Auction in 625 ST LOUIS STREET, Hopkins, Minnesota, United States

31 Monday
31st August, 2020
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Auction in 625 ST LOUIS STREET, Hopkins Minnesota, United States

Monday at - 31st August , 2020



TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS: Public safety is our first and foremost concern and we have instituted a series of precautions to continue to receive auction items, make them available for auction and get them safely to you. SAFETY OF OUR MERCHANDISE: Safety guidelines and timetables regarding virus life on hard surfaces suggest that our merchandise has greatly exceeded the time necessary to be virus free. Here is a statement/timetable from WebMD regarding virus life on hard surfaces: How long does this coronavirus live on surfaces or outside of the body? A new study found that SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) may last for a few hours or several days on surfaces and several hours in the air under experimental conditions. The study found it can last up to 4 hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard, and up to 2 to 3 days on plastic and stainless steel. The study shows that it may be possible to transmit the infection by touching a contaminated surface or by breathing it from the air, but does not prove that air transmission actually happens under real-world circumstances. Using a simple disinfectant on all reachable surfaces is a good idea. All merchandise in our auctions will have long passed the timelines outlined in the WebMD article by the time you purchase and receive them. Most items come into our shop for a number of days before we get them listed. They are online a minimum of 7-8 days before the auction closes, and then another two or three days before you pick them up. That means the merchandise has been safely isolated in our warehouse for at least 15 days before you take it home. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS WE ARE TAKING TO INSURE YOUR CONTINUED GOOD HEALTH: 1. We ask that if you are ill, please do not come in person to pick up your merchandise. Call us and let us know who will be picking up for you; we’ll be ready for them. NO ONE THAT WORKS AT M.A. WILLIAMS IS SICK OR HAS HAD THE VIRUS. WE WILL WEAR MASKS AND GLOVES FOR YOUR PROTECTION AND OURS. 2.) As another option, consider using the service of Drew’s Moves as a alternative to picking up merchandise in person. They will pick up merchandise at our shop and deliver it to your home or business. Their services are not free, but you can call for a quote prior to bidding and see if this is a viable option for you. Call Drew’s Moves 612-532-1805, speak with Andrew. 3.) If you pay online there is no need to handle cash or use your finger to sign a digital signature on a screen, or to use any tool or implement to write with. 4.) We will wipe down our service desk after each customer to insure a sanitized surface for everyone. 5.) Hand sanitizer will be available at our service desk. 6.)You can call us from your vehicle and let us know you are waiting outside. We take your payment by phone or verify your online payment, and then Gene and Andy will bring your merchandise to the dock door. You and your helpers will take it from there and load from the dock, so there will be no need to spend extended time inside our facility. This process will limit your exposure to, and close contact with, other humans. 7.) Inspections and load out will also continue to take place on a drop in basis during the times outlined in each auction. We don't recall, at any time in our 12+ years of business, having more than 5-6 people (INCLUDING OUR STAFF) in our warehouse at one time. If you prefer to make an appointment to inspect or load out, and to insure no one is in our warehouse other than our staff, we can accommodate you. Call us at 952-920-8922 tell us what we can do and we’ll make it happen. As the owner of A.B.I., this business is my full-time job. I support 3 employees - two of them are full time, and they count on me to keep them working so they can take care of their families. It’s hard to know what do. I know that all of us are in this same position in some way or another, and there is no instruction booklet telling us how to be prepared. We will do our level best to keep everyone safe and healthy.


This auction has a wide variety of industrial machines, including sanders, bore machines, pocket screw machines, a laminate slitter, and more. These machines have been recently removed from service - with most ready to be put to work today! Be sure to check out our on-site storage chests, wide range of wet/dry shop vacs, power tools, and shop equipment, including casters and clamps. We encourage you to give us a call and set up an inspection time to come see these quality items! please note: we extended the closing date on this auction until Monday, August 31st.



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