Auction in Karlsruhe North Dakota, United States

27 Wednesday
March 27th, 2019 10:30 AM
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Auction in Karlsruhe North Dakota, United States

Wednesday at - 27th March , 2019



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Karlsruhe, North Dakota



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 2019 - 10:30 AM







Karlsruhe, ND 58744 
Begins:  03/27/19 at 10:30 AM CDT



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 2019 – 10:00 AM


LOCATION: Karlsruhe, North Dakota- South 2 miles to County Road 20, 5 miles west on County Road 20 to 7th Ave & ¼ mile south; or from Velva, North Dakota- take County Road 20 east toward Karlsruhe, approx. 9.7 miles to 7th Ave & ¼ mile south


AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Please note a large line of well-kept equipment.  Most major items have been kept indoors.  There are many single owner units bought locally.  There will be very little tools and miscellaneous, so please be on time!!


ONLINE BIDDING: Register in advance by visiting www.resourceauction.com


LOAD OUT INFORMATION: Load out assistance will be available sale day until 5PM, Thursday, March 28 8AM to 5 PM and Friday, March 29 8 AM to 5 PM only! Unless otherwise noted, all items must be removed by April 10th.






*2010 Case IH 535 Quadtrac, luxury cab, power-shift, 4 hyd, PRO 600 monitor, autopilot w/252 receiver, front and rear HID lights, clear view caps, radar, beacon light, tow cable, 3218 hrs, SN# ZAF119379


*2008 Case IH 535 Pro Quadtrac, luxury cab, power-shift,  hi-cap pump, 5 hyds,  PRO 600 monitor, autopilot w/252 receiver, HID lights, clear view caps, electric mirrors, radar, beacon light, 3696 hrs. SN#Z8F111992


*1994 New Holland 8970 MFWD, Trimble FM-750 w/EZ Steer, 4 hyd, mega-flow ready, large 1000 PTO, 3 pt w/quick hitch, std front axle, front weights, 480/80R42 radial duals, 380/80R30 fronts, 5303 hours, SN#D400379


*1968 IHC 1256 Wheatland Turbo, T/A,  540/1000 PTO, 2 hyd, no 3PT, 24.5X32 rear tires, showing 5504 hrs, SN#7995


*1970 IHC Farmall 544 Hydro, 540 PTO, 1 hyd, wheel weights, Farmhand F-11 Loader, SN#U015746



*2008 New Holland CR9070 Twin Rotor combine, Y/M monitor, var spd feeder, Redekop MAV chopper, rock trap , Intelleview II monitor, engine air compressor, diff locks, elec mirrors, 620/70R42 Michelin duals, 600/65R28 rears, recent extensive recon including rotor wear lugs, chopper knives, bubble up auger, feeder chain, elevator chain & all drive chains, rebuilt torque sensor, 3212 eng/ 2370 sep hrs, SN#HAJ111017


*2003 Case IH 2388 Axial Flow combine,  specialty rotor, rock trap, chopper, binr ext., auger ext. , Y/M ready, 18.4×38 Titan duals, 16.9×24 rears, 4181 eng/3078 sep hrs, SN#JJC0273595


*1993 Case IH 1688 Axial Flow combine, 600 hours on recent reman engine, Precision Farm Parts feeder chain, drum,  rotor, and  large and small wire concaves, factory chopper, feeder reverse, HHC, AFS Y/M monitor, bin ext, auger ext, 30.5×32 fronts, 14.9×24 rear,  4520 engine hours,  SN#JJC0119359


*2009 Sun Master 12R30 sunflower head w/ NH CR or CIG Flagship adapter, SN#M11614


*2008 New Holland 94C 42’  draper head, centered deck, NH CR or CIH Flagship adapter, AHHC, UII pickup reel, hyd F/A, integral  transport, cross auger, SN#42GB081313


*2008 New Holland 74C 35’ auger style flex header, pickup reel with Crary Wind System, short divider, F/A, 3”cut, SN#PNL023157


*2008 New Holland 76C 16’ pickup platform w/ Swathmaster belt pickup, SN#PPP003463


*2009 Case IH 3208 8R30 corn head, adapted to 2388, flagship adapter capable, Field Tracker and AHHC, poly snouts, knife rolls, hyd deck plates, hyd quick coupler, very clean, SN# Y9S019713


*1997 New Holland 996 12R30 corn head, NH CR or CIH Flagship adapter, poly snouts, hyd deck plates, knife rolls, very clean, SN#607585


*IHC 983 8R30 corn head, poly snouts, needs one row unit gearbox


*Case IH 1020 30’ flex head, Crary air reel, fresh knife, guards, and poly, single knife drive, 3” cut, F/A, SN#JJC0093850


*Case IH 1020 25’ flex head, Crary CWS air reel, recent knife and guards, new CWS fan and gearbox, 3” cut, F/A, SN#JJC0082312


*Case IH 1010 30’ rigid head, bat reel, F/A, 3” cut, very good, SN#JJC0200450


*Case IH 1010 25’ rigid head, bat reel, very good, SN#JJC0127510


*2) Case IH 1015 7 belt pickup platforms, SN#JJC0055335 & SN#X000530


*Maurer M42 header trailer, tandem rear axle, dual front dolly, brakes, lights, SN# 134252M44050770B8328


*Mollers Inc 30’ flex head trailer, single axle SN#23504


*Johnson Mfg 30’ head trailer, SN#0206440


*Shopbuilt 4 wheel  header cart  (works well for Sunmaster)


*Extra set of used NH CR9070 small wire concaves



*2008John Deere 1835/1910 air drill, 61’, 10” spacing, rubber press packers, mid row banders (1 season on rebuild), Raven single NH3 Accu-flow cooler, set up to run on on JD 2600 Greenstar 2 display, full run blockage monitors, Bourgault knock ons w/carbide tip,  seeder SN#725125; 1910 JD TBH air system, 430 BU 3 compartment, 710/70R38 tires, hyd tank winch, cart SN#725204


*John Deere 2600 color touch screen, sells separately from air seeder


*2010 Case IH Precision Disk 40, 40’ no till disk drill, 10”spacing, recent blades and scrapers, single shoot air system, seeder SN#YAS003489; paired w/ Bourgault 3225 TBH air cart, 2 compartment, mechanical drive, 21.5L-16.1SL Hi-Flo tires &  basic Bourgault seed cart monitor, tank SN#4737


*2009 Case IH 1250 16R30 front fold vacuum planter, PTO pump, mechanical down pressure, markers, Dawn side banders and trash whippers, multiple sets of seed plates, hi-rate seed tube monitors, Ag Express touch screen seed control monitor, planter SN#Y9S008047; paired w/ Flexicoil 1330 dry fert distribution system, mechanical drive, Flex control air cart monitor, tank SN#U089019-00


*Case IH 900 12R30 Cyclo vacuum planter, 2pt semi mount w lift assist, markers, pro stitch closing wheels & Dickey John seed monitor, SN#JJO025054


*Case IH 3400 AFS TBH air cart w/ fill auger, 23.1×26 deep lug tires, hyd fan drive, SN# CKB0013426


*Flexi-coil 1610 air cart for parts or repair, SN#J030966



*2005 Case IH Patriot SPX4410 self propelled sprayer, 1250 gal tank, 100’ booms, Aim Command, Ag Leader Spray Control monitor, Accuboom section control, Ultraglide boom height control,  fully integrated autopilot W/Trimble 500 screen, 380/90R46 tires, Tridekon crop dividers with air lift & fenders, 2367 engine hrs, SN#Y5T020184


*Set of 4) 650/65R38 Michelin XM108 floatation tires & rims to fit Case IH SP sprayers


*2004 Summers Ultimate NT Suspended Boom Sprayer, 1000 gal tank, 90’ booms, foam marker, triple nozzle bodies, 200 gal rinse tank, 3 section boom control, 380/90R46 single tires, SN#E0490

*1987 Fontaine 96” x 48’ step deck semi trailer w/ 4 – 1250 gal water tanks, pump/motor, induction cones, hose reel, spray cage, 11’ top deck, 37’ main deck,  & 255/70R22.5 tires


*2) 2012 Duolift Twin 1000 gal NH3 tank trailers, 16.5L-16.1SL tires, SN#’s 401250312 and 401250412


*2) 2008 Duolift Twin 1000 gal NH3 tank trailers, 16.5L-16.1SL tires, SN#’s 19854 and 19888


*2) Enduraplas 3000 gal black poly upright tanks


*Pacer water pump w/Briggs 200 Series 13.5HP



*2015 Case IH 335VT True V 50’ vertical tillage unit, w/ 5 section fold, rolling baskets, walking tandems around, wing gauge wheels & floating tongue, SN#FB080523


*2011 Bourgault 9400 54’ chisel plow, 12” spacing, 5 section fold, single point depth control, NH3 system w/Raven Accu-flow 30 GPM cooler, Raven 440 Control, rear hitch and winch, 3 bar Bourgault heavy tine harrow, SN# 40758CP-07


*2002 Bourgault 8810 Floating Hitch Cultivator 60’ 10” space, 5 section fold, 450 lb trips, single point depth control, spring cushion shanks, gauge wheels, 4 bar harrow, SN#37242CU-06


*2013Summers 3580 Super Harrow, 70’ 5 bar heavy tine harrow, ½” x 26”  tines, auto fold, used on only 600 acres, SN#M1802


*Sunflower 1544-45 tandem disk 45’, 8.5” spacing, 5 section fold, floating tongue, 3 bar Gates harrow, SN#01544D20060022


*Case IH 5800 37’ chisel plow, 3 section fold, 4 bar Summers harrow, walking tandems all around, floating tongue, SN#JAG0622009


*Bourgault 4000 40’ HD trailing folding coil packer, 3 section fold, SN#36607WT-02



*2004 Freightliner Columbia Day Cab, 60 Series Detroit 12.7L, 470 hp, 10 spd trans, 170 WB, air ride susp, single 100 gal fuel tank, wet kit, headache rack, side storage box, 11R22.5 tires, alum wheels, 396,806 miles showing


*1995 Ford Aeromax LTL9000 w/60” flat top sleeper, 60 Series Detroit  12.7L, 430 hp, 10 spd trans, 238 WB, air ride susp, jake brake, 11R22.5 tires, alum wheels, 638008 miles showing


*2008 Timpte Super Hopper 42’ alum hopper bottom trailer, 96” wide, 72 ” sides, ag hoppers, Shurco electric traps and roll tarp, 11R24.5 tires, alum wheels


*1991 Timpte Super Hopper 42’ alum hopper bottom trailer, 96” wide, 78” sides, roll tarp, 11R24.5 tires , alum wheels


*1986 IH S2300 tri-axle, L10 Cummins, 9 spd trans, 3rd pusher axle, 20’  Frontier box, hoist, 3pc end gate & roll tarp, air brakes, 11R24.5 front and rear tires, electric end gate, 91031 miles showing


*1975 GMC  6500 single axle truck, v-8, 5/2 trans, 16’ Frontier box and hoist, roll tarp, 10.00×20 rears, 9.00×20 fronts, only 31650 miles showing



*1987 John Deere 644D wheel loader, 102 in bucket, 23.5-25 L3 tires, 8121 hrs showing, SN#514423


*Komatsu PC300LC excavator, shows 19800 hrs


*1988 Midland belly dump semi trailer 42’, triple-axle, 11R22.5 tires, roll tarp, VIN# 2C9B2S4D7JR018170



*2002 Case IH 8825HP self propelled windrower, 30’ draper table, 21.5Lx16.1 tires, rear weights, double knife drive, sliding table, pickup reel, 2 canola roto-shears, 1543 engine hrs,  tractor SN#CFH0200021, head SN#CFH0118887


*Case IH 8230 PT auto fold windrower 30’, new sickle, batt reel, very clean, SN#CFH0066438



*2008 Brent 880 grain cart w/PTO and hyd drive pump, scale w/EZ 400 Digi-Star monitor & roll tarp, SN#B24190131


*2008 Akron E9250D Grain Bag Loader 9’, SN#D09424088


*2010 Akron EXG300 Grain Bag Unloader 9’, SN#80545080G


*Rem 1026B 1000 RPM PTO grain vac w/ tubes, hoses, clean up kit & accessories, SN#RM-01-1026B-4748


*Kwik Kleen 772 7 tube grain cleaner, 7.5HP elec motor, tarp, transport, screenings auger & multiple screens


*Westfield MK100-71 10×71 auger w/ swing away hopper & hyd auger jogger, bin full indicator spout, SN#188568


*Westfield TFX80-36, 8×36 auger w/ 23hp Vanguard V-Twin engine, factory intake hopper, hys SP mover & self contained hyd, SN#258855


*Sakundiak HD7-1400 7×41 auger w/ 20 hp Honda engine & hyd drive for bin sweep, SN#61094


*Minnesota 450 Gravity Wagon, 16.5Lx16.1 tires, roll tarp



*BIL 14’ 6 way pull type hyd angle blade, rear dual wheels, SN#123


*Degelman CC-14 14’ rock rake, SN#460


*Crown rotary reel type rock picker, hyd drive, SN#1430


*Case IH 183 12R30 row crop cultivator w/ rolling shields, SN#017074


*IHC 1100 9’ trailer type sickle bar mower, SN#458888


*Inland DA92 92” 3pt 2 stage snow blower, 540 PTO, hyd chute, SN# P1349


*3) Oday  1000 gal single wall fuel tanks, 2 pumps


*Shopbuilt  500 gal  fuel tank trailer w/Fill Rite 20 GPM pump, on NH3 chassis


*Valmar 2055 Air Flow granular tank, SN 2055C053


*Haukos 9’ swath roller


*Raven 440 Monitor


*Other farm miscellaneous, but not much, so please be on time!



HAGA  BROTHERS, OWNERS                      Karlsruhe, North Dakota

For more information call: Greg 701-626-1833 or Kim 701-626-1832


TERMS: Cash, cashier’s check, wire transfer, approved check in US funds.  All sales final.  Statements made auction day take precedence over all advertising.  Document fee on vehicle titles will apply & vehicle titles will be mailed to buyers. 


Canadian buyers are always welcome.  Please furnish a letter of credit for registration. Some purchases require payment by wire. Most units move easily across the border, feel free to ask in advance for document assistance if necessary.


AUCTIONEERS & CLERK: Resource Auction, Dennis Biliske- Auctioneer, 2702 17th Ave S, Grand Forks, ND 58201, ph 701-757-4015, fax 701-757-4016, Dennis Biliske ND Lic 237, ND Clerk Lic 624, email- [email protected], website- www.resourceauction.com

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