Delmer Kahrs Estate

Real Estate Auction in 3070 Frontier Rd., Clifton, Kansas, United States

06 Thursday
06th February, 2020 7:00 PM

Delmer Kahrs Estate

Real Estate Auction in 3070 Frontier Rd., Clifton Kansas, United States

Thursday at - 06th February , 2020



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 485.14 acres of Clay County, Kansas

farmland, and rural residence

Thursday February 6th, 2020 at 7:00pm

Auction to be held at the Clifton American Legion

3470 Frontier Rd., Clifton, Ks.

TRACT 1: The NE4 and the  E2NW4 of Section 6-6-3, Clay County, Kansas. This tract is located in Garfield Township, consists of 163.27 acres according to FSA records. This farm is currently all classified as cropland. It includes 157.09 tillable acres, and 2.50 acres of waterway. There are 2.93 acres with the building site and a ranch style house which has not been occupied for some time. Soil types are about 80% Class II Crete (Cs) and 20% Class III Crete (Ct). This tract is located from Clay Center, Kansas 11.5 miles north to the southeast corner of the tract. It has 1/2 mile of frontage along Highway 15 and 3/4 mile of frontage along Highway 9. 2019 property taxes were $4,055.96 plus a $39.00 solid waste fee.

TRACT 2: The E2SE4 of Section 5-6-2, Clay County, Kansas. This tract is in Sherman Township and consists of 77.69 acres according to FSA records. The entire tract is classified as cropland and appears to all be tillable except for a small area along the west line toward the north end. Soil types are about 60% Class II Crete (Cs), to the east and north, with a combination of Class IV Crete (Cx), Class III Geary (Gh), and Class II Hobbs (Ho) to the west and south. From tract 1 at the intersection Highways 15 and 9 go 5 miles west to Indian Rd., then 1/2 mile south to the northeast corner of the Tract. From Clifton go 3 miles east and 1/2 south. 2019 Property taxes on this tract were $1,626.12.

 TRACT 3: The W2SW4 and a tract in the N2 of Section 4-6-2, Clay County, Kansas. This tract is in Sherman Township and consists of 244.18 acres according to FSA records. 232.86 acres are classified as cropland and are all tillable. The remaing 11.32 acres consists of a creek with many trees and other habitat. Soil types include a 52.1 acre field of Class I Muir (Mu) east of the creek. The ground west of the creek to the south line is about 50% Class II Crete (Cs) and about 50% Class III Geary (Gh).This farm has about 3/4 mile of frontage along the south side of Highway 9 and a full mile along the east side of Indian Rd. From the intersection of Highways 15 & 9 by Tract 1 go approximately 4.25 miles west to the northeast corner of the Tract. This Tract lies just east across Indian Rd. from Tract 2. 2019 property taxes were $5,357.92.

TERMS: Contracts to close on or before March, 20th, 2020. The buyer is to pay 10% down day of sale with the balance due at closing. Title insurance and escrow fees are to be paid 1/2 each by the seller and the buyer. The seller will pay 2019 and all prior years property taxes. The 2020 property taxes are to be paid by the buyer. The buyers will get immediate possession. No crops are currently growing on these farms and they are open for spring crops. The buyers will receive all mineral rights. The contract, deed and down payment will be escrowed at Clay County Abstract & Title Company, 610 5th, Clay Center, Kansas 67432. Announcements made sale day to take precedence over printed matter. The sellers and their agents are not responsible for accidents. The auction firm is working for the sellers.  Go to or for color maps and any updates or additional information.

NOTE: These farms are not enrolled in the FSA farm program and currently show no active conservation plan. The NRCS will gladly work with you to create a plan to bring these farms into compliance. Cost sharing is available. The FSA records on these farms have been released to the public for your convenience. To view the residence and building site on Tract 1 please call the Auctioneer. 

The Delmer Kahrs Estate & The Medora Kahrs Trust, Sellers

Auction conducted by Clay County Real Estate

Greg Kretz  Salesman & Auctioneer 

Call Greg at (785) 630-0701



The farmstead on Tract 1 is connected to Washington County Rural Water District No. 1. It can be turned back on for $600.00

I have visited with the Farm Service Agency in Clay Center, Kansas regarding enrolling these farms in the farm programs. 

- I was told that buying these farms will not effect the farms you already own and you will not be penalized.

- I was told by the NRCS that you technically have up to 2 years to make a plan to bring any farm you buy into compliance. However in reality you will have about 1 to 1.5 years. This is to make a plan. You will have more time to implement the plan. Basically they want to work with you to get these farms in the program and will be glad to help you accomplish that goal.

- I was told by the FSA that once you have a plan that you may be able to get farm payments for that farm. Possibly as early as this crop year if you get started right away and they have time on their schedule. You will need to progress in implementing the plan but getting the plan in place is the key.

-Also cost sharing is currently available to help with costs of conservation work.

NOTE: This is what I was told when discussing the situation with Clay County Farm Agency personell, to the best of my understanding. All good news. No guarantees on my part and I encourage you to do your own research. But it sounded very good for potential buyers. They emphasized that they are there to help you improve the farm and control erosion.