AgIron Litchfield Event

Farm Auction in 24400 MN Hwy 22 S Litchfield, MN 55355, Litchfield, Minnesota, United States

03 Thursday
03rd September, 2020

AgIron Litchfield Event

Farm Auction in 24400 MN Hwy 22 S Litchfield, MN 55355, Litchfield Minnesota, United States

Thursday at - 03rd September , 2020


Auctioneers will run multiple rings with live online bidding available on major equipment. Contact auctioneers for owner information, new consignments, or changes at 320.693.9371.


LOCATION: Steffes Group Facility, 24400 MN Hwy 22 S, Litchfield, MN 55355

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Auctioneers will run multiple rings with live online bidding available on major equipment. Contact auctioneers for owner information, new consignments, or changes at 320.693.9371. Registration, terms, & details at




1987 John Deere 4850 MFWD, CAH, powershift, 3 hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, 1000 PTO, K&M rock box, front fenders, front weights, Goodyear 385/85R34 front tires, Armstrong 18.4R46 tires w/hub duals, 6,748 hrs., S/NRW4850P011794

1992 John Deere 4560 2WD, CAH, powershift, 3 hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, 1000 PTO, 14L16 front tires, Firestone 18.4R42 tires on 10-bolt hub duals, 2,831.6 hrs., S/NRW4560P001699

1966 IHC 1206D wide front, Cozy cab, 2 hyd., 3 pt., 540/1000 PTO, fenders, Firestone 18.4-38 tires, 8-bolt front wheels, 9-bolt hub duals, 7,659 hrs., S/N12661-5-4, New batteries, single owner, original unrestored

1966 IHC 1206D wide front, open station, 2 hyd., 3 pt., 540/1000 PTO, flattop fenders, front weight bracket, 18.4-38 tires, 8-bolt front wheels, 7,753 hrs., S/N11508-S-Y

1941 IHC M wide front, gas, 540 PTO, (2) wheel weights, 14.9-38 tires, S/N25918

Ford 9N wide front, gas, 3 pt., 540 PTO, fenders, wheel weights, 11.2-28 tires



1984 John Deere 7720 Titan II combine, 2WD, diesel, rock trap, chopper, Hiniker hopper top, 18.4-38 front tires on Kirchner duals, BF Goodrich 14.9-24 rear tires, 2,245.2 hrs., S/NH07720X602078

1984 John Deere 222 flex head, 3" cut, John Deere 7720 mounts, S/NH0222X600228



Minneapolis Moline drill, 12', grass attachment, rubber end wheel



John Deere 7000 planter, 12x30", 2 pt., ground drive, dry fertilizer boxes, insecticide boxes, markers, S/NK10438AP700

John Deere 7000 planter, 6x30", 1.5 bu. Boxes, no monitor, markers, needs work



John Deere C-20 field cultivator, 24', wing fold, pull-type

John Deere 1010 field cultivator, 24', 3-bar harrow

IHC 153 row crop cultivator, 6x30", 3 pt., C-shank

John Deere 100 chisel plow, 12', 3pt.

IHC 720 auto reset plow, 5x18", semi-mount, S/N1050000U002851, (4) coulters (no coulters on it-some on ground)

Ferguson 14A plow, 2 bottom, 3 pt., S/N55724

White 253 disc, 18', manual wing fold, hyd. lift, tandems on main frame

Spike tooth drag, 7-section

Multi-weeder, 4-section



1927 IHC milk delivery truck, gas, manual, Pioneer plate, S/N11401

1927 IHC flatbed truck, gas, manual, Pioneer plate, S/N10817

1936 Ford truck, gas, manual, flatbed, dual rear wheels, S/NBB182247653

1997 Towmaster T-10 tandem axle bumper hitch trailer, 15'x77", ramps, 225/75R15 tires on 6-bolt wheels

Custom-Built S/A tilt deck utility trailer

Shop-Built bumper hitch trailer, 7'x77", wood floor & sides

Shop-Built header trailer, 20'



Kory gravity wagon, Clay hyd. seed conveyor, extensions, tarp, on Minnesota running gear, 12.5L-15.1 tires

Parker 6255 Grain Chariot gravity box, roll tarp, light kit, 425/65R22.5 tires, S/N20554

Parker 525 Grain Chariot gravity box, top extension, roll tarp, side windows, 16.5-22.5 tires

Parker 5250 gravity box, roll tarp, light kit, 425/65R22.5 tires

J&M 500SD gravity box, extensions, brake, 385/65R22.5 tires, red, S/N2013



Strobel 2 Box seed tender, 2-compartment, Honda gas engine, on tandem axle bumper hitch trailer, 225/75R16 tires on 5-bolt wheels, S/N2B122059

Handlair 560 grain vac, PTO, on transport

Westfield MK100-61 auger, 61'x10", 540 PTO, swing hopper, S/N77287

Feterl auger, 60'x10", 540 PTO, swing hopper, S/N1060SWS008

Auger, 41'x6", 540 PTO, on transport

Snowco grain screener, 220v, on transport

Clipper grain screener



1993 Gehl 4625 skid steer loader, diesel, ROPS, aux. hyd., 66" general purpose bucket, 10-16.5 tires, 3,010 hrs., S/N17130

May Wes Lil Wesley self-propelled sprayer, gas, 12v pump, bar lug tires

Melroe rockpicker, fork style

Jari walk-behind sickle mower

John Deere 826 snowblower

Loftness snowblower, 94", 2 stage, 540 PTO

Adams road grader, pull-type

Ford stationary engine, gas, S/N2601-A2-4CS

Ford stationary engine, gas, S/N350-B15CS

Chicken feeders

Fimco ATV sprayer, 12v



Flair box, on 4-wheel running gear

Poly tank, 1,100 gal.

Fuel barrel, 500 gal., Gas Boy 110v pump, meter

(2) Fuel barrel, 300 gal. includes (1) on stand

4-wheel running gear, 11L15 tires

(5) IHC suitcase weights

(2) Speedy hitches

Steel fence posts



Troy Built walk-behind tiller, Tecumseh gas engine

Snapper Z2004K zero turn lawn tractor, S/N55539344

(2) Buzz saw, front mount



Chevrolet Impala 4-door, 327 V8 gas, automatic, red interior, white, S/N304936

1987 Oldsmobile Delta 88 car, 4-door, needs work, S/N1G3HN5133HW313319

1982 Chevrolet Chevette car. 4-door, diesel, needs work



Honda ATC 200, 3-wheeler, S/N185S

1977 Suzuki GT500 motorcycle, needs work

Boat w/trailer

Spear/fish house, on single axle trailer

Lake-N-Shore truck bed camper, S/N466-395



Briggs & Stratton pressure washer, gas

Carolina shop press

Coleman generator, gas

Craftsman compressor, 2 hp.

Lincoln welder, AC

Miller engine hoist

Porta heater, 110v

Pressure washer, 220v

Steel vice

Chop saw

Large vice, on stand

Torch, on cart

Floor jacks

Cement mixer, 110v

Numerous hand tools



Hopkins Allens Arms 12-gauge, double barrel, hammer type

Marlin Glenfield 30A, 30/30, lever action, S/N19120518

Mossberg 195 shot gun, 12-gauge, bolt action

Remington 70022-250., bolt action w/scopeC6701444

Winchester 1897, 12-gauge, pump"51641

Winchester 94 lever action, 30 WCF

Winchester61, 22, pump action, S/N197557

Winchester 100, .308, semi-automatic, S/N40884

(2) 12" nine bolt

Large safe



1985 Versatile 836 Designation 6, L10 Cummins, 15 spd., 4 hyd., 3 pt., top link, 1000 PTO, Firestone 18.4-38 tires, 12-bolt hub duals, 2,619 hrs., S/N250981, owner believes hrs. to be actual, No brakes, 2nd owner

1979 Massey Ferguson 4840 4WD, CAH, 903 Cummins, 4 hyd., AM/FM cassette radio, 20.8R-38 tires w/duals, 8,310 hrs., S/N9D001649, 2nd owner



2001 Case-IH MX200 MFWD, CAH, buddy seat, powershift, 4 hyd., 3 pt., 1000 PTO, diff lock, cloth interior, ext. lights & mirrors, Firestone 14.9-30 tires, Goodyear 480/80R42 tires w/10-bolt hub duals, 5,994 hrs., S/NX2004C4JJA0112201

1990 Case-IH 7140 MFWD, CAH, powershift, 3 hyd., 3 pt., (4) reverses, 1000 PTO, diff lock, front weights, Firestone 14.9R46 tires on 10-bolt duals, 5,398 hrs., S/NJJA0027882

Ford 8730 MFWD, CAH, powershift, 3 hyd., 3 pt., top link, 540/1000 PTO, diff lock, front fenders, 16.9-28 front tires, 480/80R42 rear tires w/duals, shows 8,002 hrs.

John Deere 2750 MFWD, open station, diesel, manual, 2 hyd., 3 pt., 540/1000 PTO, John Deere 245 all hyd. Loader, quick tach bucket, manure bucket, loader joystick control, front fenders, flattop fenders, bar axle, Goodyear 13.6-24 front tires, Firestone 18.4-34 rear tires, 5,089 hrs., S/N522844

Caterpillar Challenger MT335B MFWD, ROPS, left hand reverser, 2 hyd., 3 pt., 540 PTO, ML72B all hyd. quick tach loader, quick tach bucket, joystick controls, front weights, flange axle, New Firestone 11.2-24 front tires, New Alliance 420/90R30 rear tires, shows 177 hrs.



John Deere 6200L 2WD, canopy, open station, 3 hyd., 540 PTO, 16.9-24 tires, shows 353 hrs., S/NL06200H184414

IHC B narrow front, gas, 540 PTO, belt pulley, Goodyear 11.2-24 rear tires, new coil & starter

Allis Chalmers WD-45 narrow front, gas, 1 hyd., 3 pt., top link, 540 PTO, 13.6-28 rear tires on power slide wheels, S/N57927

1964 Massey Ferguson G705 2WD, wide front, diesel, open station, 2 hyd., power steering, 18.4-34 tires, S/N23901056



1960 Fordson Dextra wide front, 4 cyl., gas, 1 hyd., 3 pt., 540 PTO, live power & hyds., older repaint, running working order, Rare

1938 Massey Harris Senior 101 Twin Power, wide front, 6 cyl. Chrysler engine, gas, 540 PTO, 2 spd. clutch pulley, New 5.50-16 front tires, New 13.6-24 rear tires, New points, plugs, wires, coil, generator & gauges, repainted, good working order

1957 IH 350 wide front, 1 mid-mount hyd., 1 rear hyd., fast hitch, 540 PTO, power steering, new front tires, 12.4-38 rear tires

1952 IHC Super C narrow front, PTO

1951 IHC Super C parts only

(2) Farmall H narrow front



2007 John Deere 9760 STS combine, 2 spd. Mud Hog PRWD, Contour-Master, Y&M (no display), GreenStar ready, Maurer hopper topper, Lankota 4' auger extension, chopper, rock trap, PowerCast tailboard, EZ Climb stairs, single pt. hookup, Goodyear 800/70R38 front tires w/duals, Firestone 600/65R28 rear tires, 1,449 sep. hrs., 2,211 engine hrs., S/NH09760S721698, Liner protrusion fixed in 2018

1997 John Deere 9500 combine, CAH, 2WD, Y&M monitor, Crary Big Top hopper topper, straw chopper, 420/80R46 straddle duals, 2,295 sep. hrs., 3,618 engine hrs., S/NH09500X670726, mechanical inspection report done August 2020 available

1995 New Holland TR97 combine, PRWD, Terrain Tracer, chopper, rock trap, 30.5L-32 tires, 2,590 sep. hrs., 3,980 engine hrs., 1 season on rebuilt & rebalanced rotors & cage/raspbars



2007 John Deere 635F flex head, hyd. fore/aft, low stone dam, single pt. hookup, S/NH0635F721703

2005 New Holland 74C flex head, 30', 1-1/2' cut, hyd. fore/aft, single pt. hookup, S/NPNL017357

2002 Case-IH 1020 flex head, 30', Field Tracker, hyd. fore/aft, 2388 mounts

Case-IH 1020 flex head, 25', Field Tracker, hyd. fore/aft, 2188 mounts

John Deere 930F flex head, hyd. fore/aft, full finger auger, off John Deere 9600

John Deere 930 flex head, poly snouts, off John Deere 9650

John Deere 925 flex head, steel snouts, off John Deere 9500 combine, S/N641564

John Deere 220 flex head, reel-type

John Deere 216 flex head, 16', off John Deere 6600-7700

Deutz Allis F9090 flex head, 18', off Gleaner R62, S/N1831460, owner states working order



2005 Geringhoff RD1200 chopping corn head, 12x22", Headsight, hyd. deck plates, flex shafts, John Deere hookups, S/N91035

Geringhoff chopping corn head, 8x30", steel snouts, off John Deere 9650

1999 Caterpillar Claas chopping corn head, 8x30", hyd. deck plates, flex shafts, Capello row units, knife rolls, John Deere hookups, includes John Deere header height (not installed), frame work from John Deere 608C corn head, S/N2X200444

Case-IH 1020 flex head



John Deere 212 pickup head, 5-belt, hyd. Drive

John Deere 212 pickup head, 4 belt, S/N489091

John Deere pickup head, 5-belt

(2) Massey Ferguson heads w/Melroe pickup

(2) John Deere 653A all crop heads, 6x30



IHC grain drill, hyd. lift, grass seed attachment, rubber end wheels



John Deere 7100 planter, 12x30", 3 pt., vertical fold, ground drive, John Deere 250 monitor, Kinze bean meters, Precision corn meters, markers

IHC 400 Cyclo planter, 4 row, corn drum, monitor, used as plot planter



Krause 4887 Land Builder II disc ripper, 7 shank, walking tandems, rock flex discs, shank guard, S/N1102-0800

John Deere 1010 field cultivator, 25', front wing fold, rear 7" shovels, points, cold flow unit, telescoping rear hitch, setup for NH3

White 435 chisel plow, 14 shank, S/N100893

Minneapolis Moline pull-type chisel plow, 15-1/2'

Oliver plow, 3x16", hyd. lift

John Deere 230 disc, 24', wing fold

Disc, 10', single gang

Lindsay drag, 30', double wing fold, hyd. lift

Melroe drag, 35', 7-section

IHC 3-bar harrow assembly

IH 645 chisel plow, 16'

IH 475 disc, 14'

White disc, 20', wing fold

Case-IH 183 cultivator, 12 row



2007 Volvo VNL integrated stand-up double bunk cabin, D-12 egnine, 465 hp., 13 spd., jake brake, air ride, air slide 5th wheel, cruise, diff lock, sunroof, Bluetooth, CD player, dual fuel tanks, 12,500 lb. front axle, 3.42 ratio, 226" WB, 11R22.5 tires on all aluminum wheels, S/N4V4NC9GH37N446061

2005 IHC 9200i day cab, ISM Cummins, 10 spd., jake brake, air ride, air slide, diff lock, 22.5 tires on aluminum wheels, 772,000 miles, S/N2HSCEAHR55C036815

1959 Ford F750 tandem axle truck, V8, gas, 20' box w/hoist, rear 3-gate unload, walking beam suspension, 9.00-20 tires, 78,834 miles, S/NF75N9U35292

1977 Chevrolet C-65 single axle grain truck, 366 gas, 5&2 trans., 16' box & hoist, roll tarp, 9:00-20 tires, 103,000 miles, S/NCCE677V127570

1996 IHC 4700 service lube truck, DT466E, Alison automatic, (7) hose reels, air compressor, fuel, transmission, hyd. fluid tanks, (3) water tanks w/pressure wand, 255,190 miles, 38,000 miles on reman engine & transmission, S/N1HTSCAAN2TH387711

1975 Chevrolet C70 pierce fire truck, 366 engine, 5 spd., 1,200 gal. tank w/pony motor, (2) powered hose reels w/1" hose, 5" hoses, 3" hoses, 12,706 actual miles, S/NCCE665V164092

Fire truck *No Title*

2005 Chevrolet 1500 ext. cab, 4-door, 5.3L, gas, 4WD, tonneau cover, 265/70R17 tires, 256,267 miles

2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD crew cab, 6-1/2' box, gas, automatic, 4x4, cloth interior, alloy wheels, S/N1GCHK23U24F222419

2001 Chevrolet S10, reg. cab, long box, 2WD, w/topper, S/N1GCCS145718224615

2001 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado, ext. cab, 4-door, V8, automatic, 4WD, running boards, alloy wheels, 265/75R16 tires, 184,700 miles, S/N2GCEK19V311303946

1999 Toyota Tacoma pickup, gas, 4 cyl., 5 spd., 4WD, 191,000 miles

(2) Truck toolboxes, aluminum

Tommy lift gate

AgChem pickup sprayer



2018 Hull tandem axle bumper hitch dump trailer, 16', self-contained hyd. pump, side door, 3-piece end gate, ramps, fork pockets, 2-5/16" ball, LED lights, spare tire holder, 235/80R16 tires on 8-bolt axles, very low miles, painted John Deere green

2014 Hrabik header trailer, 36', light, brakes, 6-wheel, torsion bar axles, John Deere green paint

1989 Cornhusker hopper bottom trailer

1983 Chamberlin hopper bottom trailer, 42', spring ride, 10:00-20 tires

Wabash single axle van trailer, 28'x102", spring ride

1969 Timpte van trailer, 40', 10:00-20 tires

S&S Duraline tandem axle gooseneck livestock trailer, 20', steel

2006 S&S tandem axle bumper hitch livestock trailer, 14', 235/75R15 tires, S/N4SDB614243EDL4384

Shop-Built tandem axle bumper hitch skid steer loader trailer, ramps, 7-14.5 tires



Brent 744 gravity box, side window, light kit, brakes, red, new in 2014

Ez-Trail 525 grain cart, 1000 PTO, hyd. folding 14" auger, side auger, backup camera, spout camera, site glass, lights, in-cab display, sells w/spare tire, adjustable axles, 18.4-26 diamond tread tires

J&M gravity wagon, 350 bu., on 10-ton running gear

Flow-Ez gravity box, 300 bu., on Ez-Trail running gear, S/N3982

Flow-Ez gravity box, 300 bu., on Ez-Trail running gear, S/N2282

Demco gravity box, 300 bu.

Parker gravity wagon, 300 bu., 10-ton running gear

Dakon gravity box, on 4-wheel running gear

American standard gravity box, 200+/- bu., on 4-wheel running gear

Killbros gravity box, J&M unload auger, cover

Ez-Flow gravity box, 15" top, 12.5L-15 tires

Parker 4000 gravity box, 400 bu.

Gravity box, 250 bu.

Dakon gravity box



DMI Nutri-Placer NH3 applicator, 52-1/2', double wing fold, C-shank, cold flow, S/NJFH007311

DMI 4200 II NH3 applicator, 42-1/2', 17 shank, double wing fold, C-shank, cold flow, radar, rear hitch, S/N021572

DMI 4200 II NH3 applicator, 42-1/2', 17 shank, double wing fold, C-shank, cold flow, radar, rear hitch

DMI NH3 applicator, 32-1/2', 13 shank, wing fold, C-shank, rear hitch

Sprayer, 40', 500 gal., rebuilt 540 PTO pump & new nozzles



1998 New Holland 1431 Moco mower conditioner, 13', hyd. head tilt, rubber roll conditioner, shock hubs, pin hitch, single owner

John Deere 327 small square baler, #30 thrower, single owner

Olson bale conveyor, 40', 3/4 hp 100 motor, on transport

H&S throw rack, 16', wood floor, on Minnesota 8-ton running gear

(2) Moorhead throw rack, 16', on running gear

Daco rake, 7-wheel

Notch bumper hitch bale transport

1998 New Holland 644 round baler, net wrap or twine tie, in-cab monitor

Case-IH SMX-91 mower conditioner, 9' cut, PTO, less than 100 acres use, purchased new in 2007, always shedded

Bale fork, 3 pt.



Kuhn Knight 3250 TMR, (3) auger left hand discharge, scale, single axle"

John Deere3800"forage harvester, 2x30", field ready

Badger 950 forage box, 16', 540 PTO, front chain unload, on 6-wheel running gear, S/N9558, owner states in working order

Gehl 970 forage box, 16', 540 PTO, front chain unload, on 4-wheel running gear, S/N36054, owner states in working order



Gehl 1285 forage harvester, kernel process completely rebuilt in 2018, includes 2x30" corn head completely rebuilt in 2019, 7' hay head, 5' hay head, in-cab controls, single flotation tires

Gehl 1060 forage harvester, 1000 PTO, w/Gehl SH600 2x30" snap head, in-cab spout controls, single axle, recent cutter bar work

Gehl 3038 forage head, 2x30", owner states in working order

Gehl 1110 hay head

John Deere 8820 straw chopper

Gehl forage wagon, 14', on John Deere 1063 running gear

New Holland 40 silage blower



Farmhand 830 grinder/mixer, 540 PTO, straight auger, extra screens

Gehl 125 Mix-All, 540 PTO, scale, S/N16139

Patz barn cleaner, 18" counterclockwise

Feed tank system, (4) poly cone bottom feed tank, holds approx. 1 ton each feeder, frame

Goat/sheep hay wagon

(3) Calf-Tel calf huts

(3) Poly Dome round calf huts

(5) Livestock water tanks, 100 gal. each, galvanized

(16) Cattle feeders, 90"

(40) Interlocking corral panels, 12'x5', New

(90) Continuous fence panels, 20', 6 bar w/clips & connectors, New

(16) Buffalo free standing panels, 24'x5', New

(3) Cattle panels, used

Dura-Built walk through gate, 12'

(13) Cattle gates, various lengths

Cattle lick tub cover

(3) Livestock brushes/rubs

Branding, electric & liquid nitrogen irons



WestGo auger, 8'x61", 540 PTO, on transport

WestGo auger, 31'x8", 16 hp. gas engine

SnowCo auger, 31'x8", 540 PTO, on transport

Westfield auger, 30'x8", electric motor, on transport

Feterl 1062 auger

Feterl swing hopper, 7"

DMC grain screener, electric motor drive, on transport

SnowCo grain screener

(4) Bin spreader

Sukup burner, 24", for bun dryer

(2) Caldwell bin fan

Neco bin unload, 8", power sweep, for 48' bin

Bin sweep, 10'

Sukup bin fan, 28", single phase

Auger hopper, poly

Auger hopper

(8) Bin jacks & roof jack, working order

Feterl grain screener, 2 hp. motor, 220v, on transport

Auger unit, 540 PTO

Kewanee all crop elevator, 40'

Farm King auger, 56'x8", 540 PTO or 10 hp. 3 phase motor, on transport

Jelco batch dryer, 260 bu., 3 phase w/phase converter, on transport



Alloway stalk shredder, 15', 3 pt., 1000 PTO, twin swivel gauge wheels

Hiniker AR2000 stalk shredder, S/N2002-0167-102

Hiniker pull-type stalk shredder, 6x30", 1000 PTO

John Deere 120 stalk shredder, 8x30", 1000 PTO, hyd. lift, pull-type, 4 gauge wheels, has bad inside rotor bearing

Alloway stalk shredder, 20', new clutch in 2020

Brady stalk shredder, 6 row



King Kutter L-72-40P4 brush mower, 6', 3 pt., 540 PTO, S/N914107

John Deere 390 flail mower

John Deere 509 rotary mower, 5', 3 pt., 540 PTO, trailing wheel

Caroni finish mower, 7-1/2', 3 pt., 540 PTO



Bobcat 610 skid steer loader, gas, ROPS, aux. hyd., 10-16.5 tires, S/N206310

(2) Skid steer loader tracks off ASV RC50 or RC60

2019 Stout HD72-3 rock brush grapple, 72", New-Unused

Stout HD72-3 rock bucket grapple, skid steer loader mount, New

(4) Snow/litter buckets, 90"

(2) Skid steer loader buckets, 66", w/single blade

General purpose bucket, skid steer loader mount

Stout 66-9 brush grapple, skid steer loader mount, New

Manure bucket, skid steer loader mount

Bucket, skid steer loader mount

(6) Skeleton grapple buckets, 76", dual cylinder, skid steer loader attachment

Spade bucket, 40", skid steer loader attachment

(2) Self-dumping hoppers, 2 cubic yard, fork pockets

(2) Trash hoppers, 2 cubic yard, fork pockets

CL Fab snow pusher, 8', rubber cutting edge, floating hitch, skid steer loader mount

(8) Snow pushers, 96", w/steel blade

Pallet forks, skid steer loader mount

Lowe 750 hyd. auger, 12", skid steer loader mount, New

(6) Skid steer loader frames w/guards

(6) Skid steer loader attach frames

Hitch receiver, 2", skid steer loader attachment



IHC 270 Series A tractor loader backhoe, partial cab, ROPS, diesel, 2WD, front general-purpose bucket, rear tooth bucket, outriggers, BKT 18.4-24 rear (like new), Firestone 18.4-24 rear tires, shows 1,190 hrs.

Case-IH 2250 loader, all hyd., general purpose bucket, w/mounts for IH or Case-IH tractors

Ashland scraper, 2-1/2 yards

Water/fertilizer tender, 1,200 gal. poly tank, B&S pump w/2" banjo fittings, on 4-wheel running gear, used as a water trailer

Galvanized tank, 2,000 gal., Briggs & Stratton 3.5 hp. engine, 2" plumbing, was used for water only

Blade, 7', 3 pt.

Blade, 6', 3 pt., manual adjust

Kewanee blade, 9', 3 pt., 6-way

Bale fork, for 3 pt.

Steel trailer, mechanical dump, 2-wheel

Minnesota heavy duty running gear, 4-wheel

Telehandler trash/debris container, 7 cubic yard

(3) Light duty fork extensions, 84"

(3) Steel plates/road plates, 3/8"

Nabor rock nabor, 3 pt., no cylinder



Fuel barrel, 2,000 gal., Fil-Rite 110v pump, used for off road diesel

Poly tank, 1,250 gal.

Fuel barrel, 500 gal., 110v pump

Overhead fuel tank, 300 gal., on stand

Pickup fuel tank, 250 gal.

Steel tank, 500 gal.

Chemical tote, poly



Raven, S/N46001070

Trimble EZ-Boom, S/N2006830770

Trimble light bars, harnesses & misc. parts

Baldor motor, 10 hp., single phase, rebuilt-not used

Lesson motor, 5 hp., 3 phase

Baldor motor, 5 hp., 3 phase

Electric motor, 3/4 hp.

(3) Buck Horn seed boxes, bottom half only

(6) Buck Horn seed boxes, complete w/lids, each have a broken brace

(2) Thermostats for fan controls includes (1) new in box

Lift assist, cylinder, gauge wheels, off White 6100 planter

Dickey John sprayer monitors

SCS Side Kick sprayer monitor w/ammonia pump

Misc. air tank & sprayer parts

Redball inductor

(6) Case front mount weights

(4) Suitcase weights

(8) Case wheel weights

Briggs & Stratton water pump

Schwartz wide front, John Deere universal mount, off John Deere 620 hubs

John Deere OEM 40 Series, (2) corn snouts for 38'' row & 32'' to 33'' (2) bonnet/hood; may fit other wide rows

(4) John Deere boxes of sickle sections

John Deere 6600 misc. parts

IH rock box, universal

(12) H&S rake wheels includes (6) lefts & (6) right

Top link for John Deere 8450 4WD

Gear box off John Deere 27 stalk chopper

PRWD for 1660

PRWD for Case-IH 1660 combine

Cat II quick hitch

(6) Case DMI ripper points, off Case-IH 870

(3) Feeder house belt, off John Deere 9500

Straw chopper belt, off John Deere S680

John Deere 38" rim

Haukos planter side markers, adjustable

Shop-Built trailer axle w/spring

Bisch adapter plate, IH combine to John Deere head

(2) Sickles, 25', for John Deere 925

Ag hitch/tongue, 63", made from 3" tubing, telescopes, was used on header trailer

(3) GVL Poly Series I center poly assemblies, 38" row, for Case-IH 900/1000 Series corn heads, New

Drawbar for IHC 2 pt. hitch

Small scale, no display

Sweep various sizes

Misc. grain bin parts



(3) 295/75R22.5 tires

(4) Misc. implement tires

(4) Misc. implement tires

(2) Goodyear 380/90R50 tires

(2) Goodyear Wrangler P235/75R15 tires

(5) 295/75R22.5 tires, used"

(4) Goodyear 12-16.5 NHS skid steer loader tires, 60%

Goodyear 30.5L-32 tire

(2) Firestone 14.9-24 tires

(4) Firestone Highway Special 11L-15 F1 tires

11L15 tire

(2) 18.4-42 rear tractor tires

18.4R42 tire

(2) 16.9-26 tires

Goodyear 18.4-38 tire

(2) Goodyear 30.5L32 tires



Metal lathe, 110v, no jaw or tooling, on stand

Pressure washer, 110v, w/Kerosene burner

Ex-Cell pressure washer, 2,300 psi

FMC tire changer, air operated, working order

Cherry picker engine hoist

Overhead hoist

Honda EM1600 generator, 120v

Light & roller table

(2) Work benches, 29"x90", w/shelf

(2) Welding tables, 30"x57"

(5) Work benches, 29"x60"

(3) Welding tables, 30"x57", w/shelf

Shop-Built misc. chains/binders box

Safety harness

Starter & hyd. orbit motor

Shop cart

Agri-Inject chemical pump

Misc. items to include chains, measure wheel, pressure washer w/wand & hose

Misc. items to include floor jack, portable air tank, grease guns & car ramps

Misc. shop equipment to include wrenches, sockets & hitch pins

(2) Floor jack

C&M Loadstar 2-ton hoist & Jet 1/2 ton hoist for parts; non-working condition currently

Extension ladder, 34', aluminum

Lincoln grease gun, no battery

Buzz saw, electric power, 220v, 1 phase, working order

Honda ESG500 generator, gas, on transport, new battery, working order

Army Issue generator, gas, 2 strobe

Toughest cut-out tool, battery operated w/charger & battery, NIB

(2) Multi-bin hardware cabinets

(3) Steel hardware cabinets full of supplies, blue

Sears Craftsman miter saw & lathe

(2) Tile cutters

Rigid shop vac, 4 gal.

Tool Shop pneumatic staple gun

Pack mule hoist puller

Antique toolbox w/contents

Kato Light generator



2007 Chevrolet Impala LT car, 4-door, V6, 3.5L, automatic, bucket cloth seats, cruise, power windows, locks & mirrors, AM/FM radio, 225/60R16 tires on aluminum wheels, 157,338 miles, S/N2G1WT55N189119320

2006 Pontiac Grand Prix 4-door, gas, automatic, leather interior, alloy wheels, S/N2G2WR554061208633

2005 Chevrolet Impala 4-door, gas, automatic, cloth interior, white, S/N2G1WF52E259200138

2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer LT 4-door, gas, automatic, 4x4, leather interior, S/N1GNDT13S942239916

2004 Volkswagen Passat car, 4-door, gas, automatic, 2WD, cloth interior, approx. 170,000 miles, runs, needs trans. work

2003 Chevrolet Impala 4-door, gas, automatic, cloth interior, miles unknown, silver, S/N2G1WH55KX39219870

2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue Alerus 4-door, gas, automatic, cloth interior, alloy wheels, miles unknown, S/N1G3WH52H01F199116

1999 Volkswagen Jetta 4-door, gas, 5 spd., cloth interior, alloy wheels, S/N3VWRC29M4XM074428

1998 Buick Century Custom 4-door, gas, automatic, cloth interior, miles unknown, S/N2G4WS52M8W1599238

2000 Pontiac Grand Am 4-door, gas, automatic, cloth interior, sunroof, alloy wheels, miles unknown, S/N1G2NF52T1YM886251, *No Title*

1999 Ford Escort Sport 2-door. Gas, automatic, cloth interior, alloy wheels, 167,647 miles, S/N3FAKP1136XR216759, *No Title*

1999 Ford Escort SE 4-door, gas, automatic, cloth interior, 172,812 miles, S/N1FAFP13PXXW244689, *No Title*

1995 Ford Mustang 2-door, gas, automatic, cloth interior, alloy wheels, 208,489 miles, S/N1FALP404XSF183819, *No Title*

1994 Toyota Corolla 4-door, gas, automatic, cloth interior, 167,331 miles, S/N1NXAE04B5RZ183303, *No Title*

1990 Honda Accord EX 2-door, gas, automatic, sunroof, alloy wheels, 312,500 miles, S/N1HGCB7268LA053420, *No Title*



2014 John Deere X300 lawn tractor, 18.5 hp. Kohler gas engine, hydro, 42" deck, 250 hrs.

Yard Machine tiller, 5 hp., gas

Snapper snowblower, gas

John Deere power flow, 48"



Office furniture, desks, cubicles, countertop

(2) Rubber mats

Tow hitch w/lights

(2) Dueling tree shooting targets, .22 caliber

(2) Dueling tree shooting targets, 3/8", AR500

(2) Gong shooting targets, 3/8", AR500


(40) Step in posts

Misc. household items

Misc. drawer slides, door closers, door hinges, hooks & shelf hardware

(4) Schlage doorknobs

Box of extension cords & fan

LP heater

Pallet of brackets & stands

Electronic timer case w/(2) power boxes & stands, missing main timer control

(3) Event display banner, 6'10", retractable, in cases, prefect for trade shows/events


FIREARMS TERMS:  Steffes Group Inc. will require all successful bidders who do not possess an FFL to complete Form 4473 and pass an FBI NICS background check. A $25 transfer fee per Form 4473 will apply.

Regarding handguns. All Minnesota residents will be able to pick up after passing the NICS check at our Litchfield office. ND residents can have handguns delivered to the Steffes Fargo office and have the NICS check done there. Buyers from all other states will have to have all handguns shipped to a current FFL holder from that respective state and will not be able to take possession in person. 



TERMS & CONDITIONS All items sold AS IS WHERE IS. Payment (Cash or Check) must be made sale day before removal of items. Announcements made sale day take precedence over all previous advertising. Titles (if any) will be mailed to buyers within two weeks of auction date. A document fee of $35 applies to all titled vehicles.  

International buyers please check your importing regulations prior to bidding. Real Estate terms and conditions will vary per auction.    



Steffes Auctioneers Inc.

2000 Main Avenue East

West Fargo ND 58078-2210

Phone: (701) 237-9173(701) 237-9173

Toll Free: (800) 726-8609(800) 726-8609

Fax: (701) 237-0976

E-Mail: [email protected]  [email protected]


Scott Steffes ND81 & MN14-51

Bob Steffes ND82 & MN14-09

Brad Olstad ND319 & MN14-70

Clark Sather ND463 & MN54-05      


Scott Steffes, Broker

Rodney Steffes, Licensed Sales Associate

Geri Paul, Licensed Sales Associate

Ashley Huhn, Licensed Sales Associate    


Steffes Auctioneers Inc

24400 MN Highway 22 South

Litchfield, MN 55355

Phone: (320) 693-9371(320) 693-9371  

Fax: (320) 693-9373

Email: [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


Eric Gabrielson, MN47-006, ND890

Ashley Huhn, MN47-002, ND843

Randy Kath, MN47-001, ND894


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    Dickey John

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    SCS Side Kick

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    Badger 950

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    1969 Timpte

  • Lot #: 14

    John Deere 1010

  • Lot #: 100

    1997 Towmaster T-10

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    Kory 275

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    1987 Oldsmobile Delta 88

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    1936 Ford

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    1987 John Deere 4850

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    John Deere 1010

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    1993 Gehl 4625SX

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    Strobel 2 Box

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    Snapper Z2004K

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    Custom-Built S/A

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    1966 IHC 1206D

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  • Lot #: 119

    1982 Chevrolet Chevette

  • Lot #: 120

    Ferguson 14A

  • Lot #: 121

    1927 IHC

  • Lot #: 122

    1927 Chevrolet

  • Lot #: 123

    1941 IHC M

  • Lot #: 124

    1966 IHC 1206D

  • Lot #: 125

    1984 John Deere 7720 Titan II

  • Lot #: 126

    1992 John Deere 4560

  • Lot #: 127

    John Deere 7000

  • Lot #: 128

    Parker 5250 Grain Chariot

  • Lot #: 129

    Parker 525 Grain Chariot

  • Lot #: 130
  • Lot #: 131

    Handlair 560

  • Lot #: 132

    Parker 6255 Grain Chariot

  • Lot #: 133

    J&M 500SD

  • Lot #: 134

    Ford 9N

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