ON-LINE AUCTION Real Estate Located Elkhorn Manitoba

Estate Auction in 214 Cavendish Street North, Elkhorn Manitoba Manitoba, Canada

24 Wednesday
October 24th, 2018 2:00 PM
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ON-LINE AUCTION Real Estate Located Elkhorn Manitoba

Estate Auction in 214 Cavendish Street North, Elkhorn Manitoba Manitoba, Canada

Wednesday at - 24th October , 2018


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Note: This auction has been delayed to Begin Bidding OnLine September 12th  2018 and Closing September 21st

Subject to Prior Sale


September 21th, 2018 ELKHORN, MB.

HODSON HOUSE Village of Elkhorn, Trans Canada Highway

Wallace Woodworth Municipality, Manitoba 

Auction Information www.soldoutright.com or download the mobile "SoldOutright" bidding app on your mobile device.

Well before the Spring and Summer of 1950, Evelyn and Albert Hodson & family, living in the Buckingham Area four and one half miles south of Elkhorn Manitoba planned to build the home of their dreams for themselves, their two children and one child to be born in the fall of 1950. Later a surprise of a fourth child arrived in 1957. They needed a larger home and ventured into construction during the summer and fall of 1950 moving into the home after harvest and the new baby born in October of 1950.

The Hodsons had the help of Sinclair Snyder Construction to build the home. It is an exceptionally well built home.

The planned structure was huge for the time and would comfortably become the residence of the Hodsons for years and now to their child that was born in October of 1950 to this day. Still today a Hodson Family Home!

In fall of 1966 to spring of 1967 it was decided to move the home from the farm to the community of Elkhorn. The Hodsons purchased property at 214 Cavendish Street North (Manitoba Highway 256) directly across from then local Hospital in the Village of Elkhorn. The purchased property was ideal and had been a former dairy. The dairy barn was moved west of Elkhorn and the 100 foot frontage x 135 foot deep property became the new location for the Hodson home to be moved from the farm during the summer of 1967.

While on the farm a two car garage was attached, so, moving the home and garage became a challenge. The garage was moved separately and followed the home into town.

The garage was attached as it was on the farm facing west. The yard work began with trees being planted, landscaping and grass. This location became a very comfortable destination and gathering place for family, relatives, grandchildren and great grandchildren over the years.

Elkhorn is known for a high water table so the home was kept out of the ground and has had significant water only once in the lower level when Elkhorn was flooded four years ago. Since that time a huge dyke has been built around the community to redirect the spring flow and excess water.  

The home is approximately 1536 square feet in size including the rear entrance that is a combination pantry, closet and entrance with patio door and walk in door exiting to the back yard.

The basement is approximately 1425 square feet as the rear entrance is split level and has no basement under and just a few steps to the basement floor.

The easy to heat insulated garage is approximately 676 square feet (26x26) with an entrance into the basement area and a rear entrance to the back yard.

There are three out buildings as well and several decks, gardens, walkways and so on. All of the garden items, hangers, tables, chairs, fire pits etc. shown in the photos are sold and are not included. The decks require some attention as a result of a severe hail storm two years ago.

Shingles require changing as well in the next year or two due to age and hail and upgrades to sidewalks, steps etc. to the color choice and pleasure of the new owner.  

The 1970 paneling has been removed from the basement and ready for development by the new owner. The concrete block walls are insulated with the exception of the utility room.

The wide entrance from the garage into the basement area is incredible.

The home has a new natural gas mid/high efficient furnace with air conditioning installed within the past three years at time of writing. The water system has an iron filter, softener and a large electric hot water tank and new pressure pump that was installed in 2017. Actually, some of the best water in the community!!

Other features: Heated Bathroom Floor, Jacuzzi Type Bathtub, Lighting Features, Pantry, Natural Hardwood Floors, Original Woodwork, Great Water, Fenced Private Back Yard

Wawanesa Insurance covers the possibility of total loss and have placed replacement value at just under $400,000 for such an event.

The floors are original hardwood. All woodwork is original with a couple of very minor exceptions. Outstanding presentation for the age. 

This home is an incredible comfortable, warm, solid home that will be enjoyed by a family for many years to come.

Viewing will take place as scheduled. 

Interested Bidders will need to register prior to the Auction date with a pre-determined certified cheque or instrument of payment as a non refundable deposit "the day prior" to the auction.

All deposits will be payable to McNeill Harasymchuk McConnell Badiou, Lawyers, Virden Manitoba. Anique Badiou, Lawyer, will represent the owner and SoldOutright Auctions.

All instruments of payment for unsuccessful bidders will be returned  by the Lawyer and only the successful bidder deposit will be retained and non-refundable.

The winning bidder will be responsible for all transfer costs, the full amount of the winning bid plus the addition of a 10% buyer premium to be added to the winning bid.

This property auction is subject to the possibility of prior sale “Buy Now Feature” acceptable to the owner.

For More Information...Please contact Brent 204 740 0439 or  auctions@soldoutright.com

Elkhorn Manitoba is a stable rural commmunity within the Municipality of Wallace Woodworth. With many new and renovated homes, revitalized main street, school and active sports facitities, water park, camp grounds, agriculture grounds, it is simply a great place to live and bring up children. The community is ideally located between other communities of Cromer, Rocanville, Reston, Virden and Moosomin, Brandon. Medical access is good with easy driving for other services and needs from larger centers of Regina, Winnipeg and Minot North Dakota.