Grand Forks Area Equipment and Truck Auction

Auction in Grand Forks North Dakota, United States

August 01st, 2017

Grand Forks Area Equipment and Truck Auction

Auction in Grand Forks North Dakota, United States

Tuesday at - 01st August , 2017



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Auction Items For Sale

At The Alerus Center
















TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 2017 - 9:00 AM


LOCATION: Outdoors at the Alerus Center, 1200 S. 42nd St, Grand Forks, ND (Just off I-29)


AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: The auction will take place outdoors on the Alerus Center Parking Lots.  All units will be on hand for running inspection from noon to 5pm July 31st and 8am to 10am auction day.   


SPECIAL NOTES:  All items must be removed by Monday, August 7th at 5:00 pm- loading dock on site.  AlerusCenter is equipped with hotel & restaurant facilities.  We will accept absentee bids until 6pm July 31st!


ONLINE BIDDING- Please register in advance to bid live online by visiting











*2002 JD 9520 4WD, power shift, 4 hyd, diff lock, 5800lb weight pkg, Green Star ready, 8 like new Continental SVT 710/70R42 tires & duals, 5077 hrs, SN#RW9520P001135

*2013 JD 6170M MFWD, 20 spd partial power shift, 3pt, 540/1000 PTO, JD auto steer w/ JD steering wheel, plumbed w/ joystick for loader, front weights, 600/65R28 front tires, 710/70R38 rear tires, only 1180 hrs, SN#1L06170MHDG755785

*2009 JD 6140D MFWD, 9F/9R trans w/ LHR, 3pt, 540/1000 PTO, 2 hyd, 563 self leveling loader w/ joystick, 14.9-24 front, 18.4-38 rear tires, all 90% Firestone rubber, only 450 hrs total, like new, tractor SN#P06140X001023, loader SN#W00563C003682

*2008 JD 7230 Premium MFWD, 24/24 partial power shift w/ LHR, Command Center, inst seat, 3pt, 540/1000 PTO, 3 hyd, block heater, 740 loader w/ joystick, 16.9R28 front tires 80%, 480/80R42 rear tires, 2752 hrs, tractor SN#RW7230K022151, loader SN#WW00740C034034

*2005 JD 7220 MFWD, power quad, LHR, 3pt, 540/1000 PTO, 2 hyd, 741 self leveling loader w/ joystick control & MDS grapple, 16.9R26 fronts, 460/85R38 rear tires, all 4 tires like new, 5417 hrs showing, recent repair orders at local JD dealer- tickets available, loader SN#W00741C007300, tractor SN#RW7220R035534

*2001 JD 8310 MFWD, power shift, 3pt w/ quick hitch, 1000 PTO, 4 hyd w/ power beyond, front weights, integrated Auto Trac ready, 14.9R34 front duals, 480/80R46 rear duals, 9465 hrs, second owner local tractor w/ great maintenance & repair history included, SN#RW8310P012257

*2003 Agco DT225 MFWD, 16 spd power shift, 3pt w/ quick hitch, 1000 PTO, 4 hyd, Agco FL600 QT loader w/ bkt & grapple, new 380/85R34 fronts, 480/80R46 rear tires & duals, only 1075 hrs showing, SN#M192017

*1997 New Holland 9682 4WD, N14 Cummins, 12 spd trans, 4 hyd, Trimble 500 EZ steer, 24.5R32 duals 75%, approx 1000 hrs on rebuilt trans, 5627 total hrs, SN#D105709

*1997 New Holland 8870 MFWD, Super Steer, Mega Flow hyd, power shift, large 1000 PTO, 4 hyd, Trimble FM750 EZ steer, 14.9R28 fronts, 14.9R46 rear duals, 5130 hrs, SN#D409887

*1987 JD 4450 MFWD, CAH, 15 spd power shift, 3pt w/ quick hitch, 540/1000 PTO, 3 hyd, 50 series step, 380/85R28 fronts, 14.9R46 rears, front weights, 6578 actual hrs, 2nd owner row crop tractor, maintenance records available

*1985 Steiger Cougar KR-1280 4WD, power shift, 1000 PTO, 4 hyd, 8 matched Goodrich Power Radial 80 20.8R38 duals- excellent rubber, new starter, alternator & batteries, recent bottom end major, 7230 hrs showing, SN#C08-05030- ADDED 7/14/17

*1976 Versatile 700 4WD, 555 Cummins, cab, duals, no 3pt or PTO, 5865 hrs showing, SN#700308869

*1950 MM UTU narrow front tractor, 12V system, PTO, 15.5-38 rear tires, SN#0115003844



*2014 JD S670 combine, RWD, Pro Drive, 5 spd feeder house, contour master, power fold bin ext, 800/38 drive tires, 28L-26 rears, fine cut chopper, F/A, Y/M, Auto Trac ready, 2630 color touch screen- no receiver, very  well equipped, 1434 sep, 2253 eng hrs, SN#1H0S670SAD0765140

*2014 JD S670 combine, RWD, Pro Drive, 5 spd feeder house, contour master, power fold bin ext, 800/38 drive tires, 28L-26 rears, fine cut chopper, F/A, Y/M, Auto Trac ready, 2630 color touch screen- no receiver, very  well equipped, 1524 sep, 2425 eng hrs, SN#1H0S670SAD0765152 -Matched pair from 1 seller

*2008 JD 9770 STS combine, Bullet Rotor, contour master, var spd feeder, single pt hookup, chopper, bin ext, Greenstar Y/M ready, 800/70R32 drive tires, 1607 sep hrs, 2348 eng hrs, $30,000 repair order from local JD dealer, SN#H09770S725313

*2004 JD 9660 STS combine, Bullet Rotor, contour master, var spd feeder, chaff spreader, rock trap, chopper, bin ext, Y/M monitor, 520/85R38 front duals, 28L-26 rear tires, 3154 sep hrs, 4662 eng hrs, excellent repair history from local JD dealer including engine, new Bullet Rotor, new Y/M, etc- records available, SN#H09660S705888

*2004 Case IH AFX 8010 combine, RWA, lateral tilt, rock trap, fine cut chopper, self leveling sieves, fldg bin ext, long unloading auger, Pro 600 color display, Y/M monitor, grain loss monitor, HID lighting, nearly new 900/60-32 drive tires, 28L26 rice grip rears, 2390 sep hrs, 3365 eng hrs, SN#HAJ105341

*2000 JD 9750 STS combine, contour master, F/A, AHHC, Greenstar yield mapping, fine cut chopper, round bar concaves, vertical & horizontal augers like new, unloading auger ext, excellent rubber, 3000 sep hrs, SN#H09750S686456

*1994 JD 9600 combine, RWA, chaff spreader, no edible beans, 30.5L32 drive tires, 28L26 rears, 3760 sep hrs, 5035 eng hrs, SN#H09600X657699

*1994 JD 9600 combine, 14.9-24 rears, 18.4-38 front duals, 2941 sep hrs, 4249 eng hrs, SN#H09600X657954

*1992 JD 9600 RWA combine w/ chaff spreader, hopper topper, Ag Leader grain monitor & recently updated belts, many new parts including: walker, cranks, bearings, injectors, feeder house chain, feeder house floor, auger bearings, tailing chain & TSR fine cut chopper, kept indoors, 3950 sep hrs

*1990 JD 9600 combine, TSR chopper & power chip, set up for 630 head w/ headsight, 1yr on front tires, 3529 sep hrs, 4953 eng hrs, SN#H09600X637243

*1990 JD 9600 combine, 14.9-24 rears, 18.4-38 front duals, 2683 sep hrs, 4174 eng hrs, SN#H09600X636384

*JD 8820 combine, set up for beans- has necessary sprockets, pulleys & belts to change from beans to grain, 4455 engine hrs 

*1989 Case 1682 PT combine, specialty rotor, 208” auger, 1015 7 belt pkp platform & 3 extra concaves, kept indoors, header SN#13133, combine SN#8136- ADDED 7/14/17



*2011 Case IH 2162 40’ flex draper w/ AWS wind system, double knife drive, 3” cut, F/A, AHHC, hyd knife tilt & slow speed transport, CIH flagship adapter, SN#YBZN14350

*2011 Capello Quasar 12R22 chopping corn head w/ Insight header height control, stalk stompers, tall corn end shield, like new knives, kept indoors, CIH flagship adapter, SN#8228

*2011 Case IH 3020 35’ Terraflex flex head, 3” cut, F/A, SN#YBZL56202

*2013 Macdon PW-7 16’ pickup platform w/ CIH flagship or NH CR adapter, deluxe wind panel, SN#240885-13

*Case IH 3020 Terraflex 30’ flex head, 3” cut, F/A, short dividers, SN#YBZL57624

*Case IH 2020 30’ flex head w/ Crary air reel, 3” cut, F/A, short dividers, SN#YAZLS3349

*Case IH 2020 35’ flex head, 3” cut, F/A, short dividers, SN#Y9ZL52042

*Case IH 2020 35’ flex head w/ Crary air reel & 3” cut

*2007 Case IH 2020 35’ flex head w/ F/A, 1 yr on sickle, chain & guards, 2 yrs on skid poly, SN#CBJ021709

*2006 Case IH 2062 36’ flex draper head w/ Crary air reel & 3” cut, SN#CCC0015558

*Case IH 2208 8R30 corn head, SN#HAJ034531

*JD 635F 35’ Hydraflex flex head, finger reel, F/A, short dividers, SN#730675

*JD 630 flex head w/ multi point hookup, finger reel, F/A, SN#H00630F721148

*2009 NH 88C 42’ flex draper w/ 3” cut, F/A, finger reel, JD hookup, SN#4255103200

*Drago N8TR 8R30 chopping corn head, knife rolls, adj deck plates, CIH 2300 adapter, SN#22945

*2007 Harvest Tech 4312C 12R30 chopping corn head, header height & tilt, CIH flagship mounts & drives

*1995 Macdon 36’ draper head w/ bat reel, SN#97392

*1987 NH 974 6R30 corn head, not used since 2005 but working condition, SN#532350

*Universal 30’ bean head w/ JD single pt hookup, SN#00-290

*Universal UH22 22’ bean head w/ Sund pkp, SN#5900422

*Universal UH22 22’ bean head w/ Elmers PU22 pkp, perforated floor & JD 70 series hookup, SN#230503576

*Agco Gleaner 525 25’ flex head, finger reel, full poly skids, recently rebuilt wobble box, SN#2544395F

*Agco Gleaner 500 30’ flex head w/ poly, fingers, good knives & guards, SN#3044732F

*Agco Gleaner 400 30’ head, 9” Lucke sunflower pans w/ lift finger, SN#R3024483G8686

*Agco Gleaner 400 30’ rigid head

*Agco Gleaner 313 pkp head w/ Melroe 388 7-belt pkp

*JD 8R22 corn head- ADDED 7/14/17

*JD 930F 30’ flex head w/ finger reel, F/A & short dividers, SN#671104

*JD 930 30’ flex head w/ long poly dividers, 3” cut, F/A, stubble lights & flashers, SN#H00930F681335

*JD 930F 30’ flex head w/ long poly dividers, 3” cut, full finger auger, F/A & stubble lights, SN#H00930F691907

*JD 930F flex head- ADDED 7/14/17

*JD 925F 25’ flex head

*JD 915 head w/ 14' Sund pkp, new bearings on drum, SN#H00915P640462- ADDED 7/14/17

*JD 914 pkp head, single pt & old syle hookup, SN#675324

*JD 6 belt pkp head

*IH 810 20’ sunflower head w/ 9” pans, SN#1480071U019196

*JD 222 22’ rigid head w/ bat reel

*JD 220 20’ head w/ 2) 9’ Sund pkps

*JD 212 pkp head w/ 6 belt pkp, fits JD 9600

*JD 212 pkp head w/ 6 belt pkp, SN#538383

*JD 212 pkp head w/ 6 belt pkp, SN#273981H

*JD 22’ bean pkp head

*Sund 20’ pickup

*SSR 24’ sunflower attachment

*Batt reel for JD 925 head

*2012 Crop Sweeper 8R22 corn head reel, can controls for height, F/A & speed, all alum, will fit any brand of head- ADDED 7/14/17



*1998 Befort tri-axle double header trailer w/ hyd scissor fold, torsion bar axle, elec brakes & pintle hitch, VIN#1DHTBM03039810000

*FWF42 42’ header trailer

*FWF37 37’ header trailer

*2) Unused America 836 36’ HD 6-wheel header trailers w/ brakes & lights

*5) Unused America 440 40’ 6-wheel header trailers

*6) Unused America 435 35’ 6-wheel header trailers

*America 835 35’ 6-wheel header trailer w/ brakes & lights, lightly used

*America 835 35’ header trailer

*Elmers 30’ header trailer

*Horst 26’ 4-wheel header trailer w/ telescoping hitch & 225/75D15 tires, used for storage only, SN#120056

*Unused Vulcan Ironworks Inc header trailer

*Transport Systems 100A 30’ single axle flex header trailer, SN#06100A107

*2) Elmers HT-30 30’ single axle 2-wheel header trailers, SN#011911 & #012051

*Elmers 30’ header trailer

*Elmers header trailer

*Vulcan 30’ flex head trailer

*25’ flex head trailer



*2008 Peterbilt 388 48” flattop sleeper, Cat C15 Acert eng 475 hp, Eaton 10 spd trans, eng brake, wet kit, 234 WB, 3:25 ratio, 295/75R22.5 fronts, 275/80R22.5 rears, alum wheels, dual alum tanks, dual chrome stacks, stainless air cleaners, extra sharp & clean, 973483 miles showing

*2008 Peterbilt 388 day cab, Cummins ISX 450hp, 10 spd trans, jake brake, low air leaf susp, dual alum tanks, 200 WB, 295/75R22.5 tires, alum wheels, 445189 miles showing

*2012 IH Pro Star Premium Plus, 72” midrise sleeper, Maxxforce 13 eng 475hp, 10 spd trans, A/C, cruise, tilt, p/w/l, 11-22.5 LP tires 80%, 10 alum rims, less than 5000 miles on new clutch, 458000 miles showing

*2012 Volvo VNL 300 day cab, D13 engine 425/470hp, 10 spd, 3:70 ratio, 170 WB, dual alum tanks, 11R22.5 tires on steel disk wheels, alum fronts, grill guard, 556280 miles showing

*2008 Freightliner Cascadia day cab, Mercedes 14.8L eng 455 hp, Eaton 3 pedal auto shift, 3:90 ratio, alum fuel tanks, 190WB, 285/75R24.5 tires, alum wheels, 349000 actual miles

*2008 IH ProStar day cab, Cat C13 430hp, FRO16210 10 spd trans, 177 WB, air ride susp, jake brake, alum fronts, steel disk rears  

*2008 Kenworth T660, big sleeper, Cat C15 engine- OH 50000 miles ago ($20,000), deleted omissions, twin turbo, 13 spd- ADDED 7/14/17

*2007 Kenworth T-800 28” flattop sleeper, Cat C-13 engine, 10 spd, new way air ride susp, 3:90 ratio, new 4-way lockers, 200 WB, 193000 actual miles

*2007 Kenworth T800B day cab, C13 Cat engine, FRO10 spd, 3:73 ratio, alum fuel tank, 173 WB, 11R22.5 tires on alum wheels

*2007 Sterling day cab, 14L Detroit 515hp, 10 spd, air ride, 161 WB, 11-24.5 tires

*2006 Mack Vision CXN613 day cab, Mack AC 427 hp, 10 spd trans, alum fuel tanks, 11R22.5 tires, alum front, steel disk rears

*2006 Mack Vision CXN613 day cab, Mack AC 380/410 hp, Eaton Fuller 10 spd trans, air ride, 176WB, 11R22.5 tires, alum wheels

*2005 Peterbilt 385 day cab, Cat C13 engine 425hp, 10 spd, air ride, 2 line wet kit, 212 WB, alum wheels, 467358 miles showing

*2004 Peterbilt 379 ext hood, Cat C-15- single turbo has had OH, new 18 spd w/ warranty, 260 WB, 11-24.5 virgin rubber, 967905 miles showing

*2003 Freightliner FLD112 day cab, Cat C12 eng 410hp, Eaton 10 spd trans, 3:90 ratio, alum fuel tank, 200 WB, 11R22.5 tires, alum wheels, 839288 miles showing

*2003 Freightliner Classic, day cab, short hood, 12.7 engine 430-470hp, 10 spd, 210 WB, 11-24.5 tires, 6 alum wheels, 644444 miles showing

*2004 Sterling single axle, Cat C7 300hp, 7 spd, 275/11-24.5 tires, 240000 miles showing

*2002 Peterbilt 378 day cab, Cat C12 430hp, 10 spd trans, jake brake, 200 WB, low air leaf susp, alum wheels- last minute addition, check back for full details

*2001 IH 9100 day cab, N14 Cummins, 10 spd, jake brake, dual alum fuel tanks, 11R22.5 tires, alum front, steel disk rear, 970413 miles showing

*2001 Kenworth T800 day cab, Cat C12 410hp, 10 spd, 190 WB, alum wheels, 760000 miles showing

*1996 Kenworth T800, N14 Cummins Red Top, 18 spd, jake brake, 4:11 ratio, 46000lb rears, factory lowboy frame, alum tank, Pro-Tech saddle boxes, 222 WB,12R22.5 fronts, 11R24.5 rears on alum wheels, 420581 KM showing= 259617 miles

*2001 Volvo day cab, 60 Series Detroit, Super 10 spd trans, dual alum tanks, 10 alum wheels, new tires & brakes 12/2016, 1243157 miles showing

*2000 Freightliner FLD120 single axle day cab, Detroit 60 series 360hp, Eaton 10 spd trans, 3:90 ratio, wet kit, dual alum tanks, 166 WB, 11R22.5 tires, steel disk wheels, 699020 miles showing

*1999 Volvo day cab, 12.7L Detroit 365hp, 9 spd trans, wet kit, engine OH at 600000 miles

*1995 Freightliner FLD120, N14 Cummins, 9 spd trans, wet kit- new pump 2016, dual alum tank, 10 alum wheels, needs injector work, all new filters, tires & brakes last fall



*2016 Timpte Super Hopper Alum hopper bottom trailer, 40’x66” sides x 96 wide, ag hoppers w/ direct drive openers, stainless front corners & rear panel, 11R22.5 tires, all alum wheels, fldg ladders, elec roll tarp, very low miles, like new

*2014 Timpte Super Hopper Alum hopper bottom trailer, 42’x66” sides x 96 wide, ag hoppers w/ direct drive openers, stainless front corners & rear panel, 11R24.5 tires, all alum wheels, air ride w/ gauge & dump valve, fldg ladders, Thunder elec roll tarp, black in color, ultra clean

*2013 Wilson Pace Setter Alum hopper bottom trailer, 43’x66” sides x 96 wide, ag hoppers, 11R22.5 tires, all alum wheels, roll tarp, air ride & scale, front & rear ladders, stainless corners

*2011 Timpte Super Hopper Alum hopper bottom trailer, 40’x66” sides x 96 wide, ag hoppers, 11R22.5 tires, outside alum wheels, air ride w/ scale, roll tarp, ladders & stainless corners

*2011 Maurer Agri-Lite Alum hopper bottom trailer, 42’x66” sides x 96 wide, ag hoppers, 11R24.5 tires, outside alum wheels, air ride w/ scale, power tarp, Rite Trap/ Roll Rite trap controls & ladders

*2010 Magnum 40’ hopper trailer, 96”W, 76” sides, spring ride, elec roll tarp, 60% brakes, 11R22.5 tires, steel disk wheels, new paint job

*2005 TrailKing RGN detachable lowboy trailer, 48’ overall length, 102” wide, 29 ½’ well, 90” tail deck, 255/70R22.5 tires, alum wheels

*2005 Etnyre Blackhawk 55T RGN de-tach triaxle lowboy trailer w/ 24’ well, rear lift 3rd axle & alum wheels

*2005 Fontaine 53 x 102 spread axle trailer, 10.2’ spread, air ride, alum outriggers, forward ramps

*2002 Transcraft 53’ closed tandem step deck trailer

*2000 Great Dane 34’ flatbed trailer, spring ride, 70% brakes, 11R22.5 tires 80%

*1999 Transcraft Eagle 45’ aluminum spread axle flatbed trailer, air ride, air brakes, pop up, chain tie downs, 11R24.5 tires

*1997 Wilson Muvall 50’ tandem axle double drop implement trailer, 100” width, outriggers, hyd dovetail, winch & 255/70R22.5 tires

*1998 Timpte 42' x 96" alum hopper grain trailer, 78" sides- ADDED 7/14/17

*1981 Wilson 48’ alum hopper trailer w/ 86” sides, 3 hoppers, roll tarp, holds approx 48000 lbs, used to haul sunflowers

*Cornhusker 19’ X 96” gravel pup trailer, 64” sides, 5 axle, manual roll tarp, 295/75R22.5 front singles, 285/75R24.5 quad rear duals, all alum wheels

*1975 Bocats 22’ hopper pup w/ 2 hopper doors, newer roll tarp, rear pintle hitch & 10.00R20 tires on Dayton wheels 



*2012 JD 4830 SP sprayer, 1000 gal stainless steel tank, rinse tank, 5-way nozzle bodies, 15” spacing, GS3 screen & 3000 receiver w/ JD weather station, Goodyear 380/90R46 front tires 80%, Michelin 650/65R38 rear tires 70%, w/ 520/70R38 duals & spacers, SN#1N04830XKC0018757

*1997 Willmar 8400 hi-clearance sprayer, 8.3L Cummins engine- 750 hrs on Cummins OH, 120’ booms, 1000 gal SS tank, air susp, nearly new chem pump, wired for FM750 w/ EZ pilot & Field IQ spray system, serviced & inspected annually by Hydra-Fab Innovations, 5415 eng hrs, SN#2284

*Summers 90’ Ultimate PT susp boom sprayer w/ 1000 gal tank, 3 way nozzle bodies, 3 section EZ boom auto shut off, Raven 440 monitor, windscreens & 380/90R46 tires

*Red Ball 680 PT susp boom sprayer, 90’ booms, 1600 gal tank, rinse tank, TeeJet 3-way nozzle bodies, Raven SCS 440 sprayer control, 320/90R46 tires set at 120”, SN#05-02654

*Blu-Jet Landwalker NH3 40’ applicator w/ Raven Industries AccuFlow SuperCooler system, walking tandems on main frame, 12” shank spacing- ADDED 7/14/17

*1996 Nitromaster model 800 52’ NH3 applicator, coil shank w/ knife openers, auto rate control, walking tandems & dbl fold wings, SN#1131

*Brittonya 90’ truck mounted broadcast sprayer

*Hardi 66’ pickup sprayer, 300 gal tank, F/T spray control, B&S 5hp engine & Horvick markers, SN#38028716

*Alloway 8R30 band sprayer w/ 500 gal tank & hypro pump

*Keller 72R22 banding cart units- ADDED 7/14/17

*2) 8R30 band sprayers

*Snyder Industries 850 gal elliptical tank

*Demco 200 gal saddle tanks for JD 8000 series

*Raven NH3 Super Cooler tower w/ mounting bracket used for JD 1610 chisel plow

*Roll of ½” Eva tubing for NH3 application, approx 200-250’

*NH3 tank hitch for back of NH3 applicator, includes 2500lb hand ratchet winch, 6) U-bolts for frame mounting & complete 1” hose assembly from Supercooler to NH3 tank that includes breakaway coupler

*500 gal poly tank w/ Hypro 9303c-hm1 centrifugal pump & lower base mounting bracket for tank setup

*2) John Blue IP-1800 NH3 manifolds w/ mounting brackets used for JD 1610 chisel plow, each manifold supports up to 18 ports, used on only 350 acres

*40) Large model CC-440 low profile NH3 knives w/ carbide tips & bolts, 4 w/ cold flow vents, less than 300 acres, no rocks

*John Blue NH3 kit including manifold, valve, hoses & 31) carbide tips from chisel plow

*Raven NH3 Accuflow vertical dam divider & manifolds w/ Raven SCS 440 controller

*Hyd NH3 torpedo hitch

*Cold Flow NH3, mounts to cultivator

*30 gallon chemical mixing cone

*Atom Jet NH3 knives

*35) Nichols NKL 43N20 NH3 knives- used very little, ½” hose

*Continental vertical dam manifolds, each up to 16 ports

*Set of Demco saddle tanks- ADDED 7/14/17   



*Wishek 742NT 36’ heavy spring cushion disk w/ 10” spacing, blades measure 25”, dual main frame & wing wheels, 385/65R22.5 tires, 3 section fold & heavy tine 3 bar harrow, teeth measure 5/8” x 24”, SN#6101134

*2012 JD 637 45’ cushion gang disk w/ 9” spacing, walking tandems around, blades measure 22 ½”, 5 section fold, spring loaded scrapers, hyd depth adj & wing gauge wheels, SN#00637XPB0745419

*2007 JD 2410 chisel plow, Summers 104 3 bar harrow, 12” spacing set up for deep banding, walking tandems, Raven cold flow NH3 setup w/ VRT, 6 tower run for dry fert, floating hitch, 11L-15 tires

*2005 JD 2410 33’ chisel plow, 3 section fold, Summers 106 harrows w/ new teeth & nearly new 4” shovels, SN#N02410X000514

*2007 JD 1910 TBH air cart w/ JD VRT ready, 270BU tank, winch for pulling NH3 tanks into place, rear camera, LED lighting

*Case IH PTX600 Flex Till 50’ chisel plow w/ 5 section fold, single pt depth control, 3” twist shovel, hyd 3 bar heavy tine harrow, front casters & floating hitch, SN#YCS003289

*2009 JD 680 41’ chisel plow

*2005 Wilrich 4830 29’ chisel plow w/ danish tine rear leveler, SN#454517 

*DMI Tigermate 36’ cultivator w/ 3 bar harrow, walking tandems around & front wing gauge wheels-ADDED 7/14/17


*RTS 3300 cultivator w/ 3 bar harrow, walking tandems around, wings gauge wheels & rear hitch- ADDED 7/14/17

*JD 610 40’ chisel plow w/ HD harrows & spikes

*JD 1060 54 ½’ cultivator, 5 section fold, Summers 3 bar harrow, single pt depth control & rear hitch

*JD 1010 42’ cultivator w/ Morris 3 bar harrow, Valmar 240 & knock on shovels

*Unused 2017 Shop built 53’ land roller, new ½” steel drums, 12 ply tires, used on only 600-700 acres, mfg by Boutain Welding, Goodridge MN

*Riteway 50’ coil packer w/ spring loaded gauge wheels & 9.5L-15SL tires

*Taylor Way 32’ heavy tandem disk w/ notched blades & dual wheels on wings

*1996 Sunflower 35’ disk, no harrow, SN#1476604 

*Krause 40’ cushion gang disk w/ new blades-ADDED 7/14/17


*JD 610 39’ chisel plow w/ large knives- ADDED 7/14/17


*Case IH 8600 30’ air disk drill, 6” spacing, rubber press wheels & markers- ADDED 7/14/17

*Unused America 6’ 3pt track, furrow or tile closer

*Buhler Farm King 8’ disk w/ 20” blades

*Land Pride model DH2596 8’ disk w/ 20” blades

*8’ disk w/ 18” blades

*Caulkins 16’ chisel plow

*Summers 36’ folding harrow

*JD 3600 8/18 auto reset plow, low acres, SN#010871A

*JD 3700 12 btm plow, SN#A03700X010644

*Melroe 7/18 auyo reset plow

*2) MM 20’ tandem disks

*Lely Roterra 450 3pt rotary tiller w/ round bar packer

*Lely Roterra 200 3pt rotary tiller w/ round bar packer, SN#200-19

*JD 1000 24’ 3pt cultivator w/ harrows

*MM 12’ chisel plow

*JD 10’ CC cultivator



*2004 Westward 9352i SP windrower w/ Macdon 972 30’ draper head, split reel, side shift table, single knife drive, hitch for canola roller, 500/70R24 (19.5L24) tires 60%, 500 acres on new sickle, guards & draper roller bearings, 2740 engine hrs, 2023 header hrs, header SN#156597, swather SN#159157

*2010 J&M 1051-22S grain cart w/ large 1000 PTO, new lower auger, scale w/ cab control & 900/60R32 tires, SN#6117

*Unverferth CC-500 500BU grain cart, corner auger, Weight Tronics scale, 1000 PTO, 24.5-32 tires, SN#B18-090-142

*2008 Rem 2700 grain vac, rubber & steel flex hose, clean up kit, new chains, bearing & sprockets fall 2016, 267 hrs showing

*2013 Brandt 1390HP 13 x 90 grain auger, 1000 PTO, elec swing hopper mover, elec winch & spout

*2010 Brandt 1585 Grain Belt SP conveyor w/ 1515LP transfer conveyor attached, self contained hyd w/ gas engine drive

*2017 Batco 1335 13 x 35 conveyor, no fertilizer, like new

*Wheatheart 13 x 81 hyd swing grain auger, used 2 seasons, SN#4797

*2011 Conveyall TCGN1035 belt conveyor, 7.5hp elec motor, single phase, field loader style, long hopper, SN#7308

*2009 Westfield WR80-41BD 8 x 41 auger w/ 540 PTO, lubricated upper drive & oil impregnated hardwood driveshaft bearings, SN#207648

*Horvick 65’ belt conveyor, 3 phase, 15hp motor 

*2007 Walinga 6614 deluxe grain vac, pre cleaner, 1000 PTO, hyd boom & hoses- ADDED 7/14/17


*Walinga 610 grain vac- ADDED 7/14/17

*Case IH 8210 21’ auto fold PT swather w/ finger reel, low acres, SN#CFH0064872

*Case IH 721 21’ auto fold PT swather w/ bat reel, good canvas, SN#1330123C002381

*Case IH 721 21’ swather w/ finger reel & 1000 PTO, SN#CCC0003340 

*Case IH 721 21’ swather w/ finger reel & batt reel, SN#2392- ADDED 7/14/17

*1997 Premier 1900 25’ swather w/ batt reel, low acres, SN#114410

*Versatile 4400 SP swather

*Versatile 400 18’ swather

*Versatile 18’ PT swather w/ metal bat reel

*21’ finger reel for CIH 721 swather

*21’ bat reel for CIH 721 swather

*Full drive on SP swather transport

*Westfield WR80-71 grain auger w/ elec drive, no motor, SN#197201

*Westfield 10 x 71 PTO grain auger w/ hyd swing hopper

*Westfield 7 x 51 grain auger w/ B&S 16hp gas engine & elec start

*GT 7 x 36 grain auger w/ B&S 10hp gas engine & elec start

*Hutchinson 6 x 41 grain auger w/ 7 1/2hp elec motor

*Westgo 7 x 45 auger w/ PTO drive

*Buhler C800SR 8’ swath roller, SN#23600501

*2) Farm King C1000SR 8’ swath rollers, SN#9361158 & SN#9361328

*Canola roller

*8’ canola roller

*250BU drill tender w/ hyd drive & fldg auger 

*Brandt 735 7 x 35 transfer auger- ADDED 7/14/17

*Bean Hustler vacuum drill fill w/ B&S 21hp gas motor

*2) 8” take out augers w/ 5hp elec motors

*30’ bin sweep w/ 3hp elec motor

*Butler air floor for 27’ diameter grain bin, 7” galvanized steel planks, perforated floor, 2- cutouts for central sump & door sump, 13” support stands & 10 ¾” flashing plates



*2006 Artsway 6812A 12R22 beet harvester w/ 1000 PTO, row finder, poly covered diverter, grab rolls, belted aprons, front gauge wheels, lights, safety lights, 24.5-32 tires, SN#AWB6812A060095

*2006 Amity R996 8R22 beet harvester w/ shaft drive scrub, fldg boom, Wic row finder, rear belted chain & boom, poly on all grab rolls, wheel fillers, 11.2-24 rear dual tires & spring lifting wheel struts, SN#H340706                       

*2010 Alloway RD267 Topmaster 12R22 beet defoliator w/ knife scalpers, 12.4-24 tires, front strut wheels & steel front flails, SN#3210   

*2004 Parma 264 12R22 beet defoliator w/ disk scalpers, steel cupped knives on front drum, 2 rows of rubber, SN#71764-04- ADDED 7/14/17                   

*Harriston 200 potato Clod Hopper (4520) w/ Ellis star table, catwalks & transport, used very little, SN#45413

*Lockwood model L9139-0841 bin piler, single phase, 208-230V, long cord, wired remote, SN#84358900

*1997 Pickett 6030 8R22 one step bean cutter, converted to 8R22, 4 bar pkp, end delivery, front dividers, 300 acres on new rods, canvases stored inside, SN#97-336

*Pickett 6030-1-A 8R22 one step bean cutter, converted to 8R22, hyd drive, 8 bar pkp & end delivery, SN#94-240- ADDED 7/14/17


*1990 Lockwood 9000 4R potato harvester, all belted apron, 50mm full width primary, 45mm full width secondary, 44mm on rear cross, side elevator & boom, vine choppers, blower, 12 roller dirt table, water tank, center carrier wheel, H/M/L trans on primary/secondary, set up for red potatoes- ADDED 7/14/17 

*Alloway 22’ shredder w/ 3pt lift & L-shaped cutting knives, SN#16749

*Elmers 12R22 front mount bean cutter w/ JD 30 series quick mount hookup

*Harriston 12R22 midmount bean cutter w/ good knives

*Harriston 12R22 rod weeder

*Harriston 5005 8R30 bean knife, SN#51632

*Harriston 8R30 rod weeder

*IH 133 8R30 vibrashank cultivator w/ tunnel shields

*JD 400 12R22 rotary hoe- ADDED 7/14/17

*JD 400 20’ rotary hoe

*JD 200 synchronous beet thinner

*Alloway 12R22 danish tine cultivator- ADDED 7/14/17

*H&S 8R30 row crop cultivator

*Elmers 8R30 row crop cultivator

*Elmers 12R22 row crop cultivator

*Mayo potato planter filler

*Belted bean unload conveyor for 9600 combine

*Lilliston 8R rolling potato cultivator

*Navigator 3pt row crop guidance system

*Belt conveyor- ADDED 7/14/17



*2006 Deere 200C LC excavator, mechanical thumb, aux hyd, GP bucket w/ teeth & ditching bucket, 4843 hrs showing, SN#508302

*2006 Deere 750J LT crawler dozer w/ EROPS, A/C, heat, 22” track shoes, 11’ 6 way dozer & good undercarriage, SN#T0750JX122220

*2012 Bobcat S750 diesel skid loader, ROPS, aux hyd, manual quick attach, GP bucket & 12-16.5 tires, SN#ATDZ14051

*2006 Bobcat S185 diesel skid loader, EROPS, A/C, heat w/ dirt & snow buckets, new tires, 3600 hrs

*2006 JD CT322 multi terrain track skid loader, diesel, ROPS, aux hyd, manual quick attach, GP bucket, 2440 hrs showing, SN#T0322TA118769

*1997 Case 621BXT wheel loader, cab & heat, 5.9 Cummins eng, aux hyd, high lift, ACS quick attach, ACS quick attach bucket, 20.5-25 tires, 10000 hrs showing, SN#JEE0055195

*Wabco 555 motor grader w/ Cummins engine, 14’ blade & 14.00R24 tires, SN#555C30342

*Case 750 4WD backhoe w/ all wheel steer, front blade & front backhoe attachment

*1983 Bobcat 825 diesel skid steer, material bucket, manure tines, 12-5 tires, extra tires & wheels, 2995 hrs showing, SN#4958-M-20136

*2001 JLG model 33-RTS 4x4 hyd scissor lift, gas engine, SN#0200083744

*BilJax personnel lift, 500lb capacity, 12V system, on board charger

*Generac 15000W PTO driven generator on 2-wheel trailer

*Ingersoll Rand 175 industrial air compressor, Deutz 3 cyl diesel eng, show 822 hrs, needs work, SN#127406UB2953

*Unused Stout XHD84-6 brush/grapple bucket w/ skid steer quick attach

*Unused Stout 72-3 rock/grapple bucket w/ skid steer quick attach

*Unused Stout 72-3 rock bucket w/ skid steer quick attach

*Unused Stout 66-9 brush/grapple bucket w/ skid steer quick attach

*Unused Stout tree & post puller w/ skid steer quick attach

*Unused Stout round bale spear w/ skid steer quick attach

*2) Unused 72” fork extensions

*3) Unused 94” hyd skid steer loader/dozer/blade

*Unused 84” 4 in 1 bucket w/ skid steer quick attach

*Unused HD 3pt backhoe attachment

*Unused 70” 3pt flail mower

*Unused 80” 3pt HD rotary tiller w/ gear drive

*Unused hyd trencher w/ skid steer quick attach

*Quick attach pallet forks for Buhler Farm King loader, like new

*Other skid steer attachments too numerous to list



*Unused America 160R 16’ multi angle pull type blade w/ hyd angle adj, weight box & oversize tires

*Unused America 140R 14’ multi angle pull type blade w/ hyd angle adj, weight box & oversize tires

*Unused America 10F 10’ heavy duty box blade/killifer w/ hyd tilt

*Unused America 12F 12’ heavy duty box blade/killifer w/ hyd tilt

*3) Unused America F12 12’ pull type box blade/killifer

*4) Unused America F10 10’ pull type box blade/killifer

*2) Unused America F8 8’ pull type box blade/killifer

*Hammerback 7’ landscaping box scraper w/ angle blade adjustment

*Woods 1065 6’ 3pt ditchbank rotary mower, SN#1177804

*JD 1518 15’ rotary batwing mower

*Woods RM59 59” 3pt mower

*King Kutter Cat 1 60” 3pt blade, used very little

*2 yd scraper

*UFT 18” 3pt dirt blower/ ditcher



*New Holland 1475 mower conditioner w/ 18’ 2328 head, dbl sickle drive, rubber crimp rollers, hyd tilt, hyd center pivot & 1000 PTO, header SN#658882, mower SN#661897

*New Holland 1475 mower conditioner w/ 18’ 2300 head & 1000 PTO,  header SN#637546, mower SN#642706

*New Holland 271 Hayliner square baler w/ 4’ pkp & 540 PTO, SN#6711

*Case 8480 round baler w/ monitor, soft core baler, SN#CGH0116309

*Case 8480 round baler for parts, 5x6 bales, H&S monitor, SN#CFH0053210

*JD 24T small square baler

*Unused America 625 25’ bale carrier on 4-wheel transport

*9-wheel  hay rake w/ adj raking width & hyd up & down

*WW 16 ½’ x 5’ tandem axle horse trailer, 4 section dividers, front comp, dual rear doors, side door, roof rack & 7.00-15 tires, VIN#065028



*2015 Ford F-150XL 4WD 4-door crew cab pickup, 5.0L V8, auto OD trans, A/C, tilt, cruise, p/w/l, back up camera, factory carpet, running boards, only 8397 total miles, like new, single owner

*2010 Chev Silverado 1500 LT 4WD crew cab pickup, 5300 V8, flex fuel, bed rails, nerf bars, 275/55R20 tires 50%, 195000 miles showing

*2005 Chev Silverado 1500 LT 4WD ext cab pickup, leather interior, heated seats, 5.3L gas engine, 8’ long box w/ 120 gal fuel tank & Fillrite 20gpm 12V pump, running boards, 125200 miles showing

*2002 Chev 2500 4WD pickup, 5.3L eng, auto trans, 301000 miles showing

*1986 Chev service truck, shop box generator, wired for welder, government surplus only 13000 original miles- ADDED 7/14/17

*1999 Dodge 1500 pickup, 5.2L engine, auto trans, leaking seal in trans but drivable, 181975 miles showing

*1994 Ford F250 3/4T tire service truck, 7.3L diesel, 5 spd trans, fiberglass service body w/ dual compressors, lift gate & 1200lb crane, needs work

*1987 Chev C30 1T 4WD service truck, 454 V8 engine, 5 spd, 11’ flatbed w/ 300 gal fuel tank, pump & toolboxes, no rust, 98000 miles showing

*2008 Tarnel Maxi-dump 8’ x 18’ tandem axle gooseneck end dump trailer, 4 ½’ sides, 2- 10000lb axles, used to haul sugar beets for 2 seasons, used very little

*2008 Pace 16’ tandem axle cargo trailer w/ side door & rear cargo door, hail damage

*2010 Big Tex 20’ low profile deck over tandem axle flatbed trailer, 3’ dovetail w/ ramps, 2- 5000lb axles & 2 5/16” ball

*Double L 849 24’ live bottom box w/ 30” belt & Shurlok roll tarp, SN#49-119

*Donahue RH54 tandem axle trailer

*Unused dump trailer, farm use only- no title

*Shop built 7’ x 8’ single axle trailer- no title

*8’ single axle utility trailer w/ ramp gate- no title

*ATV pickup box ramp for 8’ box

*4) IH 7600 painted truck bumpers

*IH 4300 painted truck bumper

*30T 3 stage truck hoist cylinder w/ 2” pins & new seals

*Radiator for 2001 KW T800

*2) Bud's 5' side mount tool boxes w/ compartments- ADDED 7/14/17



*2002 Sterling tri-axle gravel dump truck, Cat C12 eng, 10 spd trans, dual alum tanks, 16’ gravel box, 40” sides, 218 WB, 315/80R22.5 fronts, 11R22.5 rear tandem duals, 295/75R22.5 3rd axle, steel disk wheels, 872634 miles showing

*1997 Peterbilt 378 day cab cab & chassis, set back front axle, Cat C12 engine, 9 spd trans, 262 WB, set up for 20’ box or tender, 11R22.5 rear tires, 380 fronts, steel disk wheels, very good rubber

*1984 Ford 9000, 855 Cummins, 9 spd trans, 16T tender body- no tarp

*1979 IHC S1900 twin screw, IH DT466 diesel engine, 13 spd, Double L live bottom potato box

*1974 IH 1800 tandem twin screw, 5/3 trans, 18’ steel box, roll tarp & hoist, 9.00-20 tires

*1971 Chev C50 single axle, Knapheide 15’ box, Shurlock roll tarp & hoist, 9.00-20 tires

*1968 Ford N600 tag tandem, 330 v8, 4/2 trans, 18’ Westeel box, roll tarp, 8.25-20 drive tires, 16.5-20 tag

*1968 IH COE160 tandem twin screw, gas engine, 5/3 trans, 18’ steel box, roll tarp, center door end gate, plumbed for drill fill, 9.00-20 tires, 4750 miles on complete OH, 76548 total miles showing, collector potential

*1971 Chev C60 fire truck, chassis w/ Forstner fire body, side compartments, Barton-American 500gpm front mount fire pump & 750 gal booster tank, HD 366 cu inch V8 engine, 5 spd trans, 13” HD clutch, HD radiator, single spd rear axle & 8.25-20 tires, only 8200 actual miles

*1983 Ford F550 bucket truck

*1966 Ford F600 dump truck

*1986 Ford Ambulance van, 460 engine- ADDED 7/14/17

*1980 Chev 3 1/2T single axle, 366 eng- recent OH, 4/2 trans, 9.00-20 tires, former County salt truck

*1974 Chev C60 fuel truck, Big block gas engine, manual trans, 1500 gal tank, 5 compartments, dual pump & PTO



*2002 Keystone Montana 32’ 5th wheel travel trailer w/ 2 slide outs

*1998 Keystone Sprinter 29’ BH tandem axle travel trailer, sleeps 6- no bunks, 11’ slideout, microwave, gas/elec fridge, heat, A/C & rubber roof

*Crestliner 19’ boat, Chev 6 cyl inboard motor, new floor, newer roof & trailer- no title

*JD 316 hydrostatic garden tractor w/ 46” deck

*Sabre hydro lawn tractor, 15.5hp, auto trans, 38” deck



*JD ATU 200 Auto Trac universal steering wheel, SN#PCUT00B321410

*JD guidance harness w/ ISOBUS plug to create auto steer ready

*JD ITC globe w/ SF1 activation, SN#PCGT01C522577

*Trimble GL422 dual grade laser, grade stick, alum tripod, Trimble LR410 receiver, SN#2327J0035D, Trimble MD2 laser display, SN#1478 & hyd cyl for scraper w/ hoses & wiring

*Outback S light bar & globe

*JD Greenstar rate controller w/ implement height sensor & NH3 adaptor harness



*Unused 30’ x 85’ x 15’ peak ceiling double door storage building w/ commercial fabric- waterproof, UV & fire resistant & 12’ drive through doors at two ends

*Unused 30’ x 40’ x 15’ peak ceiling double door storage building w/ commercial fabric- waterproof, UV & fire resistant & 12’ drive through doors at two ends

*Unused 20’ x 30’ x 12’ peak ceiling storage shelter w/ commercial fabric & roll up door

*2) Unused 10’ x 20’ commercial instant pop up tent

*Unused 20’ HD 2 piece wrought iron driveway gate

*2) Unused 16’ x 22’ Marquee event tents, 320 sq ft, one zipper door, 7 windows & HD frames & fabric

*2) 8’ x 10’ twin wall green houses

*8’ x 10’ insulated storage building including floor, sheeted inside, wired w/ lights & outlets, new vinyl siding, trim & shingles 2016, tan in color



*2) Unused 10’ 20-drawer HD work bench w/ 40” high hanging wall, stainless steel drawer panel & metal handles

*Unused 80” HD multi drawer tool cabinet w/ 12 drawers, 2- XL doors & 2 XS drawers

*2) Unused HD 110V 60HZ wheel balancers

*Unused 8800lb HD two post auto lift

*2) Unused 50T bottle jacks

*2) Unused HD wood chipper 3pt, PTO, fits 40-70hp

*Unused 10T digital floor scale w/ 78” plate

*Unused 75T hyd shop press

*10) Unused 2” x 27’ ratchet tie downs

*Unused 5-piece ratchet load binder

*4) Unused Solar power welding helmets

*2) HD 3T lever hoists

*2) Unused HD plate compactors

*2) Unused 12T pipe bender

*Unused HD gun safe

*2) Unused 1900 psi pressure washers

*3) Pallets of JD all crop header parts

*4) Long end dividers for JD 600 Series

*32) 14 ¾” planter disks w/ bearings from JD 1770 planter

*Pair of HD 24” coulters for planter or cultivator

*Castloc stationary 5th wheel plate

*Pickup shock hitch

*Unused Remco 5500 series 12V pump, 5.3 gpm

*JD Suitcase weights- 3 types

*Top sieve for CIH 2388, 2188 or 1688 combine

*HD floor model drill press w/ bits

*Hobart Beta mig wire welder, SN#553170

*3” banjo digital water meter w/ quick coupler ends, nearly new

*15) UHF business band radios

*27) Summers 106 harrow teeth, 24-25” length

*Corn filler plates for JD 9600

*20T shop press

*1995 Header adapter to fit JD 9600 combine, SN#94445

*3-tier oil tanks, 50 gal each w/ stand

*100 gal fuel tank w/ pump

*3) Pallets of Lilliston potato cultivator parts

*Pallet of JD plow parts

*4) Sets of 20” ½ moon aeration tubes w/ crosses for 18-19’ diameter bins

*2) Sets of 20” ½ moon aeration tubes for 18-19’ diameter bins

*3) Sukup 14” diameter axial fans, 2- 1.5hp, 1- 1hp

*Caldwell 14” diameter 1hp axial fan

*2) Circle 16” diameter axial fans w/ 16-14” transition tube, 1- 2hp, 1- 1.5hp

*Sukup 12” diameter 3hp axial fan

*JD 3pt quick hitch

*12KW generator w/ Wisconsin engine

*Gasboy fuel pump w/ hose & nozzle

*2) 2 ½” x 8 hyd cylinders w/ adj stops

*JD chisel plow parts

*12) JD weights & bracket, off of 50-60 series tractors

*Indoor LP gas heater

*Tunnel shields for 8R cultivator

*50 gal hyd reservoir tank

*3) Unused gathering chains  & 2) sprockets for NH 974 head or CIH 1000 series

*Unused 8000W generator, new in box

*2) 2000 gal fuel tanks

*Unused upper sieve for CIH 9120/9230

*Unused narrow wire CIH flagship concaves

*Work Saver 3pt forklift attachment

*Cat category III 3pt quick hitch

*Cat category II 3pt quick hitch 

*Westfield folding drill fill auger- ADDED 7/14/17


*Pallet of JD knock on 7” cultivator shovels w/ bolts, off of JD 45’ cultivator- ADDED 7/14/17


*Honda gas motor- ADDED 7/14/17

*20) Shop lights- ADDED 7/14/17



*PR Solideal 24” tracks 90%, off of 8420T, good guide blocks, low hrs

*PR Solideal 16” tracks, off of JD 8520, will fit 8300, 8400 & 8500 Series tractors

*PR Deere 35zts 300x55x83 mini excavator Camoplast tracks

*PR 14.9-30 front tires & rims for JD MFD tractor

*2) Firestone 710/70R38 tires 60%

*PR Goodyear DT800 380/90R50 tractor tires 30%

*2) Firestone 18.4-38 w/ band duals

*4) Armstrong 20.8-42 tractor tires 40%

*4)385/85-34 grip tires- ADDED 7/14/17

*2) Sets of 445/24.5 super singles on alum wheels

*60) 11R22.5 & 11R24.5 truck tires

*Goodyear 710/70R38 tire 60%

*4) 12.4R46 tires w/ 10 holt rims

*Pair of 20” 10 bolt hub spacers

*BFG 18.4-26 diamond tread tires 60%

*Firestone 14.9R30 tire 65%

*PR unused Goodyear 12-30 tires

*2) 16-34 9 hole rims

*4) Pilot 22.5 tires & rims

*2) Single rib tractor tires

*12/46-42 step up rims

*4) 16.9-38 tires on wedge lug style rims

*2) 14.9-24 tires on 8 hole rims

*2) 11L-16 12 ply tires on 8 hole rims

*2) 23 x 8-11 & 2) 24 x 9-11 ATV tires & rims

*30.5 x 9.5R15 tire on 6 hole rim

*Unused Steeltek 245/75R16 tire, load range E

*Asst wedge lugs & dual tie bolts

*Unused 225/75R15 tire w/ 6 bolt rim

*10.00-16 single rib tires

*225/70R22.5 tire & rim

*315/80R22.5 truck tire

*Unused Roadmaster 11-24.5 grip tire

*10.00-16 single rib tires on 8 hole JD rims


GRAND FORKS AREA EQUIPMENT & TRUCK AUCTION- For more information call 701-757-4015 office, 701-215-2058 Dennis, 701-317-0418 Mark


TERMS: Cash, cashier’s check, wire transfer, approved check in US funds.  All sales final.  Statements made auction day take precedence over all advertising.  ND Sales tax laws may apply on some construction & consumer units. Document fee on vehicle titles will apply & vehicle titles will be mailed to buyers.  Due to some conflicts at press time, please note some file photos, see website for originals.


Canadian buyers are always welcome.  Please furnish a letter of credit for registration. Some purchases require payment by wire. Most units move easily across the border, feel free to ask in advance for document assistance if necessary.


AUCTIONEERS & CLERK: Main Resource Equipment Auctions, Dennis Biliske- Auctioneer, 2702 17th Ave S, Grand Forks, ND 58201, ph 701-757-4015, fax 701-757-4016, Dennis Biliske ND Lic 237, ND Clerk Lic 624, email-, website-