Duane & Karen Hanson Farm Retirement Auction

Farm Auction in 33626 260th Ave SW Crookston, MN 56716, Crookston, Minnesota, United States

10 Thursday
10th June, 2021

Duane & Karen Hanson Farm Retirement Auction

Farm Auction in 33626 260th Ave SW Crookston, MN 56716, Crookston Minnesota, United States

Thursday at - 10th June , 2021



Preview is June 3-15 from 8AM-5PM or by appointment on weekends. The loadout will be June 16-25 from 8AM-5PM or by appointment on weekends. For information contact Duane, 218.289.1902 or Dave Benedict at Steffes Group, 701.237.9173 or 701.238.5062.



Location:  33626 260th Ave SW, Crookston, MN 56716



PREVIEW: Thursday, June 3 – Tuesday, June 15 from 8:00AM-5:00PM or by appointment on weekends. Contact Duane, 218.289.1902.

LOADOUT: Wednesday, June 16 – Friday, June 25 from 8:00AM-5:00PM or by appointment on weekends. Contact Duane, 218.289.1902.



2015 Case-IH Magnum 340 RowTrac, MFWD, CVT, air ride cab, cloth seats, buddy seat, front axle susp., 6 hyd., power beyond, return flow, stacked Hi-Flow hyd., large 1000 PTO, 3pt., quick tach, rear 3 pt. & PTO controls, integrated RTK auto steer, FM-1000 display, 360 LED lights, beacon, (10) front suitcase weights, 380/80R42 front tires, 16” tracks, 1,286 hrs., S/NZERF09399

2009 Case-IH 485 Quadtrac, luxury cab, heated leather seats, powershift, 4 hyd., Hi-Flow hyd. pump, return flow, ISO plug, heated power remote mirrors, integrated auto steer, FM-1000 display, RTK receiver, clear caps, 30” tracks, 4,628 hrs., S/NZ9F117195



1997 Case-IH 9370, 4WD, powershift, 4 hyd., integrated RTK auto steer, Trimble FM-1000 display, newer LED lights, (30) front suitcase weights, (39) rear suitcase weights, mud scrapers, 710/70R38 duals, 6,315 hrs., 2007 remfg. engine at 3,500 hrs., S/NJEE0069928



2011 Case-IH Magnum 315, MFWD, luxury cab, red leather, buddy seat, powershift, Class 5 susp. front axle, 6 hyd., high cap. stacked hyd. pump, power beyond, return flow, 540/1000/Large 1000 PTO, 3 pt., quick tach, rear 3 pt. & PTO controls, diff lock, integrated RTK auto steer, Trimble 2050 display, power boost pedal, beacon, power mirrors, (18) front suitcase weights, approx. 4,000 lb. rear wheel weights, 380/90R54 rear hub duals, 380/80R38 front duals w/fenders, 1,715 hrs., S/NZBRD05739

2011 Case-IH 225, MFWD, CVT, luxury cab, heated leather, buddy seat, 5 hyd., power beyond, return flow, 3 pt., quick tach, rear 3 pt. & PTO controls, 540/small & large 1000 PTO, diff lock, integrated RTK auto steer, FM-1000 display, HID lights, (10) front suitcase weights, 380/80R38 front duals, 380/90R54 hub duals, 3,503 hrs., S/NZARH01333



2012 Case-IH 8230, axial flow, PRWD, Power Plus CVT, AFX rotor, luxury cab, heated leather seat, Field Tracker, deluxe controls, rock trap, integrated auto steer, Pro 700 display, 252 RTK receiver, Y&M w/mapping, high cap. unloading auger, manual hopper ext., fine cut chopper, power heated/adjustable mirrors, HID lights, rear hitch, 893 sep. hrs., 1,224 engine hrs., S/NYCG217446

2008 MacDon FD70 flex draper, finger reel, fore/aft, Case-IH single pt. hookups, slow spd. transport, S/N179791



2000 Brent 874 grain cart, 16” corner auger, large 1000 PTO w/slip clutch, digital scale w/J-Star display, roll tarp, 420/80R46 hub duals, S/N874554



Amity 5010 Air Till drill, 50’, 10” spacing, single shoot, Pro 700 display, wireless run monitor, plumbed for NH3, Raven Cold Flow, Case-IH Precision Air 3430 air cart, 3 compartment, 142 bu./102 bu./186 bu., hyd. drive meters, 10” hyd. drive fill auger, hyd. movement, hyd. winch, rear hitch, 30.5L-32 rear tires, center section firming wheel double Spring update, S/NYDS047164

Monosem vacuum planter, 24x22”, drawbar hitch, front fold, mechanical ground drive, plumbed for liquid fertilizer in-furrow, (2) 150 gal. poly tanks, Hypro hyd. drive pump, hyd. markers, V-plow row levelers, wind screens, Schlagel Posi-Close closing wheels



Eversman 4512 land leveler, 45'x12’, bolt-on cutting edge, S/N10252

Case-IH 730B disc ripper, 7 shank, 30” spacing, 6 lead shanks, 21” front disc blades, covering boards, disc levelers, flashers, 16.5L-16.1 tires, S/NJFH0011361

Flexi-Coil System 95 harrow packer, 60', 5-bar harrow, S/NS95-B000-K035185

2009 Summers disc chisel, 32’, 12” spacing, 20” disc blades, walking tandems, rear hitch, 4-bar harrow, S/NI0001

Case-IH Tiger-Mate II field cultivator, 45’, 6” spacing, 9” sweeps, walking tandems across, front gauge wheels, rear hitch w/hyd., 4-bar harrow

Summers Diamond disc, 25’, 10” spacing, rock flex, 23” front blades, 23-3/4” rear blades, scrapers, S/N88334

Case-IH chisel plow, 29’, level lift, rear hitch, light 3-bar harrow

Summers harrow, 60’, 5-bar, auto fold, adjustable axle, S/N94554

John Deere 1100 field cultivator, 10', 6" spacing, 3 pt.



2003 H&S single shank cultivator, 24x22", 2 pt., lift assist, rolling shields, (6) rubber guide wheels, parking stands, S/N1894

Alloway 2130 cultivator, 12x22", 3 pt., 3 shank, flip-up cutaway discs, tunnel shields, flip-up front shanks, front rubber guide wheels, steel guide cones, rear rubber marker wheels, S/N15288

IHC 181 rotary hoe, 44’, 3 pt., flat fold, cab guard, front gauge wheels



2013 Amity 2700 sugarbeet harvester, 12-row, auto depth control, jump chain kit update, rear grab rolls, lifter wheel close-ups, large 1000 CV PTO, row finder, poly smooth rolls, hook bed chain, row finder, wired for yield monitor, 710/70R38 tires, S/N701365

2001 Parma 2788 sugarbeet harvester, 8x22”, mini-tank, 42” hyd. drive belted scrub chain elevator, 48” belted truck conveyor, Kiel row finder, poly grab rolls, large 1000 CV PTO, LED lights, 11.2-24 tires, S/N80587-07

2002 Parma 264 sugarbeet defoliator, 12x22”, belt drive, front steel cup knives, middle & rear rubber drums, hyd. up/down rotary scalpers, LED lights, (6) 11.2-24 tires, S/N86750-09

2013 H&S 3042 sugarbeet cart, 30 ton, hyd. 42” belted elevator chain, LED lights, 300 gal. poly rinse tank, Hypro hyd. pump, Trelleborg 900/60R32 tires, S/N237



2005 Kenworth T800 day cab, ISM Cummins, 375 hp., Ultrashift 10 spd., engine brake, air ride cab & susp., air slide 5th, diff lock, 2-line wet kit, A/C, power mirrors, cruise, 150 gal. aluminum fuel tank, Saf-T-Pull, TIREBOSS, 11R22.5 tires on outside aluminum/inside steel rims, 245,137 miles

2007 Kenworth T800 day cab, ISX Cummins, 450 hp., 10 spd. auto shift, engine brake, air ride cab & 8-bag susp., air slide 5th, diff lock, 2-line wet kit, A/C, cruise, 150 gal. dual fuel tanks, wheel scrapers, Safe-T-Pull, TIREBOSS, 11R22.5 tires on outside aluminum/inside steel rims, 735,764 miles

2005 IHC 8600 day cab, ISM Cummins, 400 hp., Eaton 10 spd., engine brake, air ride cab & susp., air slide 5th, diff lock, 2-line wet kit, A/C, cruise, dual aluminum fuel tanks, wheel scrapers, Saf-T-Pull, 11R22.5 tires on outside aluminum/inside steel rims, 430,000 miles

2009 IHC ProStar, quad axle, ISX Cummins, 450 hp., Allison automatic, engine brake, air ride susp., diff lock, AC, cruise, power windows/mirrors,  2017 Loadline 24’x96”x63” steel box, combo end gate, 3-doors w/grain door, rear controls, roll tarp, cab guard & side extensions, Saf-T-Pull, air up/down rear tag axle w/445/50R22.5 tires on aluminum rims, air up/down steerable pusher axle w/255/70R22.5 tires on aluminum rims, 737,226 miles



2011 Ford F550, XL, ext. cab, 6.8L gas, automatic, A/C, cruise, 15’x 96” flatbed w/aluminum flip down sides, rear view camera, 2” receiver hitch, Weather Guard 36”x24”x24” underbody toolbox, 400 gal. service tank, 20 gpm 12v pump, 50’ fuel hose reel, Honda EW171 generator/welder, NorthStar Honda air compressor, 239,568 miles



2003 Wilson aluminum hopper bottom, 42’x96”x70”, spring ride, electric tarp w/remote, single spd. traps, 2 spd. landing gear, 11R22.5 tires on steel

2012 & 2010 HMI steel tri-axle end dump trailers, 34’x96”x66”, spring ride, combo end gate, 3-door w/grain door & chute, Shur-Co roll tarp, 2-line head lift hoist, rear bumper, 425/65R22.5 tires on aluminum rims, includes poly liner



1998 Stoughton single axle van trailer, 28’, spring ride, roll-up door, (2) 1,600 gal. poly tanks, 60 gal. poly mixing cone, (2) 30 gal. poly mixing cones, 2” Banjo/Honda pump, 285/75R22.5 tires on steel Pilot rims

2015 Felling FT-14E car trailer, 20'x82", 2' dovetail, spring assist fold-up ramps, (8) D-ring tie downs, LED lights, 2-5/16" ball hitch, ST235/80R16 tires on 8-hole steel rims

Car trailer, 16'x80", steel ramps, stake pockets, 2" ball hitch, Non-roadable, No Title



Top Air TA1600 sprayer, 132’ boom, 10-section, 1,600 gal. poly tank, rinse tank, 4-nozzle bodies, touchdown wheels, auto boom height, Ace hyd. pump, adj. axles w/susp., Top Air Command Center IV controls, 320/90R50 hub duals, includes New AI-3070-03 Bi-Way nozzles, S/NB36330101

2007 H&S LPS 090 sprayer, 90’ boom, 3-section, Hypro hyd. pump, 1,000 gal. poly tank, 250 gal. rinse tank, 320/90R50 hub duals, adj. axles, variable rate capable, no sprayer control, S/N170

H&S folding band sprayer, 24-row, 3 pt., 500 gal. poly tank, for parts



2012 Brandt 5200EX grain vac, 10” hyd. fold auger, small 1000 PTO, cleanup kit, 6-1/2” suction tubes, S/N99940

2007 Brandt 1070 auger, 70'x10", mechanical drive swing hopper, hyd. lift, 540 PTO, S/N82855

Alloway 1315 auger, 60'x10", hyd. swing hopper, hyd. lift

2010 Brandt 1035 auger, 35'x10", 10 hp., 1 phase, S/N93365



2002 Spectra Precision GL720 dual grade laser, w/receiver, carry case, S/N3143

Laser tower & hyd. laser mast



2012 Case-IH SV250 skid steer, CAH, AM/FM, air ride seat, aux. hyd., hyd. detach, ride control, 78" GP bucket, 12-16.5 tires, 1,769 hrs., S/NNCM444712

Pallet forks, 48"x45", skid steer attach



Lorenz L10800 scraper, front dolly, hyd. push-off, Spectra Precision auto control system, GPS receiver mount, bolt-on cutting edge

Box blade, 16'x3', 4-way, weld-on cutting edge



Trimble AgGPS NavController II, S/N5109514800

Land Pride RCM5014 rotary mower, 14’, single wing, 1000 CV PTO, stump jumpers, 27x7-75-15 tires, S/N962057

Alloway stalk shredder, 22’, drawbar pull, L-knives, small 1000 CV PTO, S/N17460

Saf-T-Pull Pro hitch



Asst. VHF 2-way radios to include: (2) Motorola CM300D, model#AAM01JQC9JA1AN; (1) Motorola Radius SM50, model #M43DGC28A2AA; (7) Vertex Standard, model #VX-2100-DO-50


1,500 gal. NH3 tank, converted to fuel trailer on 4-wheel running gear, 12v 20 gpm pump, auto shut-off nozzle

1,500 gal. NH3 tank, converted to fuel trailer on 4-wheel running gear, air pressure discharge, auto shut-off nozzle

1,000 gal. SS tank, 2” poly pump, Honda motor, on 4-wheel running gear



Millermatic 200 wire feed welder

KB driver link wireless directional lights, (1) transmitter, (4) receivers

Asst. mounting brackets

Asst. other farm support items



Duane, 218.289.1902

or Dave Benedict at Steffes Group, 701.237.9173 or 701.238.5062



TERMS & CONDITIONS All items sold AS IS WHERE IS. Payment (Cash or Check) must be made sale day before removal of items. Announcements made sale day take precedence over all previous advertising. Titles (if any) will be mailed to buyers within two weeks of auction date. A document fee of $35 applies to all titled vehicles.

International buyers please check your importing regulations prior to bidding. Real Estate terms and conditions will vary per auction.    

WEBSITE ADDRESSES (ONLINE & ONLINE ONLY) www.steffesauctioneers.com   www.IQBID.com    


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Scott Steffes ND81 & MN14-51

Bob Steffes ND82 & MN14-09

Brad Olstad ND319 & MN14-70

Clark Sather ND463 & MN54-05      


Scott Steffes, Broker

Rodney Steffes, Licensed Sales Associate

Geri Paul, Licensed Sales Associate

Ashley Huhn, Licensed Sales Associate    


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Eric Gabrielson, MN47-006, ND890

Ashley Huhn, MN47-002, ND843

Randy Kath, MN47-001, ND894


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