Online Auction in Evansville, Indiana, United States

15 Tuesday
15th September, 2020


Online Auction in Evansville Indiana, United States

Tuesday at - 15th September , 2020


Auction Terms & Conditions Please Review All Online Terms Prior To Bidding! - 10% Buyers Premium will be added to the final bid price to determine final selling price. ALL PURCHASES MADE BY INDIANA RESIDENTS WILL BE SUBJECT TO INDIANA SALES TAX. SALES TAX WILL BE CHARGED ON THE HAMMER PRICE AND BUYERS PREMIUM. PLEASE REVIEW SHIPPING AND PAYMENT TERMS PRIOR TO BIDDING! - Sohn & Associates, Ltd. assumes no responsibility for any missing or incorrect listing information. All information is gathered from sources believed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed to be accurate. Item descriptions and listings are subject to be changed, updated, or cancelled at any time without notice. All bidders agree that his or her own decision to bid and the amount he or she bids have been based solely on his or her own independent inspection and evaluation of the items. "ALL SALES ARE FINAL - NO RETURNS/REFUNDS!!" - All items must sell through the auction process, no pre-sales. This is not a retail purchase and all units are sold as-is, where-is without any warranties whatsoever, where express, implied or statutory. Expressly excluded are warranties of merchantability, fitness for use, purpose, and direction. - This auction features a one (1) minute soft close with a thirty (30) second stagger time for each lot. - In the event that there are technical difficulties related to the server, software or any other online auction-related technologies, Sohn & Associates, Ltd. reserves the right to extend bidding, continue the bidding, or close the bidding. Neither the company providing the software nor Sohn & Associates, Ltd. shall be held responsible for a missed bid or the failure of the software to function properly for any reason. - Sohn & Associates, Ltd. reserves the right to cancel this auction, or remove any item/lot from this auction prior to the close of bidding. - Sohn & Associates, Ltd. reserves the right to reject any and all bids for any reason. An accepted bid is a legal binding contract. Bidder assumes all risk of loss or damage to the item at the end of the auction. Sohn & Associates, Ltd. reserves the right to resell any personal property that is not paid for in full by the conclusion of the stated pickup date/dates. In any such event, the bidder will still be responsible for payment for the original purchase and the costs of collection of this payment and/or damages resulting for the resale of the property. - Sohn & Associates, Ltd. reserves the right to bid on behalf of the Seller and the Buyer. - Buyer and or Bidder agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Sohn & Associates, Ltd. and its agents, owners, employees and its representatives from any and all claims, damages or suits including but not limited to awards, judgments, costs, fees, etc. - The identity of all bidders will be verified. Sohn & Associates, Ltd. reserves the right to reject the bidder's registration if there is any question as to the person's credentials. - Bidder responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Bidders agree to keep their username and password confidential, as they are responsible for ANY and ALL activity involving their account. When using the web site you must obey any and all local state and federal laws. Violations will result in termination of web site use privileges. Auction company employees and/or Auction Company may bid on auction. - EACH PARTY HEREBY KNOWINGLY, VOLUNTARILY AND INTENTIONALLY WAIVES (TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW) ANY RIGHT IT MAY HAVE TO A TRIAL BY JURY OF ANY DISPUTE ARISING UNDER OR RELATING TO THIS AGREEMENT AND AGREES THAT ANY SUCH DISPUTE SHALL BE TRIED BEFORE A JUDGE SITTING WITHOUT A JURY. - By submitting a bid in the name of a business entity or corporation, the individual submitting the bid enters into a guaranty agreement whereby he or she personally guarantees payment to Sohn & Associates, Ltd. of any bid amount not paid when due by the business entity or corporation, for any reason, together with all collection expenses incurred to enforce collection, including a reasonable attorney's fee. - If, for any reason, Sohn & Associates, Ltd. is unable to make available or deliver any Purchase, or portion thereof, or documentation required in respect to any purchase at time of pickup, the sole liability of Sohn & Associates, Ltd., if any, shall be the return of any paid monies in respect of such purchase upon its return by purchaser. - By bidding on any item, buyer agrees to all terms and conditions set forth. PAYMENT - All purchases will be automatically charged the following morning after the auction has closed with your credit card on file with HiBid. If you do not wish to have your credit card charged for your purchase(s), please contact us immediately to make other arrangements for payment. If not notified within 24 hours BEFORE THE END OF THE AUCTION your credit card on file will be charged. - Payment must be made before item(s) are removed. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO RETURNS OR ADJUSTMENTS WILL BE MADE. - IF PAYMENT HAS NOT BEEN RECEIVED BY THE LAST SCHEDULED PICK UP DAY, IT WILL BE CONSIDERED IN DEFAULT. Upon default, the bidder may be black listed/blocked from bidding on any future Sohn & Associates, Ltd. auctions. All defaulted items may be offered to the next highest qualified bidder at the discretion of the Sohn & Associates, Ltd. - The bidder agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and other costs incurred by Sohn & Associates, Ltd. in its efforts to collect unpaid funds from the bidder. The bidder agrees that a late fee of two percent (2%) of the outstanding balance per month will be added to any unpaid balance due Sohn & Associates, Ltd. Any dispute will be tried in a court of jurisdiction in Vanderburgh County, Indiana. PICKUP & SHIPPING Items are to be picked up on the arranged pickups day(s). If you are not able to do so, you must notify the auction company IMMEDIATELY and other arrangements must be made ASAP. Any specialized arrangement for pickup outside of the scheduled dates will be subject to an additional $25 fee. All items must be picked up within 7 days of the auction's end date. Items left after that time will be forfeited back to Sohn & Associates. NO REFUNDS will be issued. Bidders are solely responsible for packing, loading, and moving all items purchased without assistance from Sohn & Associates, Ltd. Sohn & Associates, Ltd. will NOT supply any tools, boxes or packing materials. The winning bidder on large items needs to bring help and equipment to load the item(s). Sohn & Associates, Ltd. will only ship items at Bidder's expense that are small enough to be shipped via USPS Priority Mail or Flat Rate Boxes or FedEx Ground. Fragile items, items that weigh over 25lbs., or items that will not fit in a 16½" x 14½" x 12" box will need to be picked up or shipping can be done by a Professional Shipper/Packer at Bidder's Expense. Please contact the auction company if you need a list of Professional Shippers in our area. Buyer must notify the auction company if they plan to use a Professional Shipper/Packer and Buyer is responsible for making their own shipping arrangements with the Professional Shipper/Packer . Shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the Buyer. Shipping and handling charges will be charged upon completion of packaging with the credit card on file. All packages being shipped by the auction company will be shipped with insurance equivalent to the hammer price. All packages being shipped will have a minimum of $10 shipping charge including handling. Please allow 7-14 business days after the last scheduled pick-up date for items to be shipped. Please contact our office at 812-467-0227 with any questions. No furniture will be shipped!! Winning bidders of furniture must make their own shipping arrangements (including palleting) or take delivery of the furniture items at the auction house. GUARANTEE FROM A.S.A. JEWELRY LIQUIDATIONS ON PRODUCT SOLD A.S.A JEWELRY LIQUIDATIONS MAKES PURCHASES OUT OF ESTATES, BANKRUPTCIES, LIQUIDATION, CLOSEOUTS, INDIVIDUALS, DISTRESSED COMPANIES AND INVENTORY REDUCTION FROM MAJOR RETAILERS ALL OVER THE WORLD. THE PRODUCT WE SELL COMES FROM COUNTRIES LIKE INDIA, CHINA, TURKEY, TANZANIA, AFRICA, RUSSIA, COLUMBIA, BURMA AND ANYWHERE ELSE THAT GEMSTONES ARE MINED. WE DEAL WITH SOME OF THE LARGEST MANUFACTURERS IN THE UNITED STATES FROM NEW YORK TO LOS ANGELES. IN THE LAST 20 YEARS WE HAVE SOLD WELL OVER 18 MILLION IN PRODUCT. WE ALSO ATTEND SOME OT THE LARGES JEWELRY SHOWS ON THE PLANET LOOKING FOR DEALS ON PRODUCT. WE REPRESENT THE PRODUCT AT AUCTION THE WAY IT IS REPRESENTED TO US WHEN WE BUY IT. THAT SAID, WE GUARANTEE THE FOLLOWING ON OUR DESCRIPTIONS. 1. ALL ITEMS STATED AS PLATINUM, 18KT, 14KT, 10KT AND GENUINE STERLING SILVER ARE GUARANTEED TO BE THOSE METALS. 2. IF AN ITEM IS LISTED AS DIAMOND IT IS GUARANTEED TO BE A DIAMOND. 3. ANY GEMSTONES INCLUDING RUBIES, EMERALDS, SAPPHIRES, TANZANITE, AMETHYST, TOPAZ, CITRINE, MORANITE AND ALL OTHERS COULD BE EITHER NATURAL, LAB-CREATED, COLOR-ENHANCED, GLASS-FILLED, CHRISTALIZED OR LASTER-TREATED. ALL CARAT SIZES ARE APPROXIMATE, AS MOUNTING PERMITS OBSERVATION, BUT ARE GENERALLY WITHIN THE 2-4% ACCEPTED GUIDELINES OF APPROXIMATION. 4. ALL APPRAISALS, ESTIMATES OF VALUES AND EVALUATIONS ARE THE OPINION OF INDIVIDUALS GIVING THE VALUE BASED ON CURRENT MARKET PRICE AT WHICH THE COMPARABLE MARKET JEWELRY MAY BE PURCHASED IN AN AVERAGE FINE JEWELRY STORE, IN THE EVALUATORS GEOGRAPHIC AREA. SINCE THE JEWELRY EVALUATIONS AND APPRAISALS ARE SUBJECTIVE, ESTIMATION OF REPLACEMENT COST MAY VARY FROM ONE APPRAISER TO ANOTHER AND SUCH VARIATION DOES NOT CONSTITURE AN ERROR ON THE PART OF THE APPRAISER. IF AN APPRAISAL IS INCLUDED ON ANY ITEM OF JEWELRY IT IS SOLELY FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES AND SHOULD NOT BE USED AS THE ONLY BASIS FOR PURCHASE, SALE OR RESALE OF THAT ITEM. LIQUID SOLUTIONS SHALL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS, DAMAGE OR FOR ANY ERROR OR OMISSION IN THE APPRAISAL SUBMITTED. 5. ALL COINS AND CURRENCY ARE GUARANTEED TO BE AS DESCRIBED. AS A BIDDER/BUYER PLEASE INSPECT TO YOUR SATISFACTION, BEFORE DECIDING TO BID, AS WE WILL ONLY GUARANTEE WHAT WE HAVE STATED ABOVE.


ONLINE ONLY RR LANTERN AUCTION GREAT OFFERING OF 200+/- COLLECTIBLE RAILROAD LANTERNS & MORE! Auction Ends: TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 15th - With First Lot Scheduled to End at 6:00 PM (Staggered Soft Close) Auction Link: Location for Preview & Pick-Up: Sohn & Associates at 12600 N Green River Rd in Evansville; From the intersection of Hwy 57 & Green River Rd, proceed South on Green River to Sohn's on your right. Preview: You may view items Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM or visit website for hundreds of pictures! Please note that you must call the office at 812-467-0227 to arrange your specific viewing time. Auctioneers Note: This is Session 1 of an outstanding Estate Collection of Railroad Memorabilia from Owensboro, KY. Please make your plans now to bid your price & watch for more items coming soon! Highlights of this auction feature lanterns from Railroads & Makers across the country such as: L&N; B&O; NYC Lines; C&N; N.Y. N.H. & H.; Pennsylvania Lines; Rock Island Lines; B&M; L.I.RR; I.C. RR; K.& I.T.RR; M.M Bucks & Co; Erie RR; A.T.& S.F.Ry; Wabash; P&L.E. RR; W.T. Kirkman; Adlake; Dietz; Handlan-Buck Mfg; Keystone Lantern Co; Dressel; Adams & Westlake & more! Other collectibles include Switch Lanterns, Railroad Oil Cans, Gauges, Stamps & more. Auction Link: visit for complete listing & terms! Preview: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM or visit website for hundreds of pictures. Please note that you must call the office at 812-467-0227 to arrange your specific viewing time. Pick-Up: All items must be picked up at 12600 N Green River Rd within 7 business days of the auction end. You must call 812-467-0227 to schedule your specific pick-up time. Terms: A 10% Buyers Premium will be added to the final bid price to determine final selling price. Sales tax will be charged on the hammer price and buyer's premium. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card. All items selling AS-IS. For a complete listing of items and auction terms, please visit the bidding link at If you do not wish to bid online, please call the office to make alternate arrangements. Auctioneer: Trent Sohn #AU19700067, #AC3000226



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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 1

    Railroad Lantern Marked L&N RR - A...

  • Lot #: 2

    Railroad Lantern Marked L&N RR

  • Lot #: 3

    Railroad Lantern Marked Handlan St...

  • Lot #: 4

    Railroad Lantern Marked Handlan St...

  • Lot #: 5

    Railroad Lantern Marked L&N RR

  • Lot #: 6

    Railroad Lantern Marked Adlake Ker...

  • Lot #: 7

    Railroad Lantern Marked Adams & We...

  • Lot #: 8

    Railroad Lantern Marked ICRR - Adl...

  • Lot #: 9

    Railroad Oil Can Marked Handlan St...

  • Lot #: 10

    Railroad Oil Can Marked Gem Mfg. C...

  • Lot #: 11

    Railroad Can Marked Eagle - S.L. &...

  • Lot #: 12

    3 Sided Railroad Lantern

  • Lot #: 13

    Railroad Lantern Marked Dietz Vest...

  • Lot #: 14

    Railroad Lantern Marked B&O RR - A...

  • Lot #: 15

    Railroad Lantern Marked NYC Lines

  • Lot #: 16

    Railroad Lantern Marked Adlake Ker...

  • Lot #: 17

    Railroad Lantern Marked L&N RR - A...

  • Lot #: 18

    Railroad Lantern Marked W.T. Kirkm...

  • Lot #: 19

    Railroad Lantern Marked Adams & We...

  • Lot #: 20

    Railroad Lantern Marked L&N RR - A...

  • Lot #: 21

    Railroad Lantern Marked L&N RR - A...

  • Lot #: 22

    Railroad Lantern Marked Dietz No.3...

  • Lot #: 23

    Railroad Switch Lantern Marked Adl...

  • Lot #: 24

    Railroad Lantern Marked Keystone L...

  • Lot #: 25

    Railroad Lantern Marked E.T. Wrigh...

  • Lot #: 26

    Railroad Lantern w/Clear Globe

  • Lot #: 27

    Railroad Lantern Marked Adams & We...

  • Lot #: 28

    Railroad Lantern w/Clear Globe

  • Lot #: 29

    Railroad Lantern Marked C&N W.Ry.

  • Lot #: 30

    Railroad Lantern w/Clear Globe

  • Lot #: 31

    Railroad Lantern Marked Handlan-Bu...

  • Lot #: 32

    Railroad Lantern Frame - NO GLOBE

  • Lot #: 33

    Railroad Switch Lantern Marked Adl...

  • Lot #: 34

    Railroad Lantern Marked Keystone L...

  • Lot #: 35

    Railroad Lantern w/No Markings

  • Lot #: 36

    Railroad Switch Lantern - One Lens...

  • Lot #: 40

    Two Oil Cans

  • Lot #: 42

    Railroad Lantern Marked L&N RR

  • Lot #: 43

    Railroad Lantern Marked C.C.C & ST...

  • Lot #: 44

    Railroad Lantern Marked Keystone L...

  • Lot #: 45

    Railroad Lantern Marked Rayo No.39...

  • Lot #: 46

    Railroad Lantern Marked L&N RR

  • Lot #: 47

    Railroad Lantern Marked Adlake Ker...

  • Lot #: 48

    Pair of Aladdin Railroad Oil Lamps...

  • Lot #: 49

    Railroad Switch Lantern Marked CH...

  • Lot #: 50

    Floral Engraved Hanging Lamp

  • Lot #: 51

    Switch Lantern Marked Adlake

  • Lot #: 52

    Railroad Lantern Marked Adams & We...

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