Estate, New, Coins, Knives, Jewelry, toys, more #53

Online Auction in Taylorsville, North Carolina, United States

01 Sunday
01st November, 2020

Estate, New, Coins, Knives, Jewelry, toys, more #53

Online Auction in Taylorsville North Carolina, United States

Sunday at - 01st November , 2020



Please read Terms of Sale BEFORE bidding!!! if you do not Agree to ALL, DO NOT BID Nothing has been tested unless otherwise stated. If items are stated as new, they are new and not returns. Returns will be noted as such. All items are sold as-is, with no guarantees, and NO returns what so ever. No chargebacks allowed on credit cards either. IF you do this, you will be blocked, reported for fraud (As you still have the items) and our attorneys will be in touch with you. All items are in the exact same condition as we found them and have not been cleaned. Coins and money are exactly the way we received them, ungraded, unsorted, and not appraised or gone through by anyone. Could be silver, may not be, we are not coin dealers so we have no idea. There are so many fakes out there and we have no way of telling, so use your own descretion when Biddng and buying money. Best we can do is use a neodymium magnet. on silver coins....if magnetic, coins are not accepted for auction. Our description is merely a guideline describing it as we see it and is our opinion only. We do use talk to text when describing, so don't always count on the wording, always see the pictures to be 100% sure what you are bidding on. Please see pictures on all items as we may miss something in the title or description. Pictures are the best way to determine if something is like you are hoping it is. We will ship everything, except for furniture. Books can go media mail, but not when combined with other items. All Items will be shiped the cheapest way, with insurance. We do not mark up shipping, what it costs us it what it will cost you. Items are usually shiiped out within 1-3 days of auction close. Shipping will be billed on a separte charge after the items are shipped. If you prefer pick-up, Pick-up will start the day after the auction ends in Taylorsville at 899 East main ave, Taylorsville, Nc, 28681. Call or text 704-682-6968 so we can schedule your time for pick-up. Do NOT come any time other than your scheduled time as your items may not be ready for pick-up. Any items not picked up within 2 weeks will be considered abandoned and forfeited without a refund. Please register with the credit card that you intend on paying with, and it will be charged at auction completion. 4% fee for credit cards will be charged as well. No fee if paying cash upon pickup. I REPEAT: All items are sold as-is with no guarantees whatsoever. If we notice any defects with the item, we will do our best to note that in the description. Please see all pictures as we are not experts in anything and cannot guarantee any item to be authentic or unmodified. They are sold in the same condition that they are brought to us for sale. ALL MEASUREMENTS, DESCRIPTIONS AND QUANTITIES ARE APPROXIMATE AND MADE TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE. Absolutely no refunds, No Returns, and No Exchanges. There are no bid cancellations. Auction items are not inspected and not tested unless stated in the lot description. Auction company can and will be bidding on some Items as they are consigned to the Auction company to sell for the consignor. ONCE YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR THIS AUCTION, YOU DO HEREBY AGREE TO ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS STATED HEREIN.


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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 1

    Cars 3 two mugs with two hot cocoa...

  • Lot #: 10

    Three rolls of duct tape

  • Lot #: 11

    Large lot of hue knee high socks

  • Lot #: 12

    Lot of four brand new universal re...

  • Lot #: 13

    Lot of kids books

  • Lot #: 100

    Noah's responsibility ark

  • Lot #: 101

    Box lot of books

  • Lot #: 102

    Huge box lot full of books

  • Lot #: 103

    The Hobbit paperback book

  • Lot #: 104

    Lot of books

  • Lot #: 105

    Bite and sting relief spray benzoc...

  • Lot #: 106

    Warm spice 40 count incense cones

  • Lot #: 107

    Spiritual 40 count incense cones

  • Lot #: 108

    Frankincense 40 count incense cone...

  • Lot #: 109

    Warm spice 40-count incense sticks

  • Lot #: 110

    Farmer toothpick pocket knife

  • Lot #: 111

    Red current 40 count incense cones

  • Lot #: 112

    William Henry Harrison US $1 presi...

  • Lot #: 113

    Lot of miscellaneous items as seen

  • Lot #: 114

    John Adams US presidential $1 coin

  • Lot #: 115

    Box lot of condoms

  • Lot #: 116

    Box lot of condoms

  • Lot #: 117

    Shoe shine kit complete 6 piece se...

  • Lot #: 118

    Pen holder brand new in box

  • Lot #: 119

    Pen holder brand new in box

  • Lot #: 120

    Kicker grub hand poured fishing lu...

  • Lot #: 121

    Lot of drinking wear 2 small bottl...

  • Lot #: 122

    Abraham Lincoln US presidential $1...

  • Lot #: 123

    Mercury dime 1 oz fine copper

  • Lot #: 124

    Morgan dollar 1 oz fine copper

  • Lot #: 125

    Indian head penny 1 oz fine copper

  • Lot #: 126

    Kennedy half dollar 1 oz fine copp...

  • Lot #: 127

    Set of 5 cow teapot set

  • Lot #: 128

    Guns and gold protect the future 1...

  • Lot #: 129

    Spanish and English idioms book

  • Lot #: 130

    2013 US $2 bill

  • Lot #: 131

    Household box lot birthday lights,...

  • Lot #: 132

    Cutlerly salvation Damascus steel...

  • Lot #: 133

    Universal tube burner charbroil gr...

  • Lot #: 1011

    Green beaded necklace wood

  • Lot #: 1197

    Progress lighting white Halo socke...

  • Lot #: 1198

    Progress lighting white Halo socke...

  • Lot #: 1199

    Progress lighting white Halo socke...

  • Lot #: 1200

    Progress lighting white Halo socke...

  • Lot #: 1201

    Progress lighting white Halo socke...

  • Lot #: 1202

    Progress lighting white Halo socke...

  • Lot #: 1206

    Vietnam magazine June 1991

  • Lot #: 1215

    Lot of two Justin boots replacemen...

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