Hose Reel

(2) Trouble Lights

Contents of Corner - NOT Including Fire Extinguisher

Contents of Shelf

Contents of Shelf

Contents of Shelf

Contents of (2) Shelves

Century Battery Charger/Tester

Misc. Lot

Floor Jack

Floor Jack

Floor Jack

Trouble Light - Air Hose Reel

Ironton Air Bead Seater

Contents of (2) Shelves

Clock and Thermometer

Snap On Starting and Charging System Tester

Cabinet and (3) Shelves of Content

Contents of Shelf

Contents of Shelf

Caster Adjusting Tool - SmarTack Spark Analyzer

Contents of Right Side of Shelf

Blue - Point Automotive Test Kit

Solar Carbon Pile Load Tester

Smoke Pro Automotive Leak Locater

Misc. Car Parts

(2) Hardware Door With Contents

Wall Hanging Display and Contents

Misc. Car Parts on Table

Diamond Plate Table and Stool

Refrigerator / Freezer - Works

Parts Washer

Water Cooler

Panasonic Microwave

Metal Dirty Rag Pail

Service Manuals

Class 3 Chevy Blazer Trailer Hitch

Plastic Parts Containers with Contents

Cleaning Tools

Hydraulic Hoist Oil Tank

Turn Tables for an Alignment Machine

Tire Leak Water Tray

Repair Manuals

Replica Gas Pump

Mobile Gas Collectable

Skelly Arrow Max

Texaco Sky Chief


Metal Drawer Cabinet

Metal Container with Misc. Items

Metal Drawer Cabinet

Desk and Chair

Book Shelf With Pull out Shelf

Contents Of Top Shelf

Contents of Shelf

Contents of Shelf

Contents of Shelf

(2) Trailer Ball Mounts

(2) Trailer Ball Mounts

(7) Head Lights and 6 and 7- Way Connecting Box

(2) Trailer Ball Mounts

(2) Trailer Ball Mount With Balls

(4) Trailer Hitch Receiver and (1) Ball

(2) Trailer Ball Mount and Extra Ball

(2) Trailer Ball Mount

Contents of Shelf

Mirrored Clock

(3) Chairs

Chassis Lubricant Barrel and Pump

(7) Air Filters

Oil Filters and More

Motor Oil and More

Jiffy Ice Drill

Waste Oil Furnace and Components

(2) Weed Trimmers and More


Menards Drill Press

(7) Saws

Misc. Hanging Items

(2) Hardware Cabinets and Contents

Misc. Items

Misc. Items

Misc. Hanging Items

Contents of Bottom Shelf

Misc. Hanging Items

Spring Compressor

Work Bench With Vise

Welder Rods and Helmets

(2) Shelves of Exhaust Piping

(3) Iron Man Tires

Chains and Binders

Oil Retriever

Giant Letter Board

(4) Exhaust Hoses

(2) Tire and Rims and (2) Tubes

(2) Tire and Rims

Small Trailer Tire and Bottle Jack

(3) ATV Tires and (2) Tubes

Ariens ST824 Snow Blower

Squirrel Cage Fans

Squirrel Cage Fans

Squirrel Cage Fans

Dolly and Head Assembly

(1) Shop Vac (1) Craftsman

F-150 Hub Cups

(3) Ratchet Straps

Wheel Cart

Barrel Hoist

Snow Mobile Dollies

(4) Tires

Metal Tool Box and Contents

Freon Tank

(2) Slide Hammer Pullers

(2) Slide Hammer Pullers

Misc. Lot

Mechanic Stool

Empty Tank

Tool Box and Contents

Break Pads and Shoes

Misc. Car Parts


Snap on ACT 9000A Automatic Programmable Charging Meter - Lap Top and Monitor

Misc. Tools

(2) Torque Wrenches and Breaker Bar

2000 Chevy Tahoe Parts

AC Clutch

Tiff Refrigerant Leak Detector

Misc. Tools

(2) Misc. Items

Misc. Tools

(2) Coil Spring Compressor

Jumper Cable and Extension Cords

(2) Extension Cords

Fiber Glass Step Ladder

Robert Shaw Hot Box and Contents

Barrel - Battery Jump Pack and Tire Iron

(3) Jacks Stands

(2) Jack Stands

(2) Jack Stands

Shelf Contents

Shelf and Top Shelf Contents

Gates Hose Cabinet

Metal Cabinet and Contents

Bottom Shelf Contents

Shelf Contents

(2) Shelf Contents

Top Shelf Contents

Metal Cabinet

Bottom Shelf Contents

Shelf Contents

Shelf Contents

Shelf Contents

Shelf Contents

Metal Cabinet

Kohler Generator

(2) Running Boards


Air Compressor Motor

(2) Jack Stands

Metal Rolling Cart

Craftsman Tool Box and Contents

Brake Rotor Cutting Tool

(2) Snow Plow Hydraulic Rams

(2) Pneumatic Floor Jacks

Brake Drum Turning Lathe

Viper Cooling System Service Center

(2) Metal Cable-  Extension Cord - and Air Hose

Central Pneumatic Abrasive Blaster

Shop Vac and Air Tank

Work Bench and Contents on Top

Air Hose on Reel

(4) Trailer Tires

Box of Misc.

Right Side of Compartment Contents

Oil Filter Wrenches

Specialty Tools For 4- Wheel Drive

Bottom Shelf Contents

Lawn Chairs and More


(2) Display Racks

Air Conditioning Cabinet and Contents

(2) Tires

(2) Tires

Tire With Rim and Electrical Cord on Reel

Sears Gas Heater

Home Made Adjustable Engine Support Lift



(3) Oil Cans

(2) Oil Cans

Barrel and (2) Pumps

Napa Stool

(5) Tires

(4) Tires

Approx. 25 Hub Caps

Barrel Cart and Barrel

Engine Hoist

(2) Tarps

Engine Stand

Transmission Jack Stand

Pallet Jack and Cones

Misc. Lot

Grease Barrel and Pump

Aluminum Cans

FM Wheel Alignment  System

Northern Star 2000 Air Conditioner Machine

Visualiner 4-Wheel Computer Alignment Center

FMC Onsite Training Center

Kohler Generator

Metal Pieces

(2) Hand Dollys

(2) Push Lawnmowers

(2) 5Gallon Pails of Roof Tar/Cement

(2) Battery Chargers

(2) Battery Chargers

Transmission Cooler

(7) Barrels

(7) Barrels

(6) Barrels

Pressure Washer

Snap On Eco-134 Recover Recycle Recharge Air Conditioning Unit

Cement Mixer

Misc. Lot

Prestone Anti-freeze Coolant

Car Hoist

Advantage Fuel System Testing Kit

Kohler Generator

Kohler Generator

Car Lift Hydraulic Pump and Reservoir

U-Haul Container

Appliance Dolly

Appliance Dolly

Misc. Tools and More

Metal Cabinet and Contents

File and Parts Cabinet

Snowmobile Dolly

(2) Auto Creepers

U-Haul Cart

(2) Fans

(2) New Comfort Fans

Contents of Shelf

Shelf and Contents

(2) Items

(2) Items

(2) Items

Neon U-Haul Sign

Misc. Lot

Furnace Fan

Furnace Fan

Furnace Fan

Insulated Garage Door

(4) 15" Aluminum Honeycomb Rims

Furnace Fan

Sun Computer Alignment Center

Craftsman Acetylene/Oxygen Torch


Stand and All the Carburetors

Furnace Fan

(2) Aluminum 4-Way Running Boards

Metal 1" Tubed Spring Loaded Sign Board Stand

(2) 6-Hole GM Pickup Rims

Misc. Lot

Hub Caps

Windows and Doors

Box of Foam Letters - Foam Padding

Trail Mobile Semi Trailer - NO TITLE - Bring tools and equipment to remove -  Must be paid for before removed - Must be removed by July 8.