Wall Mirror & Picture Framing Manufacturer

Auction in Passaic, New Jersey, United States

10 Thursday
10th September, 2020

Wall Mirror & Picture Framing Manufacturer

Auction in Passaic New Jersey, United States

Thursday at - 10th September , 2020


Auction Terms & Conditions of Bidder Participation Thank you for your interest in this Online Auction. These are the Terms and Conditions on which all property is offered for sale, subject to amendments and modifications announced by the Auctioneer at the time of the auction and posted on the website. By bidding in this auction, prospective bidders agree to be bound by and comply with the following Terms & Conditions and acknowledge and agree that they are being allowed to participate at this auction in reliance of such agreement. 1. REGISTRATION. Bidders must be registered with: www.bidspotter.com and approved for bidding by auctioneer. By registering you represent and warrant that any and all Buyer information is correct. Auctioneer reserves the right to deny any registered bidder at any time at its sole discretion without notification. 2. INSPECTIONS: Bidders may inspect the offering on September 8th from 10:00 AM to 3:00. You may only be able to inspect the offering during these time periods. 3. AS-IS WHERE-IS SALE. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, ON AN "AS IS WHERE IS", "IN PLACE" "WITH ALL FAULTS" BASIS WITH NO CONDITIONS OR WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESSED, IMPLIED, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS AS TO TITLE, DESCRIPTION, FITNESS FOR PURPOSE, QUANTITY, QUALITY, MERCHANTABILITY, STATE, CONDITION, LOCATION OR OTHERWISE. NO SALE SHALL BE INVALIDATED AND THE AUCTIONEER SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR A MISDESCRIPTION OF ANY ARTICLE OR LOT WHETHER CONTAINED IN A CATALOGUE, ADVERTISEMENT, ORAL ANNOUNCEMENT OR OTHERWISE. 4. DESCRIPTIONS. THE AUCTION CATALOGUE IS MERELY A GUIDE. DESCRIPTIONS HAVE BEEN PREPARED IN GOOD FAITH FOR GUIDE PURPOSES ONLY AND SHALL NOT BE RELIED UPON BY THE PURCHASER FOR ACCURACY, GENUINENESS, AUTHENTICITY OR COMPLETENESS. PLEASE INSPECT ALL ITEMS BEFORE BIDDING. PURCHASERS SHALL BE DEEMED TO HAVE RELIED ENTIRELY UPON THEIR OWN INSPECTIONS AND INVESTIGATIONS. IN ADDITION, AUCTIONEER RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ADD, ALTER, OR REMOVE ANY ITEM(S) TO OR FROM THE AUCTION AT ANY TIME. 6. PAYMENT IN FULL ? WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS. Invoices for payment of full amount owed will be issued promptly after the auction. All invoiced amounts must be paid in full no later than the second business day after the auction, TIME IS OF-THE -ESSENCE with respect to such date. NOTHING SHALL BE REMOVED FROM THE PREMISES UNLESS AND UNTIL A BIDDER HAS PAID ALL OF ITS INVOICES IN FULL. REMOVAL SHALL TAKE PLACE AFTER THE BANK COMFIRMS THE SALE. 7. FORM OF PAYMENT. No personal or business checks will be accepted unless pre-approved by Auctioneer. Only cash, cashier?s checks, wire transfer, pre-approved business checks and credit cards (up to $500) will be accepted. 8. CREDIT CARD FEE. Payments by way of Credit Card will ONLY be accepted for purchases and deposits which do not exceed $500, subject to Auctioneer?s discretion. An administration fee of 5% shall apply to credit card purchases. 9. REMOVAL TIMES TO BE SET BY AUCTIONEER. All items must be removed by Friday September 25th @ 3 PM. Dates for move-out will be posted by auctioneer. 10. REMOVAL MUST BE DONE IN A COMMERCIALLY REASONABLE MANNER. All successful bidders and/or their agents must sign a Waiver & Release prior to any dismantling or removal which must be done in a commercially reasonable fashion. It is preferred that all Buyers used a professional rigging company with proof of insurance. 11. REMOVAL AT BIDDERS COST AND EXPENSE. All items must be removed by the successful bidder at their own cost and expense. There is limited material handling equipment, tools or labor available at the auction site - all successful bidders must supply their own and/or may use the limited resources available for a service fee. After the time frame set forth on Auctioneer schedule of move-out dates, the Auctioneer will no longer be responsible. Please be forewarned that in the case of a default, the auction company reserves the right to resell any and all unclaimed items and the defaulting bidder will not only forfeit his deposit but bear the responsibility of any shortfall in case of resale, and also all costs and expenses associated with the default as well as all auctioneer?s fees and commissions. *PLEASE NOTE: BUYER SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR PACKING & PICKUP. Please Note: The Auctioneer does not pack, ship, store, crate or rig items. Buyers may either pick up their items at the designated auction site personally or can arrange for a third-party logistics firm to manage the removal process for them. If someone other than the registered buyer at the sale is designated to pick up those purchased assets, the buyer must contract with an independent logistics firm or other representative who will dismantle, crate, pack, load and/or ship your purchased items; coordinate the removal of those purchased items to meet the time deadlines indicated of this auction and authorize the auction company to release items to a third-party contractor for shipping, crating or packing purposes. Since the Auctioneer does not ship the items, we do not obtain/prepare any export licenses/documents. Further, the auction company is not affiliated with any machinery rigging, transport or export company. We provide the names and contact information of available companies solely as a courtesy to our buyers. The auction company does not endorse or guarantee the services of any machinery rigging, transport or export company, and cannot be held responsible for any damage, omission or other problems incurred as a result of the actions of those companies. 12. ALL BIDS ARE FINAL. All sales shall be concluded as indicated by the Auctioneer and no Purchaser may thereafter revoke their bid. Title to the lots purchased shall not pass until payment in full of the purchase price is received. 13. BUYER?S PREMIUM. An eighteen percent (18%) buyer?s premium is in effect for all successful bidders at this auction. 14. AUCTIONEER FINAL ARBITER. The Auctioneer is the final judge in case of a dispute. The final posting on auction day made by the auctioneer will take precedence over any previously printed materials. Auctioneer has the right at its sole and absolute discretion (should Auctioneer so chose to exercise it) to reject any and all bids Auctioneer deems unreasonable, entertain a bulk bid, a mini bulk bid or any package of lots. Further, Auctioneer may at its sole discretion set and/or or alter bidding increments at any time. 15. BIDDER PARTICIPATION AT DISCRETION OF AUCTIONEER. All bidders must be at least 21 years of age. The auctioneer reserves the right to deny admission to the auction to any person the auctioneer deems to be abusive, disorderly, intoxicated or non-compliant with the terms and conditions for the auction, or a potential threat to be such or any individual who the Auctioneer, at its sole discretion, deems to be potentially disruptive to the auction or who the Auctioneer believes, at its discretion, cannot reasonably be relied upon to comply with these Terms & Conditions. . The auctioneer also reserves the right to deny registration to any online bidder who does not qualify to bid.


Wall Mirror & Picture Framing Manufacturer. Entire Facility to be sold. Mostly Woodworking, some Metal Works. Fully operational Custom Machines can be sold for parts or used as needed for Industrial, Milling, Bindery, Handling and Packaging customers, includes: Press Brakes, Speedy Packer, Dust Collectors, Mitre Saws, Drilling Machine, Drill Stands, Rigid300 Miller & Lincoln electric welders, pipe cutters, crank lifts, metal pipe threading machines and more!



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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 1001

    Sealed Air Speedy Packer

  • Lot #: 1001a

    Sealed Air Speedy Packer

  • Lot #: 1002a

    Benchmark 315 Hot Melt Machine

  • Lot #: 1002b

    Benchmark 315 Hot Melt Machine

  • Lot #: 1003

    Bliss Mechanical Clutch Punch Pres...

  • Lot #: 1004

    Press Brake

  • Lot #: 1005a

    Mitre Mite V-Nailer, Model VN4

  • Lot #: 1005b

    Mitre Mite V-Nailer, Model VN4

  • Lot #: 1005c

    Mitre Mite V-Nailer, Model VN4

  • Lot #: 1006a

    Hotmelt Technologies G4

  • Lot #: 1006b

    Hotmelt Technologies Hot Melt Mach...

  • Lot #: 1007

    Acme Rivet Machine

  • Lot #: 1008

    2000 Schnelling CNC Panel Saw

  • Lot #: 1009

    Vorwood Foiling Machine

  • Lot #: 1010

    Oneida 7 HP Dust Collection system...

  • Lot #: 1011

    2017 Barberan Auto Feeder

  • Lot #: 1012

    2016 Barberan Wrapper

  • Lot #: 1013

    Nordson Glue Melter & Pump

  • Lot #: 1014

    Sampson Double Mitre Saws

  • Lot #: 1014a

    Sampson Double Mitre Saws

  • Lot #: 1015

    Saw Stop Table Saw with Fence

  • Lot #: 1017

    Extrema 5-Head Moulder

  • Lot #: 1018

    60 inch Paper Slitter

  • Lot #: 1019

    2000 Cyklop Strapping Machine

  • Lot #: 1020

    Central Machinery 4-Bag Dust Colle...

  • Lot #: 1021

    Rolling Panel Carts

  • Lot #: 1022

    2-Bag Dust Collection System

  • Lot #: 1022a

    4-Bag Dust Collection System w/ Ca...

  • Lot #: 1022b

    2-Bag Dust Collector

  • Lot #: 1023

    Custom Laminator

  • Lot #: 1024

    1997 Ritter Multi Spindle Drill

  • Lot #: 1025

    Frugal Deluxe Vacuum Frame

  • Lot #: 1026

    Central Machinery 2-Bag Dust Colle...

  • Lot #: 1028

    Press-Rite Mechanical Punch Presse...

  • Lot #: 1029

    1997 Koch Drill & Dowel Machine Ty...

  • Lot #: 1030

    Hot Wire Foam Cutter, 48" x 96"

  • Lot #: 1031

    Grizzly Router

  • Lot #: 1032

    2002 Signode Strapping Machine

  • Lot #: 1033

    DeWalt Mitre Saws

  • Lot #: 1034

    Signode Banding Machine Model Sure...

  • Lot #: 1035

    1996 Deprag Tumbler

  • Lot #: 1036

    1985 Gannomat 32mm Line Drilling M...

  • Lot #: 1037

    Rolling Tilting 2 1/2 Yard Dumpste...

  • Lot #: 1038

    Conveyor 20' x 16' Belt

  • Lot #: 1039

    Conveyor 20' x 32' belt

  • Lot #: 1040

    Conveyor 6' x 16' Belt

  • Lot #: 1041

    Custom Machine#1: Pilot Hole drill

  • Lot #: 1042

    Custom Machine#2: Door Mirror Keyh...

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