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Online Auction in Roanoke Virginia, United States

04 Thursday
April 04th, 2019
Tommy Wagner Auctions
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Post Cards Sport Cards Antiques Collectibles

Online Auction in Roanoke Virginia, United States

Thursday at - 04th April , 2019


Auctioneer may at any time remove items where there is little or no interest. I must do what is in best interests of my clients. Please understandTerms and Conditions for Online or Live AuctionsWelcome and Many Thanks to All, ALL Sales are final. Winning bidders own them at the end of online Auction. Are Subject to change without notice of any type. Conditions and experiences are always in flux. We follow the process closely so we constantly evaluate and manage. Registration:Each new event- Please check and edit for-Correct address, Email Address, phone # and shipping address. All prospective bidders must register to actively bid in any Online or other event. Credit card is required. Credit cards are validated every 120 days and if not good you are declined. We do not automatically charge your cards. All have the opportunity to show up, Pay for and pick up their winning items. 5% discount to these folks from stated or unstated buyer premium. Currently is 17%. You must leave correct shipping address, email address, and phone # . Anyone who does not comply may be declined as a bidder in the future. You will receive email notification and no need to call or contact auctioneer for he does not change his mind. The thigs a few folks will do to advance their interests are legend. Reasons, To Be declined are as follows but may be added to:Negative Hibid score. If you have negative score in HiBid system you are declined.No shows or non-payers will be declined. ForeverAnyone who seeks to game the system or auctioneer by any means.**** We seek fairness and full disclosure to and for all. We are agents of and for our clients/Seller(s). We do not Represent any buyers or others. No Proxy bids. If you are not a real person with contact info you are declined.Anyone who badgers or is rude to other customers when at checkout or other events. Anyone who is under the influence at any time. For cursing! Anyone who attempts to disrupt the process by any means? You are declined.We so appreciate the wonderful customers we have. We respect you and your needs. It is also important that you enjoin with us by helping us help you. This requires your cooperation with stated conditions and concerns that may accompany each event. If you fail to follow and abide by terms you will be declined. Bidding and Procedures:Please Read the auction address and write it down. We do not entertain calls during an event nor on pickup day to give directions. You must be registered. You may enter your max bids. You must be logged in on every auction to actively compete with other bidders to win. Please You must confirm each and every bid you enter for it to be recorded in the portal. Others may out bid you at any time. Any and all persons of who meet requirements for bidding may bid, includes the auctioneer, his helpers or anyone any associate. You are the only one who can enter a bid for yourself and as you confirm your bids is recorded with IP Address and time stamps. Do not call auctioneer and tell me you did not bid. Auctioneer reserves the right to bid in behalf of and in the interest of our seller.Generally, all sells to the last and highest bidder who confirms and whose bid is recorded. The families sometimes removes items unknown to the auctioneer. I cannot help these occurrences and can offer no explanation. All belongs to them until actually sold and recorded. We encounter many things in managing the logistics of our event that are beyond our control. There are usually about 20 seconds between each lot closing. When the timer is turning! Every time another bid is made then 2 minutes is added to the closing time sequence. LOTS do not close all at once as this is an Internet Live Auction Event. Remember to always confirm your bids. Please View All Images with each lot. If you have buyer's remorse? DO NOT BID. Is not a shopping experience. Catalogs and Condition:ALL ARE Sold AS IS. We try to have open house for your preview. ALL Items are still as you view them in the event an open house is not permissible. We try to show as may images as is practical. We are not responsible for any misunderstanding or difference of opinion. We are not always right and not experts. The bidders generally provide somewhat different descriptions. Thank You. We are still learning. Please View all images in each lot. NO Returns, NO Chargebacks, No buyer remorse. No Items are For Sale- You must bid on all to win them. We Will pursue legal action. Bidding is a contract. Please respect this. If you register with false information you will be declined as a bidder. We appreciate constructive opinions but they may not influence how we run our auctions. Any negative or underhanded comments and you will be declined as a bidder. Same for Facebook or other media outlets. Checkout & Payment: NO Alternate DatesSales tax is applied in each invoice- sent by email after each auction closing. Bring certificates. Full and complete payment and safe removal on Pickup Day. Generally, is the day following an Auction Event. Bidder numbers and winning customers have greatly increased. We try to get everyone checked out as fast as we can. Some customers buy dozens of lots and may take a while to gather. We may ask for someone back in the line if they have only one or two items and check them out ahead to speed things up. We ask for your patience. We cannot help if the line sometimes is long. We appreciate your patience. Credit card payers receive no discounts. Those who fail to get your items and remove, Your credit card will be charged, you will be declined as a bidder. Shipping:Usually happens 3-7 days after events. The fees are as follows: Handling to get back to our facility. All packaging costs, postage and insurance, package and packing labor- is minimal. Most of our mail goes to Greensboro first. Really slows down your receipt. We have no bearing on this at all. Your credit card will be charged a second time for shipping costs unless we can estimate the amount before initial payment. Removal: You are responsible for providing your own lifting help. It is too prohibitive for us to hire all perceived needed helpers. Many times, spaces and parking are not so good. We will try to alert bidders of special situations. Auctioneer cannot help with your registration process. Be sure to refresh browser and see tips when catalog is live. All info is encrypted for safety. Please may plans for the day and time for pickup. Is your responsibility to be there, with help as needed and on time. We must plan when help is available for us. Every venue is different so we do the best we can. Thanks For Being an awesome customer.



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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 1

    No Shipping,Please read all inform...

  • Lot #: 2

    ALL MUST BE REMOVED on Pickup Day,...

  • Lot #: 3

    Online Bidding Auction, April 4th...

  • Lot #: 4

    Pickup is Friday April 5th from 12...

  • Lot #: 5

    AS IS, All items Sold AS IS, ALL S...

  • Lot #: 6

    NO Show? Card will be charged for...

  • Lot #: 7

    Open House will be 4-1, 3-5:30 at...

  • Lot #: 8

    Bring help as needed for larger it...

  • Lot #: 9

    Check back in the catalog as items...

  • Lot #: 10

    Call here for Shipping. 540 772 09...

  • Lot #: 10a

    We have giveaway boxes.

  • Lot #: 11
    Bubble Wands, 6

    Bubble Wands, 6

  • Lot #: 12
    Large Decorative Fan, 6 ft across and Two Smaller

    Large Decorative Fan, 6 ft across...

  • Lot #: 13
    4 Asian Umbrella Parasols,

    4 Asian Umbrella Parasols,

  • Lot #: 14
    Party Size Ice Tub

    Party Size Ice Tub

  • Lot #: 15
    Letter Box, 11 x 8 x 2.75

    Letter Box, 11 x 8 x 2.75

  • Lot #: 16
    3 Boxes of Fishing Gear / Tackle, Plano boxes

    3 Boxes of Fishing Gear / Tackle,...

  • Lot #: 17
    Fly Rod, England, Scientific anglers,

    Fly Rod, England, Scientific angle...

  • Lot #: 18
    2 Rods, One Reel, Reel is Shakespeare 35,

    2 Rods, One Reel, Reel is Shakespe...

  • Lot #: 19
    Zebco Genesis 30, Rod & reel Shakespeare outcast

    Zebco Genesis 30, Rod & reel Shake...

  • Lot #: 20
    Shimano, Bait runner 3500, rod is Quantum 6'6

    Shimano, Bait runner 3500, rod is...

  • Lot #: 21
    Baits and 2 Tackle Bags

    Baits and 2 Tackle Bags

  • Lot #: 22
    Lures and baits, tackle for fishing.

    Lures and baits, tackle for fishin...

  • Lot #: 23
    Trout Fishing,Lures, Other

    Trout Fishing,Lures, Other

  • Lot #: 24
    Res Med, C Pac Devise, unknown

    Res Med, C Pac Devise, unknown

  • Lot #: 25
    C Pac System

    C Pac System

  • Lot #: 26
    Tin Litho, 12 x 34, Undated

    Tin Litho, 12 x 34, Undated

  • Lot #: 27
    Kodak, Finger Joint Photo Sorting Box

    Kodak, Finger Joint Photo Sorting...

  • Lot #: 28
    Rogers / Oneida, Silverplate Tableware, Partial

    Rogers / Oneida, Silverplate Table...

  • Lot #: 29
    Hobby Lobby Horse

    Hobby Lobby Horse

  • Lot #: 30
    Sewing Group,, New Ribbon and accessories,

    Sewing Group,, New Ribbon and acce...

  • Lot #: 31
    Mud Pies, Cheese Spreaders, Cedar Box

    Mud Pies, Cheese Spreaders, Cedar...

  • Lot #: 32
    Bushnell Yardage Pro

    Bushnell Yardage Pro

  • Lot #: 33
    Stainless Dale Earnhardt Knife, China

    Stainless Dale Earnhardt Knife, Ch...

  • Lot #: 34
    Solingen Pocketknife, 2.5, Walnut Handle

    Solingen Pocketknife, 2.5, Walnut...

  • Lot #: 35
    Boker Electrician, 2 needy knives,

    Boker Electrician, 2 needy knives,

  • Lot #: 36
    Newer Solingen Pocketknife, Pakistan

    Newer Solingen Pocketknife, Pakist...

  • Lot #: 37
    Badge, Covington FD, Virginia

    Badge, Covington FD, Virginia

  • Lot #: 38
    Hand Colored Cat Art, 13 x 32, Signed, Counter

    Hand Colored Cat Art, 13 x 32, Sig...

  • Lot #: 39
    Pillows, Throw Them?

    Pillows, Throw Them?

  • Lot #: 40
    Pillows, Throw Pillows, Tapestry Style

    Pillows, Throw Pillows, Tapestry S...

  • Lot #: 41


  • Lot #: 42


  • Lot #: 43
    3 Watches, Pocket is Swiss made, none running.

    3 Watches, Pocket is Swiss made, n...

  • Lot #: 44
    Pool Cue, Korea, Wartime Bring Back,Carved,paint

    Pool Cue, Korea, Wartime Bring Bac...

  • Lot #: 45

    NO BId, Jewelry by the bag follows...

  • Lot #: 46
    Large Bag, Unsearched Jewelry, Variety

    Large Bag, Unsearched Jewelry, Var...

  • Lot #: 47
    Large Bag, Unsearched Jewelry, Variety, 5lbs

    Large Bag, Unsearched Jewelry, Var...

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