Electronics for the Holidays

Auction in 419 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri, United States

14 Monday
14th December, 2020

Electronics for the Holidays

Auction in 419 Main Street, Kansas City Missouri, United States

Monday at - 14th December , 2020



If you can't pickup your items during the scheduled pickup date & times----- then please don't bid!! There won't be refunds or times to reschedule if you are a no show!!! This is a 1 day pickup only!!! The pickup location is next to Minsky's & KC Soda Company Park in the large Parking Lot behind Minsky's on 5th & Main Street. Items are located at 419 Main Street inside the City Market Neighborhood. Items will only be removed from the backside(West) of the location. There is a ramp behind the Café in the West parking lot of the City Market. Please don't park inside the City Market. Don't disturb City Market tenants or the City Market office!!!!! For questions or if your lost call: Bryan 816-804-1388 cell


High End Live Sound Equipment, Live Sound Passive Stage Monitors, Alesiss 32 Sound Board, Acoustic Guitars, Several Guitar Effects Pedals, Bass Amplifier, Onkyo Surround Sound System, Mobile Combo AC/Heating Unit, LED Lighting, 42" Sanyo Flat Screen TV, Computer Accessories, DJ equipment and more!!


A 15 percent buyer's premium is added to all winning bids, resulting in the total purchase price.



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