Leslie W. Root Living Trust

Real Estate Auction in 3470 Frontier Rd., Clifton, Kansas, United States

10 Thursday
10th September, 2020 7:00 PM

Leslie W. Root Living Trust

Real Estate Auction in 3470 Frontier Rd., Clifton Kansas, United States

Thursday at - 10th September , 2020



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292.89 acres of western Clay County cropland & habitat

Thursday September 10th, 2020 at 7:00pm

Auction to be held at the Clifton American Legion

3470 Frontier Rd., Clifton, Ks. 66937

TRACT 1: The NE4 of Section 2-7-1, Clay County, Kansas less a parcel of land in the northeast corner. This tract is located in Bloom Township and consists of 137.13 acres according to FSA records. There are 133.97 acres classified as cropland which includes 126.37 tillable acres and 7.60 acres of waterways. there are 3.16 acres of buffer strips around the perimeter of the farm. Soil types are about 95% Class 2 Crete (Cs) and 5% Class 3 Crete (Ct). This farm is well located 6 miles south of Clifton, Kansas along the blacktop. It is situated west of Frontier Rd (Clifton Rd.) and south of 25th Rd. From Clay Center go 7 miles west to the Clifton Road (Frontier Rd.), then 6.5 miles north to the southeast corner of the tract. This is a very nice farm. 2019 taxes were $.2,819.30.

TRACT 2: The NW4 of Section 29-6-1, Clay County, Kansas. This tract is located in Mulberry Township and consists of 155.76 acres according to FSA records. There are 150.55 acres classified as cropland which includes 134.00 cultivated acres and 16.55 acres of waterways. There are 5.21 of habitat. Soil types are about 45% Class 3 Crete (Ct), 25% Calss 4 Crete (Cx), 15% Class 2 Crete (Cs), and 15% Class 5 Hobbs (Hn). This a good upland farm just a mile east of the Cloud County line. From Tract 1 go one mile north to 26th Rd., then 4 miles west to Buffalo Rd. and one mile north to the northwest corner of the tract. From Clifton, Kansas go 3 miles south to 28th Rd. then 4 miles west and 1 mile south to the northwest corner of the tract. 2019 taxes were $2,602.28.

TERMS: Contracts to close on or before November 1st, 2020. The buyer is to pay 10% down day of sale with the balance due at closing. Title insurance and escrow fees are to be paid 1/2 each by the seller and the buyer. The seller will pay 2020 and all prior years property taxes. 2021 property taxes are to be paid by the buyer. Bill Peterson is the present tenant on both tracts and the farm will be sold subject to his rights. The buyer will get possession upon completion of the 2020 fall harvest. The buyer(s) will be allowed to plant crops prior to closing. These farms are in compliance with FSA program requirements. The buyer(s) will receive all mineral rights. The contract, deed and down payment will be escrowed at Clay County Abstract & Title Company, 509 Court, Clay Center, Kansas 67432. Announcements made sale day to take precedence over printed matter. The sellers and their agents are not responsible for accidents. This farm will sell to the highest bidder. The auction firm is working for the sellers.  Go to kretzauctions.com or kansasauctions.net for the listing, FSA maps, and any additional information, updates, or changes

Leslie W. Root Living Trust, Seller

Auction conducted by Clay Center Real Estate

Greg Kretz, Salesman & Auctioneer

Greg: (785) 630-0701