East Coast Precision Machinery

Industrial Auction in 115 Hanford Street, Newark New Jersey, United States

28 Thursday
June 28th, 2018 1:00 PM
Koster Industries Inc.
Phone: 631-454-1767

East Coast Precision Machinery

Industrial Auction in 115 Hanford Street, Newark New Jersey, United States

Thursday at - 28th June , 2018



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Auction Items For Sale


4” Cincinnati Gilbert Mdl. 4CT Horizontal Table Type Boring Mill, Heidenhain 3-axis digital readout, 60” vertical travel, 8-1715 spindle RPM, out riggers, 43” x 91.5” table, #50 taper, 20HP spindle motor, S/N: 4C-173


48” x 48” Manual Rotary Table

24” Pratt & Whitney Motorized Rotary Table

18” Pratt & Whitney Tilting Rotary Table

5” Wide x 63” Single T-slot Right Angle Plate

(2) 8” Wide x 89” High x 40” Deep Single T-slot Angle Plates

(2) 17-1/4” wide x 14-1/2” High x 12” Deep Angle Plate



28” x 160” TOS Mdl. SN71B Gap Bed Lathe, approx. 38” swing thru gap, camloc spindle, 16 spindle speeds, 10-1000RPM, inch/mm threading, 2-1/2” spindle bore, steady rest, 17” 4-jaw chuck, S/N: 071406760086

18.5” x 54” Monarch Lathe, 16-spindle speeds, 12-487 RPM, 4-jaw chuck, taper attachment, camloc spindle, S/N: 9686

18” x 104” Mauser Gap Bed Lathe, inch/mm threading, approx. 26” thru gap, (2) steady rests, 12-spindle speeds, 40-1800 RPM, 2” H.I.S., camloc spindle, S/N: MOL-37604

15” x 50” Clausing Colchester Lathe, inch/mm threading, 16 spindle speeds, 25-2000 RPM, camloc spindle, Newall digital readout, 2-1/16” spindle bore, S/N: 6/0015/19506

#5 Midland Ram Type Turret Lathe, 12” 3-jaw chuck, 27-657 RPM, 12-spindle speeds, toolpost, S/N: 843-51539



Bridgeport “Series 1” 2HP Vari-speed Vertical Mill, 9” x 42” hand feed table, 60-4200 vari-speed, R8 spindle, Acu-rite digital readout, S/N: 12BR-229469

Bridgeport 1HP Vertical Mill, 9” x 42” powerfeed table, 8-spindle speeds, 80-2720 RPM, Acu-rite digital readout, S/N: 12BR-164841

Bridgeport 1HP Vertical Mill, 8-spindle speeds, 80-2720 RPM, R8 spindle, Trak “102” digital readout, 9” x 48” power feed table, S/N: 12BR-100680

Bridgeport 1HP Vertical Mill, 8-spindle speeds, 80-2720 RPM, 9” x 42” power feed table, S/N: 12BR-100649

Bohle Horizontal Mill, 14” x 63.5” table, 18 spindle speeds, 45-1800 RPM, 19KW, Arbor Supports, #50 spindle taper



8”x 20” Elliot 8-20 Power Feed Surface Grinder, coolant, hydraulic, permanent magnetic chuck, 1-1/2HP, S/N: N/A

6” x 12” Harig Hand Feed Surface Grinder, 1HP, direct drive spindle, permanent magnetic chuck, S/N: 4303

Sellers Mdl. 4G Drill Grinder, 1HP, 6” diameter wheel, S/N: 02-2406

Darex E-85 Drill Sharpener, 1/4HP, single phase, P/N: E85/90/TR

50” Cold-grind 5” Diameter Bench Grinder, single phase

Hammond Type ND-10 8” Double End Pedestal Grinder, 1HP, 1750 RPM, 3-phase

1HP U.S. Electrical Tool Double End Pedestal Grinder, 6” diameter wheels, S/N: 398850

Prosser Mdl. LL Double End Carbide Grinder, 1HP, 7” diameter wheels, 220 volt, S/N: 437



5-ton Greenerd Mdl. HP-5-8-E C-frame Hydraulic Press, 2HP motor, 8” throat depth, S/N: 66K7641

50-ton Dake Mdl. 50H H-frame manual hydraulic press, 33” between uprights, adjustable lower rail, S/N: 140316



Fosdick Jig Borer with Auto-cycle, 16-spindle speeds, 30-1800 RPM, milling feeds, power table clamp, power down feed, 22” x 54” table, power traverse, saddle positioning, Acu-rite III DRO, 21” head vertical travel, approx. 10” Quill travel, S/N: N/A



16” DoAll Mdl. 1612-H Vertical Bandsaw, variable speed, 50-5200 FPM, welder, grinder, 24” x 30.5” tilting table, chip blower, S/N: 288-72381

9” x 16” DoAll Mdl. C-4Horizontal Bandsaw, ¾” blade, 3/4HP, coolant, S/N: 234-66300



Miller Millermatic 250X Welder, S/N: LB010151

Linde VCC-305 Welding Power Supply


(2) Sunnen Mdl. 1290D Hones, 1/2HP, S/N’s: 15931, 17259

*Assorted Tooling Available*



Elephant 6” Belt & 12” Disc Combination Sander, Single Phase; 15” Walker Turner Bench Drill, S/N: 127-4223; DoMore CAT# 5-021, S/N: 8072; 12” Bridgeport Rotary Table, R8 collets, 6” Kurt Vises; Bridgeport Right Angle Attachment; Taps; Reamers; End Mill Cutters; Broach Tooling; 15” Bridgeport Rotary Table; Angle Plates; 10” x 15” Bemate T-Slotted Table; Famco #3 Arbor Press; 6” Bemato 3-Jaw Indexing Head; 8” Homge Rotary Table; 7” Rotary Table; Live Centers; Drill Bits; Speed Chucks; Vises; 5C Collets; Lathe Chucks; Toolpost Holders; Grinding Wheels; Grinding Fixtures; Pallet Truck; Pallet Truck, Plus Much More!!



Ohio 36” Shaper, 18” vise, 36” x 20” T-slotted table



Approx. 2000# Yale Propane Forklift, triple mast

2000# Clark Mdl. EG2097351 Electric Forklift, hard tires, double mast, S/N: 97-351

Approximately 3000# Clark Forklift (AS IS)

1500# Economy Mdl. CW-78 Die Lift Cart, 78” lift, S/N: BB47455A



5HP Douglas Vertical Tank Mounted 2-stage Air Compressor

5HP Horizontal Tank Mounted Air Compressor

5HP Piston Type Tank Mounted Horizontal Air Compressor (AS IS, NOT IN SERVICE)



Micrometers; Calipers; Verniers; Bore Test; Pin Gauges; Ring Gauges; Magnetic V-Blocks; Sine Blocks; Etc.