Large Two Ring Gun & Sportsman - LIST AVAILABLE

Auction in 9141 64th St. NW, Annandale Minnesota, United States

20 Thursday
June 20th, 2019 4:00 PM
Lampi Auctioneers
Phone: 320-274-5393

Large Two Ring Gun & Sportsman - LIST AVAILABLE

Auction in 9141 64th St. NW, Annandale Minnesota, United States

Thursday at - 20th June , 2019









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Location: At Lampi Auction Center (9141 64th St. NW) - Annandale, MN
Located 2 miles east of Annandale, MN on Hwy 55
OR 35 west of the intersection of I-494 & Hwy 55.

THURS., JUNE 20, 2019
Starting at 4:00 p.m.

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Attention Sporting Goods Enthusiasts!! This is a GREAT auction with MANY High Quality firearms. Please look through entire catalog at to view 1000s of pictures, updates, & additions to this auction! See you on the 20th!

Lunch on Grounds

PREVIEW: Starting at 1pm day of auction
ONLY A PARTIAL LIST: Accepting Items until Tues., June 18! Check Back Daily!!

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Lampi Auctioneers is a Federal Firearms Dealer (NICS check required for gun purchases.) Purchase or carry permit required for hand gun buyers.
star2.gifWinchester model 70 Ultra Grade Featherweight .270win bolt, 1 of 1000 made, beautiful wood, walnut display case
star2.gifWinchester 70 Super Grade 30-06 bolt, custom accurized by James Kobe, Leupold 4.5 14 scope
star2.gifWinchester 70 Super Grade .270 bolt, Leupold 4.5-14 scope
star2.gifWinchester model 62A .22s/l/lr pump
star2.gifWinchester model 61 .22 pump
star2.gifWinchester mod 61 .22 pump
star2.gifWinchester M1917 30.06 bolt, excellent sporterized, 4x scope
star2.gifWinchester 69A .22 bolt
star2.gifWinchester 190 22 semi auto, tube fed
star2.gifWinchester 1873 44-40 lever, 24" barrel
star2.gifWestern Field 47 22 bolt, tube fed
star2.gifWestern Field 46A 22 bolt, clip fed
star2.gifSpringfield M1 Garand 30.06 semi auto, clips and paperwork
star2.gifSpringfield 1898 30.40 krag bolt,
star2.gifSpringfield 120 22s/l/lr bolt, single shot, scope
star2.gifSavage Arms 93R17 .17hmr bolt, Simmons 3-9x40 blazer & 4 mags
star2.gifSavage Arms 111 30-06 bolt, Nikon 3-9x50 scope, fluted barrel, less than 20rds shot thru
star2.gifSavage 111 270win bolt, Bushnell 3x9 scope
star2.gifRuger 10-22 carbine 22LR semi auto, with scope rings and Eagle magazine, Ruger 10-22 gun case
star2.gifRuger 10-22 22LR carbine semi auto, Tasco 3x9
star2.gifRuger 10/22 Carbine .22LR semi auto, Bushnell Banner scope, 3 mags
star2.gifRomanian Trainer M1969 22 bolt
star2.gifRomanian Trainer 1981 IMC2 .22LR bolt repeater w/magazine
star2.gifRemington Gamemaster mod 141 .30 REM pump, peep sights
star2.gifRemington 8 35 REM auto,
star2.gifRemington 742 30-06 semi auto, 3 clips & separate sights
star2.gifRemington 700 Sendero SFII 7mm rem mag bolt, like new in box, RCBS die set for 7mm Rem mag, 26" fluted barrel, recall for trigger update was completed (paperwork in box)
star2.gifRemington 550-1 22 auto, tube fed
star2.gifRemington 32 Rem .32 pump with 11rds Remington .32Rem ammo
star2.gifRemington 12 22 pump
star2.gifRemington 12 22 pump
star2.gifNEF handy Rifle .243 break action w/scope bases
star2.gifNavy Arms Henry 44/40 lever, Minnesota State Sheriffs Association Edition, 22" octagon barrel
star2.gifMossberg ATR 243 bolt, youth model, Tasco 3x9 scope, box
star2.gifMosin Nagant 1943 7.62x54R bolt,
star2.gifMauser Werke A.G. Oberndorf Patrone .22LR bolt
star2.gifMauser KAR 98 8 mm bolt, sling
star2.gifLakefield Mark I .22 single shot bolt
star2.gifJ. Stevens 1915 "Favorite" 22 , single shot
star2.gifIver Johnson US M1 Carbine .30 carbine semi auto
star2.gifInterarms X 270 bolt, Tasco 4x16 scope, new spring
star2.gifInland M1 Carbine .30M1 semi auto rifle, 30rd mag & sling
star2.gifInland M1 30 carbine auto, sling, 30rd mag
star2.gifHigh Standard Sport King .22LR (or high speed shorts) semi auto
star2.gifFlobert .22 flobert single shot
star2.gifEnfield SMLE III No. 1 MKIII 303brit bolt, sling
star2.gifEnfield 1941 .303brit bolt
star2.gifEnfield #5 MK1 303 bolt, jungle carbine w/sling
star2.gifEddystone US Model of 1917 30.06 bolt, sling
star2.gifCoast to Coast 843 30-30 bolt with extra mag (cracked butt plate)
star2.gifChiappa M1-9 9mm semi auto rifle w/2 mags
star2.gifChiappa Arms Little Badger .22 break w/case
star2.gifBrowning BAR 308 semi auto, Weaver scope, Belgium made
star2.gifBRNO Model 1 22LR bolt, Czechoslovakian
star2.gifBritish 303 Mark III .303 bolt


star2.gifColt Match Target .223/5.56 semi auto
star2.gifDPMS LR260L 260 REM auto, 4x16 scope, extra mags, hard case
star2.gifGSG GSG-522 22LR HV semi auto, never fired, red dot, collapsible stock, extras & box
star2.gifSmith & Wesson M&P 15 .223 semi auto, collapsible stock, Burris full field 1-4x24 tactical scope, soft case & accessories




star2.gifWinchester Super X3 12ga semi auto, 3 1/2", Invector Plus choke, 26" VR barrel, camo, shot little
star2.gifSKB AS300 Hybrid 12ga semi auto, 3", VR trap gun
star2.gifFranchi Veloce 20ga over/under, 2 3/4", with extra chokes, accessories & hard case
star2.gifAmerican Tactical Cavalry SxE KOFS Turkey 12ga over/under, 3", 28" barrel, New in box
star2.gifCZ-USA Silver Mallard 20ga over/ under, 28" barrel, with box
star2.gifBrowning A-5 20ga magnum semi auto, 3", modified choke, VR barrel
star2.gifBrowning A-500R 12ga semi auto
star2.gifBrowning BPS 12ga pump, little use, Japanese built, 3", field model, 28" barrel
star2.gifBrowning BPS Field Model 20ga pump, Invector, 3", 28" VR barrel
star2.gifBrowning BPS Hunt 98 12ga pump, 3", 26" VR barrel, Invector chokes, extra chokes, in box, like new in box
star2.gifBrowning BPS Hunt 98 20ga pump, 3", invector, 28" barrel, like new, never shot with box
star2.gifERA 12 ga , side by side double
star2.gifHigh Standard Pointer 12 ga pump, 2 3/4"
star2.gifIthaca 37 Featherlight 12ga pump, vented ribbed barrel
star2.gifJ. Stevens 16ga , single shot
star2.gifJC Higgins 20 12ga pump, vented ribbed barrel, adjustable choke
star2.gifJC Higgins 583.23 12 ga bolt,
star2.gifMarlin 12 ga pump, exposed hammer, butt plate cracked
star2.gifMossberg 500E .410 pump, 3", 24" VR barrel, sling
star2.gifNew Nitro 12 ga , single shot, hammer
star2.gifRemington 1100 12ga semi auto 2 3/4", skeet barrel
star2.gifRemington 870 Express 20ga pump, box, 2 extra chokes
star2.gifRemington model 11 20ga semi auto, 2 3/4"
star2.gifRossi 16 ga , side by side, side hammers, never shot
star2.gifRossi Match Set model S20-243 20ga & .243 break open w/soft case
star2.gifRoyal Gun Works Belgium 12ga side by side, stamped JE1612, dual trigger, exposed hammers
star2.gifSavage 24B 410/22 double barrel
star2.gifSpringfield J. Stevens 410 3", single shot
star2.gifWestern Field M550CD 20 ga pump, extra barrel
star2.gifWinchester mod 1912 20ga pump, 2 3/4", full, solid rib barrel
star2.gifWinchester mod 9410 shotgun 410 lever, 2 3/4", like new in box, shot little
star2.gifWinchester model 59 Lite 12ga semi auto, steel & fiberglass ribless barrel, 27" full choke
star2.gif12 ga side hammer, Zulu gun




star2.gifBeretta PSF .25/6.35 brevet semi auto pistol, 1953
star2.gifBrowning Baby .25/6.35 semi auto pistol, Belgium made
star2.gifColt 1908 .25auto semi auto pistol, original box, 2 original mags, made in 1915
star2.gifColt All American 2000 9mm semi auto pistol
star2.gifColt Gold Cup Series 80 MKIV National Match .45cal semi auto pistol, 3 mags
star2.gifColt Junior .25 semi auto pistol, 3 mags
star2.gifColt Lord .22short derringer set in display case
star2.gifColt Mark IV Series 80 Govt Model .380auto semi auto pistol
star2.gifColt Mark IV Series 80 Govt Model .380auto semi auto pistol
star2.gifColt Mark IV Series 80 Mustang .380auto semi auto pistol, stainless, 2 mags, original box
star2.gifColt Mustang Pocket Lite .380auto semi auto pistol
star2.gifColt Pony Series 90 .380auto semi auto pistol with 2 mags and case
star2.gifColt Targetsman .22 semi auto pistol w/box & extra clip
star2.gifFN Belgique 7.65mm semi auto pistol
star2.gifGlock 34 9mm semi auto pistol, 2 mags, case
star2.gifGlock 35 .40 semi auto pistol, 2 mags & case
star2.gifGlock 35 40 SW semi auto pistol, 2 extra mags and case
star2.gifHigh Standard mod 103 .22LR semi auto pistol in hard case
star2.gifHigh Standard model B 22LR semi auto, pistol, extra grips, soft case
star2.gifKimber Stainless Target II .38 super semi auto pistol with case
star2.gifMagnum Research Desert Eagle 50AE semi auto pistol, 2 mags, case
star2.gifMagnum Research Mountain Eagle 22 auto, bought new, never shot, hard case
star2.gifRemington 1911 R1 .45 semi auto pistol, like new in box
star2.gifRemington 1911 R1 .45ACP semi auto pistol, extra mag, with hard case
star2.gifRuger 03340 9mm luger semi auto pistol, LaserMax micro, case, only shot 15x
star2.gifRuger MK III Hunter Target Model 22/45 .22LR semi auto, stainless, Red dot scope
star2.gifSig Sauer "The Gambler" P238 380auto semi auto pistol, new in box
star2.gifSig Sauer "We the People" P238 .380Auto semi auto, new in case
star2.gifSig Sauer Copperhead P238 .380Auto semi auto pistol, like new in case
star2.gifSig Sauer P229 357sig semi auto pistol, stainless, extra mag, hard case
star2.gifSmith & Wesson 22A1 .22LR semi auto pistol, 2 mags
star2.gifSmith & Wesson model 22S 22LR semi auto pistol, laser, case
star2.gifSmith & Wesson model 41 .22 semi auto, Match Dot scope, custom adjustable grips, 4 mags
star2.gifSpringfield XD9 9mm semi auto pistol
star2.gifWaffenfabrik Mauser .22 semi auto pistol, leather holster
star2.gifWalther PPK 380cal semi auto pistol w/box & extra clip
star2.gifWalther PPK/S 9mm kurz/.380acp semi auto pistol, 2 mags, extra grips, case


star2.gifColt 357 .357mag 6 shot revolver
star2.gifColt Agent .38sp 6 shot revolver, leather Colt holster
star2.gifColt DA 38sp 6 shot revolver
star2.gifColt DA 45 model 1917 .45 6 shot revolver, frame number 270737, AA stamped on side
star2.gifColt Police Positive .32police 6 shot revolver
star2.gifColt Trooper .357 6 shot revolver
star2.gifIver Johnson SuperShot 22 7 shot revolver, break open, double action
star2.gifRossi 38 .38sp 5 shot revolver
star2.gifRuger LCR 357 mag 5 shot revolver, with box
star2.gifRuger New Bearcat .22 6 shot revolver
star2.gifRuger New Model Blackhawk .357/9mm single action revolver in case, like new
star2.gifRuger New Model Super Blackhawk .44mag revolver
star2.gifRuger Single 6 .32H&R mag single shot revolver in case, fired little
star2.gifRuger Super Redhawk Alaskan .44mag revolver, like new in box
star2.gifSmith & Wesson 63 22LR revolver
star2.gifTaurus 44 44 mag 6 shot revolver, 8 3/4" barrel, bandoleer holster
star2.gifTaurus The Judge 45/410 revolver, like new in box
star2.gifTop Break .38S&W revolver - non functional


1990 Fleetwood Terry RX Resort 32' camper,
tandem axle, A/C, furnace, outdoor shower,
dinette, fridge, stove top, bathroom,
awning, queen bed, sleeps 6,
everything works, used little

1973 Homemade 7.5'x25' fish house,
16 holes, stove, fans, cabinets, 4 bunks




star2.gif1983 Lund 16' fishing boat with 25hp Johnson (has been sitting for a few year, but turns over), cover, & spare tire on Spartan Sport roll in trailer
star2.gif1979 Sea Nymph 16' aluminum w/Evinrude 50hp outboard (runs) on 1967 Spartan trailer, steering console
star2.gif1973 Lund 14' aluminum w/Johnson 25hp motor (runs) on 1971 Spartan trailer


star2.gifEvinrude 15hp outboard with tank
star2.gifEvinrude 9.9hp outboard w/tank
star2.gifMercury 15hp outboard
star2.gifMercury Quicksilver 6gal outboard gas can
star2.gifEvinrude 4hp outboard, test run last year, with tank, new gas line
star2.gifMinnkota Riptide 24v 65# trolling motor, auto pilot/co pilot
star2.gifMinnkota All Terrain 70# trolling motor, used little, works good
star2.gifMinkota trolling motor, foot controlled, 28# thrust



star2.gifPSE Thunderbolt compound bow 70# peak weight, Savage magnetic rest, Cobra sight
star2.gifBrowning Black Knight compound bow
star2.gifBen Pearson 5'4" 30# bow, #K/1868 left or right handed
star2.gifLongbow by WH Hill #112 68" 66#
star2.gifBen Pearson Predator 7359 58" 45# recurve bow, 97220-82
star2.gifBrowning Safari I 47# 54" recurve bow, 7C961
star2.gifHoyt Easton Huntmaster Takedown 58" 60# recurve bow w/quiver
star2.gifRed Wing hunter AMF Archery 58" 50X#, R-2-1239
star2.gifBrowning No Mod Stalker 52" 48#, 1W1741
star2.gifKodiak Bear Hunter 60" 60# recurve bow, KT87819
star2.gifBear Archery take down A-56" 50# LH recurve bow, 1-5220
star2.gifHerter’s 54" 45# LH recurve bow
star2.gifBlack Widow 62" 50# LH recurve, H-8324




star2.gif(7) Flambeau full body honkers
star2.gif(3) G-H floater honkers
star2.gif(8) Extra heads
star2.gif(4) Lander honker flags
star2.gif(12) Flambeau Mallard decoys
star2.gif(12) Flambeau Mallard decoys
star2.gif(6) Stearns floatation vests
star2.gif(20) Mallard decoys
star2.gif(20) Carry light Bluebill & Mallard decoys
star2.gif(20) Bluebill decoys
star2.gif(15) Mallard decoys
star2.gif(15?) Misc decoys
star2.gif(8) Goose decoys + snow geese silhouettes
star2.gif(3) DU wooden duck decoys - small blue wing teal, buffalo head, green wing teal
star2.gifCoyote decoy - missing tail
star2.gifWT Mason pair of 2nd generation full size glass eye canvasback decoys & other wooden duck



star2.gifBox of fishing lures
star2.gifFrabill steek minnow bucket
star2.gifShimano rod & abu garcia reel
star2.gifBox of misc.. rod holders, binoculars, bow case & release, safety harness, & coveralls
star2.gif(2) Tackle boxes full of tackle & lures
star2.gifTackle box full of tackle
star2.gifTackle box full of tackle
star2.gifTackle box full of tackle
star2.gifVintage lure holder w/Heddon River Runts & Battle Bug
star2.gifShakespeare platinum spinning reel, 7000ss
star2.gifVintage Bear bow fishing reel & assorted archery items
star2.gifMisc tackle
star2.gifTackle boxes w/misc tackle
star2.gifBox of tree steps
star2.gifMossy Oak Obsession camo turkey vest, XL
star2.gifCamo vest, sling pack, Field Gear vest, and seat
star2.gifTote with Lee Loader, gun stocks, trigger assemblies, grips, scope mounts, butt pads, and more
star2.gifDog house blind
star2.gifNWTF hunting knife & saw kit butcher set


star2.gifDillon Precision RL550B reloader set up for handgun .357 or 44mag
star2.gifRCBS 2 die set .308
star2.gifRedding 3 die set, neck and sizing 30-06 springfield
star2.gifLarge quantity of .223, 30-06, & .260rem brass
star2.gifLee turret press & Lee auto prime tool
star2.gifLyman Turbo tumbler media & sifter
star2.gifRCBS powder measurer, scale, calipers
star2.gifLarge & small pistol primers & large rifle primers
star2.gifReloading bullets & 270, 44mag, 35rem
star2.gifMisc gun powders
star2.gif(2) Boxes .38/.357 & (1) Box .44mag reloading bullets
star2.gifRCBS die sets - .243win, .270win, .257roberts
star2.gifLee & RCBS die sets including .22-250, .270 & 35rem
star2.gifRCBS 222rem mag die set with 180rds of .222 brass
star2.gifAssorted brass: 22-250, 303, 30-30, 30-06, 45acp, 44mag & more
star2.gif(5) Jars Pyrodex muzzleloader powder
star2.gif.38 Reloading die set



star2.gifRussian 20x-30x X 50mm spotting scope w/manual & carrying case
star2.gifVintage Weaver .22 tip off El Paso scope & mount
star2.gifLeupold 3-9x40mm Rifleman matte scope
star2.gifWeaver display box w/Weaver bases
star2.gif(2) 10rd AR-15 .223 mags
star2.gifSuomi MP 9mm drum mag
star2.gif(3) Ruger 10-22 .22LR mags
star2.gif(2) Ruger Mini 14 .223 20rd mags
star2.gifNC Star 20-60x60 spotting scope
star2.gifMosin Nagant stock
star2.gif(3) Leather slings
star2.gif(4) Gun cases
star2.gif(4) Gun cases
star2.gif(5) Gun cases
star2.gifMisc holsters, mag pouches, and slings
star2.gif(2) New camo ponchos
star2.gifGuide Gear bench rest
star2.gifBushnell laser range finder, like new in box
star2.gifGame Seeker II 2-7x32 scope
star2.gifWorld Class Plus 3x-9x44 scope
star2.gifTasco rifle scope
star2.gifAim tech mount system
star2.gifGunmate ambidextrous scoped bandolier holster
star2.gifDosko Sport heavy duty pistol bag
star2.gifMisc holsters
star2.gifM7 bayonet in military package
star2.gif(2) Bayonets - M1 Garand & K98?
star2.gifC-MAG Beta for M16 100rd mag, black, with accessories
star2.gifRecoil suppressor & Morgan adjustable pad
star2.gifThompson .45 30rd mag, 9mm mag, M1 Garand manual & M16 literature



star2.gif1000s of Rounds of Ammo including 30-06, .222Rem, .243, .308, .270, .260Rem, 22-250, .303, .30Carbine, .22, .45Colt, .38sp, .357Sig, .44Rem Mag, .45Auto, 9mm, .50AE, 12ga, 20ga, 16ga, & MUCH MORE!


Pheasants Forever lighted
wall clock, 20" diameter



star2.gifRevolver prop gun w/leather holster
star2.gifCrosman 454 .177 BB gun
star2.gifRuger Air Hawk .177 air rifle in box
star2.gifBullseye traveling shooters case w/Champions Choice spotting scope, lockable
star2.gifTaylormade R7 Quad HT 9.5 driver
star2.gifCrosman .22 pellet gun w/original wood box
star2.gifBuckmaster mod 184 survival knife w/compass, black oxide finish, unused & excellent condition
star2.gifNWTF 8" knife w/leather sheath
star2.gif(5) Assorted pocket hunting knives in boxes
star2.gifIndian chief knife holder & knife
star2.gif(2) 8 gun gun cabinet
star2.gif10 gun gun cabinet
star2.gifDaisy 38 and King 2136 BB guns
star2.gifBlock & tackle
star2.gifSet of Oars
star2.gifHonda WB15 gas engine water pump - engine fires right up, pump unknown
star2.gifWeber 16" charcoal grill
star2.gifSuper Dog electric dog trainer 200 w/manual, collar, battery charger, compact transmitter
star2.gifBushnell golf distance GPS range finder, like new in box
star2.gifDaisy 650 Red Ryder BB gun, like new in box w/BB's
star2.gifNikon Buckmasters 10x36.5.6 binoculars
star2.gifTasco boring site kit
star2.gifNWTF wooden display shelf
star2.gifNWTF wooden quilt rack & NWTF canvas shooter bag
star2.gifHomemade vintage leather shooters bag full of black powder shooting and supplies, GOEX powder & Hornady 45cal balls
star2.gifCeramic mallard drake & Dashboard duck hunter
star2.gifWestern & Federal wooden ammo crates
star2.gif(7) Vintage butcher knives & sharpener
star2.gifNWTF wooden gun cleaning kit & vintage Otters Gunslide metal shotgun cleaning kit
star2.gifBirchwood/Casey complete perma blue paste gun blue kit, shotgun recoil pads, and Little Skeeters
star2.gifLarge vintage cast brass elk head mount
star2.gifNWTF 12" wall clock & NWTF 11" stainless steel flask
star2.gif3pc set of Winchester & Federal shot shell drink mugs
star2.gifLoon Lake wooden loon & Pheasants Forever Gene Buck figurine (#GW050032)
star2.gif2005-2006 DU Waterfowl chess set, like new, unused in box. 21"x21" board size
star2.gif(2)Men’s golf clubs sets
star2.gifClam 2 person fish house
star2.gifJRCO grass catcher
star2.gifColt grease, oil & cleaner spray cans, FF black powder, and (4) training guns


Black Powders
star2.gifCivil War model 63 58cal black powder
star2.gifThompson Center Renegade .54cal cap & ball
star2.gifVintage black powder pistol
star2.gifYorkshire 45cal blackpowder, needs lock work

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Huge Summer Gun & Sportsman Auction















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