Long Time Collector Antique Collectible Aution Sale

Antique Auction in Delisle Town Hall, Delisle Saskatchewan, Canada

9:00 AM Sunday
April 13th, 2014

Long Time Collector Antique Collectible Aution Sale

Antique Auction in Delisle Town Hall, Delisle Saskatchewan, Canada

Sunday at - 13th April , 2014


All items listed as indicated by seller.  This is just a guideline and in no way a guarantee.



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Auction Items For Sale

Collectibles Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Buffalo Skulls 2

Cast Iron Beer Wagon with 8 Horse Hitch

Cast Iron Boston Bull Terrier

Cast Iron Trick Dog Bank

Cast IronSunflower Doorstop

Cast Iron Minitures

Purple Insulators

Collection Of Insulators

Early Blue Coca-Caola Bottle - Rare

1917 Modelo Garmet Hanger # 6B

Collection of 155 Different PEZ (5 per bag)

Belt Buckles-Hesston 1976 & 1980, Child's Hesston 1984, 1986 Patch

Belt Buckles - Colt Revolvers, Molson Canadian

Wooden Marbles-Very Collectible

Antique Metal Mailboxes 3

Wade Tea Ornaments includes the Gingerbread Man

Jars of Marbles

Coronation Memorabilia

RCMP Memorabilia

Antique Dentistry Tools - Unique

Broblind Tooth Colour Guuide with Samples

100 - Year Old Store Advertising

Canada Meat Ration Tokens

Composition Oriental Man Figurine

COKE Folding Cartons

Quick Cooking Oats Bags

Invalid Cup, Eye Wash Glass & Tooth Paste Crystal Bottle - Unique

Large Bell Collection

Salt & Pepper Collection


Collection of Sea Shells

Old rulers, pens, pencile, stamp holder & ink jar

Spirit of Saskatchewan Liquor Bottles 3

Brass Lipstick Holders

Old Eye GlassCases

Pocket Knives

Skeleton Keys

Bottle & Can Openers

Collection of Smoking Pipes


Advertising Ashtrays (Canadian & American)

Fireston, Good Year & General Tire Ashtrays

Clothes Hangers

License Plates 1932,42,47,48,50,52,55-63, 65-71, 74-76, 1957-59,70,71

Razor & Shaving Collection


Brass Door Handle Sets

Shoe Sizers & Shoe Repair Kit

Medical Equipment

Lipton Tea Ornaments

Brooke-Bond Tea Cards

Miniture Jewel Boxes

Cobaltblue Eye Wash & Creamer

Victor 78 Records

Rubber Ink Stamps


Carved Water Buffalo Horns

Pottery Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Medalta Medicine Hat Handpainted Ship on Jug - Rare

Snuff jars

Early Medalta Redcliff Vase - Very Rare

1 Gallon Crock & 1/2 Gallon Butter Crock

Medalta Redcliff,  AB 1/4 Gallon - Rare

Medalta Redcliff,  AB 1 Gallon

Stoneware Bed Pans - Rare -Unique

Imperial 1 Galoon Jug

Stoneware Blue-Lined Crock

Stoneware Mustard Jar

Alberta Redcliff Bean Pot

Hycroff Canada 1957 Cowboy Ashtray

Hycroft 22K gold M Hat, AB Green Cowboy Hat Ashtray

Hycroft 22K gold M Hat, AB Centennial Mug

Hycroft 22K gold M Hat, AB RCMP Mug

Hycroft 22K gold M Hat, AB Lomond Goljap Plate

Hycroft 22K gold M Hat, AB Centennial Ashtray

Hycroft 22K gold M Hat, AB Mug

Medalta Cafeware Cups 6

Mixing Bowls


Medalta Redcliff Small Jug

Medalta Medicine Hat Medium Jug

2 Plates Medicnine Hat with Indian Stamp

Saucers 3, Large Bowl & Jug with Indian Stamp

Fruit Nappie with Indian Stamp

Medalta Canada Meat Tray, Small Bowl, Fruit Nappies (2)

Advertising Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Bud Lite Electric Sign - Working , Excellent

Kokanee Light Electric Sign  - Working, Excellent (20" x 17")

Coors Lite Electric Sign - working, Excellent (20" x 17")

McGavins Bread & Cakes metal Sign

Coors Light (26" x 7")

Bacardi Breezer ( 18" x 14")

Anheuser-Busch Budweiser (16" x 8.5")

Olympia Beer (21" x 14")

Wiserhood ( 9" x 12.5")

Labatts Blue (10" x 35")

Kokanee ( 38" x 18")

Western Pilsner ( 23.5" x 23.5")

Great Western Brewing Co. Solid Wood (25" x 25")

Pilsner wood (27" x 19")

Labatts 50 Mirror ( 27" x 19")

Mclaughlin Procelain Sign

Wells Fargo Mirror

Campbells Soup Tins Sign

Royal Baking Powder

Repo Signs - John Deere, Coke, Elvis, Batman, Indian, Winchester, Budweiser

Lamps & Lights Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Niagara Falls - Electric Lamp 1950's Revolving - Rare Find, Excellent

Coal Oil Lamps

Green Depression Glass Coal Oil Lamp

Blue & White Coal Oil Lamp

Orange Vasoline Lamp

Kerosene Jug

Barn Lanterns

 Gas Lamp with Pump

Vintage Light Covers

Miniture Collector Lamps

Headboard Lamps

Chalkware Dog Lamp

Army Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Air Force Hats

Air Force Pilot's Leather Helmet & Leather Goggles

Air Force Belts & Wallet

Gas Mask

Scope Bag

Ammunition Bags

Desert Cap

Army Googles

Army Pouch

Army Glasses with Shades

 Army Drum Belt

 RCAMC Dressing - Shell - Mark III

Bullet Ashtray

Large Bullet for Display

Canadia  Military, Collection Buttons & Pins

Leather Army Belt

Canadian Airforce Jacket

195A Army Jacket

Large Bullet Light

Glassware Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Hen on a Nest Green Carnival glass

Occupied Japan Figurines

Carnaival Glass

Alta Glass


Depression Glass

Salt Dishes

Firestone Cookie Jar 

Pryex Bowls

Collector Plates

 Handpainted Noritake

3-Footed Tea Cups

Tea Cups

Egg Cup Collection

Blue Mountain Pottery

Tea Service Set

Avon Ruby Glassware

Advertising Mini Shot Glasss Mugs

Royal Albert, Royal Winton, J&G Meakin, Sandland, Bavarian Dishes

Vasoline Ware

Liquor Decanters



Toby Mugs

Wade Heath bowl


Shot Glass Collection

Semi- Vitreous Buffalo Pod #191 - Plates

Countryside Enoch Wedgewood (Tunstate) Ltd. 4

Cream & Sugar Collection

Salt & Pepper Collection

Novelty Items

Equipment & Tools Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Wawanesa Wagon Seat with Springs (Canada Nov.29, 1904) UNIQUE

Large Anvil Brand Oak Pulley

Large Wood Pulley

Hardware Store Fork & Shovel Hanger - UNIQUE

Wood & Leather Vice(for carpenter table) - Nice

Harness Stitch horse

Burlap Grain Bag Stitcher (SM Jacobys) - UNIQUE

McCormick Cistern Pump

American Family Scale

Salter No. 34 Scale

ACME Egg Grading Scale Pat. June 24, 1924

Triner Air Mail Accuracy Scale - Model AA-4

Barrel Stave Harness Leather Vice

Early Wagon and Inplement Jack

Liberty Fire Extinguishers

Wooden Carpenter's Vices

Beam Scale

Old Glass Battery Jars and Lids

Lineman Spurs and Belt

Various Tools

Antique Coal Fork

Vintage Hay Knife/Stook Cutter

Two-Man Cross Cut Hand Saw

Antique Wooden Rake

Various Planes

Wood Planes including #'s 78 & 45 Stanley

Spoke Shaves and Draw Shaves

Elgin Alligator Wrench Pat. June8, 1887

Various Folding Wooden Carpenters Rulers

Hand Sickle

Saw Vice and Various Saw Sets

Two Braces with Sets of Drill Bits

Antique Boot Repairs tools (bunion Stretchers)

Various Collectible Drills

Wooden Carpenters' Planes

Wooden Levels

Horn Gouge, Sheep Sheers and Coal Shovel

Coyote and Gopher Traps

Barb-Liner Hose Sevice Kit box


Sun Power Timing Light

Harvey E Hanson Co. Compression Tester

Artwork Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Large Collection of Framed Pictures:

  • Scenery
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Horses
  • Ships
  • Army Memorabilia

Royality Memorabilia - Churchill with the King & Queen

Richard E Bishop Prints ( 1887 - 1915)

Tins & Boxes Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Red Rose 3 lb Tea Tin

Nash's Gateway

Seiko, Junior, Sun Drench & blue Goose wooden Boxes

Shellzone, Esso-Rad & Essolube Tins

7-Up, Pepsi Crates

Burns Lard, Beehive, Lowneys, Rodgers, Squirrel, Shield & Sekco Tins

Apple Basket

Honey Tins

BC Fruit Shipper, Okanagan Packers & Junior Wooden Boxes

Big Ben Chewing Tobacco, Skoal Display & Copenhagen Tins

Golenloaf Cheese, Burns Wooden Boxes

Royal Yeast Cakes box

Champagne Flavor Box White Chalk Box

Various Tins

Prestone, Havoline, Co-op, Esso, Peerless Motor Oil Tins

Purity Sask No. 1 First Aid Metal Box

Match Box Metal Clothes Line Box

Prince Albert, Old Virginia, Edgeworth Tobacco Tins

Lodi Gold Grape & fundy Brand Kippered herring Box

Various Collection of Tins

Coke Tins

T. Etaon Co. Shipping Tins

Sunquist Oranges, Blue Bird & BC Fruit Boxes

Rothmans, Vogue, MacDonalds, Navy & Sweet Caporal Cigarette Tins

Starch, Soap & color Remover Boxes

Collection of Hinged Tins

Good Year Tube Repair Kit

Hardware & Leather Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Leather Tools-Head Knife, Draw Gauge

Black Steel Hardware (all new) Buckles, Conways Dees, Keepers, Rings, Halters, Squares

Various Hardware



Clothing Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Prichard's Millinnery Hat Box with Ellen  Faith Hat

Pith Helmet, Early Goggles, Crocheted Gloves & Linen Cuffs

Royal Stetson Hat with Original Box - Unique

Old Fashioned Shoes (mens & ladies)

Bollo Ties

Old Suspenders, Arm bands

Beaded Purses

Cowboy Hats

Coca Cola Jersey

Ladies hats

Costume Jewelry

Old Fashioned Leather Suitcases

Old Fashioned Metal Suitcases

Dress Make's Model

Calendars Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Bank Calendars - Royal Bank

Pattison Lumber Ltd 1974

The Britsh Mortage Trust Corporation 1946 with Letter - Post War - Unique

Vera's Jewelry & Gift Shop 1977

Netherhill General Store 1971

Parr's Dept. Store 1942

Kitchenware Place Bid Show Photo Gallery


Black Hawk Grist Mill (AH Patch) - very nice

Europa - The DeLaval company Ltd Cream Seperator (made in Sweden) - very nice

Cream Cans

Dairy & Poultry Pool Egg Box

Butter Churn


Cheese Box - Small

Graniteware Breea Pans


Coffee Measure Machine

Singer Sewing Machine with out Stand

Black & White Enamelware

Apple Corer

Kitchen Utensils

Cast Iron Fry Pans

Cast iron Clothes Line Pulleys

Emide No.5 German Noodle Maker - Unique

Flour Gristmaill

Toys & Games Place Bid

John Deere 7600 Cast Peddle Tractor - Excellent Shape

HO Model Railroad Collection - track, power packs, buildings, rail cars, etc.- Excellent Shape

Antique Monopoly Game - reare

Pro Hockey game - Eagles Toys Ltd. Collectible

Daisy Kid's Rifles (3)

Crokinole Board



Tinkertoys, Sta-Lox Building Bricks, Lincoln Log Set

Electric HO Scale CN Hustler Train Set

Car Collection

Metal Toy Tractors with Accessories

Edward Morley Rulaber Blinking Squeaky Cat and Dog

Old Vehicles- bus, towtruck, station wagon etc.

Mask Slot Racing Set

Metal Hocky Players -collection

Toy Sewing  Machine & Iron

Ball Gloves


"Rice Crispies" Birthday Party Set

Matchbox Fire Station

Old Toy Garage

Train Set with Tracks

Old Games 7 Puzzles

Dinky Toys

Hot Wheels Case with 48 Vehicles

Jars & Bottles Place Bid

Liqour Bottles

Beer Bottle Collection

Pop Bottle Collection

Hoosier Jar, Nabob Jar, "Coffee" Embossed Jar

Medicine Bottle Collection

Baby Bottles

Mason Jars - Balls, Perfest, MidWest, Crown, Improved Crown

4 PERFECT Seal Snap Sealers

Kraft  Animal Jars

Furniture Place Bid

Lead Cut Glass Window

Vintage Wooden Rocking Lawn Chair

Knick-Knack Stand

Mahogany Coat Rack

5-Panel Fir Doors (4)

Bird Cage

Primitive Metal Baby Crib

Half Moon Side Table (2)

Solid Wood Milk Stool

Ash Side Table

Burgess Battery Dispaly Case

Doll Rocking Chair

Economy Zinc Wshboard

Smoke Stand

Rustic Curtain Rods

Message Board

1960's Coffee Table

Wooden Ironing Board

Ash Tray Stands (2)

Primitive Spool Baby's Crib


Cedar Chest - in perfect condition

Mirrors (6)

1800's Primitive Maritime Rocking Chair

Sewing Box


Pressback Rocking Chair

Books & Magazines Place Bid

Collection of Louis L'Amor Novels (93 individual) list available

1936 # 17 Price List of Boy Scout Association

Marion T Hartung Books of Carnival Glass (1-10)

Free Press Prairie Farming - Winnipeg 1942

Principles & Methods of Sterilization

The Family Physician

Medical Services - History of the Candian Forces 1941-1010

Chilton's Labor Guide & Parts Manuals

Comics (43) Life with Archie (Varity)

Dr. A.W. Chase's Calendar Almancas - 1909, 1917, 1942, 1944, 1954

Vintage Sheet Music

Farm Books

Illustrated London (new) January 25, 1936

The Sketch may 19, 1937

Vintage Car Edition 1935 - 1953  Auto Repair Manual

Motor's Truck Repair Manual

Ford Monarch Mercury Shop Manual

John Deere Two Cylinder Tractors

Memorial Edition of the Sinking of The Titanic

Simpsons Catalogue 1940

Eatons Catalogue 1941- 1942

Dodds Almanac 34, 35, 47, 48, 59

Dr.A.W. Chase's Calendar Almanac 40, 44, 45

Old Cook Books

Guy & Men True Action Magazines

Miniture Cartoon books

The Best of Life 1973

The Happy Champs 1908

Mickey Mouse Movie Stories Book # 2 1934

The Shooters Bible Gun Book 47 Ed. 1956

Conservation of Coal in Canada 1914

Catarrhozone Almanac 1917

The Etude Music Magazine 1943, 45, 48, 50

People Friend Home Journal

 Automobile Hardcover books

The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes

Antique Hardcover Medical Books

Town & Country Almanac 1867

Cameras, Radios & Clocks Place Bid

Bronze Horses with covered Wagon and Moving Whip - Lamp & Clock - VERY NICE

Red RCA Victor Radio - Works-

Country Club Ice Cream Wall Clock with Lights - works

Collection of Old Radios

Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash Camera

Wall Clocks

Brownie Cameras

Clocks Assorted

View Master Projector and View Master

Kodak Trimming Board, Printing Frame & Various Cameras

Coronela Model T-583 pat. 1939 - 1957 Radio

Various Old Telephones

Miscellaneous Place Bid

Maker Stamps

Ink Stamps

Large Novelty Jar

Medicinal Enamelware

Wooden Carvings, Masks, etc.

Goldenloaf Cheese Box, Misc. Wooden Paddles

Sewing Items Assortment

Medium Throw Carpets (2) Very Large Throw Carpet (1)

Metal Egg Basket, Metal Bin

Horses & Wagon Display

Old Wooden Clothes Hanger, Metal Box, Metal Clothes Line

Door Covers, Handles, Shelf Holders & Pulleys

Cooper, Brass & Metal Miniture Collectibles

Old Wall Hooks, Folding Rules, etc.

Dresser Sets

Copper Horse Book Ends, etc.

Store Sign Making Kit

Cooper Ashtray Hat, Coin Change Maker, Match box Holder, Clothes Line Box, Tin Cup, Frying Pan

Miniture Cast Iron & Tea Pot, Iron with Cooling Stands

Pocket Change Holders

Book Ends

Shoe Shine Brushes

Little Hohn Quick Cooking Oats 10kg Bag

Large Cabaduab Club Bottle

Road Maps

Clay Bull (red)

Old Soap Dispenser

Mouse Traps

Vintage Clothes Patterns

Kilt Pins,Sewing Items, Wooden Spools

Brass Shoe Shine Stands (2)

Ham Brine Injector - UNIQUE

Boot Repair Items

Shoe Brushes and Stretchers

Wooden Clothes Hangers

Brass Scales

Copper Balls From Wind Vane

Stim-u-lax For Barbers

Boot Repair Kit with Wooden Box


Coins Place Bid

Centennial Penny, Nickle, Dime & Quarter

Centennial Penny, Nickle, Dime & Quarter

US 1974 & 1976 Dollars

US 1977 & 1978 Dollars

US 1971 & 1973 Half Dollars

US 1967 & 1968 Half Dollars

5 Australia Coins

4 Brazilian Coins

4 Costa Rica Coins

5 Mexican Coins

5 Mexican Coins (different than above)

3 Euro Coins

7 British Coins

1 British 2 Pound Coin

Mint set of 7 Canadian 2002 Coins (0.1 cent to $2.00 value)

$5.00 Silver 1976 Canadian Olympic Coin

1999 Nunavut Stamp & Coin Collection in Case

Coins of the World Collection

3 Canadian Half Dollars (1979, 1987 & 2002)

1979 Canadian Silver Dollar

1981 Canadian Silver Dollar

1982 Canadian Silver Dollar

1985 Canadian Silver Dollar

1973 Candian Paper Dollar Bill (Parliament Setting)

1974 Canadian Paper Two Dollar Bill (Inuit Setting)

1972 Canadian Paper Five Dollar Bill (Fishing Boat Setting)

1954 Canadian Paper Ten Dollar Bill (Mountain Setting)

1931 Netherlands Original 2 ½ Gulden Silver Coin

1985 Republica de El Salvador 1 Colon

1951 Australia Large Penny/ 1961 Large ½ Penny

1955 & 1957 Australian Silver 3 Pence

1941 Australia Sterling Silver 6 Pence

1951 Australia 50% Silver 6 Pence

1950 & 1961 Australian Silver Shillings

1848 Italian States Lombary Venetia 5 Lire

1951 Greek 5 Apaxmai

1967 Greek 2 Apaxmai

1954 Greek 1 Apaxmai

1973 Greek 1 Apaxmai

1973 Greek 1 Apaxmai

1955 Great Britain 1 Shilling

1964 Great Brian 2 Shilling

British ½ New Penny; 1 New Penny

British 5 pence, 20 pence, 50 pence

British 2 New Pence, 5 New Pence, 10 New Pence & 50 New Pence

British Bronze Farthing

1985 British 1 Pound

3 Uruguay Coins

5 Netherland Coins

4 Denmark Coins

5 Mixed Foreign Coins per Bag

Australian $1.00 Paper Bill

Brazalian $1.00 & $200 Cruzeros Paper Bills

Hong Kong 1 cent Paper Bill

1894 Austria 1 Silver Korona Franc