8/20/2020 Antique, Coin, and Jewelry Auction

Online Auction in Quarryville, Pennsylvania, United States

20 Thursday
20th August, 2020

8/20/2020 Antique, Coin, and Jewelry Auction

Online Auction in Quarryville Pennsylvania, United States

Thursday at - 20th August , 2020


Terms: The following terms should be listed in this section. Terms & Conditions: ITEMS SOLD AS IS, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. PA Auction Center holds no responsibility ALL for authentication of any items. The applicable buyer's premium will be added to the hammer price of each lot and that will determine the purchase price. CREDIT CARDS ARE THE ONLY ACCEPTED FORM OF PAYMENT FOR ABSENTEE AND ONLINE BIDDERS EXCEPT FOR GOLD COINS AND ANY INVOICE GREATER THAN $1500.00 which certified payments, cash or wire transfer may be required. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are all accepted. When registering for an absentee or online bid a credit card will be required. Once the credit card information has been provided, Pa Auction Center reserves the sole right to automatically charge all winning total(s) to the credit card on file if the registered bidder is a successful high bidder. If the credit card is declined for the invoice total, then a partial payment will be charged and considered a deposit on the invoice. The winning total will consist of the hammer price(s) of the lot(s) successfully won, plus any applicable buyer's premium, handling charges, and tax. through a site called Shipping Saint. You will start to receive notifications from this site within 12 hours of the auction. The only acceptable method of payment for any gold coin is cash, certified check, or wire transfer. NO EXCEPTIONS. Pa Auction Center has the right to change payment terms at their discretion. As required by Pennsylvania law, 6% (six-percent) sales tax will be charged unless you have a PA State Sales Tax Number on file with Pa Auction Center. Items shipped out of the state of Pennsylvania will not be charged sales tax. The applicable buyer's premium will be added to the hammer price of each lot, No credit card usage fee. Other costs and fees can include, but are not limited to, handling fees, material costs, per lot fees, shipping and insurance costs, sales tax (if applicable), etc. All costs should be considered and considered when determining all bids. Any questions pertaining to fees and additional costs should be directed to Pa Auction Center at (717)-687-7018. PAYMENT MUST BE MADE WITHIN THREE DAYS (3 DAYS) OF AUCTION DAY. NON-PAYMENT WILL RESULT IN ITEM(S) BEING FORFEITED BY BIDDER AND EITHER RETURNED TO CONSIGNOR OR RE-SOLD.



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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 1

    Abner Zook 1970 3D Painting "Thras...

  • Lot #: 2

    Aaron Zook 1986 3D Painting Corn H...

  • Lot #: 3

    Large Assortment of Glass Marbles

  • Lot #: 4

    (2) Vintage US Military Medals in...

  • Lot #: 5

    "Unico Modern Barn Equipment" Sale...

  • Lot #: 6

    Vintage Pyrene Brass Fire Extingui...

  • Lot #: 7

    (4) Cast Iron Skillets with Griswo...

  • Lot #: 8

    Lead Stained Glass Lamp Shade

  • Lot #: 9

    (2) Wayne Fuel Pump Nozzles

  • Lot #: 10

    Vintage Swingspout Half Gallon Oil...

  • Lot #: 11

    Vintage Handwoven Asian Basket

  • Lot #: 12

    "Libby's Corned Beef" Wooden Crate

  • Lot #: 13

    "Peters Small Arm Ammunition" Wood...

  • Lot #: 14

    "Remington Shur Shot" Wooden Crate

  • Lot #: 15

    "Winchester" Wooden Foundry Ammuni...

  • Lot #: 16

    "Winchester" Wooden Foundry Ammuni...

  • Lot #: 17

    Martin #8 Cast Iron Skillet

  • Lot #: 18

    Primitive Wooden Butter Churn

  • Lot #: 19

    (20) Assorted " The Hardy Boys" Ha...

  • Lot #: 20

    (7) Vintage "Big Little Books"

  • Lot #: 21

    (8) Vintage "Big Little Books"

  • Lot #: 22

    (10) Early Pennsylvania License Pl...

  • Lot #: 23

    Marx "Three Keys to Treasure" Tabl...

  • Lot #: 24

    Wolverine Co "African Jungle Hunt"...

  • Lot #: 25

    Vintage Mechanical Shooting Galler...

  • Lot #: 26

    "White" Wooden Duck Decoy

  • Lot #: 27

    (2) Wooden Duck Decoys

  • Lot #: 28

    (3) Unmarked Wooden Duck Decoys

  • Lot #: 29

    Primitive Handpainted Stoneware Ju...

  • Lot #: 30

    Vintage Wooden Medium Size Whiakey...

  • Lot #: 31

    (3) Assorted Wooden Duck Decoys

  • Lot #: 32

    (3) Assorted Wooden Duck Decoys

  • Lot #: 33

    (3) Assorted Wooden Duck Decoys

  • Lot #: 34

    Nintendo Wii Game System

  • Lot #: 35

    Model Railroad Lot with PRR Superi...

  • Lot #: 36

    "Booth Bottling Co" Bottle Crate

  • Lot #: 37

    Vintage Pilgrim 4-Quart Ice Cream...

  • Lot #: 38

    Primitive White Mountain Ice Cream...

  • Lot #: 39

    Primitive Unmarked 4-Quart Ice Cre...

  • Lot #: 40

    2-Quart "Dandy" Ice Cream Freezer

  • Lot #: 41

    Wooden Canada Dry Bottle Crate

  • Lot #: 42

    New York Central Dietz Vesta Railr...

  • Lot #: 43

    Primitive Tin Pitcher and Wooden M...

  • Lot #: 44

    Primitive Oval Oak Wood/Brass Wash...

  • Lot #: 45

    Large Handcarved Wooden Bowl

  • Lot #: 46

    Primitive Wooden Wash Bucket

  • Lot #: 47

    Vintage Ampro Precision Projector

  • Lot #: 48

    PA Union and Snyder Counties Atlas

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