Trisko Working and Collectible Tractor and Equipment Auction

Auction in 39075 County Road 183, Sauk Centre, Minnesota, United States

04 Friday
04th October, 2019 10:00 AM

Trisko Working and Collectible Tractor and Equipment Auction

Auction in 39075 County Road 183, Sauk Centre Minnesota, United States

Friday at - 04th October , 2019


Jerome has farmed on this farm for over 75 years and now has decided to transition into full retirement. Jerome is well known throughout this community as a great friend and neighbor. Jerome’s passion has been collecting and repairing many different types of equipment and enjoying time spent with those that share his passion. All tractors and most equipment have been stored inside. In addition to the items listed, there are sheds full of tools, parts and accessories that are simply too numerous to list. Items are well organized and palletized for display. Due to the large content, we may be selling at times in two auction rings so please bring a friend. If you enjoy unique auctions with a wide variety of good usable items, please mark this date on your calendar and make plans now to attend this huge auction event. Prior Inspection of larger Items welcome by appointment beginning Tuesday, October 1st.  Thank you!



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Auction Items For Sale

Working Tractors

NOTE: All Working, Collectible and Restorable Tractors are Stored Inside

Case Model 1070 Diesel Tractor, WF, Dual Hyd., 540 & 1000 PTO, Quad 4 Power Shift, 18.4 X 38 Tires, 3326 Hours, (Very Nice 2nd Owner Tractor)

Farmall Super C Tractor, 11.2 X 36 Tires, NF, Hyd., Ser. #157831, (One Owner)

Farmall Super C, Fenders, WF, 12.4 X 36 Tires, with Woods 60 Inch Belly Mower, Ser. #106587, (Runs Nice)

Farmall C Tractor, NF, 11.2 X 36 Tires, PTO and Pulley, Ser. #1815, (Older Restoration)

Farmall Model H Tractor, Hyd, 12.4 X 38 Rubber, Ser. #265605, (Older Restoration)

IHC Model 460 Gas Tractor, with 14.9 X 36 Tires, Farmhand Loader with Extra Buckets and Weights


Collectible Tractors

Farmall Model 650 Diesel Wheatland Tractor, WF, PTO, Single Hyd, 18.4 X 34 Tires

McCormick Model WK 40 Gas Tractor, WF, Pulley, Spoke Fronts, 15 X 32 Rubber, Ser. #WK 3785SP

Farmall Model F-20 Tractor, NF PTO, Spoke Fronts, 12 X 36 Rubber, Ser. #569866

Farmall Model F-20 Tractor, PTO, Starter Kit, Spoke Fronts, 13 X 36 Tires, Ser. #50838, (Older Restoration)

Farmall Model F-12 Tractor, PTO, 9 X 40 Tires, Ser. #11072

Farmall Model F-14 Tractor, PTO, Ser. #FS135729, (Needs Rear Tires)

McCormick Model W-30 Tractor, 14 X 28 Tires, Ser. #31355

McCormick Model 10-20 Tractor, Slat Rims with 13 X 28 Tires, Ser. #KO114796

Farmall Model F-14 Tractor, PTO, Steel Wheels Front and Rear, Older Restoration, Ser. #FS137619

McCormick Model 10-20 Tractor, Spoke Fronts, Fenders, 13 X 28 Slat Rim Rears, Ser. #KO192882

Farmall Model F-20 Tractor, 11x36 Tires, Older Restoration, Ser. #FA121536

Fordson Tractor on Steel with Fenders, (Early 1920’s)

*Above tractor’s engines turn over, also have not been ran in the past three years.


Collectible Ford Truck

1928 Ford 1½ Ton Truck with 10-Ft. Grain Box, Stored Inside, (Engine Turns Over – Last Licensed in 1970)



Lorenz 8-Ft. 3-Pt. Double Auger Snowblower with Hyd Spout

IHC #15 Side Rake with Rubber Teeth

IHC 7-Ft. Sickle Mower, (fits C Farmall)

IHC Model 201 Swather with 12-Ft. Draper Head, Hume Reel

Winpower 25kW, PTO Generator with Cart

14-Ft. Flat Rack with Factory Wagon

12-Ft. Flat Rack with Hoist and Factory Wagon

Oliver 2-Bottom Steel Wheel Plow with Coulters

Hutchinson 12-Ft. Auger

Winpower 15kW Generator on Cart

Winco 2000 Watt PTO Generator on Cart


Gas Engines & Collectibles

Deere & Webber Single Cylinder Gas Engine

(3) IHC 1½ H.P. Gas Engines

Maytag Engines

IHC Standing Corn Sheller

Nice Blacksmith Forge

Delaval #15 Cream Separator

McCormick Cream Separator

Surge Milker Buckets

Universal Double Milker Bucket

Milk Stools

8 and 10 Gallon Milk Cans

Milk Strainers

(5) Very Nice Pump Jacks with Arms

Large Shear Knife

(10) Well Jacks, Miscellaneous Brands

Hand Corn Shellers

RR Track Jacks

RR Dolly Carts

RR Carts

(6) Platform Scales

Old Store Scales

Steel Wheels

Hog Oilers

Grain Sacker

Cant Hook

Old Car Jacks

Hay Slings


Post Drills

Wood Pulleys

Old Vise

Small Anvil


Cast Iron Seats


Household & Collectibles

Curved Front Dresser

Oak Cabinet

Upright Record Player with Upright Cabinet

Wooden Washing Machine

Enterprise Sausage Stuffer

Oil Cans

Lard Press

Flat Irons

Gearhart Standard Knitting Machine

Table-Top Cream Separator

Red Wing Crock Jars

Red Wing Crock Jugs

Transit and Tripod in Original Wood Box

Draw Knives

Kerosene Lamps

Hand Corn Planters

Wood Pulleys

Blow Torches

Copper Boilers

Cow Bells

Organ Stool Parts

Hand Saws

Many Old Wrenches

Tool Reamers

Monkey Wrenches with Wood Handles

License Plates

Kerosene Heaters

Standard Fuel Cans

Old Greasers


Shop Tools & Miscellaneous

Lincoln Arc Welder

(4) Cherry Pickers

Pallet Jacks

Table Saw

Portable Air Compressor

Hyd. Press

Chain Hoist

Load Binder

Bench Grinders

(2) Welding Tables with Vises

Chop Saw

Socket Sets

Ridged Pipe Threader

Many Hand Tools

Vise Grips

Crescent Wrenches

Drill Press and Stand

Tool Boxes

Booster Charger

Air Tanks

Handyman Jacks

Aluminum Ladders

Forks and Shovels

Land Wheel

Lots of Log Chains

Miscellaneous Oil and Barrel Pumps

(2) LB White Heaters

Lots of Hand Tools

Nuts, Bolts, Washers

Adjustable Stacking Shelves

Electric Chain Saws

20 Ton Hyd Jack

¾ Inch Socket Sets

Large Open and Box End Wrenches

Air Impact

Drills and Bits

Dole 400 Moisture Tester

220 Extension Cords

Electric Motors

Hyd. Cylinders

Knipco Heaters

Scaffolding with Braces

Endless Belts


Trailer & Lawn Mowers

16-Ft. Tandem Axle Utility Trailer with Ramps

John Deere Model LT 160 Automatic Lawn Tractor with 42 Inch Deck

Cub Cadet Model 125 Hydro Lawn Tractor with Mower Deck

Cub Cadet Model 127 Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor with Mower Deck

Honda Model 110 3-Wheeler


Collectible Parts Tractors

Farmall Model F-20 Tractor, PTO, Pulley, 18.6 X 28 Tires, Ser. #FA87691

McCormick Model 10-20 Tractor with Side Shields and Fenders, Pulley, 13 X 34 Tires

McCormick Model 10-20 Tractor, PTO, Pulley, 13 X 26 Tires

McCormick Model W-30 Tractor

McCormick Model 15-30 Tractor, on Steel with Rear Lugs and Side Curtains

McCormick Model 10-20 Tractor, Steel Lug Wheels

McCormick Model 10-20 Tractor, Steel Front Wheels with Fenders

Farmall Model F-12 Tractor on Rubber with Slat Rims

Farmall Model F-12 Tractor with Spoke Rims

Farmall Model 650 Tractor-Parts

McCormick Model W-30 Tractor


Tractor Parts & Miscellaneous

(20) Sets of Various Size Tractor Chains

(12) IHC Narrow Fronts

Many IHC Rear Wheel Weights

Hundreds of Good PTO Shafts

Front and Rear Rims for IHC Tractors

Pallets of Carburetors, Generators, Starters, Pistons, Mags and Manifolds and  Many Other Tractor Parts

Hyd. Plug Converters

John Deere Combine Hubs

Grain Distributors

Several Pallets of Electric Cords

Grain Bin Augers and Sweeps

Hubs for Duals

Gravity Box Extensions

Large Amount of Tractor and Wagon Tires

Ford Pulleys and PTO’s

John Deere Roll-O Matic

Case Wheel Weights

Draw Bars

PTO Shields





Allis Chalmers Fenders

Slat Rims

Steel Lug Rims

Model A Pistons

IHC and John Deere Umbrellas

Assorted Pulleys and Gears

Older Case Parts

Hyd. Hoses