The Proposed "Rippin Rapids Water Park - Resort" Auction

Auction in Rapid City South Dakota, United States

14 Tuesday
August 14th, 2018
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The Proposed "Rippin Rapids Water Park - Resort" Auction

Auction in Rapid City South Dakota, United States

Tuesday at - 14th August , 2018


<b>Terms and Conditions:</b> Property offered as follows: 1, Combination of Real Estate complete with the 54,000+- sq. ft. structure; 2, Salvage rights on existing 54,000+- structure through December 31, 2018; 3, Real Estate only, allowing for salvage of structure, to be removed. Selling in the manner realizing the greater return to the seller. Large amount of personal property, including some attached items, NOT included in real estate auction, and selling at separate "Online Auction". Successful bidder(s) shall deposit 15% irrevocable earnest money auction day with the balance due in certified funds upon closing, on or before September 14, 2018. Sold without buyer contingency of any kind, have financial arrangements secured prior to bidding. Selling subject to Seller confirmation only. Marketable title transferred by special warranty deed subject to any easements, restrictions, covenants or reservations of record. Possession and risk of loss transfer upon closing. A policy of title insurance is provided and is available for inspection. 2017 and prior years taxes paid by Seller, 2018 taxes prorated to closing date based upon the most recent tax levy. Descriptions and information are from sources deemed reliable, however, neither Seller nor Auctioneer/Brokers are making any guarantees or warranties, actual or implied. Property sold "As-Is". Inspect the property to the extent deemed necessary both on and off premise and use your own judgement when bidding. Corner markings and drawings are approximate & NOT survey accurate. Contact Rapid City Planning and Zoning for information as to the potential uses/requirements for this property. Auctioneer/Brokers are representing the Seller's interest in this transaction. Announcements made at the auction take precedence over any printed material or prior representations."Bidder Information Packet" Posted <mark><a href="" target="_blank" title="Click to view Info Packet"><font color="black">Click Here To View The Bidder Information Packet With Sample Purchase Agreement</font></a></mark><br>---REGISTRATION---A credit card is required for auction registration to verify the identity of our bidders and to protect the integrity of our bidder's pool. Thank you for your cooperation. If you believe you have registered but have not been asked to enter your credit card information YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THE REGISTRATION PROCESS. The first lot you bid on will prompt you to enter your credit card information. Please bid early to ensure you are completely registered.<mark>METHOD OF SALE</mark><b>The following procedure will be used to determine the new owner(s) of the proposed "Rippin Rapid Water Park Resort" located in Rapid City, SD.</b>Please read the following procedure carefully, the Auctioneers - Brokers will answer any questions you may have prior to the opening bid.<mark>Note: You will need Adobe Flash Player installed on your device to receive the live Video/Audio feed. Hot all devices support Adobe Flash Player (some tablets, cell phones, ect.) You will still be able to bid, but will not receive live Video/Audio.</mark><ol><li>To become a qualified online bidder you will need to open a HiBid user account & register for the auction. An email address & credit card required for registration.</li><li>Property will be offered as follows: Please refer to the Video Window listing tract numbers, $ per tract bid, total bid, running total, bidder #, and Status column noting "Hold" or "Sold" throughout the course of the auction.</li><li>After opening statements and any questions the Auctioneer will ask for opening bids in the following order and manner: <b>Entire Unit</b> (Real Estate & Structure) Offered as a TOTAL AMOUNT. Auctioneers will calculate the total bid and place your bidder number in the appropriate column.</li><li>Auctioneer will then ask for opening bids on individual <b>Tract 1</b> (Real Estate only). Auctioneers will then ask for bids on the remaining <b>Tract 2</b> (Structure Salvage Tract). All bids taken will be in total dollars per tract. Auctioneers will calculate the total bid and place your bidder number in the appropriate columns.</li><li>Property will be offered individually and as an entire unit until no further bids are received one way or the other. *Multiple rounds of bidding may occur. If and when the property is offered, either individually or as a unit, without establishing an overall amount greater than the current high bid, the property will not be offered in that manner again.</li><li>Your competitive bidding, not the auctioneers, determine how many rounds will be held to determine the sale price and owner(s).</li><li><b>Property Sold Subject only to Seller Confirmation!</b></li></ol><br><u>NOTE:</u> In the event bidding occurs on the entire unit, individual tract bidders will be given the opportunity to advance their own bids in an attempt to achieve an overall amount greater than the entire unit bid.***Buyer is aware that no personal property is included with this transaction. Personal Property will be sold at the advertised online only Industrial Liquidation Auction scheduled to close on August 15, 2018 beginning at 10AM.<mark>This is a multi-parcel auction. Online bidding may potentially be re-opened numerous times on each individual tract and on the entire unit before the final price is determined. As an online bidder, it is important to understand this method of sale and to closely follow the updated prices of each tract and the entire unit as the auction progresses.</mark><mark>The online bidding platform does not save internet bidder information when a lot is reopened. This information will be provided to internet bidders via the live "Video/Audio" and through the chat window. If a lot is reopened and an internet bidder had the leading bid, the bid will show as a "Floor Bidder" on the bidding site. The auctioneer will announce the leading internet bidders bid number and amount bid, and the internet bidders bid number and amount bid will be posted on the chat screen.</mark><mark>Please do not attempt to bid via the chat window</mark><b>If you have any questions concerning this process, please ask the auction staff.</b>***ONLINE AUCTION DISCLAMER*** When using our online auction services, you are making firm commitments to purchase said item(s) and are entering into a legal and binding contract. Bids may not be cancelled or retracted for any reason. Nonpaying bidders or fraudulent bidding will subject you to legal recourse and possible criminal charges including any fraud and/or interstate commerce violations. You also acknowledge that the Internet may be an unreliable and error prone network. Bradeen Auctions will not guarantee that bids placed online will always be transmitted to or received by the auctioneer in a timely fashion. You agree to hold Bradeen Auctions and their employees harmless for any interruptions in online bidding. Further, the auctioneer has the sole discretion to accept or refuse any bid. Bradeen Auctions retains the right, at our sole discretion, to add, delete or change some or all of our online services and the terms and conditions governing their online auctions at any time without notice. Bradeen Auction further reserves the right to cancel and/or reopen the auction in the case of system failures.If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Bradeen Auctions at (605) 673-2629 or email [email protected]



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