Van Heel Holstein Dispersal Auction

Livestock Auction in 2827 Highway 27, Swanville Minnesota, United States

24 Tuesday
September 24th, 2019 11:00 AM
Mid American Auction Inc.
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Van Heel Holstein Dispersal Auction

Livestock Auction in 2827 Highway 27, Swanville Minnesota, United States

Tuesday at - 24th September , 2019


This will be one of the top herds offered at auction in the Upper Midwest. The Van Heels have successfully operated this family farm for 36 years and now to due Melvin’s shoulder replacement surgery have decided to discontinue the dairy portion of their farming operation. The Van Heels are well known in this area as excellent farmers and superior dairymen. Mid-American Auction Company is honored to be selected to conduct Melvin and Brenda’s complete dairy dispersal. This herd was purchased with the farm many years ago from the Trampe family who were top dairymen and extensively involved with AI breeding and testing since the 1960’s. This herd is large framed, extremely well uddered with excellent feet and legs. Current official DHIA records indicate a herd average of 2X 25,645 pounds milk, 3.9% 1000 pounds fat, 3.1% 794 protein, 84 pound tank average, several cows over 100 pounds per day. Many are just fresh or due soon after sale time. Cows are milked in a tie-stall facility. All dry cows are on excellent dry treatment program. The mature females are exclusively AI bred utilizing genetic mating primarily through Select Sires and Semex. Sires and service sires include, but not limited to: Frostbite, Fuel, Alcove, Jade, Kite, Force, Pharo, Samuri, Zeb, Rafael, Sherman and others. Heifers are bred to registered herd sires from leading programs including the Schmitt Dairy and Jerry Berg herds. Herd health performed regularly by Dr. Grant Tomsche. Hooves trimmed regularly. All cattle will receive additional preventative vaccines, wormed and poured prior to sale date. If you are in need of superior farm fresh, home-raised, home bred dairy replacements, please mark this date on your calendar and make plans now to make several selections from this outstanding herd. You can purchase average cows every day, you can purchase a legacy only once in a lifetime.

Sale held under cover, trucking available, prior inspection welcome by appointment beginning Thursday, September 19th.

Please watch for a catalog featuring freshening, breeding and production information on our website at or phone (320) 760‑2979 and order your copy today.



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Auction Items For Sale

251 Head of Outstanding Official DHIA Home-Raised Holstein Cattle


114 Fancy Well Uddered Cows

Includes: (41) First Lactation, (34) Second Lactation, (39) Third Lactation On. We have 20 recently fresh with more by sale date, 30 due next 90 days, balance fresh, bred back and in full production


33 Bred Heifers

The following heifers carry the service of an outstanding Tracker son from the Schmitt herd:

(33) Fancy Bred Heifers with (15) Due Soon, Balance Bred 5 Months down to Short-Bred


103 Open Heifers & Calves

The following heifers are fancy for quality and in perfect dairy flesh:

(43) Heifers from 8 to 14 Months Old

(40) Heifers, 4 to 8 Months Old

(20) Heifer Calves from Babies to 4 Months Old with More by Sale Date


Registered Herd Sire

Ralma King Royal Tracker: Very Good Registered Holstein Herd Sire, 20 Months Old, from the Schmitt Herd