Old Country Antique Collectibles and Consignment Auction

Antique Consignment in 5021 - 50th Street, Clyde, Alberta, Canada

27 Saturday
27th July, 2019 9:00 AM

Old Country Antique Collectibles and Consignment Auction

Antique Consignment in 5021 - 50th Street, Clyde Alberta, Canada

Saturday at - 27th July , 2019


All auction listings are subject to Additions & Deletions.



Location has been calculated by address and may not be 100% accurate.

Auction Items For Sale

1Savage Bicycle

2Briggs & Stratton 3.5 hp Lawnmower & 2 Weed Eaters (no story)

3PVC Pipe - Several Rolls of 1" & Other Sizes & PVC Drip Line (Several Pieces)

43 Rolls of Assorted Fencing

5Metal Head, Foot Board and Rails

6Roll of Guy Wire, Greenhouse Wheelbarrow & Shop Vac (no story)

7Galvanized Garbage Can w/a Bag of Grass Seed

8Pallet with Screen, Ladder and PVC Pipe

930 x 40 ft. Quonset or Hay Tarp - New - White

10Chev Pickup 5th Wheel Tail Gate 

11Fiesta Barbecue

12Barrel of Shovels & Garden Tools

13Barrel of Shovels & Garden Tools

14Barrel of Rebar Fence Posts with Hot Wire Connectors

153 Boxes of Assorted Nails

16Bucket with Scythe Blades, Arm Chair & 2 Cream Cans, a Load Lock & Metal Implement Wheel

17a Load Lock & a Metal Implement Wheel

184 Metal Buggy Wheel Rims & 2 Horse Drawn Plows (1 is a John Deere)

19Wooden Horse Drawn Grain Wagon with Belly Dump

20Lrg. Wire Dog Crate, Sm. Wheelbarrow, Chain Hoist, Step Stool, Garden Hose & 6" Grinder (as is)

212 Creepers, Paint Sprayer & 4 ft. Jack all

224 Quad Tires

232 Ice Fishing Tents

24Pressure Tank & Pump

25Rubbermaid Garbage Can with Shovels, etc.

269 Containers of Nails

27Mitsubishi Gas Pressure Washer & a Weed Eater

282 Bicycles

29Fresno & a Metal Implement Wheel

30Well Pump - Baker Mfg. Co. 

31Fairbanks Morse Stationary Engine - 2 hp (not seized) 

32International Harvester Stationary Engine 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hp. 

332 Stainless Steel Fire Extinguishers  

343 Copper Fire Extinguishers  

35Box with Yoke Ends, a Cant Hook & 2 Single Trees 

363 Galvanized Gas Containers, 4 Lrg. Insulators, Road Markers & 2 Firewood Holders  

37Iron Horse Washing Machine Engine - Gas - 4 Cycle  

384 Antique Car Rims with Spokes

39Fairbanks Morse Stationary Engine - 2 hp (not seized)  

40Jacuzzi Water Pump   

41Champion Stationary Engine - Model HD8 - no story   

42Wheelbarrow Frame w/Steel Wheel & a Post Hole Digger   

432 Galvanized Gas Containers (1 sm. & 1 med.), 5 gal. Esso Can & a Lrg. Galvanized Funnel

44Tub w/7 Assorted Glass Jugs - Green, Brown and Clear

452 Wooden Dairy Crates with 18 Qt. Milk Bottles

46Beatty Bros. Cistern Pump Body  

474 Military Jerry Cans 

48Calgary & Malted Co. Wooden Crate with 24 Brown Tall Neck Beer Bottles  

492 Red Metal Implement Seats - each is Mounted on a 3/4" pc of Plywood 

50Wooden Barrel w/2 Coleman Lamps; Hames; Bale Hook & 2 Buckets 

51Tub w/Old Hubcaps (some International Harvester, Buick, etc.)

52Galvanized Wash Tub with Assorted Enamelware pieces  

53Tub with 4 Shoulder Jugs (ea have some damage) & a 1 Gal. Crock (no lid)

54Turf Glider Push Lawn Mower (working) 

55Singer Portable Sewing Machine - in a Case

566 Tobacco Tins

576 Tobacco Tins

586 Tobacco Tins

59C.N. Caboose Lamp Holder

60Set of 5 Blue Ribbon Baking Powder Tins

616 Tobacco Tins

626 Tobacco Tins

633 Squirrel Peanut Butter Tins - Various Sizes

642 Fine Tea Tins

65Hudson's Bay Co.'s Tea Tin

66Hudson's Bay Co.'s Tea Tin

67Hudson's Bay Co.'s Tea Tin

68Burns Shamrock Lard Pail

696 Tobacco Tins

70North Star Oil Tin - with Spout

71Borden's Sweetened Chocolate Flavored Malted Drink Tin (1930's)

726 Tobacco Tins

736 Tobacco Tins

74Permag Hand Cleaner Tin (1930's)

75Shield Baking Powder Tin (1930's)

76CowBell Domestic Powdered Whole Milk Tin

77Water Pitcher (Colonial Potter, Stoke, England) - No Cracks

78Marshall Wells Putty Tin

792 Kettles

80Cistern Pump

816 Oil Tins - All Full

826 Oil Tins - Empty

83Box of Assorted Dishes, Cutlery, Butter Spoon, etc.

84Cast Iron Implement Seat (Jones) J127

85Box with Sealers (5)2 Qt, (2) 1 Qt  & (1) Pint 

86Box with 6 Clearance Lights and 2 Tail Lights

87Buggy Lamp - Patent May 26, 1914 - Lens is turning Purple

883 Tractor Lights & a Lightning Rod Glass

892 Crockery Items - 1 Jug & 1 Pickle Jar

90Clear Glass Coal Oil Lamp 

91Box with Hand Saws (8 or 9) - Some have etchings on the blades

92Brown Well Pulley

93Grey Well Pulley

943 Red and Green Pulleys

95Box with Assorted Brass Items (Pipes, Lamp Parts, etc)

96Box of Assorted Brass Items (Mug, Candleholder, Oiler, Gas Cap)

972 Metal Matchbox Holders

983 Vehicle Hood Ornaments - Chevy and Oldsmobile

99Red Kerosene Lantern

100Flagman's Lantern

101Box with Misc. Tools, a Square, a Grease Gun, a Tap Wrench, Blacksmith Tool, etc.

102Blue Box with Tools (Pliers, Vice Grips, Hammer, etc.)

103Beatty Bros. Galvanized Wash Tub Stand

104Western Saddle - Made by Great Western Saddlery Company - in business from 1890 to 1960

105Box with Pottery Items - Bowls, Pitcher, Vase, etc.

106Box with Ink Bottles

107Small Portable Cast Iron Stove

108Large Meat Cleaver

109Pair of Hames (Black)

1103 Crock Lids (Various Sizes)

111Box with 11 Cream Bottles (with lids) and (1) 2 Qt. Milk Bottle

112Assorted Containers - Baking Powder, Shoe Polish, Mustard, Spices, etc.

113Box with (3) Coal Lamp Bases, 3 Lantern Chimneys, etc.

114Box with Rawleigh's Tins - Pepper, Nutmeg, Salve & Baking Powder

115Box w/(3)Oxo Cubes Tins; (1) Oxo Box; Pop Bottle Caps; Saraka Tin (for constipation); Nabob Tin, 

   a Button Applicator Tool, etc.

116Flat with Assorted Tools - Box Tool, Tin Snips, Hammers, etc.

117Flat with Assorted Tins - Watkins, O-Cedar, etc.

118Boot Jack

119Windshield Washer Jar & Mechanical Parts

120Box with Misc. - Pulleys, Gear, Shovel Head, etc.

121Flat with Brass Items - Binoculars, Bank, Button Polishing Tool, etc.

122Box with Assorted Pop Bottles - Green and Clear Glass

123Flat with Assorted Clear Glass Bottles - Various Sizes and Shapes

124Flat with Brown Glass Bottles

1252 Cast Iron Pots (1 has a hole) & 1 Lid

1262 Wooden Ammunition Boxes

127Underwood Standard Portable Typewriter - in a Case

128Box with Lantern Parts

1294 Green Stacking Bottles

1302 Boxes with Glass Bottles - Various Sizes

131Box with Misc. Containers - Fly Sprayer, Lamp Parts, etc.

132Box with Assorted Coffee Containers - Paper & Metal

1332 Christies Soda Tins

134Box with Misc. - 2 Jars of Odds & Ends; Hand Sickle, etc.

135Leather Case with Bridle & Other Horse Head Gear

136Box with Horse Grooming Eqt. (Brushes, Curry Combs, Hoof Picks,etc) & Curb Bits

137American Bosch Magneto - Springfield, Mass.

138A Backpack - Canvas & Wood

139Metal Implement Seat

140Tin Storage Box

1412 Vehicle Jacks

1421 Cane with a Brass Top & a Metal Tool

143Box with 2 Electric Irons, Skate Blades, etc.

144Coal Fork with Wooden Handle

145Garrett Metal Detector (3 ft. tall)

146Paper Cutter

147Assortment of Wrenches in a Small Metal Tool Box

1482 Windows - Rectangular with Triangular Panes of Glass

149Box with 3 Cameras & a Tripod

150Box with Assorted Beverage Bottles

151Printing Press  

152Pair of Black Children's Lace Up Boots

1536 Tobacco Tins

1547 Tobacco Tins

155Gas Lamp

1562 Oil Tins - (1) is a Benton Stone - 1940's

157Paper Mache Rooster (18 to 24" tall)

158U.S. Army Mountain Ration Box - Menu #3

1594 Radios 

1603 Radios - (1) Crossly, 1 GE & 1 Westinghouse

161Collection of (9) Hard Cover Law Books - 1926 to 1931, 1942, 1953, 1955

162Vintage Remington Portable Typewriter - in a Case (Made in Canada)

163Box with Misc. Razor Blades, Shaving Cup, Jar w/Painted Bones, Waist Belt w/Swastika, etc.

164Framed Pencil Drawing of Sheds, etc. - Dated 1967 

165Box with Eye Glasses, Radio that is a Vintage Car, 3 Scholl's Foot Supports

166English Saddle Stirrup, Railway Spikes, etc.

167White & Red Canada Video Jackets (14) - All Size Large 

1683 Draw Knives

169Bust & Pedestal

170Box with Popular Mechanic Encyclopedias - Copyright 1986

1712 Framed & Matted Canadian Landscape Pictures - (1) is of 3 Pool Elevators & (1) is of a Barn

1722 Framed & Matted (Glare Proof Glass) - (1) is of a Horse Drawn Wagon & (1) is of an Old Barn

173Old 3 Door Vehicle Heater - circa 1940's

174Barrister's 4 Tier Oak Bookcase 

175Americana Encyclopedia Set - Vol 1 to 16 - Copyright 1903 - 1906  (Leather Spine)

176Century Dictionary & Cyclopedia of Names - Copyright 1895 - the Devinne Press (10 Volumes) 

177(1) 'The Boy's Own Annual' Vol.2 2 (1899-1900) (1) 'The Boy's Own Annual' & Vol. 52 (1929 - 1930)

178Box with 9 Vehicle Tail Lights

179Upper & Lower International Tool Box (No Tools)  

180Upper Tool Box with 6 Drawers - No Tools  

181Defehr & Sons Cream Separator - Made in Sweden  

182Beatty Hand Washer (Copper Tub) w/ Set of Dowswell, Lees & Co. Wringers - in Exc.Condition

183Pockets Signal Wooden Box 

184Tall Trunk for Keeping 16mm Film Reels

185Collection of  Old Case DC 3 Tractor Parts - Some are Partially Restored

186Gortex Camo Jacket & Pants - Parts are Sz 32 - Jacket is Size Large

187Cabela's Camo Back Pack

1883 prs. of Underwear - 1 Camo Bottoms; 1 Black Armour Bottoms & 1 Black Full Body

189Canvas Bag & 2 Fish


191Kool-a-tron Portable Cooler with Adapter to Plug into Cigarette Lighter in Vehicle

192Box with Hats, Gloves & Caps

193Box with Nomis Coat (Med) , Insulated Pants (Size Sm.), Lg Shirt & Under Armour Leggings (Sz Sm)

194Cappel Insulated Pants (Snowboarding) (Size Large)

1952 Plastic Containers (Sectioned inside) with Lid

1962 Soft Gun Cases

197Boss Insulated Coat - Approx. Size Medium

198Rain Suit - Jacket with Hood & Pants - Size Large

1992 - Kidizoom Vtech Action Cam

200a Bag with 10 Swiss Army Type Pocket Knives

201a Bag with 10 Swiss Army Type Pocket Knives

202a Bag with 10 Swiss Army Type Pocket Knives

203a Bag with 10 Swiss Army Type Pocket Knives

204a Bag with 10 Swiss Army Type Pocket Knives

205a Bag with 10 Swiss Army Type Pocket Knives

206a Bag with 10 Swiss Army Type Pocket Knives

207Pr of Yukon Insulated Camo Overalls - Size XXL

208Floater Mustang Jacket - Size Large

209Rain Jacket - Size Large

210Box with Makita  Electrical Tools & Batteries - No Chargers

211Box with Electrical Wire

212Box with Misc. - Scopes, Knives, Marine Horn w/co2 Cannister, Flask, etc.

213Basket with Westinghouse 150 w. Bulbs

214Box with 4 Duck Decoys

2153 pc Silver Plate Dresser Set 

216Bait Basket

217Box of Canadian Flags

218Turtle Waxing Machine

219Orbital Waxer/Polisher (10")

220Webster's Illustrated Dictionary/Encyclopedia 

221Box of Ornaments & 2 Clocks 

222Birds of Canada Hard Cover Book

223Box of Miscellaneous - Cleaning Brush, etc.

224Cuisinart Knife Block and 15 Knives 

225Corallite Bag & Computer Bag

226Small Camelbak Back Pack (New)

227Saw Blade Clock - Battery Operated

228Saw Blade Clock - Battery Operated

229Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener - Electric

2302 Sharpening Steels

231Electric Sharpening Steel

2324 Hand Held Knife Sharpeners

233Large Duck Plate

234Set of Bits

235Eastman 7 pc Outdoor Gourmet Cooking Set (Turkey Cooker) - Complete

236Carrying Case with a Large Tent

237Booster Cables

2382 Blue Sleeping Bags

239Large Sleeping Bag in a Brown Zippered Case

240Blizzak Auto Emergency Kit

241Black & Decker Bit Case with Bits

2422 Carpenter's Belt Pouches

243Box of Hand Cleaners 

2445 Fishing Tip Ups

245Box with First Aid Kit & Some Knives, etc.


2473 Cans Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes

248Bait Box

249Pair of Grip Rubbers - Size 0x

250Aqua VU Underwater Viewing Equipment

251Toaster Oven

252TV Mount for a Wall

253Gott Cooler

254Bag of Golf Balls

255Self-Inflating Mattress 

256Cabela's Stove Top Popcorn Maker & Thermometer

257Craftsman Router


2592 prs of Boots - Cowboy Boots - Size 9  - Insulated Boots - Size 5

2602 Baseball Gloves, 2 Chargers & Misc.

2614 Fishing Tackle Boxes - 3 Plastic & 1 Metal

262Portable Electric Heater

2634 Fishing Tackle Boxes - All Plastic

2643 Fishing Tackle Boxes - All Plastic

2652 Pictures - both of Birds

2662 Fishing Nets

267Skylar Peppler (Ont. Canada) Dining Room Suite - 2 pc China Cabinet, Table w/2 Leaves, 5 Chairs & 

      1 Captain Chair

2684 Framed Prints - From the Group of Seven

269Oval, Convex Glass Framed Painting of Jack Lake, Alberta

270Book on the  Beatles 

2711985 Beatles Calendar

272Convex Glass in Ornate Frame & Rectangular Metal Picture Frame

2733 Collector Plates

274Collection of 4 Small Brass Trivets

275Royal Doulton Serving Bowl

276Footed Copper Tub - approximately 1 1/2 gal. holding capacity

2773 Brass Trivets

2782 Ornate Brass Pouring Vessels with Blue & White Porcelain Handles

279Coal Oil Lamp - Base has a Handle - Turning Purple -with a #1 Burner and Chimney

280Beer Stein ; Glass Water Pitcher & a Glass

281Coca Cola Mirrored Picture

282Frosted Glass Heart Patterned Bowl and Matching Platter

283Shadow Box Style Framed, Signed Prints (2) of Dutch Girls - Professionally Framed in Edmonton, Ab

2847 Collector Plates & a Rooster Picture

285Box of 33 rpm Albums (Fats Domino, Paul Anka) approx. 45 records

286Box of 33 rpm Albums (Nelson Eddy, The Archies, Walt Disney) approx. 45 records

287Mounted Taxidermized Bird

288A Large Etched Metal Vase (approx. 2 ft. tall)

289Vintage Tin

290Copper Tea Pot on a Burner (3 pcs)

291Collection of 5 Inuit Carvings - Some are damaged

292Collection of 7 pcs - Decorated Brass - Made in India

293Decorator Plate w/Painted Birds by Victoria - with Crown on the Back

294Decorator Plate by Copeland Spode

2952 Egg Shaped, Orange Coloured, Containers - with Lids

296Pottery Vase, Glass Encased Butterflies & Religious Figurine w/Nylon Flowers

2972 Encased Collector Coins - (1) Queen Victoria (1) Churchill & a Royalty Glass

298Box with Brass & Milk Glass Vases; 2 Zippered Wallets & Misc.

2992 Prs. of Horseshoes

3003 Dimensional Oval Wall Plaque of Wayne Gretsky with Records on the Back

301Coal Oil Lamp Base & Chimney (no burner)

302Coal Oil Lamp Base & Chimney (no burner)

303Enamel Double Boiler - White with Red Trim

304Brass Spittoon 

305Set of (2)Heated Side Mirrors for a Chev Pickup - with Wiring

306Set of (2) Buggy Steps - Large

307Set of (2) Buggy Steps - Small

308Imperial Quart Oil Jar with Spout

309Yellow, Metal Implement Seat

310Light Grey, Metal Implement Seat (Damaged)

311Dark Grey, Metal Implement Seat (Damaged)

312Bench - Pink Wood Slats - Grey Cast Frame  ***MUST be Picked Up

313Bench - Green Wood Slats - Yellow Cast Frame  *** MUST be Picked Up

314Buggy Wheel - 43" tall

315Buggy Wheel - 39" tall

316Buggy Wheel - 43" tall

317Buggy Wheel - 39" tall

3182 Gallon Crockery Shoulder Jug

3192 Gallon Crockery Shoulder Jug - with Wooden Top/Cork

320Singer Treadle Sewing Machine Metal Base; Singer Sewing Machine Head; Aristocrat Sewing Machine 

     Head & 4 pcs of Old School Desk Metal Parts

321Small Wash Stand with Harp - Nice Condition 

322Square. 2 Tier, Oak Side Table

3232 Golf Bags with Right-Handed Clubs in Each & 1 Golf Cart

324Vintage Aerocrat Hair Dryer on a Stand

325Rain Suit - Jacket & Pants (XXL)

326Rain Suit - Jacket & Pants (Med)

327Collection of Bird Books

3282 Magazine Racks 

329Large Plastic Storage Box & a Bicycle Helmet 

330A Box of Paperback Books

331Set of (3) Ceramic Chafing Pans

3322 Balls of Twine - 1 Black & 1 Green

333Box with Misc. Door Knobs, Locks, etc.

3342 Pictures & a Glass Cannister with Wooden Lid

335Box with Framed Pictures

336Sharp Stereo Unit with Speakers

337Box with Records - 45's & 78's

338Box with Frames & Pictures

339Framed Picture of Peter Pocklington's Plane

340Blower Fan

341Box of Assorted Bottles

342Box of Dishes


344Box with a Mirror, a Lamp, Photo Albums & Misc.

345Box with Lamp & Lantern Parts

346Box with V Belts; a Pail of Assorted Common Nails & a Spotlight

347Box with Funnels & a Tackle Box

3482 Suitcases (1 inside of the Other)

349Step Exerciser

350Chimney Sweep

351Box with Bags (Computer, etc)

3523 Sets of Oars

353Collection of Tarps - Varying Sizes

354Flat of 6 Pottery Stetson Hat Ashtrays - Made in Medicine Hat, Ab.

355Flat of 6 Pottery Stetson Hat Ashtrays - Made in Medicine Hat, Ab.

356Flat of 6 Pottery Stetson Hat Ashtrays - Made in Medicine Hat, Ab.

357Flat of 6 Pottery Stetson Hat Ashtrays - Made in Medicine Hat, Ab.

358Electric Popcorn Popper

3599 Flats of Insulators - Glass & Porcelain - Varying Sizes & Colours  

3602 Flats of Assorted Costume Jewelry - Imitation Pearls; Bracelets; Necklaces, Beads, etc.

3612 Flats of Assorted Costume Jewelry - Cuff Links, Rhinestone Necklaces, Earrings, etc.

362French Ivory Manicure Set in the Original Box

363Glass Stein with Metal Hinged Top - Dates 21st of July, 1904 (Royalty)

3644 prs of Eye Glasses - (3 prs are Gold Framed) - (1 pr - the Frame is in Poor Condition)

3652 Boxes of Costume Jewelry - Beaded, Rhinestones

366Flat of Parts & Pieces of Pocket Watches, Pendulums, Watch Fobs, Bolo Tie Clips, Watch Chains, Sm 

    Pocket Knives, Tie Pins, Shaeffer Pen Set, Masonic Pin, a Piccolo & a Bridge for Teeth

367Flat with Ornaments & What Nots

368Flat with Mr. Jung Straight Razor; a Boot Hook; Rope Measure; Sm. Elephant; Kidney Pill Tin; 2 Eye Cups

     a Thimble; an Oiler; a Lighter; a Metal Match Holder & a Tiger Balm Jar

3692 Salesman's Booklets w/Pictures of Gas Washing Machines & Bits of Interesting Extras (Very Old)

370Metal Box with New Costume Jewelry - Screw-on Earrings & Tie Clips

371Metal Mountain Sheep Ornament & an Ornate Silver Trimmed Horn

372Metal Thermor Waterless Hot Bottle - Patent April 1903 

373Box of Brooches (display not included)

374Small Cast Parlor Stove - No. 8 "JOY"; Enterprise Foundry Co., Sackville, N.B.

3753 Vintage Tools - Log Mover, Post Maul & Pick

376Box with Assorted Glass Ware, Dishes & Candle Holders

377Flat with Vases, Large Sugar Bowl, etc.

378Flat with Assorted Figurines & 1 Small Coal port China Floral Arrangement

379Flat with Assorted Dishes (Cups, Sugar Bowls, Creamers & a Popeye Cup & Saucer)

380Flat with Brass, Copper & Metal Door Knobs; Metal Face Plates & Locks

381Metal Basket with Old Fountain Pens, Ink Bottles, Refills & a Small Desk Set

382Large Ceramic Swan Planter - Made by Sequoia

383Dominion Purple Insulator (Small) with 1 very small chip on the bottom

384Crystal Cannister with .925 Silver Top (144 grams) - 1903 to 1904 Toronto Single Rink Championship

385Crystal & Silver Sugar Dispenser with Tongs

386Silver Holder/Tray with Green Divided Glass Insert; Green Depression Glass Shaker & Candleholder

387Cooper's  Barrel Plane

3882 Red Pedestal Bowls & 1 Small Red Vase

389Box with Approx. 1 Dozen Clear Glass Door Knobs - 1 Set in the Original Box

390Box with Porcelain Door Knobs (6 Sets)

391Box with Measuring Tools, Mathematical Instruments; Slide Rule

392Box with Stamps, Post Cards & a Brass Desk Calendar

393Box with Assorted Cigarette, Coffee & Polish Tins

394Box with Watch Parts, Bracelet Pins, Pocket Watch Cases (Some have interesting wording), etc.

395Box with Padlocks & Keys

396Box of Assorted Vases

397Wooden Chest with Wood Working Bits 

398Wooden Chest with a Lid

399Box of Assorted Tea Cups, Saucers & Teapots

400Framed Oil Painting of Horses by B. T. Smith (1954)

401Framed Hand Painted Picture of Buffalo & Native Americans - Catlin.Del on Stone by McGahey

402Framed Hand Painted Picture of Native Americans in Powwow - Catlin.Del on Stone by McGahey

403Framed Picture - Called 'The CHEBER' - Worshipping the Rising Sun

404Box of New Costume Jewelry - Mostly Earrings

405Box of New Costume Jewelry - Earrings & Necklace Sets

406Partial Set of Gold Trimmed Dishes & a Set of Blue, Dutch Patterned Ice Bucket & 7 Glasses

407Box with Salt & Pepper Shakers (Glass, Metal & a Chintz Set)

408Box with Toby Jugs (9) and 1 Large Decorated Coffee Mug

409Box of Hard Cover Books (ie. Chatter Box - 1928), etc.

410Child's Cash Register

411Metal Pint Measuring Pitcher

412Kodak Junior #1 Bellow Camera with Case (Patent 1910)

413Child's Wooden Sled

414Box of Amber Chandelier Crystals; 2 Drawer Pulls with Bakelite Accessories; Amber Glass Door Knobs 

    & 3 Black, Porcelain Door Knobs

415Box of Assorted Mugs - All with Human Faces

416Box of Assorted Figurines; 2 Chinese Mud Men & 4 Trivets

417Flat with Small Bean Pot; Crockery Vase; Crockery Lid & a Black Amethyst Trophy

418Flat with Silver & Silver Plate Items - Sm. Dishes, Baby Spoons, Salt & Peppers, etc.

419Flat with Silver & Metal Cutlery

420Box with Glassware

421Box with Framed Pictures

422Box with Candle Holders; Lamp Base; Glass Chicken Ornament; Egg Cups & a Lamp Pump

423Box with Assorted Glassware & Dishes

424Round Cheese Box with Lid

425Portable Metal Lantern with Carry Handle on Top (Wick & Fuel Can Inside)

426Black Boler Hat & Hat Box

427Table Lamp with Colorful Ceramic Base - Shade is in Good Condition

428Box with Blue/Green Jars & Bottles (Qts, Pints, etc.)

429Box with Bunsen Burners, Test Tubes & Assortment of Religious Pins

430Set of 4 Ornate Cast Iron Legs

431Flat with a Set of 12 Trim Planes (Varying Sizes)

432Tub with Metal Items (Brass, Silver Plate) - Vases, etc.

433Box with 6 Wood Planes 

434Box with Spoke Sharpeners; Threaders & a Wood Vice

435Box with 4 Milk Bottles - ECD (Edmonton City Dairy), etc.

436Large Box with Quart & Pint Sealers (20) Perfect Seal, etc.

437Box with 12 Pint Sealers (Perfect Seal, etc.)

438Box with Assorted Quart (7) & Pint (3) Sealers

439Box with 7 Crown Sealers (6 Quarts & 1 - 2 Quart)

440Box of 33 rpm Albums

441Box of Blue Bottles

442Box with 4 Signal Lights (Red & Clear Glass)

4435 Gallon Cream Can

444Collection of 14 Dolls and Accessories

445Collection of (2 Hand Saws, Miter Box, Saw & Draw Knife)

446Tin of Woodworking Tools

447Box with 2 Spoke Shavers, 3 Scribes & Other Misc. Tools

448Box with Atomizers, Lighters, Brass Mortar & Pestle & a Shaving Mirror

449Box with Misc. Tools; Door Knocker & Door Chimes

450Box with Old Bottles & Jars

4515 Monkey Wrenches

452Box with Assorted Bottles

453Hump Back Trunk

454Brass Bed Frame - 48"  (Head, Foot Board & Rails)

455Large Blue Metal Trunk - with Tray

456Large Blue Metal Trunk - No Tray

457Framed Canadian Pacific Train Picture - by R.H. Slingerland

4583 Share Certificates - Brooks Steam Motors; SuperBa Coal Co & Standard Oil Fields of Alberta

4593 Hockey VHS Tapes

460Collection of Table Lighters (10)

461Collection of Pocket Lighters (16)

4624 Pocket Lighters & 1 Remington Belt Buckle

463Box with 8 Table Lighters

4642 Boxes of Billiard Balls

465Collection of Royal Canadian Air Force Cuff Links & Buttons

466Serving Bowl (Head of Cabbage) & Platter 

467Set of Tent Pegs

468Box with a Platter & 4 Bowls

469Box with a Glass Juicer; a Bowl & Misc.

470Box with Blue Glass Pieces (6 pcs)

471Box with Assorted Dishes - 2 Vases & Monkey Ornament

472Box of Assorted Dishes (Plates & Saucers)

473Large Fish Hook; a Cork Screw; a Pet Leash & Misc.

474Box of Electrical Cords

4752 Wheeled Cart with a Bag

4764 Boot Driers & Knights of Columbus Certificate dated 1968

477Koolatron Cooler with Adapter to Plug into a Vehicle

478Mountain Refresher Pack (Insulated Bag)

479Large Grey Box & an Oar Hanging Rack

4802 Metal Tool Boxes


482Sledge Hammer

483Gas Camp Stove & Stand

484Water Sport Board

485Limited Edition Print by Andrew Raszewski "Birds Flying"

486Carrying Case of Hatchet; Perk Coffee Pot; Silver Plate Basket, etc.

487Bench Vise


4892 Wood Planes & Tin Snips

490First Aid Kit

491Box of Collectible Tins

492Box with Stove Top Toaster; 2 Enamel Coffee Pots (no Lids) & 2 Melmac Plates

493Box with Blue Bottles

494Box with Trivet; a Plant Pot; Flashlight; Fire Extinguisher Not Useable) & Tins

495First Aid Kit

496Flat with 3 Jugs & Bottles

497Parlor Pail with Lid

498BB Pistol - co2 Powered  (does not require a Firearms License)

499Large Ornate Framed Oil Painting - Switzerland Landscape - by G.A. Braun 

500Ornately Framed Black & White Picture of Bamborough Castle

501Partial set - Copeland Spode 'Buttercup' Pattern Dishes (23 pcs) incl. Lidded Serving Bowl & Platter

502Box with (6) 2 Quart Sealers - 5 Blue and 1 Clear

503Box with Assorted Bottles - Brown, Clear & Green

504Box with 6 - 2 Quart Sealers

5053 Tubes of Builders Bricks & Blocks

506Box of Assorted Christmas Dishes - Plates, Cups, Saucers, Bowls, etc.

5078 Assorted Bottles

508Box with 17 Assorted Coloured Bottles

509Garbage Can of 19 Fishing Rods & Reels (Varying Sizes)

510Rubber Dinghy with Oars

511Tent & Tent Poles (Unknown Size)

512Garbage Can of Fishing Rods & Part Rods

5133 Red Plastic Jerry Cans

514Oryx Kids Bicycle

515Metal Framed Picture of 2 Jet Planes

516Framed Black & White Picture of Mountain Landscape

517Framed Oil Painting of Trees

518Framed & Matted Print of Fruit & Water Jug

519Framed & Matted Print of Flowers in a Vase

520Coal Oil Lamp with Deflector

521Pair of Red Lanterns

522Patton Electric Heater

523Seth Thomas Pendulum Clock - Battery Operated

524Small Pearl Lingerie Wash Board


More yet to be listed...keep watching....