Online Only Antiques & Collectibles Dec. 10 @ 6pm CST

Online Auction in Wautoma Wisconsin, United States

10 Monday
December 10th, 2018
W. Yoder Auction
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Online Only Antiques & Collectibles Dec. 10 @ 6pm CST

Online Auction in Wautoma Wisconsin, United States

Monday at - 10th December , 2018


When registering as a new bidder, the credit card you register with will have a $1.00 authorization done. The credit card used for registration will be charged following the auction unless you specifically reply to the unpaid invoice to arrange for a different payment method. Please do NOT call us to set up alternative payment method, if you do, it will be disregarded, and your credit card will still be charged. If alternative payment is approved, we accept cash, good check or a separate credit card (+3% if you use an alternate credit card). Our auctions feature an auto bid extend (soft close). This means that if somebody bids close to the end, it will extend the bid time on that lot. An 18% buyers' fee is in effect, plus applicable sales tax. Your credit card will be charged first thing Tuesday morning following the auction. If you plan to pick up your items, you may pay by cash or check, but the 18% buyers' fee remains in effect, and you will have 3 business days to do so following the auction. If no payment is made after the 3rd day, we will charge your credit card.W. Yoder Auction, LLC does not test items for genuineness. All descriptions are believed true; however, inspections are encouraged. Any items left behind after the pickup date or dates will be considered abandoned and will be forfeited and returned to inventory unless alternate pickup or shipping arrangements were made prior to said deadline. If this is an out of auction house sale and you wish us to bring your items back to our location, please email or call us. Please note this is not a free service.oAll items sold 'AS IS, WHERE IS" with all faults. All sales are final;oNo implied or express warranties by auction company.oAll descriptions are believed accurate but are not guaranteed or warranted.oPictures are part of the description - so we encourage you to look at them all oBidder inspection is encouraged.oBy placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them.oApplicable taxes of 5.5% sales tax will be charged unless a sales tax exemption form is provided.oBuyer's premium of 18% will be charged.oAny disagreement between auction company and buyer will remain the jurisdiction of Waushara County Circuit Court, Wautoma, Wisconsin.***If you see a lot marked as "age unknown," that means we do not know how old it is, but in our opinion it may not be old.*** "Authentic/Original" means we believe it to be all original. Everything marked "authentic/original" will be guaranteed.*** "Not Old" means our opinion is the item is not very old*** "Fantasy Art / Yard Art / Garage Art" means an original was never made and this is a newer item.



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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 1532

    Dresser top hankie and mirror stan...

  • Lot #: 1533

    3 Xbox & 19 Play Station games an...

  • Lot #: 1534

    Stoneware crocks & porcelain cham...

  • Lot #: 1535

    Three compound bows

  • Lot #: 1536

    Blow torch, planer & 4 manuals

  • Lot #: 1537

    Porcelain beanpot

  • Lot #: 1538

    Kalart 8mm editor viewer

  • Lot #: 1539

    Propellers, anchor & Mora Sweden a...

  • Lot #: 1540

    Tree climbing stand

  • Lot #: 1541

    Child's bench and rocker

  • Lot #: 1542

    Galvanized wash tub and ash bucket

  • Lot #: 1543

    Two wooden benches

  • Lot #: 1544

    Car Quest metal barrel

  • Lot #: 1545

    Treadle sewing machine

  • Lot #: 1546

    Lounge tree stand

  • Lot #: 1547

    Small metal barrel

  • Lot #: 1548

    Vintage planter

  • Lot #: 1549

    2 Banks, vintage car & metal picni...

  • Lot #: 1550

    Wicker rocking chair

  • Lot #: 1551

    Wheeled wooden chest

  • Lot #: 1552

    Pipe threader base (Rigid)

  • Lot #: 1553

    Ny-Lint and Structo earth mover to...

  • Lot #: 1554

    Adams Motor toy grader

  • Lot #: 1555

    Heiliner toy earth mover

  • Lot #: 1556

    Two single sided metal street sign...

  • Lot #: 1557

    Two log puller/rollers

  • Lot #: 1558

    Onkyo Surround system

  • Lot #: 1559

    Two die cast banks and other

  • Lot #: 1560

    Edison Tube Recordings

  • Lot #: 1561

    Omro Oktoberfest unopened bottles...

  • Lot #: 1562

    Assorted small collectibles

  • Lot #: 1563

    Assorted glass bottles

  • Lot #: 1564

    Deer antlers

  • Lot #: 1565

    Variety of small collectibles

  • Lot #: 1566

    Large amount of Kitchen items

  • Lot #: 1567

    Pez dispensers

  • Lot #: 1568

    Christmas ornaments and others

  • Lot #: 1569

    Porcelain pitcher and pans

  • Lot #: 1570

    Cast iron Christmas tree stands

  • Lot #: 1571

    LIFE magazines

  • Lot #: 1572

    Cut-out dolls and assorted puzzles

  • Lot #: 1573

    Assorted toys

  • Lot #: 1574


  • Lot #: 1575

    Blue Ball jars and others

  • Lot #: 1576

    Oak head mount plaques

  • Lot #: 1577

    Mugs,candy dish & other glassware

  • Lot #: 1578

    Copper boiler and lid

  • Lot #: 1579

    Vintage suitcase with older books

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