The Estate of Regina Mueller + Additions

Online Auction in Petrolia, Ontario, Canada

28 Thursday
28th June, 2018

The Estate of Regina Mueller + Additions

Online Auction in Petrolia Ontario, Canada

Thursday at - 28th June , 2018


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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 147

    Men?s Geneva Watch In Case

  • Lot #: 148

    Men?s Geneva Watch In Case

  • Lot #: 149

    Men?s Stainless Steel And Leather...

  • Lot #: 150

    24k Gold Foil Usa $20 Bill

  • Lot #: 151

    24k Gold Foil Usa $100 Bill

  • Lot #: 152

    24k Gold Foil Usa $50 Bill

  • Lot #: 153

    24k Gold Foil Canadian $100 Bill

  • Lot #: 154

    6 Vintage Sterling Silver Salt And...

  • Lot #: 155

    Usb 7 Port Hub With Switches

  • Lot #: 156

    Video Game Unit With 200+ Games

  • Lot #: 157

    Gold Plated Bitcoin Commemorative...

  • Lot #: 158

    Gold Plated Bitcoin Commemorative...

  • Lot #: 159

    Usa 911 Commemorative Coin

  • Lot #: 160

    Usa 911 Commemorative Coin

  • Lot #: 161

    2017 Year Of The Chicken Commemora...

  • Lot #: 162

    2018 Year Of The Dog Australian Co...

  • Lot #: 163

    Usa President Obama 2008-2016 Comm...

  • Lot #: 164

    Norfolk Island Religious Commemora...

  • Lot #: 165

    Donald Trump Commemorative Coin

  • Lot #: 166

    Laptop Table With Slide Out Tray

  • Lot #: 167

    Tokina 35-70 Lens For Sony Alpha

  • Lot #: 168

    Minolta 80-200 Power Lens For Sony...

  • Lot #: 169

    Quantaray 100-300 Lens For Sony Al...

  • Lot #: 170

    Usb Dvd-rw Portable Burner

  • Lot #: 171

    24k Gold Foil Canadian $100 Bill

  • Lot #: 172

    Gold Plate Chain With Bracelet Wit...

  • Lot #: 173

    Commemorative Christmas Coin

  • Lot #: 173A

    Gallot Stop Watch Showcase

  • Lot #: 173B

    Cecil Switchblade

  • Lot #: 173C

    440 Stainless Steel Blaine 70-812...

  • Lot #: 173D

    Swiss Army Knife With Leather Case

  • Lot #: 173E

    Knife With Lighter Handle With Lea...

  • Lot #: 174

    Commemorative Christmas Coin

  • Lot #: 175

    Sword With Brass Handle

  • Lot #: 176

    Grouping Of Old Comic Books Star...

  • Lot #: 177

    2 Royal Copenhagen Plates From Den...

  • Lot #: 178

    Wade England Plate Limoge France P...

  • Lot #: 179

    Grouping Of Pottery Vases Fruit Pl...

  • Lot #: 180

    2 Kaiser Christmas Plates Made In...

  • Lot #: 181

    Group Of 16 Royal Copenhagen Plate...

  • Lot #: 182

    Group Of 10 Royal Copenhagen Plate...

  • Lot #: 183

    Group Of 8 Royal Copenhagen Hand P...

  • Lot #: 184

    4 1847 Rogers Spoons

  • Lot #: 185

    Group Of 7 Hand Painted Royal Cope...

  • Lot #: 186

    Group Of 11 Royal Copenhagen Hand...

  • Lot #: 187

    Book About The Story Of The Royal...

  • Lot #: 188

    Group Of 8 Hand Painted Royal Cope...

  • Lot #: 189

    Group Of 7 Hand Painted Royal Cope...

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