SHORT NOTICE* Machine Shop Liquidation -Pittsburgh, PA

Commercial Auction in 700 Braddock Ave Suite 510, Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania, United States

09 Sunday
09th August, 2020

SHORT NOTICE* Machine Shop Liquidation -Pittsburgh, PA

Commercial Auction in 700 Braddock Ave Suite 510, Turtle Creek Pennsylvania, United States

Sunday at - 09th August , 2020


Preview: August 7th from 2:00 - 6:00 P.M. Removal: August 11th and August 12th from 11:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Please read and familiarize yourself with all of these terms and conditions, as you will be bidding strictly according to these terms and conditions (the terms and conditions may change from auction to auction). ANY QUESTIONS - Call an auctioneer: Matt Hostetter 724-462-5547 or Dan Reeder 724-561-9167. 1) AUCTION SITE USER AGREEMENT - This is a legal agreement between you (the User or Buyer) and the Site Owner or Auction Company. You must be at least 18 years old to bid. Sherman Hostetter Group LLC DBA Hostetter Auctioneers (hereinafter referred to as Auction Company) at its sole discretion, may ban from further use any Buyer or Seller which Auction Company believes to have in any way misrepresented itself or any item, failed to abide by the terms and conditions, or conducted any improper auction behavior as determined solely by Auction Company. Any Seller who misrepresented their items and any Buyer who improperly fails to carry through with a purchase will be banned from any further use and may be subject to additional legal actions. 2) REGISTRATION - All Bidders are required to register for a bidder’s number to bid at our online auction. Bidders must register online providing the necessary registration information such as name, address, phone numbers, driver’s license, email address, credit card information and any other information requested for identification. The Bidder hereby acknowledges that he/she is of legal age and sound mind. By registering you are agreeing that you have read and fully understand the complete “Terms and Conditions of Auction”, and any additional terms and conditions announced or on the website, and agree to be bound thereby. All registered Bidders take full responsibility for their bidder’s number. Bidder numbers are nontransferable. All bids made by the holder of the number will be the responsibility of the registered Bidder. All sales are final. No refunds, reductions, returns, exchanges or charge backs! No Exceptions! The Auctioneers reserve the right to refuse any applicant for a bidding number or the privilege of bidding at any online or onsite auction and to revoke such privilege at any time. 3) ALL ITEMS SELL WITH RESERVE - All items in the online auction sell with reserve and subject to the Auction Company/Sellers acceptance and/or rejection of the high bid, regardless of whether stated “with reserve” or not stated “with reserve.” 4) BIDDING - Do not bid unless you agree to ALL of the terms and conditions posted herein. By bidding you are acknowledging agreement with all of the terms and conditions included herein and else where on our website. The highest Bidder shall be the Buyer and no Bidder shall retract their bid. A Buyer is deemed to have accepted an item or lot when they make their bid. A successful bid at auction constitutes a legally binding contract of sale. All sales are final. The Auctioneers reserve the right to reject any and all bids on items and lots not being sold at absolute auction. The acceptable bidding increments are established and controlled by the Auctioneer. The Auctioneers reserve the right to bid on behalf of the Seller/s. 5) JUMP BID - is a bidding strategy by which a bidder increases the bid by more than the next accepted bid (such as placing your bid at $150 when the next accepted bid is $125). This practice is used by some bidders to discourage others from bidding in hopes of acquiring an item at a lower price. There are many theories on the effectiveness of this practice and a bidder who wishes to apply it does so at their own discretion. The auction company will not lower the price of an item that has been won by a "jump bid” with no other competing bids. 6) BUYERS PREMIUM - A 10% Buyers Premium Applies on ALL purchases. A 10% Buyers Premium will be added to all purchases. A Buyers Premium is a predetermined percentage or flat fee added to the high bid price to achieve the contract sales price. The use of a Buyers Premium will not in any manner whatsoever constitute an agency relationship between the Auctioneers (their licensees, employees or agents), and the Buyer. The Auctioneers, licensees, employees and agents are agents for the Seller Only. The Buyers Premium has been a choice of the Seller/s. The Buyers Premium may vary depending on the auction. The Auction Company may change the Buyers Premium at any time to meet the needs of the Seller and/or to abide by the auction listing agreement. You may also call our office to find out the exact amount of the Buyers Premium for any auction. Any applicable taxes are calculated on both the Buyers Premium and the bid amount. 7) POSTED CLOSING TIMES - Posted closing times and displays of the Auction Companies current time are approximate. Auction Company reserves the right to close early or extend an auction at any time at its sole discretion. It is strongly recommended that bids be placed early to avoid losing out due to an ill-timed, last minute bid or technical difficulty. All times are based on the Eastern Standard Time Zone unless stated otherwise. 8) PAYMENT - Payment will be by CREDIT CARD ONLY. The credit card used for your registration (must be your credit card) and will be charged for your purchases after the close of the auction and prior to the removal date. If you would like to update or change your card on file, please call us at 724-847-1887. The Auction Company RESERVES THE RIGHT to charge your credit card if no payment is made by the stated removal date. Payment by other than credit card (cash or check) must be coordinated with and approved by the Auction Company prior to bidding in the online auction. All payment methods must be approved by the Auctioneers in their sole and absolute discretion prior to bidding. No post dated checks will be accepted and will be treated as non-payment. Buyer payment will include bid amount, buyers premium, appropriate taxes and any other fees or expenses due. Buyers understand that items and lots sold on this website are used and therefore have some level of damage and are by the very nature of being “used and/or pre-owned” are at some level of defective. Buyers agree to not “stop payment” or “charge back” any credit cards, debit cards and/or checks. No purchases may be removed from the auction site until said purchases are paid for in full. Once it is removed it is your sole ownership and responsibility. Auctioneers reserve the right to have all payments converted to valid cash before removal of any items or lots. 9) PAYMENT RESPONSIBILITY - The Bidder hereby further agrees that whether he/she shall be acting as a principal, an agent, an officer or director of a corporation or partnership, or otherwise in any capacity whatsoever, the Bidder and the Company he/she represents shall both be responsible for the payment of the purchase price, Buyers Premium, applicable taxes and any other fees or expenses with respect to any and all items and lots for which the Bidder shall be the successful Buyer in the online auction. And, if the Buyer shall tender a credit card or non-certified check in payment for the whole or any part of such purchase price, Buyers Premium, applicable taxes and any other fees or expenses, all items and lots sold in reliance on such credit card and check shall be subject to seizure by Auctioneers and/or their licensees, employees and agents at the sole cost and expense of the Bidder in the event that such credit card or check shall be dishonored upon presentation of payment, for insufficient funds, stop payment, cancelled, charged back, etc. In the event of non-payment, dishonored, insufficient funds, stop payment, cancelled, charge back, etc., for credit card or check for purchases as stated herein, the Auctioneers shall have a possessory lien on said unpaid purchases until such purchases are paid in full. In the event of any lawsuit or legal action taken in connection with or arising out of the terms herein, the Auctioneers shall be entitled to recover all costs, expenses and attorney fees incurred. 10) LATE PAYMENT - Any payment accepted late shall incur a twenty-five percent (25%) surcharge on the full amount of the invoice. 11) PURCHASE PRICE CALCULATION - Note that the purchase price is the sum of the bid price, the Buyers Premium, any Buyers Fee, expenses, and sales tax if applicable, etc. All payments must be in US Funds. Auction Company reserves the right to charge the total amount or any remaining balance of your purchase price on your credit card if the balance is not otherwise paid. We do not accept partial payments. Invoices must be paid in full prior to pick up. 12) AUTO EXTEND FEATURE - Please note when bidding, there is an auto-extend feature on this online auction system. The auto-extend feature time frame is set by the auction company. For this example the auto-extend feature is set at 2 minutes - If someone bids in the last 2 minutes immediately prior to the end of the auction on that item, the online auction system will automatically extend the bidding time for a 2 minute increment (and will continue to do so) until there is a 2 minute period (after the original closing time) where no one bids, then the auction on that item will close. This feature will leave the bidding open for any item that has received a bid within the last 2 minutes prior to close and from the last recorded bid time, even if the ending time has been reached. This feature has been added to eliminate sniping and to make the online bidding process more fair and to resemble a 'live' auction. Keep in mind that seconds are not recorded with bid entries. A bid recorded at 5:30 and 40 seconds will have a recorded bid time of 5:30. Bid & refresh immediately and often. 13) REMOVAL AND FAILURE TO REMOVE - All purchases must be removed from the auction site without damaging any property and within the posted time frame allotted. Removal is at the Buyer’s sole obligation, cost and risk, and only i



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Auction Items For Sale

*SHORT NOTICE* Machine Shop Liquidation


700 Braddock Avenue Suite 510 East Pittsburgh, PA 15112
West Building 

Preview: Friday, August 7th from 2:00 - 6:00 P.M.

Ends: Sunday, August 9th starting at 6:00 P.M.

Removal: Tuesday, August 11th and Wednesday, August 12th from 11:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. 

10% Buyers Premium applies 

Lic #AY 002064

With questions, please contact the auctioneer Matt Hostetter at 724-462-5547 or email [email protected]

Allis-Chalmers forklift - propane - 2 stage mast - 51772Hyd-mech band saw - S-20A - series II - digital read outApproximately 20ft roller - 2 ft wideTUM-35 metal latheMetal bench and contentsWerner aluminum step ladder - 10ftWerner Fiberglas 6ft ladderCabinet full of machine bits and metal blocksPowermatic band saw - model 87Bridgeport Milling machine - digital read outBridgeport milling machineOster 784 pipe and bolt machine - pipe 1/2-4 bolt 3/8-3 - model XZ 310Cincinnati boring and milling machine - head disassembledMetal cabinet filled with drill bits and partsCincinnati milling machineSolberga mekaniska drill press - made in Sweden - SE725 - SN 7555Metal cabinet with drill bits and milling machine itemsMaxmill milling machine - model yc- 1 1/2VABridgeport milling machine - model: 115786TUR 710 metal lathe - overall size 35in x 58in x 19ftMetal table and cabinet full of lathe parts/toolsAyce boring and milling machine - AC 90 - 90G4 - 220 voltsCraftsman metal stand with all contents... lots of drill bits and threaded bolts. Table is 17x32x26Transformer -needs disconnected- all contents along wall. Transformer is 23x36x32 inchesLarge metal bin with shelves inside... 2ft x 4ft x 6ft.... with all contents ... large lot of bits and chucks for lathe ... metal table is 25x50x72 inchesVery large Thompson grinder . Made in Cheshire Conn. USA with 2 attachment grinder is 49x84x84 inches2 standing metal screens . 60x120 -- 70x74The d.c. Morrison co. Govington KentuckyLarge industrial fan. Uni-tek 240v line plasma cutter. Attachment for a drill press.Metal bin with shelves and contents inside 25x78x38Metal cabinet with all contents on top and inside. Large bits and chucks for press and lathe. Cabinet is 20x70x32Metal table 20x40x73 with all contents on top. Manual lathe bitsElectrical control circuit box . Smaller metal table with contentsManual lathe TUR-63 - year 1977 ser. 39615 - 32 x 66 x 144 inch2 large clamps for manual lathe2 metal cabinets small is 22x72x21 big one is 25x80x60 with all contents inside both.Small metal cabinet a 16 metal drawer bin on top plus all contents3 tier wooden shelf 29x58x72 with all contents on all 3 shelves.2 metal cabinets with all contents 24x75x36. 16x36x24 . Stencils for drill press- drill bits etc...1978 large manual lathe type TUJ50M serial 860 voltage 220. 32x54x1423 tier wooden bench with all contents included . 30x58x131 ubolt , bits, etc...4 braker bars and a sledgehammerVery large manual lathe made in Germany. Meuser and Co. 36x69x237Metal cabinet 29x42x32 with all contents inside mostly all bits and filesWooden bench 24x40x96 with all contents on benchMetal cabinet 16x37x24 with contents . Older bits, threaded pipe, large nutsMetal cabinet plus contents (18x67x20 in)Various sizes C clamps plus crowbarWork straps plus hook225 amp lincwelder made in Cleveland Ohio.Mop cart and mop plus 75/25 Argon tank2 shovels and a broomLarge Carlton milling machine (needs to be removed, plus contents bits not included) 4ft x 9ft x 11ftLarge lot of cubbies plus contents (drill bits, milling bits, bolts, nuts etc.)Dual shaft grinder plus wheels (needs to be removed)Westinghouse hydraulic machine plus cable strapsVery heavy duty clamp with a spindle handleBaldor grinder and buffer - 3 ft tall- worksBaldor grinder and buffer- works - 3ft tallDayton bench grinder - 3ft tall- worksChampion heavy duty grinder- 3ft tall- worksHeavy duty copper sproilAkron air compressor - largejarbe - f - 2 machinery shaper - drill pressWestinghouse industrial floor fanheavy duty wooden cart - 24" x 55"shelving bracketscutting torch outfit - 2 Harris torchesindustrial dolly - large plateMetal work table - 54" x 75" - contents includedindustrial dolly - large plate - bucketswooden table with storage and stock - 48" d x 122" w - 6" vise attached- contents on top not included
Metal hand filescentral pneumatic earthquakepneumatic impact wrench - 353923 boxes of O-Ring Kitscentral machinery parts washerhoisting metal cablesDayton 24" fan on a standpneumatic hoseRigid 535 threader machine2 metal rolling carts - one low, one with shelfMetal banding machine on cartmetal shelving includes stock and misc.metal shelf including stockmetal shelf with misc. metal parts and stockContents on table (miscellaneous metal, number cut outs etc.)metal shelf full of metal stockMetal lockers - 12 doors - contents includedWestinghouse fridge - needs cleaned - broiler oven - time clock - coffee potsmetal tool and storage chest - top lifts - 13.5" d x 28" h x 25" w - contents included - 2 microwavesmetal coat rack - new office telephones in boxeswork table - 34" x 32" x 60" - includes items under tablemeasuring and misc. Toolsmeasuring tools and misc.measuring tools and misc.metal 2 door file cabinet - contents not included - 18" x 73" x 36"artic aire vintage metal fan - 14" h x 11" wpaper shredder - max 6 sheets - workscontents of office- 3 lateral file boxes - 2 , 2 drawer file cabinets - office chair - wooden 2 door cabinet2 boxes of band saw blades - brief casecontents of office - credenza - 5 drawer filing cabinet - 3 office chairs - desk - oceim3512 - printer / copierhoover wind tunnel vacuum - eureka vacuumContents of office - credenza- 2 drawer file - desk - chairs - 4 drawer file cabinetcontents of office - hp design 480 printer - file cabinet - desk - saven c 32-10 copier / printer - work table4 - rolling desk chairsmetal cabinet - includes contents - 18" d x 72" h x 37" wpulleys - conveyer couplings - 125 hp motorwork table - includes contents - 24" d x 41" h x 38" wrolling wooden work space - 18" d x 34"h x 39" w2 metal filing cabinets - includes contentsheavy duty metal cabinet - includes contents - 26" d x 41" h x 50" wpro lube - shop vac , 2.0 hp7a drive drum - 099473430 - 3660 lbs.propane fork lift tanks - compressed o2 tank - metal pipes rods and barslong angle ironlong metal anglesmetal test blocksWooden shelf of various metal and size bars2 sizes of grips on vise - metal work table - includes contents - 27" x 33" x 10'2 door metal cabinet - includes contentschain drum lifterlift straps3 metal drums - contents of metal and pipe includedmetal double door cabinet - contents of paint includedMetal lateral filing cabinet - 18" d x 69" h x 42" woce im2330 printer / copierelectrical control - 440w - 3 phasemetal work table - come along - motorized Bridgeport itemwooden cubby shelf - 12" d x 5' h x 8' wLot of metal beams for pallet rackingContents of room (exercise treadmill, monitor, desks, shelving, bin of clothes etc.)Wooden shelving unit with ventilation fansUni-Tek welding machine with mask and torchContents of room except welding machine (exercise bike, TVs, cabinets, chairs weights, desks with contents etc.)Photo smart HP 6520 wireless printer/copierMongoose bicycleRototiller with craftsman tool and hand held tillerScott’s spreader with stainless steel sprayerLot of miscellaneous tools2 handicap staircase mobility tracksLot of bits and pieces for heavy machinery (Cincinnati)Large part to heavy duty machineRolling display desk2 large metal filing cabinets 18”x69”x43”Dayton pallet jackLarge lot of miscellaneous scrap (brackets, bits etc.)Contents on right shelves (scrap metal etc.)Large compressor (top shelf)Contents on left side of shelves (scrap, parts etc.)Large lot of scrap metal (under pallet rack shelves)Pallet rack shelving (contents not included)Cmc press machine (3 phase nine lead motor)Rolling cart with contentsMetal rolling cart with contents5 rolling office chairs2 9ft wooden benches2 round metal stools