Multi-Party Consignment Auction

Farm Auction in 25287 397th Ave Mt Vernon, SD 57363, Mt Vernon, South Dakota, United States

10 Wednesday
10th March, 2021

Multi-Party Consignment Auction

Farm Auction in 25287 397th Ave Mt Vernon, SD 57363, Mt Vernon South Dakota, United States

Wednesday at - 10th March , 2021



Trucks, Trailers, Tractors, Planters, Farm Support Equipment & More! For information contact Rex Dummer of Steffes Group, 605.610.7989 or 712.477.2144




LOCATIONS:  Mt. Vernon & Plankinton, SD and Avoca, MN.




PREVIEW: Friday, February 26 – Wednesday, March 10, by appointment
LOADOUT: By appointment


AUCTIONEER’S NOTE:  View lot listings for location and consignor information.  SD and MN sales tax laws apply.



2010 Challenger MT765C, CAH, buddy seat, powershift, 4 hyd., 3 pt., 1000 PTO, Trimble AG15 receiver, 3 pt. fender control, (20) front weights, (7) wheel weights per side, 24" tracks, 6,648 hrs., S/NAGCC0765ANVCD1131

1980 Case 4690, CAH, 12 spd. powershift, crab steer, 4 hyd., 3 pt., 1000 PTO, (10) front weights, 18.4-34 tires, 7,653 hrs., 3 pt. does not work  

2014 Case-IH  260 Magnum, MFWD, luxury cab, leather, powershift, LH reverser, 3 hyd., return flow, 540/1000/1000 PTO, integrated auto steer, AFS Pro 700 monitor, front fenders, beacon light, implement connect ISO, rock box, front fenders, 380/80R38 front tires, 480/80R46 rear tires, 1,104 hrs., S/NZERD03215



2013 Case-IH 1250 Early Riser planter, 16x30", pin adjust SharkTooth row cleaners, pneumatic row down pressure, 1000 PTO pump with cooler for seed delivery, folding markers, AFS Pro 700 monitor w/Raven Switch Pro, 48 hole corn & 100/cell bean discs, 4" gauge wheels, 6x12 press wheels, 10:00-15 tires, S/NYDS041562

2005 John Deere DB60 drawbar planter, 36x20", 20/20 Air Force, CCS delivery, pneumatic down pressure, pneumatic down trash whippers, Tru Count air clutches, Row Command, 4-1/2" gauge wheels, seed firmers, in-furrow fert., hyd. variable rate, hyd. John Blue pump, (3) fertilizer distribution manifolds, rear fertilizer fill, hyd. markers, frame SNPADB60X710121, planter S/NAODB60X710121

Planter w/Bauer 60' bar, 36x20", Kinze Evolution row units, spring down pressure, 4-1/2" gauge wheels, spike tooth packers, (12) wing weights, pin hitch, set up for JD cart, no boxes



Krause-Landsman TL 6200 soil finisher, 45', 24/7 leveling system, 19-1/2" blades, 10" sweeps, 9" spacing, single pt. depth control, walking tandems across, rolling baskets, 3-bar coil tine harrow, 12.5-15 tires, S/NL6200-45-2371

Cultivator, 3 pt., 6', 6" spacing, 8" sweeps, 3-bar harrow



2005 Freightliner Columbia tandem axle, 60" sleeper, 60 Series Detroit, 500 hp., Eaton Fuller 13 spd., engine brake, air ride susp., air slide 5th, diff lock, air dump, 12,000 lbs. front, 40,000 lbs. rear, 244" WB, 11R24.5 tires on all aluminum, unknown miles

1998 Freightliner Century Class tandem axle, 48" sleeper, 60 Series Detroit, 470 hp., Eaton Fuller 10 spd., engine brake, air ride susp., air slide 5th, diff lock, air dump, 12,000 lbs. front, 40,000 lbs. rears, 11R22.5 tires, steel rear & aluminum front rims, 1,038,375 miles

1992 Kenworth T600 tri-axle, day cab, 3406B Cat, 460 hp., Eaton Fuller 13 spd., engine brake, 8-bag air ride susp., sliding 5th plate, diff lock, air lift steerable 3rd axle, 12,000 lbs. front, 38,000 lbs. rear, 230" WB, 11R24.5 tires, all aluminum rims except pusher, 870,290 miles

1987 Kenworth T800 tri-axle, day cab, 3406 Cat, 425 hp., Fuller Road Ranger 13 spd., engine brake, spring susp., sliding 5th plate, air lift 3rd axle, wet kit, dual fuel tanks, 206" WB, 285/75R24.5 tires on aluminum rims, 853,690 miles, New starter, air dryer, suspension bushings, and motor mounts



2000 Chevrolet C8500 tandem axle, 3126 Cat, 330 hp., 13 spd., Goodwin 520TR 16'x96"x42" box, grain door, electric tarp, dual tanks, diff lock, 11R22.5 front tires, 295/75R22.5 rear tires, 161,990 miles

1976 Volvo F86 single axle cabover, rear tag, Volvo 6 cyl. diesel, 8 spd., spring ride susp., 22'x98"x62" box, hoist, SRT roll tarp, rear aux. hyd., 194" WB, 295/75R22.5 tires on steel rims, 17,492 miles, New batteries, recent hyd. pump

1968 Chevrolet Spartan 60 single axle cabover tender truck, Chevrolet 327 V8 gas, 4&2 spd. manual, spring susp., Willmar Road Runner tender box, PTO, Shur-Lok roll tarp, 9" auger, hyd. lift rear auger, 24,000 lb. GVWR, 9.00-20 tires, steel rims, 84,181 miles, doesn't run



2008 Dakota Trailer Mfg tandem axle aluminum hopper bottom, 41'x96"x60", ag hoppers, TRS electric roll tarp w/control, air ride susp., 2 spd. traps, front & rear ladders/catwalks, LH sight glasses, hurricane straps, ABS, rear pintle hitch w/plumbing, 11R24.5 tires on steel rims

2001 Timpte Super Hopper tandem axle hopper bottom, 40'x96"x76", roll tarp, air ride susps., 2 spd. traps, front & rear ladders/catwalks, hurricane straps, rear pintle hitch w/plumbing, 11R22.5 tires on aluminum

2009 Dakota Trailer Mfg single axle aluminum hopper bottom pup, 24'x96"x60", TRS electric roll tarp w/control, air ride susp., 2 spd. traps, front & rear ladders/catwalks, ABS, 11R24.5 tires on steel rims, single axle dolly w/air ride susp., 11R24.5 tires on steel rims

2000 Wilson Pacesetter DWH400 tandem axle hopper bottom pup, 28'x96"x66", roll tarp, air ride susp., 2 spd. traps, front & rear ladders/catwalks, 11R22.5 tires on steel rims, single axle dolly w/spring susp., 285/75R24.5 tires on steel rims



1990 Fruehauf quad axle sprayer trailer, 8x45', air ride susp., air lift steerable rear tag, Polar SS 3,600 gal. horizontal tank, 3" side fill, 60 gal. mix cone, Power Pro 13 hp. gas engine, Banjo pump, 3" fittings, (4) chemical tank inlets, electric hose reel w/remote, 3" hose, 11R24.5 tires on steel rims



2008 Aulick Aultimate 4660543 tri-axle live bottom trailer, air lift rear tag, 46', roll tarp, hyd. knife gate, adj. belt speed, hyd. end gate, 48" floor chain, air ride susp., 11R22.5 tires

1975 Trail King tandem axle step deck trailer, 47'x102", 11' top deck, 35' flat deck, 9' hyd. lift ramp, spring susp., self-contained hyd., Honda gas engine, hyd. pump, hyd. tilt & jacks, hyd. winch, 8.25R15 tires  

1977 Fruehauf tri-axle scissor deck trailer, 40'x96", 1' side extensions, 30' deck, oil bath hubs, 8.25-15 duals, steel rims



Case-IH FLX 4375 fertilizer spreader, C10 Cat, 439 hp., automatic, 2WD, 70' booms, 44" spacing, Raven EZ-Steer, EZ-Steer light bar, Raven Viper Pro monitor, Case-IH Flex 2-section control, Flex Air 438 box, electric roll tarp, hyd. variable rate, twin fan, spring susp., foam marker tank, 800x45R26.5 front tires, 73x44-32NHS rear tires, 5,002 hrs., 78,034 miles, needs new plumbing for foam markers, S/NJFC0003334

1997 Tyler Titan 4330 fertilizer spreader, 3208 Cat, 330 hp., automatic, Flex Air single compartment box, 60' booms, 36" spacing, twin fan, hyd. variable rate, EZ-Guide 250 light bar, Raven Viper Pro Monitor, Tyler Flex 5-section control, Trimble AG15 receiver, Agri-Cover electric roll tarp, on board air, spring susp., rear receiver hitch, 750/50R26 front tires, 66x43.00-25 rear tires, 5,016 hrs., 88,625 miles, has recent turbo, alternator, and feed belts, New hyd. valve box, S/N43300777H01

1984 Loral Easy Rider 2000C fertilizer spreader, Ford 8000 chassis, 3208 Cat diesel, automatic, 2WD, 70' boom, 44"" spacing, electric roll tarp, Dickie John controller, Raven SCS600 controller, twin fan, 8" conveyor, spring susp., rear receiver hitch, 48x25-20 front tires, 66x43-25 rear tires, 58,173 miles, box S/NAS1152



Friesen Titan 4SE seed tender, 4 compartment, Honda GSX160 electric start gas motor, 12'x6" conveyor, spout control, trailer not included, S/N34048

Adrian Mfg. Co 35 Quickpit hyd. drive over deck, 24" conveyor, poly wear strips, 72"x30" ramps, auger fill door, S/N535565

Sukup hyd. drive over deck, 24" conveyor, poly wear strips, 72"x27" ramps, auger fill


Convey-All belt conveyor, 65'x12", 20 hp. electric motor, 3 phase, 190/380v, cable lift

Westfield drill fill, 16'x6", brush flighting, spout control, S/N4203W

Koyker Daay Power Sweep bin paddle sweep, 24'x10", electric driven less motor, S/N135948

(2) Springland bin sweeps, 23'x9" auger, 90 degree gear box

8” bin unloading auger, 6” bin sweep, both came out of a 36’ bin

(2) Misc 8” Springfield flighting (approx 30’), misc flighting, custom built bin sweep power unit



Fiat-Allis FR12 wheel loader, 4 spd. hydro, hyd. quick connect, 94" bucket, 48" pallet forks, rear weights, 17.5-25 tires, 13,267 hrs., runs but has transmission electrical concerns, S/NR12A272-550360-806524099



2005 Degelman 7200 dozer, 14' w/16" extensions, 6-way, JD 9430 & 9330 brackets, S/N23396



Caterpillar 14E motor grader, 14' moldboard, 6-way, front push block, rear hitch, 17.5-25 tires, S/N72G1265



Letourneau Carryall pull-type scraper, 32'2" length, 10'2" width, 11'4" height, wired for position receiver, 16.00R25 front tires, 18.00R25 rear tires

Blade, 6', manual angle, 3 pt.



Simon-Krause Inc. boom lift, 2WD, 3 cyl. diesel, basket controls, 90', 3-section boom, hyd. axle extensions, belt-driven generator, 15-22.5 tires, 6,642 hrs.



Applied Sweepers 414 RS self-propelled floor sweeper, Kubota Z482E diesel engine, 36" sweep, bagger, hand controls, operator station, 157 hrs." 109404



2011 Case New Holland P85 self-contained power unit, 4 cyl. turbo diesel, 274 cu. in., 99 hp. at 2200 RPM, radiator, CNH Model SP111P333 twin disc clutch, 930 hrs., clutch S/N2012525, unit S/N634097

Koehn snowblower, 8', single stage, hyd. spout control, manual spout, missing front half of PTO shaft

Pull-type single axle dump box, 10' box, spring susp., pintle hitch, 8.25-20 tires, no title, non-roadable

2001 All America pressure washer, Baldor 7-1/2 hp. electric motor, 3 phase, 200-230/460v, burner, no pressure hose or gun, stored inside, was serviced by Masterblaster in 2013, not used since, S/NMB171



(2) Stainless steel tanks w/hoses, 270 +/- gal., 2" plumbing, sight gauges, off Case-IH Quadtrac

Demco front mount saddle tanks, (2) Demco 300 gal. poly tanks, 2' plumbing, off Case-IH Quadtrac

(2) Sets stainless steel saddle tanks, 250+/- gal., 2" valves, for Cat 35/45/55

Ag Systems poly tank, 850 gal., on frame, 2" plumbing, S/N0810274613

Poly tank, 450 gal. w/frame, 2" plumbing



2016 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 ATV, 4x4, EFI V-Twin, automatic, EPS, front receiver hitch, rear pin hitch, 5,282 miles

2014 Yamaha Grizzly 450 ATV, 4x4, automatic, 953 hrs., 6,763 miles



1981 Volkswagen Rabbit, ext. cab, 6' box, upgraded 4 cyl. turbo charged diesel, 5 spd. manual, 2WD, 185/70R13 tires, 239,199 miles

1981 Volkswagen Rabbit, reg. cab, 6' box, 4 cyl. diesel, 5 spd. manual, 2WD, 175/70R13 tires, 188,880 miles



Rex Dummer at Steffes Group, 605.610.7989 or 712.477.2144




TERMS & CONDITIONS All items sold AS IS WHERE IS. Payment (Cash or Check) must be made sale day before removal of items. Announcements made sale day take precedence over all previous advertising. Titles (if any) will be mailed to buyers within two weeks of auction date. A document fee of $35 applies to all titled vehicles.

International buyers please check your importing regulations prior to bidding. Real Estate terms and conditions will vary per auction.    



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