Coolidge & Ellen Huff Living Estate

Online Auction in Floyd Virginia, United States

April 13th, 2017

Coolidge & Ellen Huff Living Estate

Online Auction in Floyd Virginia, United States

Thursday at - 13th April , 2017


Terms & Conditions for Online AuctionsWelcome to our Auctions, Online Bidding or Live and Onsite. These apply to any and all items of a personal property nature including vehicles or equipment.Auctioneer is an agent for our Seller(s) / Clients in every event. Anyone who meets the registration criteria for an event may bid for all being offered. Including but not limited to auctioneer, all helpers or staff. They pay and win as well being the last and highest bidder. We reserve the right to bid in behalf of and for the interest of our client. Please observe all notices in the catalog. Satisfy your own judgment before bidding. Each and every lot offered by single or group is SOLD AS IS. NO Exceptions. We do our best to provide adequate pictures and info and descriptions for you to make a judgement. Often items may have an imperfection we cannot see or find. They are still AS IS. This is an Auction and not a shopping experience. Absolutely NO RETURNS or Chargebacks of any nature. Anyone who registers with false information, PO Box address, or invalid CC Account will be declined permanently as a bidder in all events. We do a lot of research and study for significant items especially of an antique or historical item. Often we may be wrong however not for lack of trying. The Bidding system we rent for each event. It is not designed or structured by auctioneer. Please look at all notices and information and satisfy your own understanding before bidding. If anyone seeks to game the auctioneer or the portal, you will be declined as a bidder.Descriptions are our best view and understanding and may or may not meet your expectations. You may have your own opinion and we welcome that. It will not influence how we run our events.Please understand that our number of events, our numbers of bidders still continues to grow. Anyone who meets registration criteria may bid on any and every lot they desire. This includes anyone, helpers or other. They too may bid on anything of their interest. Many patrons bid at different levels on dozens of lots. For reasons known only to them.We have used this system now for 6 years. From time to time someone makes an underhanded suggestion concerning running the bids or other ideas they have. Any and all questions we will answer to the best of our ability. If it is your opinion that our auctions are somehow rigged? Please do not participate. Questions may be addressed by email to the auctioneer only! You must be registered to bid. You must have a valid card to register. Debit cards accepted as well.Increments are shown in the catalog. Remember there may be many bidders bidding even many days before an event is closing. You may leave max bids similar to ebay and as others bid against you on any lot the system will advance your bids. Some customers may continue to bid until the system shows they are winning on lots. This is how it works. As events begin to close on the scheduled Auction DateWe do not automatically charge your credit cards. You have the option of cash or approved check at Checkout to receive your discount. Any lots, lot, or items may be removed from any catalog at any time without notice to anyone, Normally at the request of our Client. We as auctioneers are agents of and for the sellers or client and do not represent the bidders. There are no discounts for any credit card transactions.Shipping generally occurs on the next Monday after action events. There will be nominal fees for S&H, Postage and packaging as necessary. Added to invoice. Large bulky items are costly to ship.Cash Please for all invoices under $500. Checks are becoming costlier to process and we try to keep all incidental fees in check. If you fail to pick up your items, your credit card will be charged with no discounts. Handling fees will occur for any items having to be brought back to our facility. All are expected to bring adequate transport- vehicle and helpers for heavy lifting and loading.Many items we measure for your convenience and may be rounded without notice. Auction Co. will use whatever legal relief for any unpaid tickets or invoices that are available.YOU must provide tax exempt forms to us to be exempt. Currently @ 5.3% of the total. Does not apply to titled vehicles or farm equipment or implements. ALL Is offered to the last and highest bidder unless otherwise noted. Reserves are noted. Pick up and checkout are scheduled in the catalog. To keep our fees lower please adhere. I have to pay for all temporary helpers to retrieve your goods for you and to secure that all leave with what they have bargained for and won the bids for. Stagger closing, lot closing times may be different for each event as needed. No alternate pick-up dates. Fees will be charged for us to go back. Bidding is an enforceable contract so do not bid unless you are over the age of 18.Auctioneer generally will adjust for bids made by mistake. Must be shown as genuine!All bids must be confirmed every time to be recorded in the system.Auctioneer reserves to provide a secure auction site / venue. This may include Open carry, surveillance of any nature without any other notice. Any bidders with negative score in Hi-Bid System will be declined as a bidder.Auctioneer at checkout may move customers ahead in the line who only have one or two small hand carry items to pickup while waiting for others who are gathering lots of items. We have many customers who may buy dozens of lots at a time. Please be patient with us and not crowd the cashier or auctioneer while waiting.



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Auction Items For Sale

Mr. Huff is deceased. We are selling for the benefit of Mrs. Lelia Ellen Huff. Lots of Gas & Oil,Remaing Service Station items From Formerly Huff's Texaco, Main St. Floyd,VA. He has managed to keep lots of old garage,store items,Tools & Equipment,Farm Equipment,Farm tools & Implements, Old Car relics, 1978 ? 4x4 Chevrolet Pickup, Ferguson 30 - One owner Farm Tractor,Old signs,Coke Cooler, Firestone signs, Lots and lots of old goodies. 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury,A Driver, is Running, another 65 for parts, Lots of Farm & Garden,Old home made stuff for around the Farm. Awesome. All Internet Bidding! More info later

Lot#: 1 - Classic Farm Sale in 2017,Awesome Collection

Lot#: 2 - Internet Bidding Only