Regular Cattle Sale

Livestock Auction in Candiac Saskatchewan, Canada

29 Friday
June 29th, 2018 10:00 AM
Candiac Auction Mart
Phone: 306-429-2029

Regular Cattle Sale

Livestock Auction in Candiac Saskatchewan, Canada

Friday at - 29th June , 2018


Please Pre-Book your Cattle prior to sale date to help us serve you better!

The Staff at Candiac Auction Mart look forward to serving our livestock producers!



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Auction Items For Sale

Regular Cattle Sale

Candiac, SK Located 1 hour SE of Regina, SK on Highway 48

Stockyard Delivery
For our regular Friday sales, cattle will be received Thursdays from 12:00 - 8:00 pm

**Please Pre-Book your Livestock prior to sale date to help us service you better.


Candiac Auction Mart: 306-424-2967

Kevin Czerwonka: 306-539-4090

Brad Stenberg, Auctioneer:  306-551-9411

CCIA Tagging Information
Please note that all cattle marketed must be equipped with a CCIA tag.  In order to comply with this program, please have your cattle tagged prior to bringing them to the Auction Mart.  All cattle that are not tagged will be charged a fee, as it will be done at our facility.

Completion of Manifest
In order to ensure accuracy for processing producer payment, please have manifest clearly written with ownership and split-payment information (if required) as well as specific cattle markings and any other documents.  For horse sales only, if you require GST on your payment you must provide a GST number on the manifest.
Good documentation accounts for business efficiency.
For optimum marketing of your cattle, Candiac Auction Mart gives you the producer the opportunity to promote your cattle by including information such as age verification, vaccination and herd health on your manifest.  For more information on age verification visit the following website: