LIVE Fall Gun & Sportsman Auction - List Available

Auction in 9141 64th St NW, Annandale Minnesota, United States

05 Saturday
October 05th, 2019 9:00 AM
Lampi Auctioneers
Phone: 320-274-5393

LIVE Fall Gun & Sportsman Auction - List Available

Auction in 9141 64th St NW, Annandale Minnesota, United States

Saturday at - 05th October , 2019



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Auction Items For Sale



Running Two Rings!
Accepting Items until Wednesday, October 2!
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Lampi Auction Center (9141 64th St. NW), Annandale, MN
Located 2 miles east of Annandale, MN on Hwy 55
OR 35 west of the intersection of I-494 & Hwy 55

SAT., OCT. 5, 2019
Starting at 9:00 a.m.


AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Attention Sporting Goods Enthusiasts!! This is a GREAT auction with MANY High Quality firearms. Please look through entire catalog at to view 1000s of pictures, updates, & additions to this auction! See you on the 5th!

PREVIEW: Friday, October 4: 1-4pm & Starting day of auction at 8am

Lunch on Grounds


Live, Online Bidding available at


Lampi Auctioneers is a Federal Firearms Dealer (NICS check required for gun purchases.) Purchase or carry permit required for hand gun buyers.



star2.gifBrowning 1895 30-06 Lever Action, Like New - Hardly Fired with original Box
star2.gifBrowning A-bolt .243 bolt, scope mounts
star2.gifBrowning A-bolt .243cal w/Boss Muzzle Brake for improved accuracy, compact 2-7 Leupold scope
star2.gifBrowning A-Bolt .250 super short mag bolt, Burris 3-9x full field II scope
star2.gifBrowning BL22 lever action .22lr
star2.gifBRNO Model 3 .22LR bolt target rifle, heavy stock & target sights, proofed 1956
star2.gifBRNO Model 4 .22LR bolt target rifle, heavy stock & target sights, proofed 1957
star2.gifBRNO ZKM468 .22LR bolt, proofed 1950
star2.gifBRNO ZKM-611 .22wrm semi auto, rare, scope rings, hard case
star2.gifBrno ZBROJOVKA receiver & barrel
star2.gifColt Stagecoach .22LR semi auto
star2.gifCooey Arms Co Winchester of Canada model 60 22s/l/lr bolt, 24" barrel, Weaver Marksman 4x scope & mount, Cooey Firearms bought out by Winchester
star2.gifFlorbert parlor rifle .22 Flobert rolling block
star2.gifHenry 44wcf lever, American Heros & Legends, American Indian Tribute Commemorative,
star2.gifKimber Montana .338fed bolt, stainless, Nikon Pro Staff 3-9x scope
star2.gifKSA Cricket .22LR single shot
star2.gifMarlin 1894 .44mag lever, older Marlin with JM marking
star2.gifMarlin 25 .22s/l/lr bolt, 22" barrel, 7 shot mag, nice condition
star2.gifMarlin 308 MX Express .308 lever action
star2.gifMarlin 336W 30-30win lever
star2.gifMarlin 444S 444marlin lever
star2.gifMarlin 60 Glenfield .22LR semi auto, 22" barrel, 17 round tube feed magazine


star2.gifMarlin 75C .22LR semi auto, 18" carbine barrel, tube feed, clean
star2.gifMarlin model 25MN .22wmr bolt, micro groove barrel, Tasco 3-7 power scope
star2.gifMarlin model 60 .22LR semi auto with scope
star2.gifMarlin model 60 .22LR semi auto, receiver barrel & stock, missing internals
star2.gifMossberg Model 44 (a), .22 LR bolt, Heavy Barrel 7 shot clip, Simmons 3x9 Scope; very good condition
star2.gifNoble .22 semi auto
star2.gifQuackenbush Safety Rifle .22 single shot
star2.gifRemington 1917 30-06 bolt, parts gun
star2.gifRemington 514 .22LR single shot, good condition, small chip in butt plate
star2.gifRemington 514 .22s/l/lr bolt, 24" barrel, single shot, very clean, nice condition
star2.gifRemington 597 .22 semi auto, 3-9x32 scope
star2.gifRemington 597 .22LR semi auto - new
star2.gifRemington 700 .223Rem
star2.gifRemington 700 .223rem bolt, bull barrel, bipod, Leupold 6.5-20 scope
star2.gifRemington 700 SPS Camo 30-06sprg bolt, camo stock, 22" barrel, like new
star2.gifRemington Gamemaster 760 30-06 sprg pump
star2.gifRemington model 33 .22 single shot
star2.gifRemington Seven .260rem bolt, stainless, Tasco 3-9x40 scope, shot less than 10x
star2.gifRemington Seven 7mm-08 bolt, 25th anniversary, Nikon Pro Staff 2-7x scope
star2.gifRemington Sports Master, Model 34, .22 S.L, LR; Tube Fed bolt action; very good condition; Patent #'s 1908-035-1918-840, 1924-682
star2.gifRemington Woodsmaster 742 30-06sprg semi auto w/3-9x40 scope
star2.gifRemington Woodsmaster model 742 carbine 30-06 semi auto
star2.gifRemington 41P .22 parts gun, no bolt or guard
star2.gifRemington Matchmaster 513-T .22 bolt, 1945
star2.gifRossi .22LR single shot
star2.gifRuger 10/22 .22LR semi auto, missing mag
star2.gifRuger 10/22 Carbine .22LR semi auto, used very little
star2.gifRuger 10/22 Custom automatic .22 Lr, custom acculite graphite barrel, custom laminated, wood thumb-hole stock with Bushnell scope
star2.gifRuger 10-22 22lr auto, like new in box
star2.gifRuger 10-22 carbine .22 lr semi auto, walnut, prewarning
star2.gifRuger 10/22 Carbine .22LR semi auto
star2.gifRuger American .22LR bolt, 18" barrel, 10 shot rotary mag, compact youth model, like new
star2.gifSavage 110 Trophy Hunter 30-06 bolt, Nikon 3-9x scope, like new in box
star2.gifSavage 1899h take down in 22HP very rare with barrel stamping " Browning Bros Co. Ogden U." Mfg. in 1912 comes with a star2.gifMarble receiver site Gladstone Mich.
star2.gifSavage 29-A .22 pump rifle
star2.gifSavage 340 30/30 bolt, tasco pronghorn scope
star2.gifSavage 93R17 .17hmr bolt, Simmons 4-32x Blazer scope
star2.gifSavage 99 .303sav lever, octagon barrel
star2.gifSavage 99 300 sav, level take down, light weight barrel, peep size, 1926
star2.gifSavage Mark II .22LR bolt, broken trigger guard, missing mag
star2.gifSavage mod 99C .243win lever
star2.gifSavage Model 11 22-250 bolt, weaver V4.5-I scope, sling
star2.gifSavage Model 93 22 Mag Bolt, With Lyman Permacenter All American 4x Scope
star2.gifSavage 303 lever, octagon barrel, 1895
star2.gifSavage Stevens model 15-A .22 single shot
star2.gifStandard Arms G .35 semi auto, rare, unusual, 1914?, engraved cast brass slide handle & butt plate, can be used either manually or semi auto
star2.gifStevens .22LR/25 stevens/22LR single shot, 3 barrels
star2.gifStevens 15A .22s/l/lr bolt, 24" barrel, nice
star2.gifStevens 325-B 30-30 bolt, Tasco 1.5-4.5 scope
star2.gifStevens Favorite .32 long single shot, project gun
star2.gifStoeger Duke .22lr lever, John Wayne commemorative w/4x32 scope,
star2.gifTaylor's Winchester 44WCF lever, model 66, Spirit of the Wild Commemorative,
star2.gifWeatherby Mark V .240 Weatherby mag bolt, Redfield 3x-9x scope, left handed, one owner, fired approx 40x, sharp
star2.gifWebley & Scott Empire 7mm-08 bolt, 22" barrel, Hogue over mold stock, like new
star2.gifWhitworth Rifle Co 7mm mag bolt w/Big Game Zeiss 4x12 scope, EAW claw mount
star2.gifWinchester 06 .22s/l/lr slide action, 20" barrel, bluing worn but functions well
star2.gifWinchester 1895/Russian 7.62mm lever
star2.gifWinchester 255 .22mag lever
star2.gifWinchester 320 22 sh/lr bolt
star2.gifWinchester 70 .257 Roberts bolt, Levpold 3-9 scope
star2.gifWinchester 70 .270 bolt
star2.gifWinchester 9422 .22LR lever, like new condition
star2.gifWinchester Canadian Centennial 67, 30-30, lever action, like new in box
star2.gifWinchester mod 1894 SRC saddle ring carbine 32spec lever, made in 1912
star2.gifWinchester 94 30-30 lever, post 64
star2.gifWinchester 1894 30-30 lever, pre 64
star2.gifWinchester 67A Junior .22 bolt
star2.gifWinchester mod 88 .308win lever, mfg 1956
star2.gifWinchester model 07 .351 semi auto
star2.gifWinchester model 70 .325wsm bolt, pre-64 action, stainless, camo stock, Burris Full Field 3-9x scope
star2.gifWinchester, Model 61, 22 S/L/lR pump


star2.gifAmerican Tactical .223 semi auto with collapsible stock
star2.gifAnderson AM-15 Multi Cal receiver - NEW
star2.gifAnderson AM-15 Multi Cal receiver - NEW
star2.gifAPF .204 Varmint FDE semi auto with 30rd mag, in box
star2.gifAPF .450Bushmaster Hunter semi auto with 5rd mag - new in box
star2.gifAPF 223 Varmint semi auto with 30rd mag, black, new in box
star2.gifAPF DMR .224Valkyrie semi auto with 30rd mag - New in Box
star2.gifAPF LE M4 5.56Nato/.223Rem semi auto with 30rd mag - new in box
star2.gifAres SCR 5.56 semi auto with 5rd mag, new
star2.gifDPMS A-15 1st Cavalry .223 semi auto with collapsible stock
star2.gifDPMS LR260L 260 REM auto, 4x16 scope, extra mags, hard case
star2.gifH&K USP 45 tactical
star2.gifJRC G-9mm Carbine semi auto, collapsible stock, New
star2.gifMossberg International 715T .22 semi auto


AK-47 / SKS
star2.gifMaadi AK-47 MISR 7.62x39 semi auto, like new in box, variable scope t, original tip cover, original stock
star2.gifRomanian CUR AK47 7.62 x 39 Semi Auto,
star2.gifWasr 23285 7.62 x39 Semi Auto, Folding Stock - Made in Romania


Military Rifles
star2.gifSpringfield 30M1 Garand 30-06 semi auto, barrel stamped 12-64, very nice with sling
star2.gifSpringfield Armory MIA Super Match .308 semi auto, National Match sights, 10rd mag, ordered not engraved, Retails for $3258.00
star2.gifSpringfield M1 Tanker 30-06, looks to be a new Arlington ORD barrel 18"
star2.gifSpringfield US Rock Island Model 1903 30-06 Bolt
star2.gifUS Remington 1903A3 Military 30-06 bolt
star2.gifUS Springfield model 1884 45-70 trap door
star2.gifRemington Springfield 03A3 30-06 bolt, Bishop walnut stock, Lyman peep sight, seller states excellent condition
star2.gifCarcano Italian military 6.5x52carcano bolt, missing mag
star2.gifCarl Gustafs Stads Military 6.5 bolt
star2.gifCZ VZ24 BRNO Mauser 8mm bolt
star2.gifCzech Model 52 7.62x45 semi auto
star2.gifEddystone 1917 30-06 bolt
star2.gifEnfield 1917 35 whelen bolt w/Leupold scope
star2.gifEM Reilly Factory Sporter 5.77-450 single shot, antique
star2.gifFN Mauser 6mm benchrest single shot, stainless barrel, 12x target scope
star2.gifFN Mauser 8mm bolt
star2.gifGolden State Arms model 1943 NO5 Brit .303 bolt
star2.gifMosin Nagant 91-30 bolt, full rig with bayonet, sling, oil can
star2.gifRussian Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R bolt, carbine, 1945, bayonet
star2.gifSpringfield 1864 Trap Door 45-70 single shot, parts gun


1919 Parts
star2.gif1919 Browning .308 parts kit, no book
star2.gifDixon Machine 1919 30cal semi auto side plate (registered piece)



star2.gifBenelli Limited Edition 1994 auto 12ga 3"&2 3/4", Benelli Limited Edition, 1994 1-1000, Gold ducks & grouse, High grade wood stock like new condition, chock tubes w/hard case
star2.gifBeretta 303 special trap 12ga semi auto 30" vr barrel
star2.gifBeretta A-303 12ga 3" semi auto shotgun, Ducks Unlimited 28"vrbarrel
star2.gifBrowning A5 12 ga semi auto, belgium made 3" 32" vr barrel
star2.gifBrowning A5 12ga semi auto 2/3" belgium made 26" solid ribbed barrel & polychoke
star2.gifBrowning A5 12ga semi auto 3" invector 28" vr barrel
star2.gifBrowning A5 Magnum 12ga semi auto, 3", 32VR barrel made in Belgium
star2.gifBrowning A-5 Magnum 12ga semi auto, Belgium made, VR barrel
star2.gifBrowning A-5 Sweet Sixteen 16ga semi auto, VR barrel
star2.gifBrowning A-5 12ga semi auto, 2 3/4"
star2.gifBrowning B.P.S. 12 Ga pump, 2 3/4" & 3" 28" Barrel; excellent condition,
star2.gifBrowning BPS 12 ga pump, 28" WR barrel, 3" mod.
star2.gifBrowning BPS 410 pump, VR barrel, 2 extra choke tubes
star2.gifBrowning Light Twelve 12ga semi auto, scope
star2.gifCZ 712 12ga semi auto, 28" vented ribbed barrel, like new in box
star2.gifFIE Model SB 12ga single shot, 2 3/4", Full
star2.gifH&R Bay State 20 ga single shot
star2.gifHarrington & Richardson 1871 Pardner 12ga 3" slide action, 28" barrel, camo 3" magnum with choke tubes, like new
star2.gifHi Standard Flite King Deluxe K1211 12ga pump
star2.gifHigh Standard Flite King 12ga pump
star2.gifHigh Standard Deluxe md F2011 Flite King 20ga pump
star2.gifHoward 12ga single shot
star2.gifIthaca 37 20ga pump, 2 3/4" or 3", VR barrel, very little use
star2.gifIver Johnson Champion 12ga 2 3/4" single shot break open, 30" barrel, modified choke
star2.gifJC Higgins model 20 12ga pump
star2.gifJC Higgins model 20 12ga pump, VR barrel
star2.gifJC Higgins, Model 20, 12 ga pump, vented rib barrel
star2.gifKassnar Arms 405 12ga 2 3/4" single action, 28" barrel, break open single shot, good condition
star2.gifMarlin 200 12ga 3" single shot, 28" barrel, modified choke, like new, very few made
star2.gifMossberg 500 12ga pump, 28" VR barrel, extra ported rifled barrel in box
star2.gifMossberg 500 20ga pump 22"vr barrel
star2.gifMossberg 500A 12ga 3" pump, 28" barrel, mod choke tube, excellent condition
star2.gifMossberg 500CG 20ga pump, 3 barrels, poly choke, ribbed & slub barrels, 2 screw in chokes
star2.gifMossberg 500E .410 pump 2 1/2, 3"
star2.gifMossberg 835 camo
star2.gifMossberg 835 UltiMag 12ga pump
star2.gifMossberg Coast to Coast Master Mag CC 660 20ga 3" slide, 28" VR barrel, full choke, nice condition
star2.gifMossberg model 930 12ga semi auto, scope
star2.gifMossberg slug gun
star2.gifNEF pardner 12ga pump,
star2.gifNEF Pardner SB1 410 3" single shot
star2.gifRemington 1100 12ga magnum semi auto
star2.gifRemington 1100 2 3/4 modchock 12ga semi auto
star2.gifRemington 1100 28ga skeet/trap/grouse, semit auto, w/barrel weight, VR barrel
star2.gifRemington 1100 3" magnum 12ga semi auto
star2.gifRemington 1100 Skeet B 12ga semi auto
star2.gifRemington 1100 Special 12ga semi auto
star2.gifRemington 11-48 12ga semi auto, 2 3/4"
star2.gifRemington 870 All American Trap Gun 12ga pump
star2.gifRemington 870 Express 12ga 3" slide action, 20" slug barrel, open sights
star2.gifRemington 870 Express Magnum 12ga pump
star2.gifRemington 870 Express Magnum 12ga pump, VR barrel, extra choke tube, removable wrench, sling
star2.gifRemington 870 Express Tactical 12ga pump, like new in box
star2.gifRemington Model 10, 12ga pump, 30" barrel
star2.gifRemington Model 31 12ga pump 2 3/4"
star2.gifRemington Sportsman 48 12ga semi auto
star2.gifRemington Wingmaster 870 12ga pump, smooth bore slug gun
star2.gifRemington Wingmaster 870 20ga pump
star2.gifRemington Wingmaster model 870 12ga pump, 2 3/4", VR barrel
star2.gifSmith&Wesson 3000 12ga pump, 3" 30" vr barrel, in box
star2.gifSpiegel Kessler Arms Huntmaster 128FR 12ga 2 3/4" bolt, 28" barrel, full choke
star2.gifStevens 320 12ga pump 26" vr barrel, like new in box
star2.gifStevens 94 12ga single shot, 32" barrel
star2.gifStevens 9478 10ga 2 7/8" & 3 1/2" single shot
star2.gifStevens model 58 12ga bolt
star2.gifStoeger 2000 12ga semi auto 3" 26" vr barrel, camel
star2.gifStoeger Arms P350 12ga 3 1/2" slide action, 26" barrel, camo, 3 1/2" chamber with screw in choke tubes
star2.gifStoeger Gauch IGA 410 3" single shot, 26" barrel, very nice condition
star2.gifWesternfield Browning 16ga pump
star2.gifWinchester 1300XTR 20ga 3" pump, 28" barrel, IC choke tube, seller states excellent condition
star2.gifWinchester 1912 12ga pump
star2.gifWinchester 1897 12ga pump, 1914
star2.gifWinchester 1897 12ga pump
star2.gifWinchester M-24 12ga
star2.gifWinchester mod 12 12ga pump, solid VR barrel, nickel
star2.gifWinchester Steelbuilt model 37 12ga single shot
star2.gifRemington Wingmaster model 870 12ga pump, 2 3/4" modified VR barrel


Shotguns - Double Barrels
star2.gifB.C. Miroku 200 12ga side by side, bulge in barrel
star2.gifBaikal 12H-27EM-1C 12ga over under, used very little
star2.gifBaikal 12H-AM-1c 20ga over/under, 3"
star2.gifBaikal IZH-27EM-1C-M 20ga over/under 3", VR barrel
star2.gifBelgium SXS 16"ga SxS Hammers, SXS break 16ga shotgun
star2.gifBrowning BSS 12ga side by side 28" barrel, selector
star2.gifBrowning Citori 12ga 3" over/under, 26" barrel
star2.gifBrowning Citori 12ga break open O/U - rough
star2.gifCZ 28ga side by side, dual triggers, case, manual, tools, etc, like new
star2.gifF.E.G. 500S 12ga side by side
star2.gifFIE Bioto 12ga side by side, adjustable but pad
star2.gifFox BSE Series H 12ga side by side, Butt stock has not been shortened
star2.gifFox BSE Series H 20ga side by side, Butt stock has not been shortened
star2.gifHerters model 527 12ga over/under break
star2.gifIthaca 12ga side by side, 30" full and modified
star2.gifITHACA Field Grade 12 ga side by side
star2.gifLC Smith Deluxe Field Ejector 12ga double barrel
star2.gifManufrance Ideal 12ga side by side
star2.gifMeridian Arms 16ga side by side,
star2.gifMontgomery Wards Western Field New Model 12 ga side by side
star2.gifRemington 1894 12ga side by side, Damascus Barrel's
star2.gifStevens 311-A 12ga 3" side by side, 30" barrel, choked full and mod
star2.gifStevens model 311 12ga side by side receiver & forearm only
star2.gifStoeger Condor 20ga over/under, like new in box
star2.gifSyracuse Arms 12ga side by side, parts gun
star2.gifWebley & Scott LTD 700 12ga break open SxS
star2.gifWinchester 101 12ga over/under, 3" 26" barrel, like new in box


star2.gifBallester Molina Hafdasa .45 semi auto
star2.gifBeretta 9000S .40S&W semi auto pistol, like new in box, 2 mags, papers
star2.gifBeretta model 92FS 9mm semi auto pistol, 3 mags, 1 of 100 Operation Enduring Freedom M9 US Navy Edition
star2.gifBerretta mod 950 B 6.35mm semi auto pistol with case
star2.gifBersa 383-A .380 single action/Double action pistol, nickel plated, 2 magazines with soft case and holster and manual
star2.gifBrowning 1911 22 .22LR semi auto pistol with soft case and manual, 1 magazine
star2.gifColt 1903 Hammerless .32 semi auto, nice
star2.gifColt 1908 .25 semi auto pistol, 1915, 2 tone mag, with box
star2.gifColt All American 2000 9mm semi auto pistol
star2.gifColt Bookcase Derringer .22 short
star2.gifColt Gold Cup Series '80 MK IV .45Auto semi auto pistol with Tactical red dot scope
star2.gifColt Huntsman .22LR semi auto pistol, 6" barrel
star2.gifColt Mustang XPS .380 semi auto pistol, New
star2.gif(2) Colt Derringers .22 short in case
star2.gifCZ 24 J37 .380 semi auto
star2.gifCZ 83 Browning 9mm semi auto, 2 mags, seller states excellent cond
star2.gifDavis P380 .380 auto semi auto pistol
star2.gifFN 1910 Browning .32acp semi auto
star2.gifFN 1922 Browning .380 semi auto, Dutch contract
star2.gifFN FHX 9mm semi auto pistol, hard case (3) 17rd mags
star2.gifGlock 41 .45Auto semi auto pistol, 2 mags, extra grips, case, new
star2.gifGlock 41 .45Auto semi auto pistol, 2 mags, extra grips, case, new
star2.gifGlock G27 .40 semi auto pistol, 3 mags, case, New
star2.gifGlock model 20 10mm semi auto pistol, steel night sights, (3) 15rd mags, hard case, manual, holster
star2.gifHi Point model 995 9mm semi auto
star2.gifHi Point model JCP 40s&w semi auto pistol, like new in box
star2.gifHigh Standard Dura Matic M-101, 22 ga semi auto pistol; w/holster
star2.gifJuker Philadelphia Derringer .44 single shot
star2.gifKimber Custom II .45ACP semi auto pistol, 2008 NRA gun of the year, as new
star2.gifKimber Stainless Target II .38Super semi auto pistol, Crimson Trace grip
star2.gifMAB model B 7.65/.32Auto semi auto pistol
star2.gifManurhin P1 9mm semi auto pistol
star2.gifMauser-Werke AG Oberndorf AN 1934 7.65mm semi auto, stamped D.R.P.U.A.R
star2.gifRadom 35 9mm semi auto, good condition, needs firing pin
star2.gifRaven Arms MP-25 25auto semi auto pistol
star2.gifRuger LCP .380 semi auto pistol, blue camo, NEW
star2.gifRuger LCP .380 semi auto pistol, NEW
star2.gifRuger Mark II .22 LR semi auto
star2.gifRuger Mark IV .22LR semi auto pistol, New
star2.gifRuger MK II Special Edition .22 LR semi auto pistol, Signed by William Ruger, unfired in box
star2.gifRuger MK II Target .22LR semi auto pistol
star2.gifRuger P89 9mm semi auto pistol in case
star2.gifRuger P90 .45acp semi auto pistol in case
star2.gifSavage 1907 .32auto semi auto pistol
star2.gifSccy CPX-2 9mm semi auto pistol, like new in box with 2 mags
star2.gifSig Sauer Mosquito .22 semi auto pistol
star2.gifSig Sauer P229 357sig semi auto pistol, stainless, extra mag, hard case
star2.gifSig Sauer P238 .380Auto semi auto pistol, New in box
star2.gifSmith & Wesson 645, 45 auto semi auto, w/3 mags
star2.gifSmith & Wesson M&P Body Guard .380Auto semi auto pistol, laser, 2 mags, new in case
star2.gifSmith & Wesson M&P Body Guard .380Auto semi auto pistol, laser, 2 mags, new in case
star2.gifSpringfield XDM match .40sw semi auto w/2 mags, grips, holsters in box
star2.gifSpringfield XDM Target - USPSA Kit .45ACP semi auto pistol, includes manual, box, holster, 3 magazines, loader and magazine holder for belt & grip panels
star2.gifSpringfield XDS Essentials Kit 9mm semi auto, Single Action, with 2 magazines, grip panels, 2 holsters, one inside the waist and one outside the waist, gun has Powder River Precision Trigger Kit installed. Talon grip, with box and manual
star2.gifStar Modelo Super 9mm Largo semi auto pistol
star2.gifTaurus Handgun PT-22 22 Semi Auto, Extra Mag
star2.gifTaurus PT111 G2 9mm semi auto pistol, extra mag, case
star2.gifTaurus PT585 .380acp semi auto pistol, (2) 12rd mags


star2.gifColt Python .357mag revolver
star2.gifDan Wesson model 15-2 .357mag revolver, seller states excellent cond
star2.gifEnfield #2 MKI Tanker .38 revolver
star2.gifHopkins & Allen .32? 5 shot revolver. Pearl Handle (Unsure of caliber)
star2.gifInterarms Virginia Dragon 44 Mag SAA revolver
star2.gifRohm RG14 .22LR revolver
star2.gifRossi .38special 6 shot revolver
star2.gifRuger Super Blackhawk 44mag revolver, Ruger case, less than 1 box fired
star2.gifRuger New Vaquero .357mag single action revolver
star2.gifRuger Vaquaro .45colt single action revolver
star2.gifRuger Vaquero 44-40win single action revolver
star2.gifSmith & Wesson 1917-1937 Brazil .45 revolver, not import
star2.gifSmith & Wesson K38 Masterpiece .38special revolver, in original case
star2.gifSmith & Wesson pat 1880 .32LR 6 shot revolver, 6" BBL, pearl grips
star2.gifSmith & Wesson Victory .38S&W revolver, belt & holster
star2.gifSmith & Wesson 686-3 .357magnum revolver, stainless, 4" barrel, ramped blade front sight and rear U notch, 6 shot
star2.gifSmith & Wesson Y840 67 .357mag revolver, 6 shot, 6 1/4" barrel
star2.gifSmith & Wesson Lady Smith 38-2 .38 revolver, like new in case & original box, J frame, 1 7/8" barrel, 5 shot
star2.gifTanarmi Gardone P22 .22LR single action
star2.gifTaurus .38sp/.357mag single action revolver
star2.gifUburti Walker 1847 45colt conversion revolver
star2.gifUS Revolver Co .38s&w revolver, hammerless, double action
star2.gifArminius Hw7 .22lr double action
star2.gifCH revolver pat 1881 .32LR 6 shot revolver, 6" BBL


Black Powders / Muzzleloaders
star2.gifRemington 700 ML 50cal muzzleloader
star2.gifThompson Center Omega 50cal black powder
star2.gifThompson Center Omega 50cal Muzzle Loader w/scope rings & soft rings
star2.gifBrolin Arms Black Powder Inline 50 Cal Bolt rifle
star2.gifNumrich Arms rotating swivel barrel 45cal caplock muzzleloader, octagon barrels
star2.gifCustom 45cal black powder with Pennsylvania half stock, exposed hammers, peep sight, with accessories (bullets, primers, and much more)
star2.gifCVA .45 black powder
star2.gifCVA 50cal flintlock black powder, exposed hammer
star2.gifCVA blazer 50 cal black powder
star2.gifCVA Mountain Stalker .54cal black powder
star2.gifGBR Hoffman Kister in Suhl black powder
star2.gifNavy Arms Black Powder, Zouave, .58 Muzzle Loader; with bayonet
star2.gifTC Renegade muzzle loader
star2.gifThompson Thunderhawk 50 Cal Bolt, Black Powder
star2.gifTraditions panther 59cal blackpowder, exposed hammer
star2.gifTraditions Pursuit XLT 50cal black powder
star2.gifWindriver Mag 50 Cal Bolt, Black Powder


Black Powder Handguns
star2.gifColt Navy 44cal blackpowder revolver, American Remembers, Gettysberg 1863, 1291 of 1863, with presentation box
star2.gifColt Walker 44cal black powder revolver, America Remembers Spirit of the American Indian Commemorative 19 of 300 USA made, 3rd generation, in presentation box
star2.gifColt Army 44cal blackpowder revolver, Italy Cased with extra mag, balls & acc
star2.gifFIE 1851 Navy Colt .44 Revolver
star2.gifFIE Navy Pocket .36 revolver
star2.gifFIE Navy Pocket .36 revolver
star2.gifF.LLI Pietta 44cal black powder pistol
star2.gifFIE 45cal black powder revolver
star2.gifBlack powder pistol







star2.gifIncluding .22, 30-30, 3-06, 45-70, .308, .303, .270, .35Whelen, 7.62x54, .325WSM, 577/450, 6.5x55 swedish, 280Ackely, 300H&H, .470Nitro, 45Auto, 38Sp, .357, 9mm, 45ACP. .32Winsp, 12ga, 20gam 16ga, .410, & MUCH MORE!!


star2.gif(11) Misc gun holsters & belts
star2.gif(19) Misc slings
star2.gif(2) .280, 30-06, 25-06, .270, .35 Remington clips
star2.gif(2) .280, 30-06, 25-06, .270, .35 Remington clips
star2.gif(2) AR-15 10rd mags .223
star2.gif(2) leather holsters British 455 & Western
star2.gif(2) Winchester M-88 .308/.243 mags & (1) Remington 500 Series 511, 513, 521 .22LR 10rd mags
star2.gif(3) Quality soft gun cases, like new
star2.gif(3) Rifle scopes - Bushnell Balvar 2.5x8, Redfield 2 3/4, and Weaver K8
star2.gif(3) Soft gun cases
star2.gif(7) Holsters
star2.gif11 Nikon Scope Rings
star2.gif15 Misc Holsters
star2.gif18 Nikon Scope Rings
star2.gif1911 slide/barrel, 45acp & 45 barrel
star2.gif20+ Weaver & Leapold Scope Rings
star2.gif3-Magazines for Remington 597 .22 rifle
star2.gif4 Gun Cases
star2.gif5 Magazine Holder
star2.gif7 gun stocks
star2.gif7-AR15/M16, 30 round mags
star2.gif8 Nikon Browning ABolt Bases
star2.gif8 Nikong Browning ABolt Bases
star2.gif8-Savage Arms model A17 17HMR gun stocks
star2.gif9 Nikon Scope Rings
star2.gifAmmo case
star2.gifAssorted Mixed Ammo/ shells & brass cartridge holder, gun parts, 3 magazines, Scout Scope Mount for Hakim Rifle
star2.gifB square AK47 receiver mt, Mags, butt stock tool
star2.gifBattlepack, slings, military belts & more
star2.gifBlackhawk Serpa holster for Springfield XDS 3.3"
star2.gifBox gun parts
star2.gifBox of gun forearms & stocks
star2.gifBox of gun parts, cases, holsters & etc
star2.gifBox of holsters
star2.gifBox of pistol grips
star2.gifBox of rifle actions, bolts, parts, etc
star2.gifBrowning A-Bolt Bases
star2.gifButt stocks & forearms
star2.gifCabelas multiple gun hard sided gun case with top & bottom storage, lockable
star2.gifCoyler Clip and box of 100 SISK 22 savage 55 grain reloading Bullets .226 dia. Model 1088-1 for Winchester 100 and Model 88 8 Shot. Â
star2.gifGerman Luger Reproduction Holster
star2.gifGun Cases
star2.gifGun cases, 12 & 16ga cleaning rods
star2.gifGun Ho leather gun case, 1 broken latch
star2.gifHard gun case
star2.gifHard sided gun case
star2.gifHasting fully rifled slug barrel for Browning BPS 12ga
star2.gifHastings rifled slug barrel for Remington 870 & Bushnell 4x scope for Remington 870
star2.gifLike new cartridge belt and holster for 9mm and larger ammo
star2.gifLot of 3 Magazines; Hakim; AR7 Armalite Charter Arms 22; Third Mag not marked
star2.gifM1 Garand parts, manual, cleaning rod & more
star2.gifM14 trigger group & National Match, M1& M14 rearsight
star2.gifMisc assorted gun parts X19
star2.gifMisc barrels
star2.gifMisc Gun Cases
star2.gifMisc gun cases
star2.gifMossberg 500 slug barrel, 12ga 3" fully rifled
star2.gifNikon & Weaver Scope Rings
star2.gifParker VHE 16ga stock set
star2.gifQuality gun case
star2.gifRuger 10/22, Ruger American .308, Browning BLR 81 short action mags
star2.gifSeveral BURRIS & Redfield Bases
star2.gifSKS 20rd mag
star2.gifSlings, backpack pellet, supplies, CO2
star2.gifSoft pistol case
star2.gifTaurus 9mm & PB 40cal mags
star2.gifThompson Center left hand leather holster
star2.gifThompson Contender barrel .38sp
star2.gifThompson Contender barrel .45/.410
star2.gifTikka Long Range Hunter .300win mag
star2.gifTote full of Gun stocks
star2.gifUS M1 30 carbine stock
star2.gifWeaver display box with bases
star2.gifWinchester 94 pre64, 4 arm & stock
star2.gifWinchester Hiwall Stock w/Hiwall & LoWall Forends
star2.gif(4) 30rd AR-15 mags


star2.gifAPF 450 Bushmaster 20" upper barrel assembly - NEW
star2.gifAPF 450 Bushmaster Carbine Complete upper, 16" 416 SS 1/24 twist barrel
star2.gifLuth - Ar Butt stock assembly
star2.gifLuth - Ar Butt stock assembly
star2.gifLuth-Ar .223 1-9 18" fluted bull barrel upper barrel assembly
star2.gifLuth-AR Rails & Pistol Grips - NEW



star2.gifTenpoint Crossbow accu draw, new string last fall, silencers, 3 target bolts & scope
star2.gifBrowning Rage compound bow, 70#, 25"-30", Tru-Glo sight
star2.gifAMF Wing 45-60lb compound bow
star2.gifBrowning Excellerator 55#, 31-32" compound bow, ser#AUD7298
star2.gif(3) 18" Diablo crossbow bolts - new
star2.gif(6) Bow cases including 1 hard case
star2.gif23 Alum arrows, 12-Easton 32", 11-34"
star2.gif250+ broad heads & range finder
star2.gifBear Black Bear Magnum bow 52" 50#
star2.gifBitzen Berger Fletch Master Dial-o-fletch
star2.gifBox of 1400+ 5" fletchers



star2.gifUMBREX .177cal pellet gun, bipod, scope - shot only a few times
star2.gifCrosman Arms Inc M1 Carbine BB Air Rifle , With Original Magazine
star2.gifCrosman model 38T airsoft pistol & Bear River Outdoors CO2 pistol|#108161133, #17BD240H15710
star2.gifCrossman Co2 air pistol w/pellets
star2.gifDaisy 880 BB or .177 Pellet, Bolt-Airpump
star2.gifDaisy model 1998 BB gun
star2.gifDaisy Powerline .177 pellet/BB
star2.gifDaisy Powerline CO2 BB pistol
star2.gifDaisy Red Ryder BB Gun, Carbine 650 Shot; New in the box includes approximately 1200 BB's
star2.gifRWS Diana 350 .22 air rifle
star2.gifRWS Diana model 36 .177cal air rifle, like new




star2.gif(17) Herters windsock goose decoys
star2.gif(8) Goose shell decoys
star2.gif2 smartset decoy anchor system
star2.gifBag of 11 Victor blue gill decoys
star2.gifBig Flock Canada Goose Magnum Silhouette decoys & flag
star2.gifCarry bags, decoy cord, call, & rigging kit
star2.gifG&H Bluebill Scaup Decoys: Newer style with movable heads. 6 hens. 6 drakes. Cleaned, rigged with line and weights. Ready to go. Includes decoy bag.
star2.gifGreenhead Mallard Decoys, 6 drake & 6 hen - NEW
star2.gifGreenhead Mallard Decoys, 6 drake & 6 hen - NEW
star2.gifGreenhead Sentry Style Canada Goose decoy - 4 pack
star2.gifLarge Spread of Neumann & Bennetts Inc. Plasti-Duk Mallard Duck Decoys: Standard Size. Group A: 4 hens and 3 drakes. Rectangular keels labeled "Plasti-Duk, PATENT PENDING, NEUMANN & BENNETTS INC., BERKELEY. CAL., S10" Group B: 5 hens and 7 drakes. Rectangular keels with string holes drilled. Labeled, "Plasti-Duk, PATENT PENDING, NEUMANN & BENNETTS INC., BERKELEY. CAL., S10" Group C: 3 drakes. Tubular keels labeled, "Plasti-Duk NEUMANN & BENNETTS INC. BERKELEY. CALIF. S10" Cleaned, rigged with line and weights. Ready to go. Extra decoy cord included.
star2.gifLarge Wooden goose decoy
star2.gifLot of Antique Decoys and Decoy Parts. // 2 Fishing Reels and Stringer: Open face bait caster. Needs work. Antique Fly reel. Unknown condition. // 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Hulls for Reloading. Some in decent shape some in rough shape.
star2.gifNeumann & Bennetts Inc. Plasti-Duk Duck Decoys: 15 magnum. Drake Mallard decoys. Have previous owner's marks on bottom. See Pics. Cleaned, rigged with line and weights. Ready to go. Includes a camo decoy bag with shoulder straps.





star2.gifStrikemaster 8" ice auger with Honda 4 stroke motor
star2.gifStrikemaster gas ice 8" auger with gas can - runs
star2.gifVexilar FL-8 locator with extra battery - works good
star2.gif(2) Salmon rods/reels Hi 1980 reel w/8' medium, Cardinal 663GT reel w/TDR 8' rod
star2.gif2 gas ice augers
star2.gif7 pt weighted spear
star2.gifAntique fishing reels, Plueger, Shakespeare & more
star2.gifAntique lures
star2.gifEskimo 1 man portable fish house
star2.gifFishing reels & parts
star2.gifFishing rods
star2.gifFishing tackle reference books
star2.gifHummingbird locator
star2.gifIce Fishing Tip Ups
star2.gifPflueger Supreme XT casting reel w/box
star2.gifPlano Storage Box loaded w/lures & fishing tackle
star2.gifPlueger President #6740 spinning reel w/box
star2.gifPortable fish house with manual ice augers
star2.gifVexlar Boundary Waters LC10 graph
star2.gifVintage fishing plugs, bobbers
star2.gifVintage fishing reels, scales & pail



star2.gif(2) Pairs of size 10 felt bottom boots - like new
star2.gif11 - Victor 1 1/2 double coil spring traps
star2.gif14 - #1 Victor single spring traps
star2.gif2 game cameras new last fall
star2.gif2- Single seat ladder stands
star2.gif7-Hudson Bay traps, 5- 1/2, 2-#1 Jump
star2.gifAmeristep 2 man 12' ladder stand - NEW
star2.gifAvery camp floating duffle bag, predator & duck calls
star2.gifAvery Telescoping Push Pole: 10' Length
star2.gifBrowning camo hunting jacket & bibs, size L
star2.gifCabelas Thinsulate 600gr sz 9 waders - new
star2.gifCamo hunters bag
star2.gifCamo Netting: Approx. 45' x 17'. Some holes.
star2.gifDeer carts
star2.gifDog House Ground blind & archery target
star2.gifDuck calls
star2.gifGander Mountain D/U waders, size 10
star2.gifHunting blind, 4 new double pane windows
star2.gifHunting Clothes
star2.gifCabelas Ice Busters Chest Waders Size 9: Comes with 2 pairs of boot liners. Safety Buckle. 2 sets of suspenders. Boot Hanger. Stiff from storage.
star2.gifLohman predator call with cassettes
star2.gifMen's Cold Weather Bibs: Air Force ? Excellent ! Approximately 34" x 34". Seller States "Need to do a high altitude recon mission over Russia in your B52. These will keep you warm ! Today-new-these would probably cost over $300 ! The liner is faux fur but very toasty. These need new leather suspender keepers which are easy find online. Very rare and unique ! Won't be disappointed !!!
star2.gifMen's Cold Weather Navy Bibs: Brass Zippers. Wool Liner. Cotton exterior. Suspenders. Approx. size up to 36" waist x 34" or 35" Length. Tag says L but more like a XL. Decent shape.
star2.gifMountain Prairie blaze orange hunting jacket & bibs, size XL


star2.gifPair of Cabelas size 9 hunting boots
star2.gifRed Wing Irish Setter size 13 boots
star2.gifRemington size 7 lug sole wading shoes
star2.gifRemington size 8 felt sole wading shoes
star2.gifRemington stocking foot chest waders
star2.gifSchnee's Elk Hunter size 13 boots
star2.gifWildgame Innovations trail cam



star2.gifG1 US carbine bayonet
star2.gifM1 Garand bayonet
star2.gifBrowning Our Family Legacy 2pc knife set
star2.gifBuck & Sea Hawk Knives
star2.gifBuck 118 knife
star2.gifRemington Hunting Knife (new) & deer antlers
star2.gifMac tools 1995 father son knife set
star2.gifMac tools 1997 3 generation knife set
star2.gifMac tools 1998 3 generation knife set
star2.gifMac tools 55th anniversary knife
star2.gifMac tools 58th anniversary knife
star2.gifMac tools 60th anniversary knife
star2.gifMatco 25th anniversary knife
star2.gifMilitary survival knife
star2.gifPocket Knives
star2.gifTasko & Silversword knives
star2.gif(2) US marked bayonets
star2.gifRAF crash axe
star2.gifSwedish bayonet No 28 No 484
star2.gif(3) Bayonets
star2.gif(2) 50cal knife set
star2.gif(2) Bayonets
star2.gif(2) Old Timer hunting knives & 911 commemorative knife
star2.gif(3) Collectible knives
star2.gif(3) Hunting knives
star2.gif(3) Samurai swords
star2.gif(7) Misc pocket knives
star2.gif1917 Us Enfield bayonet
star2.gif2- Browning Our Family Legacy knife sets
star2.gif2 Schrade knives
star2.gifBelt buckle knife & boot knife
star2.gifBone Handle Knives




star2.gifMercury outboard 25 hp
star2.gif(2) Blank grenades
star2.gif(3) Powder horns
star2.gif(3) Powder horns
star2.gif2 Flack Jackets & 2 helmets
star2.gif4 Ammo Boxes
star2.gif64 bin Military parts bin
star2.gif8 Boxes of Gun Books & Manuals
star2.gifBlack powder supplies including pellets, primers & more
star2.gifBullet molds, dagger, machete
star2.gifBushnell Scopechief, led flashlight & knives
star2.gifCaldwell lead sled DFT gun rest - like new
star2.gifCaldwell Lead/Sled Shooting Rest
star2.gifCamo Painted Oars, Oar Locks, Dutton-Lainson Model DL600 Winch, Boat Motor Ear Muffs, Dog Trainer Dummy, Old Wilson Softball Glove for your niece: Oars 83". Oar locks have 9/16" pin. Winch is for a light weight boat or large canoe.
star2.gifCase of Clay Pigeons: 135 count. 2 vintage spring loaded wood throwers. 1 Plastic thrower.
star2.gifCastle X Racewear XXL bibbed snow pants, no holes
star2.gifColeman Model 426B Camping Stove: Large cooking area 24"x12. 3 burners. Wind Screen. Uses white gas. Made in Wichita Kansas. Overall size 28.5" L x 14" W x6" H. Clean.
star2.gifDeer archery target & lge paper targets
star2.gifDog Training supplies
star2.gifDresser, 43"W x 29"H & end table
star2.gifFile boxes, tripod, franchi gun case
star2.gifiPod classic 80G black
star2.gifFish House TV with VCR
star2.gifFloat tube and air pump
star2.gifHouse/Garage Furnace; Propane
star2.gifHyskore rifle rest bench rest
star2.gifLarge military bullet


star2.gifLarge military shell & cases
star2.gifLife jackets, rope, & waders
star2.gifMan cave decorations
star2.gifMens Golf Clubs
star2.gifMercury 7.5hp - unknown condition
star2.gifMilitary 120mm mortar box
star2.gifMility Backpack & Shovel
star2.gifMisc gun cleaning & Lee gun powder measure kit
star2.gifMisc wire rim glasses, scope, pictures, etc
star2.gifMotorguide W55 Wireless Trolling motor, mounting bracket, wireless foot control, mounting hardware works
star2.gifMulti Tools
star2.gifNemrod Mariner 2 Spear Gun
star2.gifPete Boot Drier: Works all parts in the box. // 8 Aluminum Tent Stakes and misc String: 9" Length. Could also be sued for tarping a boat, atv, snowmobile, etc. // Cabelas Camo Baseball Style Hat with attached Neck Gaiter: Size Large. Good Shape.
star2.gifRecord collection, 45RPM
star2.gifRocking chairs, kids chairs, etc
star2.gifSewing cabinet used for fly fishing supplies
star2.gifShooting kit, water repell fishing reel
star2.gifSolar Panel Trickle Charger or Battery Maintainer: Approx. 16" x 16". Tested Works. 14' of wire with alligator clips. Window mount or customize to your needs. This was originally designed to maintain a car battery while in transit from the factory. Perfect for a remote location. No fuse protection. Wire lengths are mismatched to help prevent alligator clips from contacting each other. A little dirty.
star2.gifStamp set
star2.gifStraps, choke gauge, cleaning kit, etc
star2.gifTasco #30 bore sighter
star2.gifUS Navy wooden dummy training shell, 33" tall
star2.gifVintage Skis: 77" Height. Great for the fireplace mantle.
star2.gifWinchester collectible mugs
star2.gifWinchester scissor & tool collection





star2.gifElk mount
star2.gifWhite tail deer mount
star2.gif(2) Deer head mounts
star2.gifAntelope mount
star2.gifBear head mount
star2.gifBleeze Buck, wild beast hide
star2.gifWild boar mount
star2.gifZebra hide
star2.gifCoyote, racoon, and fox mounts
star2.gifOstrich tanned hide
star2.gifSheep Horns



star2.gif3 Super paintball tubers and 2 hoppers
star2.gif3 Super paintball tubers and 2 hoppers
star2.gif4- Sheridan paintball ammo packs
star2.gif4- Sheridan paintball ammo packs
star2.gifBrass Eagle Stricray II Ice paintball gun
star2.gifBrass Eagle Stricray II Ice paintball gun
star2.gifBrass Eagle Stringray II paintball gun
star2.gifBrass Eagle Stringray II paintball gun
star2.gifBrass Eagle Stringray II paintball gun
star2.gifBrass Eagle Talon Paint ball gun
star2.gifPaintball goggles, hoppers, barrel squeegies, misc supplies
star2.gifPaintball goggles, hoppers, barrel squeegies, misc supplies



star2.gifLes Kouba 17x16 Framed 1978 Minnesota Waterfowl Hunting Stamp & Print #3197/3500; Martin R Murk 18x16 1/2 Framed Us Dept of Interior Conservation Stamp; #1065/5800
star2.gifLes Kouba 23X19 framed Mallards Assembling #516/2000; 23x19 Ringnecks Signed Print; 23X19 The Single Frames #H651/2000
star2.gifLes Kouba 39"x32" Signed Print, Frames & Matted, Elk Country
star2.gifLes Kouba Prints; Golden Retriver 23"X18" unframed; Morning Plowing Unframed 29"x32" #1718/2000; 1983-1984 National Waterfowl Conservation Stamp 17X16 framed #9/50
star2.gif"Fish Still Life" Trout Painting by Chuviler 20" x 12": This was originally purchased through the Coeur d'Alene auction house for the benefit of the Bob Scriver estate. The auction took place in the late 1990s in Kalispell, Montana. Many other paintings were offered at this auction including those by Daniel Metz and John Fery. It originally was displayed at a Lodge in Glacier National Park. Light reflection in picture.
star2.gif"Watched" by Mark Daehlin, signed, 1319/2000, 1999, 22x31"
star2.gif(4) Remington wildlife prints
star2.gif25 Minnesota Hydrographic Lake Maps, MN Department of Conservation" Art by Ken Haag 1965
star2.gif5 - Fed & State Stamp Prints, all signed
star2.gifAmerican Wildlife wooden box
star2.gifAutumn at Baker - Trumpeter Swans, signed to consignor by the artist 10/21/03, by David Maas, 19 1/2" x 25"
star2.gifBronze Blue Whale, 036/950 Limited Edition
star2.gifCloisome Pin Collection, Complete Crest in pouch on back
star2.gifColbertsons Limited head & full mount canvas back , Bob Hayden
star2.gifDU decoy box
star2.gifEarly Arrival frontiersman large framed print by Paul Calle
star2.gifGrizzly & Elk Prints
star2.gifGrreenhead Country by David Maas, 1601/3600
star2.gifIrish setter Austin brass sculpture
star2.gifLanding Mallards by Les Kouba, signed print and stamp, 1985, 189/999, National Waterfowl Consevation Stamp, 1985-86, 13x16"
star2.gifLeather Sioux Indian Blaine Clock, 1983
star2.gifMarnie Dahl Batik cloth dyed using hot wax original artwork, 1984, 5x7 1/2" AND Ruffed Grouse Print, 5x6"
star2.gifNative American Pillow
star2.gifOriginal Pabst Blue Ribbon Winners vintage advertising sign 34"x17"
star2.gifRedheads by Phil Scholer, signed print, 1982 MN Migratory Waterfowl Stamp, 2391/6500, 16x17"
star2.gifRough Water Cans by Killen print, 1601/3600
star2.gifVan Gilder print, Federal print, Rough water unframed print
star2.gifWindswept by Vangilde 181/500
star2.gifWolf head mount, Through the Mist
star2.gifWooden duck decoy, signed by Lewis



star2.gifHornady Lock & Load AP press, case reloader, 3 shell holders, manual, cover, plates & other accessories
star2.gifHornady 366 Auto, Reloader w/supplies
star2.gifHornady Apex 12ga reloader
star2.gifRCBS .22rem fireball dies
star2.gifRCBS 25acp die & 50 & 25cal bullets
star2.gifRCBS 300 Wby Mag, 44 Mag/Spec & .223 Rem Dies
star2.gifRCBS 44 Spec Mag & Hornady 222 rm
star2.gif1000 40cal flat pt bullets
star2.gif1000 40cal X-Throne 40 165gr RNFP bullets
star2.gif1000 Federal No 155 Magnum large pistol primers
star2.gif12 1/2lbs of Lee reloading lead
star2.gif2RCBS Dies .308 WIN & SBsizer 30-06
star2.gif2RCBS dies 30/06 & 30/30 WCF
star2.gif4000 large pistol primers
star2.gif40cal new brass
star2.gif45auto new brass
star2.gif500 RedRiver 32 cal 100 gr TC .313dia Bullets
star2.gif5000 Winchester 209 primers
star2.gif500rds 45acp 185gr bullets
star2.gifApprox 200rds .270 bullets 140 & 150gr + 48 brass
star2.gifApprox 500rds 45cal 185gr semi wad cutting .452 bullets
star2.gifApprox 750 45cal 185gr bullets
star2.gifApprox 950 Federal No 155 Magnum large pistol primers
star2.gifBox of pistol/rifle primers
star2.gifBox of shotshell primers
star2.gifCase & cartridge inspector w/dial indicator
star2.gifForester Bonanza 270win 3 die set
star2.gifHerters 30-06 die and file gauge & 20ga reloading tool & Herters bench reloading tool, 80 Herters 30cal bullets, Hornady 30cal 100gr short jacket bullets
star2.gifHerters 9mm die
star2.gifLyman Power Measure & 310 Reloading tool
star2.gifMEC 8120 reloader
star2.gifMisc Reloading, powders, scale & supplies
star2.gifNew wads, cleaning supplies, packer, and more
star2.gifPartial Boxes, 30 cal, 45, 6mm, 270, 243 bullets
star2.gifRCBS hand loader w/misc dies
star2.gifRCBS Model 510 Scale
star2.gifReloading supplies, balls, shooter pouch
star2.gifUsed 40s&w brass
star2.gifWinchester 40-65 bullet mold


star2.gifBSA Deerhunter 1.5-4.5 scope, Bushnell scope, Tasco scope
star2.gifBushnell 6x - 24x40scope
star2.gifGuide Gear 6.5-20x50 scope
star2.gifLevpold M8-6x Compact Scope
star2.gifLevpold Vx-i 1.5-5x20mm scope
star2.gifMossberg Scope; Gun Stock, BB's; Gun Site; Lyman Reloading Scale; Winchester Model 100 243/308 Cal Clip
star2.gifNcStar 2-7x32E SEPB 2732B illuminated rifle scope
star2.gifRedfield 3-9x42 scope
star2.gifRedfield 3X-9X scope
star2.gifRedfield 4x12 with a bullet drop compensator
star2.gifRedfield Revolution 4-12 x 40 scope
star2.gifRedfield Revolution 4-12X40 scope
star2.gifSimmons 3x- 9x12 + Weaver 2-7 scope
star2.gifTasco Pro Point & BSA red dot scope
star2.gifTasco Pro Point scope, Bushnell Varmint scope, & flashlight
star2.gifBSA green dot scope
star2.gifTruGlo tactical red dot scope, like new in box
star2.gifWeaver scope, Tasco 7x50 binoculars, Primos call
star2.gif3 - Vintage scopes
star2.gif3 misc scopes
star2.gif3- Scopes; Bushnel 10x, Gander Mountain, Bushnell 3-9 scope

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