More Pre-30 Online Only Literature Auction

Commercial Auction in 20114 Illinois Rt. 16, Nokomis, Illinois, United States

27 Thursday
27th August, 2020

More Pre-30 Online Only Literature Auction

Commercial Auction in 20114 Illinois Rt. 16, Nokomis Illinois, United States

Thursday at - 27th August , 2020


PLEASE READ AND REVIEW THE TERMS THOROUGHLY PRIOR TO BIDDING IF YOU HAVE NOT READ AND UNDERSTAND THESE TERMS PLEASE DO NOT BID BY BIDDING ON THIS AUCTION, BUYER AGREES TO ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH AND ENTERS INTO A CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT TO PURCHASE THE ITEM(S) UNDER THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1. CATALOG: Aumann Auctions has put forth every effort in preparing the catalog for this auction to provide accurate descriptions of all items. All lots are sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS, with all faults, imperfections and errors of description. Due diligence is the responsibility of the bidder/buyer. Printed statements or descriptions by staff are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion. 2. PAYMENTS: There is a 10% Buyers Premium added to your total purchase. All sales are final. NO credit card charge backs will be allowed. All accounts must be settled at the conclusion of the auction. We accept Cash (if picking up within 5 business days), Checks or certified funds (if notified by email within 24 hours), Visa & MasterCard ONLY. If you do not notify us within 24 hours of your preferred method of payment your card will be charged for the purchase plus buyer’s premiums, plus a 5% Credit Card Fee and any applicable taxes. NOTHING will be charged to your card until a purchase is made. Note: Checks may be processed the day of the auction; be sure to have adequate funds in your account. Each transaction necessary to collect insufficient funds will have a $25 fee imposed plus the liability of Default of Buyer below. 3. DEFAULT OF BUYER: Successful bidder not paying for items within 5 days of the date of the auction will be considered in default. Such default by the Successful Bidder will result in that Bidders liability to both the Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc. Seller shall have the right to (a) declare this contractual agreement cancelled and recover full damage for its breach, (b) to elect to affirm this contractual agreement and enforce its specific performance or (c) Seller can resell the items either publicly or privately with Aumann Auctions, Inc. and in such an event, the Buyer shall be liable for payment of any deficiency realized from the second sale plus all costs, including, but not limited to the holding/transporting/storage costs of the items, the expenses of both sales, legal and incidental damages of both the Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc. In addition, Aumann Auctions, Inc. also reserves the right to recover any damages separately from the breach of the Buyer. The purchaser agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by Aumann Auctions, Inc. in the collection of funds. The purchaser also agrees that a storage/handling fee of 2% per month be added to the balance of any unpaid balance due Aumann Auctions, Inc. and any other costs or losses incurred by the Buyers failure to adhere to these terms. Any debt collection or dispute proceedings will be litigated or arbitrated in Montgomery County, Illinois at the option of both the Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc. Both the Successful Bidder and Seller shall indemnify Aumann Auction, Inc. for and hold harmless Aumann Auctions, Inc. from any costs, losses, liabilities, or expenses, including attorney fees resulting from Aumann Auctions, Inc. being named as a party to any legal action resulting from either Bidders or Sellers failure to fulfill any obligations and undertakings as set forth in this contractual agreement. 4. SHIPPING: The auction company can arrange packing and shipping. Packing and shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer in addition to the purchase amount. All items will be insured for the purchase price. Our first priority is to deliver your purchase in excellent condition. We will not ship any chemical or hazardous materials. Purchases must be paid before they will be packaged for shipping. You will receive a separate invoice for your shipping total. 5. MISSING ITEMS: We document the contents of each package. Please do not discard the original shipping box and packaging if you think something is missing or broken. 6. PICK UP ITEMS: Shipping must be notified by email within 24 hours if you would like to pick up your items. All pickups must be scheduled in advance. It’s the Buyers responsibility to be certain all items are included before removing boxes from the premises. All purchases must be picked up within 30 days of the auction conclusion or a $5 per lot per day storage fee will be enforced. BIDDING AND REGISTRATION INFORMATION: BIDDER VERIFICATION: Bidding rights are provisional, and if identity verification is questionable, Aumann Auctions, Inc. has the right to reject the registration, and bidding activity will be terminated. The Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc. reserve the right to preclude any person from bidding if there is any question as to the person's credentials, mental fitness, etc. Bidders agree to keep their username and password confidential as they are responsible for ANY and ALL activity involving their account. If the registered bidder's user name is offensive to Aumann Auctions, Inc. or in their sole opinion detrimental to Bidding Activity, then Aumann Auctions, Inc. reserves the right to delete the bidder from bidding or unilaterally change the username with notification to the Bidder. When using the web site you must obey any and all local state and federal laws. Violations will result in termination of web site use privileges. MAXIMUM BID: When you bid your maximum bid, the current bid price does not automatically advance to your maximum bid. Another bidder has to bid to increase the current price and the computer will automatically bid up to your maximum in the increments specified. AUCTION END TIMES: Aumann Auctions, Inc. online only auctions are timed events and all bidding will close at specified time. However, our auctions also have what is called an 'Auto Extend' feature. Any bid placed within the final 5 minutes of an auction results in the auction automatically extending 5 additional minutes. The bidding will extend in 5 minute increments from the time the last bid is placed until there are no more bids, and the lot sits idle for 5 minutes. Therefore, the auction will not close until all bidding parties are satisfied and no one can be outbid at the last seconds without having another opportunity to bid again. TECHNICAL ISSUES: In the event there are technical difficulties related to the server, software, internet or any other online auction-related technologies, Aumann Auctions, Inc. reserve the right to extend bidding, continue the bidding, or close the bidding. Neither the company providing the software, nor Aumann Auctions, Inc. shall be held responsible for a missed bid or the failure of the software to function properly for any reason. CONDUCT OF THE AUCTION: Conduct of the auction and increments of bidding are at the direction and discretion of Aumann Auctions, Inc. Aumann Auctions, Inc. reserves the right to reject any and all bids for any reason and also reserves the right to cancel this auction, or remove any item or lot from this auction prior to the close of bidding. All decisions of Aumann Auctions are final. Your bid on this auction indicates both an understanding and an acceptance of the terms of this contractual agreement between yourself and both Aumann Auctions, Inc. and the Seller and that you, as the Bidder, are prepared to purchase items under these terms and conditions.



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  • Lot #: 2001
    The Creeping Grip Tractor Sales Catalog

    The Creeping Grip Tractor Sales Ca...

  • Lot #: 2002
    Ed. H. Witte, Master Engine Builder Fold Out Poster

    Ed. H. Witte, Master Engine Builde...

  • Lot #: 2003
    Hart-Parr Co. Kerosene-Gasoline Traction Engines Sales Catalog No. 13

    Hart-Parr Co. Kerosene-Gasoline Tr...

  • Lot #: 2004
    The “Russell” 30-60 HP Gas Tractor and Birdsell Huller Fold Out Post Card

    The “Russell” 30-60 HP Gas Tra...

  • Lot #: 2005
    The Russel & Co. 1913 Threshing Machinery Catalog No. 71

    The Russel & Co. 1913 Threshing Ma...

  • Lot #: 2006
    The Wisconsin Kerosene Tractor Fold Out Brochure

    The Wisconsin Kerosene Tractor Fol...

  • Lot #: 2007
    Eagle Farm Tractors Pocket Size Fold Out Brochure

    Eagle Farm Tractors Pocket Size Fo...

  • Lot #: 2008
    The Huber Farmers’ Tractor Sales Catalog

    The Huber Farmers’ Tractor Sales...

  • Lot #: 2009
    1913 Geiser “Peerless” Machinery Sales Catalog

    1913 Geiser “Peerless” Machine...

  • Lot #: 2010
    Advance-Rumely Threshing Machinery Sales Catalog

    Advance-Rumely Threshing Machinery...

  • Lot #: 2011
    Avery Company Tractors, Plows, Separators, and Steam Engines Sales Catalog

    Avery Company Tractors, Plows, Sep...

  • Lot #: 2012
    Samson Model “M” Tractor Parts and Price List

    Samson Model “M” Tractor Parts...

  • Lot #: 2013
    Samson Model “M” Tractor Instruction and Price List Book

    Samson Model “M” Tractor Instr...

  • Lot #: 2014
    Samson Model “M” Tractor Instructions for Operation and Care

    Samson Model “M” Tractor Instr...

  • Lot #: 2015
    (2) Samson Sieve-Grip Siftings Sales Brochures

    (2) Samson Sieve-Grip Siftings Sal...

  • Lot #: 2016
    (2) Samson Sieve-Grip Siftings Sales Brochures

    (2) Samson Sieve-Grip Siftings Sal...

  • Lot #: 2017
    (2) Samson Sieve-Grip Siftings Sales Catalogs

    (2) Samson Sieve-Grip Siftings Sal...

  • Lot #: 2018
    Samson Sieve-Grip Siftings Sales Catalog

    Samson Sieve-Grip Siftings Sales C...

  • Lot #: 2019
    The New Samson Trucks Sales Catalog

    The New Samson Trucks Sales Catalo...

  • Lot #: 2020
    Caterpillar 45 Tractor Price List of Parts

    Caterpillar 45 Tractor Price List...

  • Lot #: 2021
    (3) Caterpillar Literature Lot

    (3) Caterpillar Literature Lot

  • Lot #: 2022
    Caterpillar Thirty Tractor Operators’ Instruction Book

    Caterpillar Thirty Tractor Operato...

  • Lot #: 2023
    (2) Holt Combined Harvester Literature

    (2) Holt Combined Harvester Litera...

  • Lot #: 2024
    Caterpillar “Thirty” Tractor Sales Catalog

    Caterpillar “Thirty” Tractor S...

  • Lot #: 2025
    E.B. 12-20 Model AA Tractor Instruction Book

    E.B. 12-20 Model AA Tractor Instru...

  • Lot #: 2026
    E.B. “Peerless” Operating Instructions

    E.B. “Peerless” Operating Inst...

  • Lot #: 2027
    The “Why” of the Big Four “30” Tractor - 1913

    The “Why” of the Big Four “3...

  • Lot #: 2028
    Case 20-40 Tractor Repair Parts Price List

    Case 20-40 Tractor Repair Parts Pr...

  • Lot #: 2029
    Mack Model “AC” Trucks Sales Catalog

    Mack Model “AC” Trucks Sales C...

  • Lot #: 2030
    (2) Eismann Magnetos Literature

    (2) Eismann Magnetos Literature

  • Lot #: 2031
    The Rumely All Purpose Farm Tractor Fold Out Brochure

    The Rumely All Purpose Farm Tracto...

  • Lot #: 2032
    The Rumely All Purpose Farm Tractor Fold Out Brochure

    The Rumely All Purpose Farm Tracto...

  • Lot #: 2033
    Austin-Western General Catalog No. 18

    Austin-Western General Catalog No....

  • Lot #: 2034
    Vintage Aultman & Taylor Machinery Company Factory Photograph

    Vintage Aultman & Taylor Machinery...

  • Lot #: 2035
    Vintage Yuba Crawler Plowing Photograph

    Vintage Yuba Crawler Plowing Photo...

  • Lot #: 2036
    Vintage Road Work with Steam Engine Photograph

    Vintage Road Work with Steam Engin...

  • Lot #: 2037
    Keystone View Company Vintage Barley Harvesting Photograph

    Keystone View Company Vintage Barl...

  • Lot #: 2038
    Vintage GA Bell Threshing Outfit Photograph

    Vintage GA Bell Threshing Outfit P...

  • Lot #: 2039
    Shaw Model H-20 Super Motorbicycle Mailer

    Shaw Model H-20 Super Motorbicycle...

  • Lot #: 2040
    (3) Haverford Cycle Co. Costumer Letter and Merkel Motor Wheel brochure

    (3) Haverford Cycle Co. Costumer L...

  • Lot #: 2041
    (2) Meade Cycle Company Order Blank Mailer and Briggs-Stratton Motor Scooter Brochure

    (2) Meade Cycle Company Order Blan...

  • Lot #: 2042
    Schwinn Built Bicycles Accessories and Parts

    Schwinn Built Bicycles Accessories...

  • Lot #: 2043
    (2) Oglaend's Catalog No. 40 and Torrington Cycle Parts Book

    (2) Oglaend's Catalog No. 40 and T...

  • Lot #: 2044
    J.E. Bunker Co. Bicycles Catalog

    J.E. Bunker Co. Bicycles Catalog

  • Lot #: 2045
    Wald Incorporated Bicycle Accessories

    Wald Incorporated Bicycle Accessor...

  • Lot #: 2046
    Misc. Colson Bicycles and Tricycles Binder

    Misc. Colson Bicycles and Tricycle...

  • Lot #: 2047
    (2) Instructions for the Operation and Care of Samson Model M Tractor

    (2) Instructions for the Operation...

  • Lot #: 2048
    Baldwin-Westinghouse Electric Locomotives Sales Catalog

    Baldwin-Westinghouse Electric Loco...

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