June 9th Antique and Collectible Auction

Antique Auction in hwy #2 South, Prince Albert Saskatchewan, Canada

09 Saturday
June 09th, 2018 10:00 AM
Schmalz Auctions
Phone: 306-922-2300

June 9th Antique and Collectible Auction

Antique Auction in hwy #2 South, Prince Albert Saskatchewan, Canada

Saturday at - 09th June , 2018



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Auction Items For Sale

1John Deere Stained Glass 14x11

2Non Functioning Lemon Grenade

3Non Functioning Lemon Grenade

4Non Functioning Pineapple Grenade

56 Vintage Glass Bottles-Diet-Rite Cola,Orange Crush,Pachals,King Size Mission Cali,Subby Quality

66 Vintage Glass Bottles-Mission Cali KingSize,Drewery's,Pachal's,Stubby Quality

76 Vintage Glass Bottles-Mission Cali KingSize,,Pachal's,Stubby Quality,Royal Crown,Small Stubby

86 Vintage Glass Bottlles- Dbl Cola,Royal Crown,Kingsize Mission Cali,Diet-Rite,Stubby

96 Vintage Glass Bottles-Stubby Quality,Dbl Cola,King Size Mission Cali,Royal Crown,Diet-Rite Cola

106 vintage Glass Bottles-Diet-Rite,Mission Bev Naturally Good,Old Colony Orange Crush,Stubby,KIK

11Wooden Crate - Drewrys (Manufactured by Thorkelson the Master box maker, Winnipeg, Canada)

12Wooden Crate - Refreshing Pepsi-Cola Satisfying (Property of Rose Beverages Prince Albert, Sk)

13Wooden Crate - Drink Stubby Beverages

14Wooden Crate – 7UP, You like it... it likes you...

15Wooden Crate – Pachal’s Beverages Ltd. Yorkton, Sask.

16Wooden Crate – Plain/no words

17100lbs Beam Scale-metal

18Swede Saw and Old Metal Jack

19Blower & Forge Co Kitchener Ont.-Post Drill

20Vintage Metal Tool Lot-Hammer,Wrenches,Show Plane,etc

211 Gallon Brown Glass Jug + 1 Gallon Clear Glass Jug

222 Gallon Whiskey Jug

23Texaco 1929 Curtiss Robin Airplane Collectible-Ertl Collectible

24"Shell" Historical Air Racing Series Collectible-Bellanca Sky rocket "First Gear Inc"

25"Gulf" Metal Sign 41"x37" -Faded

26"20" Medelta Crock-Cracks in bottom, Original Handles

27"10" Imperial Crock-Couple Chips-No cracks, original handles

28"3" Medelta Crock- has crack on inside + outside

291939 Saskatchewan License Plate

30Ertl Collectibles-Texaco 1919 GMC Tanker Truck Collector Series17 Coin Bank

31Ertl Collectibles-Texaco American Tugboat Band- 3rd in series 2002 edition

32Special 2001 Collectors Edition- Wings of Texaco " Spokane Sun God"

33Texaco 1925 Mack Bulldog Lubricants Locking Coin Bank

34To Be Announced

35To Be Announced

36WW2 German K98 Pouch

37Canadian Forces Gas Mask Bag

38Canadian Forces Shoulder Patches

39To Be Announced

40Dummy Pineapple Grenade

41Dummy Pineapple Grenade

42Dummy Pineapple Grenade

43Dummy Baseball Grenade 

44Dummy Lemon Grenade

4525mm Bullet

46German Walther P1 Holster

47Enfield No 4 MKII Bayonet 

48SKS Spike & Blade Bayonets

49SKS Spike & Blade Bayonets

50SKS Spike & Blade Bayonets

51Royal Baking Powder Company NY Repro Ad Sign-15x10

52Large Coca Cola Tray- Repro of 1938 Calendar Illustration By Bradshaw Crandall L.E. 1977 17x14

53Jack Daniels Reddog Saloon, Lynchburg Tennessee Metal Repro Ad Sign 13.5x13.5

54Repro of 1916 WWI Girl Ad L.E. Coca Cola Tray-13x10.5 1976 -76/746

55Smile For The Flash-Repro Sign Gun Photo- Chris Boswell 16x12.5

56Captain Cook Bi-Centennial Commemoritive Tray LE 1978 Coca Cola Tray 13x10.5

57Life Savors-"They're as pure as the driven snow" Repro Ad Sign 15.5x10

581975 75/534 L.E. Montreal Olympics Coca Cola Tray 15x11

59California Fig Syrup Co- Syrup of the Figs Repro Ad Sign-15x12

60Coca Cola Expo Tray 86 L.E. 86-786- 13x10.5

61Fisherman's Rules Metal Sign-16x12.5

62Red River Co-Operative LTD Winnipeg Manitoba Co Op Coca Cola Tray 13x10.5

63Penny Match Collection (Black Binder)-8 Pages

64Edmonton Commonwealth Game XI Coca Cola Tray 73/393 13x10.5 + 2 Tip Trays 6x4.5

65Master Power 6000 8ft Rod +Penn No 309 Reel (Repaired )

665 Vintage Children's Books-The Pied Piper,Fun With A Purpose,The Christian Mother Goose,Best In Chil

673 Vintage Childrens Books-Best In Children's Books,Flight of the Dragons,Modern Literature For Child

682- 1950's Childrens Books - Fairy Tales, Children's Stories - Damaged

693 Vintage Children's Books-Hello Joe,Old Yellar,Fury Stallion

702 Old Story Books for Children-Yippee Kiyi + Houses

71Heathkit DX-35 Radio Transmitter- With Cord-Working Condition

72Heath Variable Frequency Oscillator-Model VF-1

73AC-MI Trademark- American Cystoscope Makers Inc- Cystoscopy Wooden Battery Box

74Mansfield Deluxe "Little Gem" Film Viewer and Editor Model M-98 & 16 MM- Plugs in-works

75Nuclear Chicago Model 2800A Portable Scaler Sediment Tester

76Vintage Piano Wood Swivel Seat Ball Claw Glass Feet

77Beacon Barn Lantern

78Cast Iron  Black Coffee Pot

79Zig Zag Tobacco Tin

801 Red, 1 Tan Match Box Holder

811 White, 1 Green Match Box Holder

82Large White Chicken and 2 Chick Figurines- Real Fathers

83Aladdin Lamo with Hanging Fixture

84Vintage 1897 James Scully-Pomeroy P.A. Cow, bull dehorner

85Ball Claw Glass Feet Set Of Four

861879 U.S. Morgan Dollar

871921 U.S. Morgan Dollar

881992 American Eagle .999 Fine Silver Dollar

891919-S Walking Liberty U.S. 50 cent piece

901953 Canada Silver Dollar

911908 Newfoundland 50cent piece

921891 Rare Canada Queen Victoria 25cent Piece

931940/41/43/44/47/48/49 Canada 25cent- 7 pieces

942004 Canada Special Edition Proof Poppy- 99.99 fine silver

952005 Canada 40th Anniversary of Canadian National Flag- 99.99 Fine Silver

96Cast Iron Moose

971932 Radio and Television Institute Instruction and Installation Manual

981950's New in Box - California Bottle Opener + Cork Screw

99Vintage Leather Collar and Bell

100Cobalt Blue Hen On A Nest Roaster On Nest and Cookie Jar

101Signs – John Deere, Farm Tractors, Implements

102Signs – 1913 Better Farms Implements, John Deere Plow Co.

103Signs – John Deere Model “D”, John Deere 2000 since 1876

1043 Items:   John Deere 4 wheel tractor, John Deere Combine, mini turbo, Case 2166 Combine mini

105John Deere Turbo 2 Combine

106Massey Fergusson 860 Combine

107John Deere 4255 Tractor

108John Deere 2755 Tractor w/ Bucket

109Tonka Tough Grader

110Sooters Pro Video Stand

111Merry Go Round (Working Order)

112Tire Pressure Gauge Patented in Canada 1914

113Century Canadian Saga


115Compass Set,Pogs,Pen Nibs,etc

116Pins 200 plus

117Pins 200 Plus

1182 Picture Books

1191935 Toronto Star Weekly,Western People,Picture Book

120Album of Pins

121Stamps and Postmarks from 1929 to present

122Stamp Book and Postmarks early 1900s


123Western People 1980,Notable Sask Women 1905,1980,Country Music 1989

124New/used Stamps, Trudeau/NHL/Centennial Issue 1867-1967,Used Stamps 1920s-now

125Match Book Covers,Key Chains,Tokens,BB Cards,

126Large Jar Of Marbles

1273 Jars Of Marbles

127A4 Oval Marbles

1283 Tall Jars of Marbles  1 short jar marbles

129Marbles- 4 Tall Jars

1304 Short Jars of Marbles

132Large Marbles 2 Egg Cartons

133Large Marbles 2 Egg Cartons

134Large Marbles 2 Egg Cartons

135Large Marbles 2 Egg Cartons

136Large Marbles 1 Egg Carton

137Hockey Pucks 14

138Russian info

139Kashmir Bottle, Vam bottle & box, Lepages Glue, guitar pick, mug 1940

1406 John Deere Belt Buckles

141John Deere 2130 Tractor, John Deere Bobcat

142John Deere 620

143John Deere Tractor

144John Deere Tractor – 410 Diesel, 1st 1962 4 cylinders

145John Deere Tractor w/ Bucket

146Revolving John Deere Stand with light and 18 miniature tractors

1471953 Mack truck with Livestock Trailer

148Dog ‘n’ Suds Root Beer Jug and Little Brown Jug

149Stoneware Jug and extra lid

1501926 glass jug, held sulfuric acid for tanning hides at a tannery

1512 Rough Riders Footballs

152John Deere 4430, John Deere 4010 Diesel, Plus tires & John Deere Christmas Ornament

153Coke and Pepsi Cans from around the World

154Various Beer Bottles

155A&W Mugs, Dog ‘n’ Suds Mug

156Kitten Cookie Jar, tea Pot, Cram and Sugar, Salt and Pepper, Sugar bowl missing lid

157Tea Pot

158Ukrainian covered bowl, salt and pepper, Miniature Dishes (please display dishes on silver tray)

159Chicken, duck, lamb, calf, rabbit ( 10 pieces)

1602 sets Matroiska dolls, 5 pieces each

1613 sets of Matroiska dolls, 2 sets 6 pieces each, 1 set 3 pieces

162Planters Mr. Peanut Dish, salt and pepper shakers

1632 colored platters

1642 Coke Glasses, 2 Nagaro, Great Moppet Caper, 2 Butterfly glasses

164AColored Glass (Amber) 6 Pieces

164B6 Stemmed Fruit Dishes

165Prairie Lily 5 identical Mugs

166Russian Tea Cup, Children’s Play Dishes

167Kitchen Knives

168Coal Oil Lamp

169Lamp over 50 years old

170Razor Blades 18pkgs, razor

171Queen Mother 93rd Birthday tin box, 4 figurines

172Frog Collection 11 Pieces

173Part of a stationary engine

17416 pages used stamps

17514 pages used stamps

1762 albums, each 8 pages used stamps

1772 albums used stamps 8 pages each

178Used stamps 13 pages, some from early 1900’s

179Used USA stamps 12 pages

180Ink Blotters from various businesses, 12 pages each, receipts from 1930’s, 40’s 50’s

181REciepts from 1930’s, 40’s; business cards, advertising

182Postcards from different countries, matchbook covers 2 albums

18378 records (30 plus) Little Jimmy Dickens, Carter Family, Hank Williams, Wilf Carter plus more

18478 records (30 plus) Johnnie and Jack, Carl Smith, Ray Price, Roy Acuff, plus more

18578 records (30 plus) Hank Williams, Webb Pierce, Wilf Carter plus more

18645 records (36) from 1950’s

1878 Elvis Presley LP’s plus Calendar

188LP’s 2 Johnnie Cash, 2 Wilf Carter and Kitty Wells

189LP’s 6 Mickey and Bunny and 5 Ukrainian

190Emerson AM-FM Stereo and Receiver; Stereo cassette recorder (Plays 33, 45, 78 LP’s) requires speaker

191Sunbeam (Tempus Fugit) electric Clock

192Galvanized Tub

19310 Comics 1962-1963 from Weekly Star Toronto

1941-1895 US 1c; 3 US Nickles 1935, 1942, 1946; 3 Canadian Nickles 1940, 1944, 1949

195Dominion of Canada 1923 $1.00

196Bank of Canada 1937 $2.00

197Bank of Canada 1937 $10.00

198Canadian Bank of Commerce 1935 $20.00

199Canadian Olympic $100 Gold Coin Montreal 1976

2001962 Jamaica $20.00 Gold Coin

2013 coins 1921 Las Vegas, Kitamet Corp, $2.00 1960 Coin/Stamp

202Centennial Dollar 24 Karat Gold

2031983 Silver Dollar

204Canada 1994 $5.00 Silver 1oz coin

2051982 Worlds Fair Collection set Knoxville

206Coin Holders

207Coin Holders

2082 1976 US $2.00

209Bank of Canada 1937 $10.00

210Bank of Canada 1937 $20.00

211Bank of Canada 1937 $20.00

2121969 $20.00

2132 Silver Dollars ½ oz. Wolves

2141974 Gold Kennedy Half Dollar 24kt Gold

215George Washington Gold $1.00, Liberty $1.00, 2000 (Picture has one coin, we added another)

2161951 Commemorative large nickel 1791-1951

2172 North Dakota 25c, 1972 half dollar

218Confederation Quarters 1992

2191870-1970 Manitoba Centennial set

2201941 1c and stamps

2212000 Olympic coin $5.00 Baseball

2221981 Prince of Wales – Lady Diana Spencer Commemorative Crown

2231972 Mint Set

2241926 US two and one half dollar gold coin

225Nickles 1943, 1944, 1945 – 2005 first day of Mintage 25c

226France 1939, 1940, 1942, 1943, 1944

227Foreign Money 10 pieces

228Canada Year set 1975

229Euro Coin Collection 1972, Britain’s First Decimal Coin

2307 pkgs Foreign Coins

231Salt Lake City 2002 Coins Coca Cola

2322004 Silver Maple Leaf Privy Mark Set $5.00, $4.00, $3.00, $2.00, $1.00

233United States Coin Collectors Map 1999-2008 with coins

2341999 Millennium Canada Coin Set 25c

2351867-1967 Fish dimes (3 sleeves, 4 dimes in each)

2361967 Coin Set 6 coins

2371993 coin set 6 coins

2381922-1951 nickels, 48 nickels

239Trade Dollars

240Royal Wedding Princess Ann and Mark Phillips 2 coins 1911 Coronation and 1939 Royal visit

241Pennies 1928 – 1992 60 pennies

242Eight Loonies

243Eight Loonies

244Canada 125 1867-1992 Provincial set

245Canadian NHL Legends Medallion collection

246Pins, Bombardier Ski Doo, Massey Harris, Cockshutt “30”

247New Stamps $93.26 value 5 double pages

248New Stamps $105.55 value 1900’s to present 4 double pages

249New Stamps $118.90 value 5 double pages

250New Stamps $79.68 value 5 double pages

25117" Tall Wood Vase-Carvings on it

252Pinwheel 9.5" Tall Crystal Decanter

253Unique Green Glass Decanter- Rope Tied 9" Tall

2543 Gallon Medelta Ice Water Dispenser Crock with lid and handles

255Battery Op Pendulum Kieninger & Obergfell Clock

256Unique German Candle -Large (teacher and students) on Metal Stand

25725" tall Antique Ashtray Stand with Dangling Crystals

25823" Tall Antique Ashtray Stand (Wood) Heavy

2592 Antique Presses- Lemon squeeze + Ricer

260Wood Short Vase- Hand Churned? 7.5x7"

261Waterdale Clear Glass Heavy Dish +Small Canival Glass Serving Tray

262Etched Glass Covered Plate (Cheese Ball Plate)

263India Brass Lot -2 Goblets, shoe, Vase,dish

26417x9 Pearl Manufactured by Canadian Wood. Co. Wash Board

265Dusty Pink Depression Glass Lot-2 Covered Candle Holders + Fluted Bowl

266Detailed Chinese Vase -8" tall

267Silver Plated Copper Pot-8"x8"

268Canadian Kodak Co LTD "Brownie" Target six-20 Vintage Camera

269McCaskey Galt Ontario-United Office Machines "Victor" Vintage Calculator

270Spare Iron Part + Pump

271No 6 + No 5 Iron Repainted

272Antique Coleman Steam Iron +Coleman Trivet + Instruction Manual

273T- Trvivet + Iron Handle

274Coleman Gas Lamp

275Half Moon Wood Side Table

276Lot of 6 kitchen items

277Lot of 4 kitchen tins, 2 tuxedo spice, 2 gravy

278Wooden butter press, bowl and spreader

279Scarce 1 lb. Nash’s coffee tin

280Scarce 4 lb. Jack and Jill PB Pail

281Large Saskatoon Wholesale Grocery Tin

282Pure Fox Valley Sk Coffee Tin 1930’s

283Vintage coffee grinder top-for electric of floor models 1920’s

284Royalty and Chalk tins

285Arcade Crystal #4 coffee grinder (Both glasses original)

2864 collectable tin cake plates-Maple Creek Lancer

287Galvanized Pail, Beer Pail, 4 coffee pail lids

288Lighting related items-Mica in Coleman is good

289Perfect Seal (Spelled wrong) Jar & 1858 Green Jar

290Wash Basin Set-add ons-smaller pitcher & toothbrush holder, England

2914 S.W. Sask  & S.E. Alberta Telephone Books, 1955, 1957, 1961, 1975

292Oak Telephone Box and Asst parts

293BA Calendars & 3 Gas station Adv Ashtrays-S.W. Sask-No cracks

2941 & 2 Gal Medalta Stoneware Crocks-1914-1916

295Vintage Adv Pennants & BBQ Apron

2961920’s Alaska Ice Box-Salesman sample-Cast Iron

297West Germany Toy Sewing Machine-Excellent

298Blue Lightning Rod Ball-10 sided 2-copper cap

299International HarvesterTool Box +1957 Farm Handbook

300Marilyn Monroe 1972 Framed  Life Magazine

301Framed+ Matted Glen Scrimshaw "Santa's Team" Print 20x24

302Henry Beaudry Painting Original 18x26

303Charcoal Sketch Framed Signed Anita 76-17z20

304Gretsky + Father - Ford Advertising Promotion-18x20

305Oak Framed Wildlife Print 19x21

306Framed Dionne Quintuplet Print-11x15

307Dozen Commemorative Newspapers

3082 Canadian Mint Money Bags+ T Eaton Co Bag

3092 Miniature Tool Sets

3106 Asst Service Station Signs

311Lot Of Advertsing Yardsticks

312Lot of 7 Advertising Yard Sticks

313Case Equipment Home Yardsticks Kindersley

314Lot of 5 Advertising Thermometers S.W. Sask

315Lot of 5 Advertising Thermometers S.W. Sask

316Lot of 5 Advertising Thermometers S.W. Sask

317Fantasy Light Up Ice Cold BeerSign

318Pair of Advertising Plates from Sask Ghost Towns

3192 Cigar Boxes with Knick Knacks + Pin Backs

3203 J.D. Pocket Lodgers 50-54-55 2 Med. Hat Directories 1953-59

321Burlington Glass Pitcher + 1/2 Yard of Ale

322Vintage Set of Rabbit Ears for Retro Tvs

323Lot Of 5 Vintage Whistles + Chains

324Approx. 40 Vintage Beer Openers

325Approx 30 V Vintage Beer Openers USA Advertising

326Approx 45 1920's-30's Beer Openers-Mant Spinners

327Rings,Jewelry,Watches- Rolex-Newer

328Lot Of 15 Vintage Lighters + Hand Warmers

32928 Assorted Vintage Lighters

3307 Collectible Jack Knives-2 RCMP

33111 Very Old Lighters

332Antique Cash Register Parts-Model 313

333Approx. 75 Milk Bottle Tops- Many Unused

3343 Pieces Of Brass + Cast- Eagle/Reloader

3359 Horse Harness Decorations-Old

336Pair Of Original Pam Clock Faces

337Complete 6 Plate Set Plus Display Rack- Bradford

3386 Assorted Bradford Plates with Rack

3394 Assorted Advertising Plates 1920's-60's

3409 Piece Assortment of Antique Books,Catalogues Etc

34120 Piece Assorted T-Cups,Mugs, + Misc

34210 Piece Assortment

343Binder of Currency and Collectibles

344Pulley System with Rope -Barn Find

345Buddy L Sand + Gravel + PTS Truck -Pressed Steel

34610 Coca Cola Water Decals & Coke Tin Sign

347Camping Metal Sign + Poker Dogs Sign

34836" Elephant Brand Tin Thermometer + Extra Glass Thermometer

349Original Set Of Decals For 10 Gal Gas Bowser Cyl.

350Set Of 20 Sharp Stones

350BSet Of 20 Sharp Stones

350CSet of 18 Sharp Stones

3515 Matchbox Toys-GMC Wrecker,Crown Victoria Police,BMW 850i,97 Chev Tahoe Police,Camero Conv.

3525 Matchbox Toys-Astra Kadett Police, Ikarus Coach,Scania T142,TV news Truck,Ford

3535 Matchbox Toys-VW Concept,62 VW Beetle,Holden Commodore,Mits Spyder,Fire Savers,

3545 Matchbox Toys-VW Concept,Nissan Prairie,TV Van,56 Ford PU

3555 Matchbox Toys-Ford Transit Formula Racer,Ford Ambulance,Bus,Ikarus Coach

3565 Matchbox Toys-Fire Savers,97 Chev Tahoe Police,99 Chev Silverado,Ferrari F50,Lambo Countach

3575 Matchbox Toys-Jaguar XJS,Chev Blazer,Camaro Police,Frontera,Snorkel Fire Truck

3585 Matchbox Toys-JaguarXJ220,Jeep Grand cherokee,Porsche 911Ferrari F40,97

3595 Matchbox Toys-BMW Z3,Lambo Diablo,56Ford Pick up,Bus,Ford Falcon

3605 Matchbox Toys-Chevy,Maintenance Truck,Mobile Crane,Refuse Truck,Bulldozer

3612 Eaton's Catologues-1976+1975 Fall and Winter Edition

3622 Eaton's Catologues-1976+1975 Spring and Summer Edition

3632 Eatons Catololgues-1976-Spring Edition+1975 Fall and Winter Edition

364Vintage Foot Warmer-Clark Heater No7D

3654 inch metal Hand Meat Grinder with clamp

366Trailer plates 1969 & 1970

367RCMP Trailer plates 1971 &1973

368Trailer plates, 1972, 1974, 1976

3694 x SK Plates, all 1976

370SK, Bingo, Scotland and British Novelty license plates

371License plates-SK Pair 1971, 3 x 1975 singles

372License plates-1973 SK RCMP pair & single

373License plates-3 x Trailer

374License plates-3 x 1973 SK, (1 pair, single in sequence)

375License plates-1975 Pair farm plates

376License plates -SK 1972 Pair & 1976 single

377License plates-SK Pair with Sequence

378License plates-SK 1961 Pair

379License plates-SK 1962 Pair

380License plates-SK 1966 Pair

381License plates-SK 1968 x 3 Pairs

382License plates-SK 1969 Pair

383License plates-SK 1969 Pair with reflector

384License plates- SK 1969 Pair

385License plates SK 1969 Pair

386License plates-SK 1959 Pair & single

387License plates-SK 1962, 1963, 2x 1968, 1969

388License plates-SK 1960, 1964, 2x 1969 Farm

389License plates-7 Assorted

390Canadian $1000 Bill 1954 serial 1205273

391To Be Announced

392To Be Announced

393To Be Announced

394To Be Announced

395To Be Announced

396To Be Announced

397To Be Announced

398To Be Announced

399To Be Announced

400To Be Announced

4011948 Ford Mercury 2 Ton- Grain Truck Runs Well-Needs New Battery

4021950 Cab Over GMC (Unique)- Needs New Battery

4031963 Chev 1 Ton C/W Hoist

4049 manuals-Dodge,Plymouth,Chrysler,Cadillac,GMC,Fisher Body

40513 Manuals-GMC,Pontiac,Chev,Ford

40610 Manuals-Capri,Cadillac,Olds,Ford,Fisher Body,Chev

4077 Manuals-Pontiac,Dodge,Fargo,Chryco,Chev

40814 Manuals-Chev,Dodge,Fisher Body,Ford,Buick,Pontiac,Chrysler

40915 Manuals-P.C.M.L.(Ford,Lincoln,Mercury,Bronco,Econline),Cadillac,GM,Olds,Vega,GM Van Service

41019 Manuals-VW,GM,Hollander,Oliver & Cockshutt,Ford,JD,Massey,Chilton,Chevette

41112 Manuals-Massey,GMC,Dodge,Hollander

41210 Manuals-GM,Chilton,Kohler Engines,Ford,Buick,Ramcharger,Toyota/Geo,AgraKing

41310 Manuals-Chryco,Allis Chalmers,Chev,Mercury/Mariner,Chrysler,Yamaha,Hauling Trailer,Ford,Cadillac,

414Mile 33 sign (Wood) 24’’x16’’

415Speed Limit 60, Night 50, Trucks 50 sign (Aluminum) 30’’x24’’

416No Passing sign, has .22 caliber bullet holes in it, (Aluminum) 29’’x30’’

417Road Closed sign (Aluminum) 24’’x24’’

418Turning Sign (Aluminum) 35’’x35’’

419Danger Road Closed, Detour sign (Aluminum) 30’’x30’’

420Stop Sign (Aluminum) 30’’x30’’

421Caution Sign (Aluminum) 32’’x32’’

422For Year Round Comfort, Quick!!! ON – OFF HEAT sign (Aluminum) 30’’x47’’

423Please Use Caution, Watch Step sign (Aluminum) 18’’x24’’

424Truck Crossing Sign (Wood) 35’’x35’’

425Bumps sign (Aluminum) 24’’x24’’

426Left Turn sign (Aluminum) 24’’x24’’

427Unleaded signs x 2 (Aluminum) 25’’x6’’

428Mile 36 sign (Wood) 24’’x16’’

429Mile 37 sign(Wood) 24’’x16’’

430Co-op Sonic sign (Aluminum) 26’’x20’’

431Enjoy Coke sign (Aluminum) 24’’x10’’

432Lg Enjoy Coke sign (Aluminum) 24’’x26’’

433Coke Display Rack on wheels (Metal) 26’’x50’’

434Massey Ferguson Side Tin Panel 65’’x20’’

435A & W sign, cracked in half at & part (Wood) 74’’x27’’

436International Tractor tool box & John Deer(?) Oliver(?) tool box

437Wooden Block and Tackle hook

438Army Gas Can

4392x Gas cans

440Tin Implement seat

441Child Metal Wagon, 2 tires just rims, 2 tires hard and falling apart

442Hiawatha Flyer, rear tire not secured on

4432 License plates, John Deer & New Holland

4442 License plates, New Holland & Optimist

4452 License plates, Optimists Club & Coachman

4464 license plates-2x Albert, 1 British Columbia, 1 Manitoba

447Robyn Regehr Hockey Figurine AUTOGRAPHED BY HIM+Faking Eh- How to Be Canadian Book

448Target Diamond Ring? In box

449Thirsty Miner Figure-Chalkware-10.5" tall

450Cross Presentational Pen-CIBC

4518 gallon medalta crock-no cracks

4523 gallon medalta butter churner-repaired cover

453Colonial Lamp & Chimney-flaw in glass

454Barn lantern glass chimney

455SK Roughrider 100 year-gold plated loonie

456Celebrity 7x35 benoculars in case

457Green Deprisson Cameo cookie jar-no lid

458Glass rolling pin-original label

459Official pocket seal

460SK Roughrider 100 year-mint

461Storm collewctor wrist watch-black case

462Pickle crock jug-lid-no cracks

463Gold color maple leaf credit union pin

464Riffle casing from Battle of Fish Creek

465Heavy Glasscoil oil lamp-marked RS2049-1984

466Glass hen on ceramic nest

467Greek Money WWII

468Chinese Money WWII

469Greek and Algeria Money WWII

470Japenese Money WWII

471Gernman Money 1916-1921

472Italian Money + Sweepstake ticket WWII

473Zaire(?) 1981-Brazil & Sedlabanki(?) Islands Money

474Russian Rubel-1938- 5 cent Military Payment WWII

475James Bean-Eagle Whiskey Bottle-1983

476White lighting Whiskey Jug

477Avon Wildlife Stein 1977-C58697

478Avan Airplanes Stein 1982-C33451

479Military Utility Knife with spoon & fork

480Lawrence & Williams blue medicine bottle

481Cherry Blossom green depression glass cup & saucer

482Box of misc collectables

483Old flour sifter

484Large metal black flying eagle

4852 plaques of royalty from Belgarvia(?) WWII

486Tin R.C.M.P. on patrol

487Tin Queen Elizabeth Corination 1953

488Drey square mason 2 quart jar

4892 green 8361842691524 oz coca cola bottles-One SK Centennial 2005

490Owl string dispenser with scissors

491Set of 3 Medicine Hat Potters Pitchers, Little Chief Stamp

492Hycroft Suffield Pattern dishes, 7 dinners plates, 7 cups and saucers

493Spritzer Bottle and box of Cartridges

4942 Hycroft Stetson Hat Ashtrays and Hycroft Lethbridge RCMP mug

495Medalta Vase #91, 1940-?, Mint condition

496Salesman Samples, Green hat, Blue Pottery Bowl and Blue Enamel Pitcher

497Various Tin Toy Parts

4981/4 Gallon Medalta crock, Mint condition

4991964 King Features Syndicate Popeye Thermos, Glass Liner intact

5001966 Ivan Tors Films Inc., Flipper Thermos, Glass Liner Intact

501U of S Golden Jubilee 1909-1959 Ashtray and Yellow Art Glass Ashtray

502Mr.Peanut Salt and Pepper Shakers

503Group of Various Pin Back Buttons

5041988-1989 Vintage MacDonald's Happy Meal Toys, sealed in original packages

505Small Tonka Trucks

506Corgi Tractor and Packer

5071/2 Gallon Medalta Crock, Mint Condition

5081/4 Gallon Medalta crock, Mint condition

509Majorette Petro-Canada Tanker Truck

510Tonka Loader and Bulldozer, friction

511Tonka Truck and Loader

512Tonka Mini-Bike

513Green Glass and Green Pottery Lamps, Electric

514Pete and Night Barbie and Cool Blue Barbie, in original boxes

515Hawiian Fun Barbie and Mexican Doll, in original boxes

516Reliable Composition Doll in Wedding Dress, doll is all composition

517Music Box Doll

518Vintage Hopalong Cassidy Pocket Knife

519Vintage Auburn Plastic Motorcycle

520Fish's General Store Beacon Hill, Sask. Advertising Match Box Holder

521Vintage Yo-Yo's in original box

5224 Shirley Temple Pin Back Buttons

523Vintage Miniature Pocket Knives, one Washingotn, DC

524Black Cat and Player Cigarette Tins

525GeoBro's Toy Candy Scale and Candy Bin

526Porcelain Heubach-Koppelsdorf No 275, No 201 Germany and Tin Doll Head, All glass eyes and teeth int

527Salesman Sample Ever Ready Flashlight, working order

528Vintage Pez Dispenser, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Tweety and Halloween

529Medicine Hat Potteries #5 Butter Crock, Little Chief Stamp

530Vintage Tin Toy Raggety Ann Plates, Kojak Bubble Gum and Licorice Stick

5312 Dutch Pottery Farm and Dutch Girls Jugs

532Vintage Dinky Trailer-Wagon, Tractor, General Made in Canada Truck

533Vintage Goodyear Atlas Tire Ashtrays

5341 Gallon Unmarked Crock, Mint

535Vintage Chalkware, Set of 3 Mallard Ducks and Black Mamie

536Saskatoon Denham Awning Makers Mirror and Mother of Pearl Flower picture

537D Dutchmen Dairy Ltd, Sicamous B.C. and Dairly Pool Milk Bottles

538Cigar Box with various Buttons, Glass Beads, Spoons, etc

5396 Vintage Saskatoon Picture Postcards, One written on 1913 20th St.

5402 Beaters and Grindley Advertising Soap Dish

541Wooden wagon Lamp with China Horses-Works (2 Horses )

54230" Tall Wooden Plant Stand

543Canadian Forces Wool Blanket 58"x76"

544 Military Dress Coat size 6943

545 Canadian Forces Canteen

546 Czech Canteen

547 WW2 German K98 Oil Cans

548 WW2 German K98 Oil Cans

549 Russian SKS Oil Cans x2

550 Russian SKS Oil Cans x2

551 7.62x25 Crate

552 Canadian 9mm Black Ammo Crate

553 Lake City 5.56x45 Ammo Crate

554 Canadian 9mm Black Ammo Crate

555 New US Military ACU Load Vest

556 US Military ACU Field Pack with Frame

557 US Military ACU Field Pack with Frame

558 Spanish WW2 Style Helmet

559 Spanish WW2 StyleHelmet

560 Canadian Forces CF82 Pack Only

561Canadian Forces CF82 Pack Only

562Canadian Forces Load Bearing Vest

563 Pietta 22LR WildCat

564 Pietta 22LR

565Husqvarna Vapenfabriks A.B. 12 ga SXS Shotgun  $210 Minimum Selling Price

566Comic Book Lot- 20 Comics

567Comic Book Lot- 20 Comics

568Comic Book Lot- 25 Comics

569Comic Book Lot- 20 Comics

570Comic Book Lot- 20 Comics

571Comic Book Lot- 20 Comics

572Comic Book Lot- 19 Comics

573Comic Book Lot- 20 Comics

574Comic Book Lot- 21 Comics

575Comic Book Lot - 20 Comics

576Comic Book Lot- 20 Comics

577Comic Book Lot - 20 Comics

578Comic Book Lot- 20 Comics

579Comic Book Lot- 20 Comics

580Comic Book Lot- 20 Comics

581Comic Book Lot- 19 Comics

582Comic Book Lot- 20 Comics

583Comic Book Lot-10 Comics

584Comic Book Lot- 20 Comics

585Comic Book Lot- 20 Comics

586Stainglass Hanging Lamp-Electric 22":x15"

587Barn Lantern (Dominion Glass) + Miniature Glass Lamp

588Hanging Lamp- Metal Frame/ electric (No Shade)

589Professionally Tanned Buffalo Hide Approx 8ft x 6.5ft

590Bobby Hull Canadian Hockey Real Auction Game-Munro (Magnetic Puck)

591Tinned Enterprise "MFG COPHILAPA" MADE IN US #5 Meat Grinder

592Lot of 45 Records- 25 Records

5931978 Yukon License Plate

594"Economy" Antique Washboard

595Fishing Lot-Lead Cinch,Fjorch Hook,26 Spin X Hooks

596Fishing Lot- Lead Cinch,Fjorch Hook,24 Spin X Hooks

597Fishing Lot-Lead Cinch,5 Spin X Hooks,Fjorch Hook,Reel and Line,Assorted Hooks and Parts

598Singer Sewing Machine

599Vintage Lite Up Hanging Sign 70"w 48"H (one side broken)