Military Auction Along With Regular Estate and Moving Auction Sat Feb 29th At 10 AM Stonewall MB

Auction in 12 Patterson Drive, Stonewall Manitoba, Canada

29 Saturday
February 29th, 2020 10:00 AM
Phone: 204-467-1858

Military Auction Along With Regular Estate and Moving Auction Sat Feb 29th At 10 AM Stonewall MB

Auction in 12 Patterson Drive, Stonewall Manitoba, Canada

Saturday at - 29th February , 2020


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Stonewall, MB
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Auction Items For Sale

Military Items

MM Account:

MM1 – Military Footlocker Owned By Cpl. George Davis of The Scots Guards Handmade with Dovetail Joints 1865-1885

MM2- Artic Mittens M-1949 Military Perfect Condition w Tags Korean War Alpaca Lining

MM3- Korean War Military Officers Gloves With Lining New Condition m-1949 Size 4 Made By Steinberg Bros. USA Original Leather

MM4- M-1951 Field Cap Size 7 Mint Condition Korean War Original

MM5- USA Canteen Dated Wartime Canvas Sleeve G & R 1942 Canteen AGM Co. 1945

MM6- USA Canteen Dated Wartime Canvas Sleeve A.G. Corp 1942 No Bowl Canteen Only Vollrath 1944

German WW II Items:

MM7- Prisoner of War Tag Stalag IVB Prisoner Number 115256

MM8- Blank Prisoner of Ware Tag Stalag 111C

MM9- Assorted Feldpost Letters w Contents Approx. 20 Letters Wehrmacht

MM10- Assorted Feldpost Covers (Envelopes) No Contents- Interesting Addresses & Stamps

MM11- 1935 Reichsparteitag Photo of Julius Streicher (Wearing Gauleiter Collar Patches) is the Bald Man. Willy Liebel Wearing SA Uniform w Oberfuhrer Collar Patches is Looking At the Camera.  Karl Holz w Stellvertretender Gauleiter Collar Patches is The Man Touching His Nose. Unpublished Authentic Photo – 4” x 3”

MM12- Weiner Elslauf-Verein 1942-43 For Franz Feibrich (Pimpf) Pre-Hitler Youth.  Official Membership Card w Photo

MM13- SS Soldiers w Girlfriends At The Biergarten.  Wartime Image No Earlier Than 1942

MM14- Rare 1938 Burger Brau Postcard.  The Burger Brau was Where Adolf Hitler Launched the Beer Hall Putsch in November 1923 and In 1939 There Was An Attempted Assassination of Hitler By Georg Elser

MM15- Wartime Postcard (Unused) of The Lowenbrau Keller Beer Hall. Hitler Used This Beer Hall After The Assassination Attempt at the Burger Brau (Rare Postcard)

MM16- 9-SS Feldposts w Contents

MM17- Hofbrau Haus Berchtesgaden Beer Coaster – Date Unknown

MM18- Deutches Spark Offenbuch Paybook/Bank Account for Uber Leutnant Fritz Selse Dated 1944/45

MM19- Obersalzberg Postcard Original

MM20- Reichsparteitag Nurnberg 1936 -2 SA Officers – Original

MM21 – Misc Photos & Documents SA Men, Ostland Pass

MM22 – NSDAP Member Original Badge R2M M1/17

MM23- Zeltbahn Buttons- Uniform Buttons- German 1940-1945

MM24- Ground Dug German Motorcycle Wrench 1940/45 Rusted & Seized

MM25- Kreigsmarine Aluminum Spoon- Stamped Original

MM26- Herman Goering Tinny Airplane

MM27- K-98 Cleaning Tin Dating 1941 Half Full of Rusted German Wartime Coins – Original

MM28- Officers Buckle

MM29- K-98 Ammunition Pouch Stamped on The Back (Hard to Make Out) Possible Field Repairs (Old Adhesive)

MM30- Old Russian Belt w Buckle

MM31- German Officer Belt w Brass Buckle – Original – Named

MM32- German Officers Belt (Brown) Labelled Schwarzenberger & Co. Nurnberg 1941 Exceedingly Rare

MM33- German Metal Box Waffen Stamp and Dated 1936

MM34- Ground Dug Russian Front SS Buckle

MM35- Ground Dug Russian Front SS Buckle

MM36- Ground Dug Russian Front SS Buckle

MM37- De-Nazified SS Buckle

MM38- Gott Mit Uns German Army Buckle Ground Dug Kurkland Battlefield

MM39- Gott Mit Uns German Army Buckle

MM40- Gott Mit Uns German Army Buckle – Ground Dug

MM41- Gott Mit Uns German Army Buckle

MM42- Dug Relic – Krim Shield Decoration Award to Military Personnel Who Fought Against The Soviet Red Army Between The 21st of September 1941 and The 4th of July 1942

MM43- Reichsparteitag 1935 Nurnberg Party Rally Badge Made by C. Balmberger Nurnberg

MM44- German Book 1941 Kreigsmarine Am Feind

MM45- German Book Berlin 1941 Der Marine Offizer Als Fuhrer Und Erzieher

MM46- German Book Munich 1939 Auf Den Strassen Des Sieges (Invasion of Poland) Dr Otto Dietrich

MM47- German Book Berlin 1941 Die Soldatische Tat

MM48- Deutsches Einheits Famkien Stammbuch. War Dates This One Not Issued By The SS.  However, It’s Purpose Was to Verify Purity in The Family Records Ensuring No Jewish Blood Was Present- Nazi Stamped

MM49- Deutsches Reich Arbeitsbuch Stamped Kattowitz Wartime Stamps

MM50- Deutsches Reich Arbeitsbuch Pre-War With Wartime Dates

MM51- Book About Occultisms 1941 and The Occult German

MM52- DDAC German Road Map Speed Along German Roads Rare English Version

MM53- Baden And the Black Forest Olympic Games 1936 Advertising

MM54- DDAC Touren-Kurs Buch (Atlas) Munich 1936, 639 Pages Wire Binding- Very Rare

MM55- Nazi Book Blumenthal Meine Helmat To Perpetuate The Racial Purity In German.  Book’s Like This Idealized The Perfect Aryan Town- Rare Book

MM56- German Illustrated Magazine Published in Berlin Entitled Germany Mainly Highlighting The Sudeten Land 1938

MM57- 3 Copies of Berliner Illustrite Zeintung

MM58- 1938/39 Pre-War Military Documents Pertaining to A Fritz Baule of Soest Germany

MM59- SS Application Form For Paul Joseman Fur Die Einstellung In Die SS Berufung Struppe Dated and SS Stamped Sept 7th 1939

MM60- NSDAP Letter of Commendation For A Fritz Schroder Who Joined The Nazi Party July 15, 1932.  He Was a Group Leader in Benzingerode.  Schroder was considered an Old Fighter Official Letterhead & Stamps April 1940

MM61- Confirmation Letter Stating Paul Nabelung Had Joined The Hitler Youth in 1931.  He Graduated From The H.J. to The NSDAP Dated and HJ Stamped 1939

MM62- Sad Letter from Hauptfeldweblstur (Commanding Officer) to the Parents of A Soldier Killed On The Battlefield From a Shrapnel Wound.  His Name was Walter Panier.  Dated in The Field Oct 13th, 1944

MM63- Soldiers Pocket Knife German Many Soldiers Carried This Type of Knife No Discernable Markings

MM64- Hitler Youth Knife w Scabbard R2M M7/15/41 Missing a Portion of One of The Grips.  Fairly Rough A Used H.J. Knife- Original

MM65- Eichorn Dress Bayonet – Nice Condition w Red Felt Intact Come w A Frog

MM66- Unmarked Dress Bayonet w Relica Frog

MM67- Matching Numbers K-98 Bayonet Ernst Pack & Sons Solingen 44 Cul Stamp 9366 – A Little Rough & Salty.  Repaired Frog Probably Not Original Frog But Works Ok.

MM68- K-98 Bayonet Decent Blade and Grips 43 Cul Dent in Scabbard.  This Was Done Sometimes to Stop The Blade From Moving Around.  Frog Appears to have a Few Repairs (Original)

MM69- Fireman/Police Dress Bayonet Original Unmarked Replica Frog Nice Blade

MM70- German Water Canteen Field Used and A Little Rough & Salty

MM71- Werhmacht Bread Bag Without Straps

MM72- M31 Rucksack Original German WWII Rough w Some Tearing

MM73- German Bunker Find Russian Front Mug

MM74- German Bunker Find Russian Front Mug

MM75- Relic German Entrenching Shovel Possibly Swiss Made – Used By The German Army WWII

MM76- German Helmet M-35 Shrapnel Damage – Dug Relic

MM77- German Helmet M-42 – Dug In The Ardennes Forest Area- With Partial Liner

MM78- Lufthutz Helmet(Named) Beaded M42 Quist With Early Lot Number – Excellent Original Condition (No Liner)

MM79- Officers Leather Belt(Unmarked) Very Good Condition WWII

MM80- 38 German Circulated Banknotes- Wartime Includes 5-100 Mark Bills


Other Military Items/ Collectibles

Bayonets * Canadian Military Medals * Military Badges * Military Pins * Various Military Buttons * Military Patches * Zippo Airforce Lighter *  US Pistol Holster /Shoulder Strap * Vintage Reloading Tools * USA Flag 54” x 90” (46 Star) * WWII Japan Flag 66” x 98” * British Military Flag * Military Post Cards * Lest We Forget 1914-198 Calendar #1936 * Military Photos * Brass Cannon Ornament *  Civil War Revolution Books * Indian War Books * Gun Fighter, Civil War, & Billy The Kid Books *


Yard and Recreation

JD Pull Wagon * Fishing Tackle * Snowmobile Helmets * BB Gun * Fishing Hooks * Fishing Tank & Stand * ATV Tires *

Tools & Misc

1 HP Baldor Electric Motor * Caliper * Tap & Die Set * Load Binders * Soldering Heater * Batteries * Fairbanks Carburetor * Molding Planer * Compute-A-Charge CC-100 * Power Air Tools * Battery Tools * Wheel Dolly * Tripod

Antique Furniture

Countertop Curve Glass Display Case * Walnut Buffet *Coffee Table *  Walnut DR Table & Chairs * Dresser Set * Walnut Magazine Rack * Walnut Desk * Walnut 3 Piece BR Set * Mahogany 3 Piece BR Set With Sleigh bed * *

Wood K Table & Chairs * East Lake Parlor Stand * Trunk * Walnut What Not Shelf * Corner Cabinet * Sofa Table * Upholstered Chest * Stools *


1945 US Government Official War Loan Poster * 1870 Canvas Painting Of Old Fort Garry By Ernest Hutchins * Cash Register * Cheque Writer * Gramophone * De-Forrest Crosley Radio *  Hudson Bay Blanket * Balance Meat Scale * Hanging Scale * Fairbanks Scale * 1923 Atlas * Beajejour Local History Book * Boy Scout Book * License Plates * Jim Bean Decanter * Bugle * Clarinet * Old Fort Garry Plate * Medieval Chariot Ornament * Picture of A boy And His Dog * Funny Dog Picture * Hot Rod Photos * Picture of Ferdinand Foch *Fox Hunt Picture * Petty Point Picture * Wildlife Pictures * Metal Perfume Rack * Watchman’s Station * Beaded Moccasins * Native Art * Wood Shoes * Copper Elephant Pictures * Religious Picture * Royalty Picture * Copy Of Facsimile Of Warrant To Execute King Charles * 3 D Pictures  * Foidal Movie Projector * Counter Top Display Cases * Pocket Knives * 1901 Dauphin Uniform & Hat * Pilots Outfit * War Time Life Magazines * Military Post Cards * Air Force Dish Wear * Military Rifle Shots * Military Picture * Military Ammo Crate * Military Binoculars * Military Metals * Wood Canadian Air Force Plaque * Vintage Traps * Bee Trap * Insulators *  Wood Rifle Case *Large Shell Casing Metal Amo Crate * Amo Box With Medical Graphics * Army Helmet * Military Band Hat *Fireman’s Hat *  Military Machine Gun Leveler *Military Radiometer Device *  Snow Shoes * Stamps * 8 Day Clock * Anniversary Clock * Time Punch Clock * Travelling Radio Alarm Clock * Westinghouse Green Radio * Globe * Porcelain Ash Tray * Stapler * Trap * Radio * O’Reilley Liquor Store Jug * Coffee Grinders * Crystal Coffee Grinder * Rod Iron Light Fixture * Music Case * Typewriters * Wind Up Plush Dog * Die Cast Trucks * Dinky Bus *  Portable Sewing Machine * General Store Scale * Fairbanks Scale * Hanging Peter Lamp W/O Shade *  Bridge Lamp * Panther Lamp * Desk Lamp * Cast Lamps * Wall Mount Coal Oil Lamp * Coal Oil Lamp * Retro Lamp * Hanging Aladdin Lamp * Door Hardware * Gillett’s Crate * Enamel & Granite Bed Pans * Bushell Basket * Bar Counter Brass * Rustic Display * Sleigh Bells * Long Horns * Vintage Games * Vintage Baby Bottles & Supplies * Stamp Stand * Cameras * Labelled Milk Bottles * Cast Waffle Maker * Horlick Jars * Humidor * Lighters & Matches * Shaving Cups * Pencil Sharpeners * Brass Items * Marbles * Comics * * Mini Shopping Carts * Danby Child Stove * Wood Ornaments *

Crocks, Antique Glass Ware, and China

Chalet Glass * Red Wing Dishes * New Old Stock Blue Willow * Fire King * Pyrex * Delphite * Two-Sided Cookie Jars * Silver ware Cases * Rose & Laflamme Soda Fountain Supply Crock * Silverware * Silver Tea Set * Cups And Saucers * Minton Place Setting * Carnival Glass * Carnival Pitcher * Steins * Irish Haring Bone Pitcher * Ruby Avon * China Figurines * Glassware *

Advertising & Collectibles

Light Up Ford Clock * Light Up Shell Clock * Light Up Mobilgas Clock * Coca-Cola Trays * Coca-Cola Shelf * Coca-Cola Rack Sign * Railway Crossing Sign * Railway Water Cooler * Railway & Train Books * 1961 Oldsmobile Manual * LeMans Snowmobile Oil * Pontiac Steering Wheel Emblems * Cardboard Kays Sign * Military Cards Desert Storm And Wings Of Fire * Ivory Starch Tin* Barrel Pumps * Household Tins * Tobacco Tins * Light Up Panasonic Sign * Stamps * Fiberglass Hartt Sign * Labeled Bottle Openers * Ertly Metal Truck * 1921 Sports Photo * Betty Boop Hats * Unopened Hockey Cards * Unopened Marvel Spiderman Cards * Unopened Fort Apache Cards *  Old Hockey Cards * World War II Encyclopedia *


Samsung Stainless Steel Side x Side Fridge * Whirlpool Gold Series Stainless Steel Stove * Samsung Model VRT Washing Machine * Samsung Dryer * Westinghouse Deep Freeze * 5 Piece BR Suite * Queen Size Box Spring Mattress * King Size Box Spring Mattress W/ Memory Foam * Single Bed * Captains Single Bed * Bunk Bed w Dresser Storage in Stairs * Bar Fridge * Bistro Set *  Power Reclining Leather Couch * Red Leather Love Seat * Kitchen Table & Chairs * Patio Table & Chairs * Wine Cooler * Walnut China Cabinet