Rare Signs, Advertising and Mancave Auction ! The Larry and Clara Taylor Estate Auction

Commercial Auction in 304 Main Street, Mammoth Spring, Arkansas, United States

08 Monday
08th March, 2021
Tasabah & Associates,LLC, Real Estate Broker, SoldASAP, LLC Auctioneers

Rare Signs, Advertising and Mancave Auction ! The Larry and Clara Taylor Estate Auction

Commercial Auction in 304 Main Street, Mammoth Spring Arkansas, United States

Monday at - 08th March , 2021



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The OL' #9 Auction

Just ask the locals, Larry truly was a different dude. He had a certain swagger even before swagger was a word... Humble, Unique, cool, kind, generous and a little mysterious, maybe mischievous at times. these are just a few words used to describe him ….the hair ! Don't forget the hair! Boy he had some hair....that was his trademark. Everyone loved that mop. You couldn't miss it, it was thick enough two hide two screwdrivers , a cup of coffee, and some bailing wire.  

To us, he was simply Daddy and PaPa … We miss him everyday. 

For the past 60 years, Larry and Clara would travel from auction to auction, flea market to flea market making stops along the way to buy anything that caught his eye. He had a passion for advertising and anything unusual. He liked to buy...he regretted anything he sold...so it was rare when he did.

Long before he passed, he would say " Kids, if anything ever happens to me, throw a pig in the ground and have an auction . Have as much fun selling it, as I had buying it."....Little did he know, there is no fun in this for us. We have conducted auctions for 20+ years for others, and boy this one hurts. We knew the day would come, it comes for all of us, but you are never prepared. He wanted our company to conduct his auction, he was proud of us. He is ultimately responsible for getting us into this roller coaster ride of a business,

" The biggest thing he left us was not stuff, it was who he was, how to live, love and how to treat others. That can't be auctioned off, repossessed or taken away." ~ Tazzie

It is with mixed emotions that we offer you part of what he collected over the past 60 years.....We hope you enjoy owning  it as much as  Larry enjoyed buying it...

Good Luck and Happy Bidding !

Larry setting up in Canton, Texas in the 80's




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