Professional Audio Company: Equipment & Inventory

Online Auction in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

07 Monday
07th October, 2019 6:00 PM

Professional Audio Company: Equipment & Inventory

Online Auction in Minneapolis Minnesota, United States

Monday at - 07th October , 2019



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Auction Items For Sale

1.Anvil Road Case on Wheels, 20.5"x18.5"x30"

2.Vivitar Enlarger, Model E34

3.JBL Professional Series Low Frequency Enclosure, #4560BKA Front Loading Single Driver

4.Siemens Dry Type Transformer, Class AA, Cat. No. 3F3Y075ST, 75 KVA, 480 High Volt, 208/120 Low Volt

5.Anvil Road Case, 20.5"x21.5"x8"

6.Anvil Road Case on Wheels, 20"x13.5"x26.5"

7.Anvil Cases Display Rack with 3 Sample Cases, Approx. 24" Long Each

8.Metal Shelf 36"x12"x30" with Assorted Contents, Books, More

9.Alexander Hamilton Institute Modern Business Book Set, 1947 Edition

10.Yamaha RM 1608 Recording Console with Anvil Road Case, 42.5"x15.5"x36"

11.Yamaha PW 1600 Power Supply for RM 1608 or RM 2408

12.2 Side Chairs

13.2 - 4 Drawer File Cabinets

14.Wood Desk 60"x34", Office Chair

15.Dell CPU, EMPac CPU, Monitors, Speakers, More

16.Kenmore Mini Refrigerator on Rolling Stand

17.Ampex ATR-700 Recorder/Reproducer Parts

18.Wood Desk 72"x36", 5 Drawer File Cabinet

19.3M Rig Wire Color Chart Device with Related Supplies

20.Metal Cabinet, 28"x12"x32"

21.3 - 250' Speaker Cables

22.3 - 150' Speaker Cables

23.3 - 100' Speaker Cables

24.4 - 100' Speaker Cables

25.2 - 50' NL4-NL4 Speaker Cables

26.2 - 50' Speaker Cables

27.4 - 30' Speaker Cables

28.4 - 20' Speaker Cables

29.8 Assorted Speaker Cables, 5' to 13'

30.Work Bench 79"x30"x41.5" with Work Light and Stool

31.2 Boxes Assorted, Speaker Cable Boxes, Sony CCD-IRIS Camera, More

32.PanaVise, Assorted Screwdrivers

33.Bin and Box Assorted, Shop Supplies, Parts, More

34.Assorted Speaker Cables, More

35.HP Deskjet 6980 Printer

36.Panasonic FP-7713 Copier

37.Credenza on Wheels, 97"x18"x32.5"

38.Nilfisk Canister Vacuum with Assorted Attachments

39.Landmark DKS 308XL Phone System with Phones

40.MCI JH-110B Tape Recorder, Product #JH110B-2-HP, Serial 4480

41.Wood Cabinet on Wheels 34"x20"x40.5" with Assorted Contents

42.Alto Fonic Reel to Reel Music System, Model 450H with Assorted Reels

43.Wood Desk 42"x30", Wood Chair

44.Metal Shelf 30"x12"x36" with Assorted Contents, Speakers, More

45.Component Cabinet on Wheels, 22.5"x15.5"x37.5"

46.Assorted, Office Supplies, Fax, Printer, Vacuum, More

47.JBL Professional Series 2350 Speakers on Wheels

48.JBL Professional Series 2345 Speakers on Wheels

49.Shure AMS400 Mixer with 5 Shure AMS26 Microphones

50.Sony CDP-CE335 5 Disc CD Player

51.Glass Front/Top Showcase on Wheels, 60"x20"x42".
Please pick up after 3PM.

52.Assorted, Mic Stands and Accessories, Shure Accessories, Signal Splitter, More

53.Emergency Power Transfer Box

54.HP 3551 A Transmission Test Set, Output Meter TS-585D/U

55.2 Boxes Assorted, Tape Dispensers, Punch, Office Supplies, More

56.Ryobi SG-1000K 4" Super Grinder with Case

57.Shure Mixer, Model M268

58.Assorted, LeveLine Torpedo Laser, Irish Tape Stroboscope, Accu Square

59.Glass Front/Top Showcase, 60"x20"x38".
Please pick up after 3PM.

60.Assorted, Empty Microphone Cases, Airphone Accessories, PPA R37 Receiver, More

61.Assorted, Speaker Cables, Adaptors, Patch Cables, More

62.Royal ER145 Cash Register

63.Paymaster Check Writer

64.Assorted, Line Matching Transform, Electrical Parts, More

65.Glass Top/Open Front Showcase, 60"x20"x38", 2 Wood Stools.
Please pick up after 3PM.

66.Assorted, Shure Microphone Accessories, Mic Cables, More

67.5 Assorted Laptop/Equipment Cases

68.10 Speaker Stands

69.Approx. 16 Assorted Speaker Stands and Booms

70.Assorted, Polaroid "The Reporter SE" Camera, Pentron Light Source, Speaker, More

71.Yamaha Recording Mixer, Model RM 602

72.Realistic TRC-474 40 Channel CB Mobile Transceiver

73.JBL Professional Series Unit, Model 7510

74.2 Boxes Assorted, Shop Tools and Supplies, More

75.Samson Concert TD Series True Diversity VHF-FM Receiver CR-2 with Wireless Mic and Road Case

76.HME Wireless Mic System with Road Case

77.HME Wireless Mic System with Road Case

78.Assorted, Concert Stage Passes, More

79.Audio-Technica Diversity Receiver Model ATW-R10 and Transmitter Model ATW-T31 with Case

80.Wood Counter on Wheels, 76.25"x33"x40".
Please pick up after 3PM.
Picture Coming

81.6 Assorted Beyer MCE Lavalier Microphone Components

82.3 Assorted Shure SM58 Microphones

83.3 Assorted Shure SM58 Microphones

84.2 Assorted Shure SM57 Microphones

85.AKG SE 300B Microphone with #CK91 Attachment

86.AKG SE 300B Microphone with #CK91 Attachment

87.AKG SE 300B Microphone, AKG CK98 Microphone

88.Audio-Technica 2000 Series Frequency-Agile True Diversity UHF Wireless System

89.Audio-Technica MB3000L Microphone with #ATW-T210A UHF Transmitter and Lapel Mic

90.2 Shure SM18W Microphones

91.2 Shure SM18W Microphones

92.2 Shure SM18W Microphones

93.Audio-Technica Midnight Blues Cardioid Microphone, Model MB3000L

94.Shure SM57-LC Microphone

95.Shure SM57-LC Microphone

96.Shure #545SD-LC Microphone

97.Audio-Technica Midnight Blues Microphone, Model MB3KC

98.Audio-Technica Midnight Blues Microphone, Model MB3KC

99.Audio-Technica Midnight Blues Microphone, Model MB3KC

100.Yamaha Mixing Console, Model MG102C

101.Beyer Dynamic Microphone #CV 720N (c) P12/PV with Attachments #CK701 and #CK702

102.Assorted, Microphone Wind Screens, Lav Capsule for SE5E-10, More

103.Wood Display Cabinet with 2 Sliding/Locking Glass Doors, Wood Sliding Lower Doors, Lighted, 48"x14"x84.5".
Please pick up after 3PM.

104.Metal Rack Mount Equipment Cabinet on Wheels 20.75"x18"x48.75" with UREI 560 Feedback Suppressor, Model 539 Room Equalizer

105.Yamaha PM-1000 16 Channel Mixing Board with Anvil Road Case on Wheels 39.5"x14"x42"

106.Shure UHF Wireless Transmitter Model U1-UA, Instrument Cable, Lapel Mic and Receiver Model U4S-UA

107.Sunn Magna 3800 Dual Power Amplifier, 400W RMS Per Channel with JBL Pro Series Frequency Dividing Network Model 5231, Wood Case

108.2 JBL Subwoofers on Wheels, Model 4560, 30.5"x23.75"x40"

109.2 JBL Subwoofers on Wheels, Model 4560, 30.5"x23.75"x40"

110.2 JBL Subwoofers on Wheels, Model 4560, 30.5"x23.75"x40"

111.2 JBL Subwoofers on Wheels, Model 4560, 30.5"x23.75"x40"

112.2 JBL Subwoofers on Wheels, Model 4560, 30.5"x23.75"x40"

113.2 Ultimate Support Systems Speaker Tripods, 51"

114.Dukane 2 Phone Portable Telephone System

115.2 Assorted 39" Microphone Stands

116.EV Electro-Voice Cardyne I Microphone, Model 726 with Stand, 49"

117.3 Horns, Model CJ46

118.4 Horns, Model CJ46, Assorted Drivers

119.Assorted Speakers, Clamps

120.Samsung DVD/CD/CD-R/RW/MP3 Unit, Pentagon Auto-Reverse Cassette Changer Type CP4010, More

121.Wavetek AN/UGM-11 Test Set, Data Transmission Unit Model 404

122.Urei 560 Feedback Suppressor, Yamaha Parametric Equalizer #YDP2006

123.Carver Magnetic Field Power Amplifier #PM-100, Carver Magnetic Field Power Amplifier #PM-1.5

124.Yamaha Pro Mix 01 Mixing Board, 16 Channel

125.Crest Audio Power Amplifier #LA901

126.Assorted on Shelf, Yamaha Power Amp #P2250c, Solid State Dukane 60, Speakers, Radios, Snake, More

127.2 Metal Shelves, 36"x18"x85".
Please pick up after 3PM.

128.Minute Master Microwave Oven, Sanyo Radio, Vicon Monitor, Coffee Maker

129.Wood Cabinet 37.75"x19.75"x42.25" with Contents Below, Binders, Clear-Com 2 Channel Intercom Station Headphones, More

130.Robot Monochrome Simplex Multiplexer Model SMV116, Burle 9" Monitor, 2 Sony Hyper HAD Cameras

131.Assorted on Shelves, TOA Buzzers, Telephones, DBX True RMS Indication Unit, More

132.Fanon PA Amplifier, Model 3527 with Case

133.Atlas Workshop Drill Press, 30"

134.Assorted, Fabric Backdrops, Mesh Bag

135.2 University Speaker Towers, Model U103, 14"x11"x60.5"

136.Wood Desk 60"x32", Wood Top Organizer, 2 Assorted Office Chairs

137.Wood Desk 72"x38", Glass Top, Office Chair

138.6 Assorted Horns

139.6 Assorted Tripods 54" to 58", 2 Metal Bases and Poles

140.4 Drawer File Cabinet

141.Haier Water Dispenser

142.Metal Shelf 36"x11.5"x72", Rubbermaid Mop Bucket

143.Assorted, Microphone Gang Boxes, Speaker, More

144.Assorted, Microphone Gang Boxes, Yamaha Natural Sound AM/FM Stereo Tuner #T-80, HME MX40 Professional Microphone Mixer

145.Assorted, RCA Cables, Power Adaptors, XLR Cables, TS 1/4" Cables, 5 Wood Bins

146.Assorted, Cables, XLR, TS 1/4", RCA, More

147.Metal Shelf, 36"x18"x71".
Please pick up after 3PM.

148.Approx. 15 Assorted Microphone Cables, 80' to 100'

149.Approx. 13 Assorted Microphone Cables, 50'

150.Approx. 32 Assorted Microphone Cables, 10' to 30'

151.Approx. 13 Assorted Short Microphone Cables

152.Anvil Road Case on Wheels, 28.75"x20.75"x21.5"

153.Anvil Road Case 33"x19"x15" with Flat Cart

154.Anvil Road Case on Wheels 28.75"x20.75"x21.5" with Contents, Assorted Cables

155.Aphex Aural Exciter GS3, Techron TEF20SHIP Unit with Assorted Cables and Josephson Engineering Microphone

156.Rapco 16 Channel Snake, Approx. 75'

157.TOA 900 Series Amplifier #A-903A, Realistic Stereo Cassette Tape Player #SCP-32, Audio-Technica Midnight Blues MB3K Microphone, 1/4" Cable

158.Yamaha 16 Channel Mixing Board, Model PM-1000 with Cover and Road Case on Wheels

159.Wood Bench on Wheels, 96"x30"x40".
Please pick up after 3PM.

160.Anvil Road Case, 39"x9.25"x29"

161.Anvil Road Case, 27"x21"x15"

162.Anvil Road Case on Wheels, 34"x21"x31"

163.Canare 16 Channel Snake with Pigtail, Approx. 164' Cable and Approx. 30' Cable

164.Metal Canopy with Fabric and Wood Box, Approx. 8'x8'

165.Anvil Road Case on Wheels 20"x18"x34" with 2 Audio-Technica Diversity Receivers #ATW-R10, Diversity Antenna Distribution Amplifier #ATW-D10

166.Anvil Road Case on Wheels 20"x18"x34" with Yamaha Professional Series Natural Sound Amplifier #P2100, Power Amplifier #PC1002, Input Panel

167.Anvil Road Case 20.25"x18"x8" with TOA 900 Series Amplifier #A-906A

168.Anvil Road Case 20.25"x18"x8" with Yamaha Pro Series Mixer #M406

169.Anvil Road Case 20.25"x23.25"x8" with Yamaha Pro Series Natural Sound Power Amplifier #P2201

170.Anvil Road Case, 20.25"x23.25"x8"

171.Anvil Road Case 20.25"x23.25"x8" with Yamaha Pro Series Power Amplifier #PC2002M

172.Anvil Road Case 20.25"x25.75"x9.75" with Yamaha Pro Series Power Amplifier #PC2002M

173.Anvil Road Case, 20.25"x23"x8"

174.Anvil Road Case, 20.5"x18.25"x8"

175.Anvil Road Case 20.5"x18.25"x8" with Input Panel

176.Anvil Road Case, 20.5"x18.25"x8"

177.Anvil Road Case 20.5"x18.25"x8" with Yamaha #PW1500 Power Supply for #M1516

178.2 Assorted Typewriters (IBM/Underwood) and Stand

179.6 T12 Lamp Stage Lights, 1 Stand

180.2 Assorted Speakers, Yamaha Studio Monitor #S8M 10.5"x8.5"x19", Speaker 20.5"x13"x33.75"

181.3 Assorted JBL Floor Monitors, 16"x14"x20" (1 with no speakers)

182.JBL Cabaret Full Range Speaker on Wheels, #4699B, 29.5"x18.5"x43.75"

183.JBL Cabaret Full Range Speaker on Wheels, #4699B, 29.5"x18.5"x43.75"

184.Samson Broadcast STD Series True Diversity Synthesized VHF-FM Receiver #BR-3, EV Tapco Graphic Equalizer #EVT 2230

185.Wood Case on Wheels 32"x21.5"x21" with Contents, Assorted Cables

186.2 JBL Cabaret Full Range Speakers, #4691B, 19.5"x18.5"x29.5"

187.2 University Speaker Towers on Wheels, Model U103, 14"x11"x60"

188.Anvil Road Case, 14.75"x10.5"x6"

189.Calzone Road Case, 20.75"x13.75"x4.5"

190.Anvil Road Case, 27"x21"x15"

191.Anvil Road Case on Wheels, 28.75"x20.75"x22"

192.Anvil Road Case, 19.75"x13.75"x13.75"

193.Anvil Road Case, 27"x21"x15"

194.Anvil Road Case on Wheels, 28.75"x20.75"x22"

195.Rack Mount Equipment Stand on Wheels with Contents, DBX 700 Digital Audio Processor, Yamaha Pro Series Digital Audio Tape Recorder #DTR2, DBX 224X, More

196.JBL Eon Power 10 Powered Speaker

197.Stealth Cam Security Camera with 5.5" Monitor #RNG-BW, Assorted Cords and Bag

198.Anvil Road Case 19.75"x9.75"x6.25" with TOA Car Amplifier #CA-60

199.JBL Cabaret Full Range Speaker on Wheels, #4695B, 29.5"x18"x43.5"

200.JBL Cabaret Full Range Speaker on Wheels, #4695B, 29.5"x18"x43.5"

201.3 JBL Cabaret Floor Monitors, #4602B, 16"x14.5"x20"

202.Canare 12 Channel Snake with Pigtail, Plug Box, Approx. 150' Cable and 30' Cable

203.Canare 16 Channel Snake with Plug Box, Approx. 150' Cable

204.Wood Table on Wheels, 38"x23.75"x31"

205.Yamaha Speaker, 300W Max, Model S110H

206.Poly AV Cart 35"x24"x28" with 2 Boxes Assorted, Rigging Cables, Tripod, Speaker Cover, More

207.Wood Pedestal with Built In Sound Rostrum II Speaker, 3 Directors Chairs

208.USA Road Case 27"x26.5"x11.5" with Yamaha EMX 2200 Mixer

209.Anvil Road Case 28.5"x22"x10" with Yamaha Pro Series #M512 Mixer

210.5 Assorted Road Cases, 24"x8"x6" to 60"x27"x25"

211.Ultimate Support Systems Folding Platform 44"x21", Folding Table 96"x30"

212.2 Shelves (Wood and Metal) with Assorted Contents, Outlet Strips, Rack Mount Equipment Panels, More

213.Assorted in 3 Sections, Telephone Parts, Fan, More

214.Assorted in 2 Sections, Battery Box, Cable, Clocks, More

215.Wood Shelf, 185"x18"x84".
Please pick up after 3PM.

216.Waterloo Fold Out Tool Box, 18"x10"x13"

217.Wood Storage Box on Wheels 26"x17"x16" with Contents, Assorted Cables

218.Metal Shelf 36"x18"x71.5" with Assorted Contents, Conduit, Loudspeaker Parts, More

219.Wood Shelf 35.75"x11.75"x97" with Assorted Contents, Telephone Parts, More

220.Shelf 24.5"x10"x72" with Assorted Contents, Speakers, Cable Connectors, More

221.Wood Shelf 35.5"x12.25"x96.75" with Assorted Contents, Terminals, Wall Plates, Hardware, More

222.Metal Shelf 29.75"x11.75"x65.5" with Assorted Contents, Wire Sheathing, Hardware, Poly Bin, More

223.Assorted on Shelf, Transistor Amplifier #LT-502, Mobilpage Amplifier #472, Lantern Battery, More

224.Chalk Board, 36"x24"

225.Assorted Sockets

226.Assorted Tools, Hammers, Snips, Speed Drill, More

227.Assorted Tools Pliers, Wrenches, Wire Strippers, More

228.Assorted Tools, Holesaws, Drill Bits, More

229.Assorted Tools, Screwdrivers, More

230.Metal Cabinet 38.5"x10"x33.75" with Assorted Contents, Light Bulbs, Resistors, Terminal Blocks, More

231.Devilbiss Paint Sprayer Pump

232.Assorted Antennas

233.Metal Shelf 36"x12"x92" with Assorted Contents, Hardware, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, More

234.Metal Shelf 36"x18"x72" with Assorted Contents, Speaker Grills, Rope, Straps, Rigging Cables, More

235.Assorted Contents in 2 Sections, Capacitors, Cable Plugs, Mic Stand Hardware, Lamp Bulbs, Telephone Parts, More (Drawers not included, contents of drawers only)

236.2 Equipto Shelves with Drawers, 36.25"x18"x85".
Please pick up after 3PM.

237.Assorted on Shelf, Sears Battery Charger, MC Marton Unit, More

238.Assorted Safety Harnesses, Hooks, More

239.Assorted Tools, Screwdrivers, Brushes, Ear Muffs, More

240.2 Assorted Crimping Tools, 14" Bolt Cutter

241.Assorted Pony Spring Clamps

242.Assorted C Clamps, 1" to 4"

243.Metal Van Shelf 37.25"x16.25"x46" with Assorted Contents, Pipe Fittings, Regulators, Drain Snakes, More

244.Assorted Contents in 2 Sections, Phono Needles, Plugs, Switches, Hardware, More (Drawers not included, contents of drawers only)

245.2 Equipto Shelves with Drawers, 36.25"x18"x85".
Please pick up after 3PM.

246.3 Spools Assorted Metal Cable, 3/16" and 1/4"

247.4 Spools Assorted Wire

248.4 Spools Assorted Wire, 6 Pair 18 AWG Stranded, More

249.Metal Shelf 29.5"x11.5"x65.5" with Assorted Contents, Wire, Hard Hats, Tool Belt, More

250.Stoplight, 11"x13"x30"

251.Metal Shelf 36"x18"x71.5" with Assorted Contents, Wire, Cable, More

252.Metal Shelf 36"x18"x71.5" with Assorted Contents, Wire, Speaker Wire, 2/C #22, 7/30 TC, More

253.Assorted Spools of Wire on Wood Shelves, 18 AWG, 22 AWG, 14/3, More

254.Wire Cutting/Measuring Machine with Foot Operated Pedal, Olympic Meter Model 220

255.Metal Bin and 2 Boxes Assorted Wire Cables

256.Assorted Hole Punches (Greenlee and Others), 1/2" to 2"

257.Assorted Clevises, More

258.Niagara Foot Operated Shear, 31" Blade

259.Assorted, Worklights, 2 Long Shaft Drill Bits, Argon Cylinder, More

260.Camera Equipment Co. Tripod, 40", Model TM-2

261.Whitney-Jensen Hand Operated Punch, Model 118 with Tooling/Dies and Wood Stand

262.Metal 2 Door Cabinet 22"x10"x60.5" with Assorted Contents, Propane, Goof Off, Mineral Spirits, More

263.2 Assorted Refrigeration Regulators, R12 and 134a, Helium Tank, More

264.Whitney-Jensen Foot Operated Brake with Stand, 18"x21"x47"

265.5/16" Chain with Hook Ends

266.Assorted, Metal Panels, Angle Iron, Switch Panels, More

267.3 Shelves with Assorted Contents, Shop Supplies, Punches, More

268.3 Wood Cable Raceways for Hiding/Protecting Cables, Approx. 96"

269.Greyhound Spot Welder, Model SP-1

270.PS & W Co. No. 5 Improved Hand Operated Punch with Metal Stand, 25.25"x22"x36"

271.Torco 3.5" Vise

272.3 Assorted Carpenters Squares, Level, 12" to 24"

273.Assorted Hand Saws

274.Ryobi 14" Cutting Saw, Model C-355C

275.Nicropress Crimper, #64-CGMP Oval

276.Vintage GE 15" Wall Clock

277.Delta Milwaukee 10" Table Saw, Serial 46-9221, 1/2 HP, 115/230V

278.Assorted Extension Cords, 50', 100', More

279.Assorted Extension Cords, 100', More

280.Assorted Extension Cords, 95', More

281.Assorted Extension Cords, 50', 100', More

282.Assorted Extension Cords, 50', 100', More

283.Assorted Extension Cords, 50', More

284.Assorted Multi Plug Pigtails

285.Assorted Extension Cords, 150', More

286.Assorted Extension Cords

287.Assorted Extension Cords

288.Scaffolding Upright on Wheels (used as cord rack), 62"x69".
Please pick up after 3PM.

289.Heavy Duty Pedestal with Wood Top, 21"x18"x35"

290.Assorted, Hand Tools, Step Ladder, Carts

291.Werner Fiberglass 6' Step Ladder.
Please pick up after 3PM.

292.Fiberglass 16' Extension Ladder

293.Assorted, Wood Bases, Mirror, Wood

294.Road Case, 25.5"x16.5"x21.5"

295.Wood Road Case on Wheels 19"x29"x45.5" with Contents, Metal Rigging Cables

296.3 Fiberglass Horns, Approx. 31"x31"x45"

297.Assorted Rigging Cables

298.Assorted, Horns, Cables, Semi Load Bars, Angle Iron, More

299.Approx. 11 Wood Speaker Boxes, More

300.Metal Shelf 30"x12"x65" with Assorted Contents, Motors, Parts, Cords, More

301.Tube Inventory (RCA, Sylvania, Raytheon, More) with Guide Book

302.Microphone Snake Cable

303.Vintage Neumade Products Corp. Griswold Film Splicer, Jr Model 8 & 16 MM J91146

304.Bogen Classic Series C-60, JBL Power Amplifier #6260

305.Metal 2 Door/1 Drawer Cabinet, 36"x24"x36"

306.Paper Roll Dispenser with 24" Paper Roll

307.Metal Williams Advertising Sign 17"x25", AKG Advertising Sign 9"

308.2 Wood Speaker Boxes with Speakers

309.Assorted Atlas Sound Microphone Parts, More

310.2 Wood Speaker Boxes with Speakers on Wheels

311.4 Assorted Horns

312.4 Assorted Horns

313.2 Assorted Horns

314.Assorted on Shelf, Vintage Electronics, Thermos Cooler, More

315.Vintage Philco 18" Clock

316.New Component Cabinet, 17.5"x20.5"x45"

317.Assorted on Shelf, 6 Horns, Heathkit Sine-Square Generator #IG-82

318.Greenfield No. 5.5 Tap & Die Partial Set

319.Heat Sealer with 10" Roll

320.Shop Cart with Assorted, Sencore PS 148 Professional Wide Band Oscilloscope/Vectorscope, More

321.TOA Loudspeaker, Parking Meter Cover

322.Assorted, Williams Sound WIRM-1 Infrared Field Strength Meter, Multi Plugs, More

323.Assorted Tape

324.Assorted, Vintage Leather Pilot Cap with Speakers, Heater, More

325.Assorted, Long Drill/Core Bits 24" to 32", Parker Glue Gun

326.Assorted, PanaVise, Gauges, Fluke 8020A Multimeter, More

327.Assorted Tools, Screwdrivers, Bits, More

328.Work Bench 72"x30"x37", Shop Stool, Cabinet on Lower Shelf, Assorted Cases

329.Assorted, Clamp On Light, Shop Supplies

330.ColorTran Projector Converter, Heathkit Laboratory Generator #IG-42, Little Hot Shot Power Controller

331.Assorted, Audio Meter Hearing Tester, Ekacom G, Wire Clamps, More

332.2 Metal Shelves 36"x18"x72" with Assorted Contents, Stereos, Speakers, Test Equipment, Parts, More

333.Wood Desk 60"x30", Office Chair, 4 Drawer File Cabinet, Organizer, Countertop

334.Assorted, Mixing Board Parts, Compaq Computer, Books, Parts, More

335.Tascam 122 MK II with Anvil Road Case 22"x14"x7.5"

336.Multi Plug Outdoor Box with Cords

337.2 Bins Assorted Clevises

338.Assorted, Direct Boxes, Gang Boxes, Splitter Boxes, Signal Box, More

339.Assorted Cords and Cables

340.Projection Screen, Approx. 12'x8'