Dunnville Downsizing

Online Auction in Dunnville Ontario, Canada

13 Wednesday
June 13th, 2018
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Dunnville Downsizing

Online Auction in Dunnville Ontario, Canada

Wednesday at - 13th June , 2018


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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 49

    Poulan 2050 Chain Saw, 14" Blade

  • Lot #: 50

    Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chain Saw &...

  • Lot #: 51

    Contents of Work Bench, includes C...

  • Lot #: 52

    Misc. Tools, Oil Cans, DoveTail Te...

  • Lot #: 53

    Hand Saws, Meat Saw, etc.

  • Lot #: 54

    3 Tool Belts, Knee Pads, etc.

  • Lot #: 55

    3 Wood Boxes, 1 is Antique Carpent...

  • Lot #: 56

    Rare Indian Leather Motorcycle Sea...

  • Lot #: 57

    Grinder & Table

  • Lot #: 58

    Mastercraft Circular Saw, Roll 150...

  • Lot #: 59

    Old Metal John Deere Tool Box with...

  • Lot #: 60

    19" Table with Saw & Stand, 7" Bla...

  • Lot #: 61

    Beaver Woodworking Lathe, 38" Plat...

  • Lot #: 62

    MasterCraft Woodworking Tools

  • Lot #: 63

    Antique Milking Stool, 15" x 10" x...

  • Lot #: 64

    Contents of Wall, Chimney Sweep, C...

  • Lot #: 65

    John Deere Two Furrow Plow

  • Lot #: 66

    Utility Trailer, 48" x 36"

  • Lot #: 67

    Pair of 500 lb Utility Ramps

  • Lot #: 68

    Assorted Garden Tools, Roof Vent,...

  • Lot #: 69

    Barbed Wire, Baler Twine, etc.

  • Lot #: 70

    Vintage Gas Heaters

  • Lot #: 71

    Ridgid Pipe Threader & Stand

  • Lot #: 72

    Pair of Turn Buckles

  • Lot #: 73

    4' x 4' Deck Bases

  • Lot #: 74

    Gas Valves, Piping, etc.

  • Lot #: 75

    Air Hose, Air Nailer, etc.

  • Lot #: 76

    Pair of Generators

  • Lot #: 77

    Coleman Lanterns & Coleman Heater

  • Lot #: 78

    Compressor with 1/2HP Motor, Worki...

  • Lot #: 79

    Cross Cut Saws, Longest 50"

  • Lot #: 80

    Golf Clubs, Bags & Cart

  • Lot #: 81

    2 Old Cream Cans with Lids

  • Lot #: 82

    3 Old Traps

  • Lot #: 83

    1958 Licence Plate, Hood Ornament,...

  • Lot #: 84

    Draw Pins, Greece Gun, Oil Can, Ho...

  • Lot #: 85

    Antique Seeders, Horse Collar

  • Lot #: 86

    Milk Bottles, Ink Wells, Sm Medici...

  • Lot #: 87

    Delta 8.25" Table Saw with Stand,...

  • Lot #: 88

    2 Augers,

  • Lot #: 89

    Hedge Trimmer, Shovels, Cooler, et...

  • Lot #: 90

    Boat Anchor, 15" L

  • Lot #: 91

    Resin 24" Lawn Roller

  • Lot #: 92

    Composter with Stand

  • Lot #: 93

    Truck Body Trailer

  • Lot #: 94

    3 Milk Cans with Lids

  • Lot #: 95

    1 Dunnville Dairy Milk Can, 1 Misc...

  • Lot #: 96

    Outstanding Oak Dining Table, 45"...

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