Bertrand Borgen Estate & Brian Borgen, Owners

Auction in Gardner North Dakota, United States

22 Saturday
June 22nd, 2019 10:30 AM
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Bertrand Borgen Estate & Brian Borgen, Owners

Auction in Gardner North Dakota, United States

Saturday at - 22nd June , 2019



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SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 2019 - 10:30 AM




Bertrand Borgen Estate & Brian Borgen, Owners



Gardner, ND 58036 
Begins:  06/22/19 at 10:30 AM CDT


SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 2019 – 10:30 AM

LOCATION: Approximately 3.75 miles east of Gardner, ND on Hwy 26; or from Perley, MN- 2 miles west on HWY 16, south 2 miles on HWY 31 and 3.25 miles west on HWY 26

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Please note a nice collection with a few rare units.  Tractors have been kept indoors!!

ONLINE BIDDING: Available by registering at in advance

John Deere: 
1926 D, nickel hole flywheel, PTO w/ factory shield, F&H front round spoke wheels, factory air cleaner, Aero Dixie magneto, new front tires, 13.6-28 rear tires, SN#37209
1935 B, F&H round spoke front and rear wheels, flat top fenders, all fuel, pto, 5.00-15 front, 11-36 rear tires, SN#10046
1936 A, narrow front, all fuel, cast rear wheels, pto, 6.00-16 front, 13.6-38 rear tires, SN#439559
1936 AR, (462nd AR built), all fuel, pto, 7.50-15 front, 14.9r26 rear tires, SN#250462
1937 BR, full steel, pto, SN#327873
1938 G, narrow front, cast rear hubs, pto, 8.00-15 front, 14.9r28 rear tires, SN#4851
1939 B, narrow front, all fuel, pto, 5.00-15 front, 12.4-38 rear tires, SN#73053
1945 H, narrow front, no pto, foot throttle, 4.00-15 front, new 9.5-32 rear tires, SN#37582
1945 B, factory wide front, pto, 5.50-15 front,11.2-r38 rear tires, SN#172531
1945 LA, lights, electric start, new 4.00-15 front, 9.5-24 rear tires, SN#10555
1946 B, single front wheel, lights, powr-trol, 7.50-10 front, new 11.2-38 rear tires, SN#194046
1947 D, electric start, 5.50-18 front, 16.9-30 rear tires, SN#170275
1948 M, wide front, lights, 4.00-15 front, 9.00-24 rear tires, SN#21837
1948 A, round tube wide front, electric start, pto, 1 hyd, 5.50-16 front, new 12.4-42 rear tires, SN#609193
1947 D, electric start, pto, all fuel, flat lense lights, 5.50-18 front , 16.9r30 rear tires SN# 165158
1951 G, wide front, live pto, rock shaft, electric start, 6.00-16 front, 14.9-38 rear tires SN#52350
1953 50, roll-o-matic narrow front, live pto, mounted cultivator, rear window rims, 5.00-15 front, 11.2-38 rear tires, SN#5005602
1953 40, wide front, pto, 6’ Woods belly mower, 6.00-16 front, 14.9-26 rear tires, SN#65121
1954 40, wide front, lights, pto, rock shaft, 5.50-16 front, 11.2-34 rear tires, SN#68033
1954 50, single front wheel, live  pto, rock shaft, powr-trol, tach, Kosch mid mount 6’ sickle mower, 11-32 rear tires, SN#5020705
1956 80 standard, wide front, power steering, pto, 2 hyd, 7.50-18 front, 23.1-26 rear tires, SN#8002469
1956 420U, wide front, 3 pt, pto, 6.00-16 front, 14.9-26 rear tires, SN#80976
1957 70, round tube wide front, powr-trol, pto, 6.00-15 front, 14.9r38 rear tires, SN#7008324
1965 60, square tube wide front, power steering, powr-trol, hour meter, 1 hyd, 6.00-16 front, 13.6r38 rear tires, SN#6061285
1967 620, square tube wide front, power steering, live pto, factory 3 pt, 9.50-14 front, 14.9r38 rear tires, 1767 hrs showing, SN#6208534
110 garden tractor with deck SN#T1306

 JI Case:
1929 C, wide front, front and rear steel wheels, JI Case magneto, SN#C238314
1938 CC, narrow front, PTO, factory front and rear cast hubs and rims, new 11.2-32 rear tires, new 8.00r16 front tires, SN#4200702
1949 SC-4, wide front, pto, 1 hyd, un-restored SN#5317318SC
International Harvester:
1941 M, Schwartz wide front, pto, 1 set rear wheel weights, 13.6-38 rear tires, SN# FBK35747
1948 Super A, wide front, mid mount IHC cultivator, 11.2-24 rear tires, 5.00-15 fronts, SN#251756
1948 MD, factory wide front, pto, 1 set rear wheel weights, aux hyd tank, 16.9-38 rear tires, 6.00-15 front, SN#157882
1953 Super H, Schwartz wide front, pto, 1 set rear wheel weights, 12.4-28 rear tires, 6.00r16 front, SN# 3152J
1949 C, factory wide front, clam shell fenders, pto, 6’ belly mower, 11.2-36 rear tires, SN#FC26066
1959 560 Diesel, wide front, 3 pt, pto, DuAll loader w/ hyd bucket,1 set rear wheel weights, 5360 hrs showing, 15.5-38 rear tires,  SN#20075
Minneapolis Moline: 
1949 UTS, standard,  wide front, Farmhand hyd pump and reservoir,  pto, lights, wheel weights, new 6.50-15 front, 14.9-38 rear tires, SN#124903369
1953 UTS, wide front, lights, pto, rear wheel weights, new 6.50-16 front, 14.9-38 rear tires, SN#01212039
1948 E3, narrow front, wheel weights, PTO hyd pump, “Custom Built” model 32 loader “Sold by Farmers Union Exchange” 5.50-16 front, 11-38 rear tires, SN# 15395

Numerous mounted and pull type implements
Numerous two cyl parts
Many good usable tires 

Bertrand Borgen Estate & Brian Borgen, Owners
For More Information, Call Brian: 218-790-3814
TERMS: Cash, cashier’s check, wire transfer, approved check in US funds.  All sales final.  Statements made auction day take precedence over all advertising.  Document fee on vehicle titles will apply & vehicle titles will be mailed to buyers.  
Canadian buyers are always welcome.  Please furnish a letter of credit for registration. Some purchases require payment by wire. Most units move easily across the border, feel free to ask in advance for document assistance if necessary. 
AUCTIONEERS & CLERK: Resource Auction, Dennis Biliske- Auctioneer, 2702 17th Ave S, Grand Forks, ND 58201, ph 701-757-4015, fax 701-757-4016, Dennis Biliske ND Lic 237, ND Clerk Lic 624, email- [email protected], website-; Booking Auctioneer- Andrew Jossund 701-367-3627