Farm Auction in Ridgeland Wisconsin, United States

12:00 PM Wednesday
October 23rd, 2013


Farm Auction in Ridgeland Wisconsin, United States

Wednesday at - 23rd October , 2013



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Auction Items For Sale

150 – HI-GRADE HOLSTEINS – 150:   100 Hi-Grade Holstein Cows (2 Red & White); 8 Jersey & Jersey Holstein Cross Cows; 20 Hi-Grade Holstein Springing Heifers; 20 Hi-Grade Holstein Heifers, Bred 1-4 months.


TIMED WELL:  Selling is a very nice quality herd.  24 Cows are recently fresh and another 8 are dry & springing.  The balance are bred back and milking well.  62# Tank average.  The cows are not being pushed.  Homegrown feeds – 2x – No BST – Very little protein.


YOUNG HERD:  65% of the herd are 2 and 3 year olds!


BREEDING:  AI breeding by Select Sires, along with a registered bull for clean up.  Very nice udders, and correct feet & legs are found throughout.


HERD HEALTH:  Udder quality is good with SCC averaging 250,000.  Individual SCC will be posted.  The herd is on a complete herd health and vaccination program through the Prairie Farm Vet Clinic.  You can buy with confidence.


NOTE:  All cows are free-stall broke.  They are milked in tie stalls.  They should easily adapt to any facility. 


LOOKING FOR GOOD COWS?  Join us at the Schleusner dispersal.