Grant County Fair Timed Youth Livestock Auction

Commercial Auction in 3953 Airway Drive NE, Moses Lake, Washington, United States

21 Friday
21st August, 2020

Grant County Fair Timed Youth Livestock Auction

Commercial Auction in 3953 Airway Drive NE, Moses Lake Washington, United States

Friday at - 21st August , 2020


Please note lamb buyers! If you are a take home lamb buyer, not a custom harvest, but a take home lamb buyer. Please pay for & pick up your lamb on auction day 5pm-7pm. Poultry take home, please have picked up by 5pm. Floor Prices Steers We will be posted Friday morning Hogs .28 a pound Lambs .85 a pound (Take home please pickup auction day 5pm-7pm) Goats $1.90 a pound Poultry $5 a head (Custom slaughter pickup auction day by 5pm) Rabbits $5 a head



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Auction Items For Sale


We appreciate all of the support that the community pours into the youth livestock auction every year. Great things happen at the fair every year and it encourages the kids to work hard and come back to exhibit their projects. 

As you know, our local youth invested in their animal projects prior to mandates from Washington State. This has left these exhibitors with significant expenses and no fair to showcase, evaluate and market their livestock. Therefore, the Grant County Sale Committee has worked overtime to provide an event to help recoup their finances. 

Animals will be delivered to the Grant County Fairgrounds on August 19th, Market evaluations will take place on August 20th. This will determine the sale order for the auction. 

Our goal is to have the complete online catalog uploaded by mid-afternoon on the 20th. At that time, buyers will be able to start placing bids.  We encourage buyers that don’t already have an account to create an account prior to auction day to make sure all is set.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Chuck Yarbro Auctioneers, Inc at 509-765-6869 with any questions.  

This year’s auction will be a timed online event. The first lot is scheduled to close at 9:30am on Friday, August 21st. There will be staggered end times for each lot. A lot will close every two minutes. In the event a bid is placed on an item within the last 60 seconds, the program will automatically extend the timer an additional 60 seconds for that lot. This ensures all bidders have a chance to increase their bid if needed. When this happens, the system will automatically adjust the end time for all remaining lots in the auction catalog. 

Large livestock (Steers, Pigs, Lambs and Goats) will be sold by the pound. The initial bid will start at the floor price. The Fur and Feather animals will be sold by the head. 

We encourage all of our buyers to place bids early to help rally and support the youth livestock producers as much as we can.

Our staff will be onsite in the Ardell Pavilion from 8am-5pm on sale day. We will be available to answer questions and accept payments. Cash, checks and credit/debit cards are accepted forms of payment. A 4% processing fee will apply to credit/debit card transactions. 

All custom kill buyers need to contact us prior to 5pm on the 21st to indicate where they want their animals sent. Animals not designated to a local butcher will be turned at the floor price. Stacy’s Meats (509.754.1106) will accept Pigs and Steers, Basin Meats/Block 40 (509.765.6259) will accept Steers, Pigs and a limited number of Lambs, TLC (509.488.9953) will accept a limited number of Steers and Lambs.

Exhibitor Support forms (Add-ons) can be filled out and mailed to “In Care of CLA- P.O. Box 277 Quincy, WA 98848”. Please include payment with the form. Checks should be made out to “Grant County 4-H and FFA”

Again, I would like to thank this community for all it has done and what it will continue to do. 



Chuck Yarbro, Jr



Grant County Fair Timed Livestock Sale

Buyer Instructions 


The Buying Process Instructions:

  • All buyers, past and new, will need to go to to create their online buyer account.  Select the “Grant County Fair”.  The account you set up will be used to log in and to bid.  The sale catalog will be available for all to view prior to creating a buyer account.  There is no charge to set up an account.
  • You will not need a separate account for each entity for whom you may represent.  You will need to provide purchase/billing information for purchases made by you on behalf of others when you are contacted by the Chuck Yarbro Auctioneers, Inc. after the conclusion of the sale. Auction staff will be at the Ardell Pavilion from 8am-5pm on the 21st. 
  • Animals must be removed by Saturday, August 22nd. Animals not destined to a custom kill plant by 5pm on the 21st will be turned.
  • The timed livestock sale will be active for style bidding from 5pm on August 20 through August 21st until the conclusion of the auction.  You can log in at any time during that active timeframe to place your bids.
  • The auction website will send you an email if you get outbid, so you are able to go back in and raise your bid if you so desire.  Bids made at the last minute will automatically trigger a 1-minute extension to allow the previous high bidder to increase their bid.
  • The floor prices for each species (beef, swine, sheep, and goats) will be established by the packers, and announced, prior to commencement of the sale.  Due to the current market volatility, that likely will be just prior to the sale.  The minimum bid accepted for each sale will be established at the floor price for each species multiplied by the weight of the animal.  The floor price is the amount the packer will pay for the animal if the buyer does not retain the animal.
  • Bidding is by the pound for Beef, Hogs, Sheep, Goats.  Bidding is by the head for Poultry & Rabbits.  
  • Please click on the ADD ON SHEET link under Documents for Add Ons.  We request you print, fill out and mail the sheet and total check for Add Ons to the address provided on the link.