ESTATE SALE--(Name Withheld) Little bit of everything #36

Online Auction in Taylorsville, North Carolina, United States

13 Sunday
13th September, 2020

ESTATE SALE--(Name Withheld) Little bit of everything #36

Online Auction in Taylorsville North Carolina, United States

Sunday at - 13th September , 2020


Please read Terms of Sale BEFORE bidding!!! if you do not Agree to ALL, DO NOT BID Nothing has been tested unless otherwise stated. If items are stated as new, they are new and not returns. Returns will be noted as such. All items are sold as-is, with no guarantees, and NO returns what so ever. No chargebacks allowed on credit cards either. IF you do this, you will be blocked, reported for fraud (As you still have the items) and our attorneys will be in touch with you. All items are in the exact same condition as we found them and have not been cleaned. Coins and money are exactly the way we received them, ungraded, unsorted, and not appraised or gone through by anyone. Could be silver, may not be, we are not coin dealers so we have no idea. There are so many fakes out there and we have no way of telling, so use your own descretion when Biddng and buying money. Best we can do is use a neodymium magnet. on silver coins....if magnetic, coins are not accepted for auction. Our description is merely a guideline describing it as we see it and is our opinion only. We do use talk to text when describing, so don't always count on the wording, always see the pictures to be 100% sure what you are bidding on. Please see pictures on all items as we may miss something in the title or description. Pictures are the best way to determine if something is like you are hoping it is. We will ship everything, except for furniture. Books can go media mail, but not when combined with other items. All Items will be shiped the cheapest way, with insurance. We do not mark up shipping, what it costs us it what it will cost you. Items are usually shiiped out within 1-3 days of auction close. Shipping will be billed on a separte charge after the items are shipped. If you prefer pick-up, Pick-up will start the day after the auction ends in Taylorsville at 899 East main ave, Taylorsville, Nc, 28681. Call or text 704-682-6968 so we can schedule your time for pick-up. Do NOT come any time other than your scheduled time as your items may not be ready for pick-up. Any items not picked up within 2 weeks will be considered abandoned and forfeited without a refund. Please register with the credit card that you intend on paying with, and it will be charged at auction completion. 4% fee for credit cards will be charged as well. No fee if paying cash upon pickup. I REPEAT: All items are sold as-is with no guarantees whatsoever. If we notice any defects with the item, we will do our best to note that in the description. Please see all pictures as we are not experts in anything and cannot guarantee any item to be authentic or unmodified. They are sold in the same condition that they are brought to us for sale. ALL MEASUREMENTS, DESCRIPTIONS AND QUANTITIES ARE APPROXIMATE AND MADE TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE. Absolutely no refunds, No Returns, and No Exchanges. There are no bid cancellations. Auction items are not inspected and not tested unless stated in the lot description. Auction company can and will be bidding on some Items as they are consigned to the Auction company to sell for the consignor. ONCE YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR THIS AUCTION, YOU DO HEREBY AGREE TO ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS STATED HEREIN.


MORE LOTS JUST ADDED AT END OF SALE See all pics for full details



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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 1

    Lot of postage stamps

  • Lot #: 2

    Lot of comic books

  • Lot #: 3

    Lot of Playboy penthouse and more

  • Lot #: 4

    NOS Confederate collection pocket...

  • Lot #: 5

    20" sterling silver chain necklace

  • Lot #: 6

    24-in sterling silver necklace

  • Lot #: 7

    28-in sterling silver necklace

  • Lot #: 8

    Quick lock raised toilet seat

  • Lot #: 9

    Lot of postage stamps

  • Lot #: 10

    Lot of five comic books

  • Lot #: 11

    11 pair of brand new blue socks

  • Lot #: 12

    Lot of vintage '60s and '80s Playb...

  • Lot #: 13

    Lot of stamps

  • Lot #: 14

    Brand new on target throwing knife

  • Lot #: 15

    New 440 steel pocket knife

  • Lot #: 16

    Legends of the wild West cap gun

  • Lot #: 17

    Lot of vintage bottles

  • Lot #: 18

    Sears Craftsman power blower vac....

  • Lot #: 19

    Lot of 14 pair hue dress socks

  • Lot #: 20

    Lot of postage stamps

  • Lot #: 21

    Lot of '60s and '90s Playboy magaz...

  • Lot #: 22

    Retro piano bench?

  • Lot #: 23

    Nice metal and cloth bench

  • Lot #: 24

    Elvis pure gold record

  • Lot #: 25

    Elvis blue Hawaii record

  • Lot #: 26

    Elvis kissin cousins record

  • Lot #: 27

    Elvis almost in love record

  • Lot #: 28

    Elvis GI blues record

  • Lot #: 29

    Lot of postage stamps

  • Lot #: 30

    Vintage octagon table

  • Lot #: 31

    Junk drawer box lot

  • Lot #: 32


  • Lot #: 33

    Lot of postage stamps

  • Lot #: 34

    Lot of '80s and '90s Playboy magaz...

  • Lot #: 35

    Lot of Madison acrylic crew socks

  • Lot #: 36

    Lot of new socks

  • Lot #: 37

    Beautiful brass tone with large rh...

  • Lot #: 38

    Beautiful black and rhinestone stu...

  • Lot #: 39

    Box lot of stamps

  • Lot #: 40

    Lot of various insulators

  • Lot #: 41

    Lot of 60's 80's and 90's Playboys

  • Lot #: 42

    Lot of old bottles

  • Lot #: 43

    Double sword baton

  • Lot #: 44

    Oil on canvas signed

  • Lot #: 45

    Vintage sportcraft stopwatch

  • Lot #: 46

    Homemade? Desk organizer

  • Lot #: 47

    Bissell bagless vacuum cleaner tes...

  • Lot #: 48

    Bissell easy empty bagless vacuum

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