Auction in , North Dakota, United States

25 Thursday
25th July, 2019 9:00 AM


Auction in Grand Forks North Dakota, United States

Thursday at - 25th July , 2019



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Auction Items For Sale

At The Alerus Center





THURSDAY, JULY 25, 2019 - 9:00 AM



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1200 S 42nd Street, Grand Forks, ND 58201 
Begins:  07/25/19 at 9:00 AM CDT



THURSDAY, JULY 25, 2019 – 9:00 AM


LOCATION: Outdoors at the Alerus Center, 1200 S. 42nd St, Grand Forks, ND (Just off I-29)


AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: The auction will take place outdoors at the Alerus Center.  All units will be on hand for running inspection from noon to 5pm July 24th and 8am to 10am auction day. 


SPECIAL NOTES:  All items must be removed by Wednesday, July 31st at 1pm- loading dock on site.  Alerus Center is equipped with hotel & restaurant facilities.  We will accept absentee bids until 6pm July 24th!


ONLINE BIDDING- Please register in advance to bid live online by visiting







*2011 Case IH Steiger 500HD 4WD tractor, luxury cab, inst seat, power shift, 6 hyd, diff locks, elec mirrors, full auto steer, Pro 700 display, 262 receiver, Nav controller, Hi-cap drawbar,  Goodyear 800/70R38 duals, 3024 hrs, SN#ZBF125013F

*2008 New Holland T9040 4WD, power shift, 4 hyd w/ power beyond & return, Outback STS E Drive auto guidance, 710/70R42 duals, Firestone rubber, 2450 hrs, SN#Z8F204790

*2011 New Holland T8-300 MFWD, power shift, 3pt w/ quick hitch, 3 PTO’s, 5 hyd w/ power beyond, front weights, arm rest color touch screen, Trimble FM 1000 display & receiver w/ RTK, 380/90R34 fronts, 380/90R50 duals, 2188 hrs, SN#ZBRC05675

*1990 Versatile 946 4WD, 12 spd std trans, 4 hyd, updated seat, recent injection pump OH, Firestone 20.8-42 duals, good rubber, 8805 hrs showing, SN#D450486

*1983 Steiger ST310 Panther III, 855 Cummins, 20 spd manual trans, 3pt, 20.8-38 duals, 13000 hrs showing, SN#10702790

*1980 Case 2290, CAH, rebuilt power shift, 18.4-38 tires & duals, 5210 hrs showing, single owner

*Case 2290 tractor, CAH, 3pt, 540/1000 PTO, 16.9-38 rear tires, SN#10210931

*Case 1070 tractor, CAH, 3pt, 540/1000 PTO, 18.4R38 rear tires, SN#8783896

*Case IH 1086, CAH, 3pt, 540/1000 PTO, 16.9-38 band duals, T/A not working, 4378 hrs showing, SN#2610177U25851

*1980 Allis Chalmers 7010 w/ CAH, Allied 780 loader, 3pt, PTO, 3 hyd, new muffler, new cab kit, 16.9-38 tires, SN#3170

*Case 970 wide front, open station, diesel, 2 hyd, 540 PTO, 16.9R38 rear tires, 7249 hrs showing, SN#8693950

*IH B tractor w/ 11.2-24 tractor tires

*3) Trimble field manager displays, SNS#2006240907, 2008243014, 2007240110

*Trimble 252 receiver w/ radio, SN#0225109186



*2013 Case IH AFX 8230 track combine, RWA, leather interior, lateral tilt feeder, rock trap, chopper, long auger, Pro700 color touch screen, Y/M, 36” belts, 750/65R26 rear tires, approx 175 hrs on many repairs, local farmer combine, only 1480 sep, 1930 eng hrs, SN#YDG218295

*2012 Case IH AFX 8230 combine, lux cab, inst seat, chopper, lateral tilt, rock trap, power fold hopper, Pro 700 display, receiver & Nav controller, Michelin 620/70R42 duals, 28L-26 rears, 1436 sep, 1886 eng hrs, SN#YCG216613

*2010 Agco Gleaner R66 combine, Smart Trac lateral tilt feeder, Fieldstar II color touch screen, Y/M monitor, chopper, tailings return, corn/grain/bean version, used in soybeans & small grain only, sold new & serviced locally, 480/80R42 duals, 480/80R26 rears, only 813 sep hrs, 1224 eng hrs, SN#AGCR6600AHTV6187

*2008 Case IH AFX 7010 combine, deluxe cab, inst seat, fine cut chopper, lateral tilt, rock trap, hopper ext, full auto steer, Pro 600 display, AFS receiver, Nav controller, 20.8-32 front duals, 28L-26 rear tires, 1943 sep, 2688 eng hrs, SN#HAJ203614

*1994 Case IH 1688 combine, Cummins engine, chopper, no rock trap, like new 30.5-32 drive tires, 3700 eng hrs, SN#JJC0120312

*1987 Case IH 1682 Axial Flow combine, chopper, specialty rotor, rock trap, fdr reverse & IH 13’ pickup head w/ big auger

*­­­­­1978 Gleaner M2 diesel combine, var spd drive, A/C, heat, chopper, sells w/ 16’ rigid head w/ Bonco sunflower pans & batt reel for grain, also 13’ pkp platform w/ Melroe pkp, 2690 eng hrs, SN#M-K20446V

*ATI high idler combine tracks, 2 yrs on rebuilt undercarriage & new 36” Camoplast belts, Case IH adapters for 10, 20, 30, 40 Series combines



*2011 Macdon FD70 40’ flex draper, 3” cut, F/A, slow spd transport, CIH flagship or NH CR adapter, SN#2143590

*Case IH 2162 40’ flex draper w/ finger reel, 3” cut, F/A, CIH adapter & slow spd transport, one season on large drapers, SN#Y8ZN21135

*2010 Agco Gleaner 8200 30’ flex head, Crary air reel, SCH cutter bar w/ 3” cut & roller guides, 300 acres on new guards & sickle, SN#HUW8182

*2012 JD 635F 35’ Hydraflex head, AWS air bar wind system, low dam, 70 series hookups, SN#1H00635FCC0746538

*2009 JD 635F 35’ flex head w/ Crary air system

*JD 635F flex head, SN#736146

*2005 Geringhoff RD1222 rotodisc chopping corn head w/ JD single pt hookup, 1 season on new cutting disks, SN#915951222/B

*Case IH 3020 35’ head, SN#YBZL57046

*Case IH 2020 35’ head, SN#CBJ021518

*2010 Case IH 2020 35’ flex head w/ 3” cut, poly skids, single pt hookup & stubble lights, CIH flagship combines, SN#YAZL52347

*1997 Sunmaster 1095 12R22 sunflower head, SN#1680

*2003 JD 930F flex head w/ full finger auger, F/A, Crary air reel, Crary golden cut sickle, poly bottom & short dividers

*JD 930R 30’ rigid head w/ slat reel, hyd F/A & 200 acres on guards & sickle, SN#H00930P651782

*JD 930F w/ full finger auger, SN#697152

*JD 930F 30’ flex head w/ finger reel, air reel, F/A, HHC, splined drive shafts & new folly, SN#H00930F697327

*1995 JD 930 30’ rigid head w/ finger reel, F/A & SCH sickle

*JD 930 30’ rigid head w/ finger reel, F/A & new sickle, SN#H00930P656449

*2005 JD 914P pkp head w/ windguards, low acres, SN#H00914W705411

*2005 JD 914P pkp head w/ windguards, low acres, SN#H00914W710847

*JD 914 pkp head w/ 7 belt pkp, SN#H00914W680298

*JD 914 pkp head w/ 7 belt pkp, windguard & wide tires, SN#H00914W660400

*JD 10R20 corn head, contour master drive, straight knife rolls, Clark poly snouts & dividers, SN#H00644X640626

*JD 222 rigid head w/ batt reel

*JD 212 pkp head w/ 5 belt pkp, SN#H00200X582025

*Case IH 1020 30’ flex head w/ Crary air reel, hyd F/A & recently replaced oil bath wobble box, SN#JJC0334135

*Case IH 1020 22 ½’ flex head w/ finger reel & manual F/A, SN#3208

*Case IH 1020 22 ½’ flex head w/ 3” cut & manual F/A

*Case IH 1015 pkp head, SN#0001066

*Case IH 1015 11’ pkp head w/ 6 belt pkp, plastic teeth & belts, low acres, SN#JJC0055396

*2) Case IH 1015 13’ pkp heads w/ big augers, SN#JJC0053014 & JJC0312072

*Case IH 1010 30’ head w/ finger reel, hyd F/A & lifter guards, SN#JJC0126184

*Case IH 1010 25’ rigid head w/ finger reel, SN#JJC0302925

*Case IH 1010 20’ head w/ 20’ Sund pkp, SN#JC0074475X

*IH 983 8R30 corn head, SN#U001275

*1994 Macdon 960 36’ head w/ finger reel, JD adapter & transport, set up for 50 series or level land combines, new wobble box & one canvas 2018

*Gleaner 27’ rigid head w/ batt reel, recently rebuilt wobble box, fits Gleaner N+R series combines, has hyd pump on right side for N series combines, SN#R-272672168786

*Westward PowerPlus 395 pkp head w/ 7 belt pkp & hyd drive

*Westward 914 12’ pkp head w/ 4 belt pkp, been on CIH 8010 combine

*Lucke sunflower pans, from JD 930R 22” head



*Unused America 2038 38’ HD 6-wheel header trailer w/ brakes & lights

*Unused America 845 45’ HD 6-wheel header trailer w/ brakes & lights

*Unused America 838 38’ HD 6-wheel header trailer w/ brakes & lights

*Unused America 842 42’ HD 6-wheel header trailer w/ brakes & lights

*2) Unused America 840 40’ HD 6-wheel header trailers w/ brakes & lights

*5) Unused America 440 40’ 6-wheel header trailers

*America Industries 836R 36’ 6-wheel header trailer w/ adj bed, lights, brakes & torsion axles

*2006 Elmers header trailer, fits up to 30’ heads, rear single axle, front duals, SN#062703

*Elmers 35’ header trailer w/ front dolly

*Elmers 30’ header trailer

*Elmers 30’ 2-wheel header trailer

*Johnson MFG single axle header trailer w/ 7.00R15 tires on 6 bolt rims

*Hart 30’ 2-wheel header trailer

*Elmers HT 30’ header trailer

*Mattson 20’ header trailer



*2014 Mack CXU613 day cab, Mack MP7 engine, 395hp, M Drive auto trans, eng brake, air ride, dual alum tanks, 176 WB, 22.5 rubber, alum wheels, 626000 miles

*2013 Mack CXU613 day cab, Mack MP7 engine, 405hp, M Drive auto trans, jake brake, air ride, dual alum tanks, 192 WB, 22.5 rubber, alum wheels, 668950 miles

*2012 International 8600 day cab, Maxx Force 13 eng, 410hp, Allison auto trans, eng brake, air ride, dual alum tanks, 174 WB, excellent rubber, alum fronts, steel disk rears, 107030 actual miles

*2012 International 8600 Prostar, Maxx force 13 eng, 435hp, 10 spd trans, pwr windows, cruise, A/C, jake brake, tow hooks, 455000 miles showing

*2011 International 8600 day cab, Maxx force 13 eng, 425hp, 10 spd trans, retarder brake, 337000 miles showing

*2011 Peterbilt 386 day cab, Cat C-13 eng, 430-490hp, Eaton Ultrashift Plus 10 spd trans, eng brake, air ride, single alum tank, 192 WB, very good rubber, alum wheels, 536000 miles

*2008 Freightliner Columbia day cab, Detroit 14L eng, 500hp, 10 spd trans, cruise, tilt/telescope, jake brake, air ride, dual 100 gal alum fuel tanks, air slider 5th wheel, 175 WB, 11-22.5 tires- new fronts, 50% rears, alum & steel wheels

*2007 Peterbilt 385 day cab, Cummins ISX eng, 500hp, 13 spd, wet kit, 3:73 ratio, new clutch & radiator 5000 miles ago, excellent rubber & paint

*2006 International 9200i day cab, Cat eng, pre-def or exhaust filter, 10 spd auto shift, no wet kit, recent rebuilt head, dual alum tanks, 295/75R22.5 tires, 681000 miles showing

*2005 IH 8600 day cab, Cat C13 eng, 435hp, 10 spd trans, air ride, wet kit, dual alum tanks, 168 WB, 295/75R22.5 tires, alum fronts, steel disk rears, 339820 miles showing

*2004 Freightliner daycab, Detroit 14L eng, 515hp, 10 spd trans, wet kit, twin screw, 3:70 ratio, 11-22.5 tires, 6 alum wheels, 4 steel disk wheels

*2003 Freightliner Columbia day cab, Detroit 60 series 12.7L, 3 pedal auto shift, jake brake, air ride, dual alum tanks, 11R22.5 tires, alum fronts, steel disk rears

*2002 Freightliner Columbia, Detroit 60 Series 12.7L eng, 10 spd, air ride, wet kit, 20 gpm pump, dual 150 gal alum tanks, adj 5th wheel, 11-22.5 tires, 644000 miles showing

*2000 Freightliner Century Class day cab, Cat C-12 eng, 10 spd trans, single alum tank, 175 WB, 295/75R22.5 tires- excellent rubber, alum wheels, 400000 actual miles, all original fleet truck

*2000 Volvo VNM64T day cab, Cummins ISM eng, 400hp, 10 spd trans, eng brake, full locking rears, two line wet kit, dual alum tanks, 178 WB, 11R22.5 tires- excellent rubber, alum wheels, 838000 miles

*1997 Ford Louisville, Cummins 8.3L eng, 210hp, 9 spd Eaton trans, air shift PTO, A/C, 189 WB, good 11-22.5 tires, 220000 miles showing



*THREE MATCHED) 2007 International 8600 quad axles, Cat C13 eng, 10 spd trans, steerable front pusher axles, lift tag 4th axles, new 24’ Loadline boxes, hoists, combo endgates, roll tarps & rear controls & new Kumho 315/80R22.5 steer tires- excellent rubber, alum wheels, approx 535000 miles each- matched set of 3 -top shelf units!!

*2004 Freightliner FL112 tri-axle, Cat C-12 eng, 10 spd trans, 46000lb rears, 14600lb front axle, steerable 3rd pusher, factory dbl frame, new Loadline 21’ box, hoist, roll tarp, combo gate & rear controls, new Kumho 315/80R22.5 fronts, 295/75R22.5 rears, alum wheels

*2001 Kenworth T800 tandem twin screw cab & chassis, Cat C-12 eng 430hp, 10 spd trans, 8 bag air ride susp, dual air cleaners, dual alum tanks, 210 WB, 136” cab to axle, 285/75R24.5 tires w/ alum wheels, 602772 actual miles, very clean

*1994 Ford Aeromax L9000, Cummins L10 eng, 9 spd trans, air susp, PTO, tri-axle, rear tag *1988 GMC White, Detroit 60 Series eng, 9 spd trans, tri-axle, rear tag, 24’ Logan potato box, 11R24.5 tirs, 225921 miles showing,

*1979 IH F1954 tri-axle, DT466 diesel eng, 15 spd trans, dual fuel tanks, 20’ alum grain box w/ SRT-2 roll tarp, 13/80R20 fronts, 10.00R20 rear tires, 292703 miles showing

*1979 GMC Brigadier, Detroit 6V92 eng, Frontier 20’ box w/ new roll tarp & combo endgate, plumbed for drill fill, Safe-T-Pull, service history since 1985- recent box work, engine & trans work, 295/75R22.5 tires, 250500 miles showing

*1978 Chev C65 twin screw, 427 eng, 5/2 trans, Scott box w/ hoist, roll tarp & 3pc endgate, 10.00-20 tires, 76000 miles showing

*1976 Mack R600, 237hp, TRXL107 trans, power steering, inline fuel heater, Double L 20’ 3-way live bottom box, 10.00R20 tires

*1976 Ford 880 tandem, 534 gas, 5/2 spd trans, 20’ box & hoist w/ roll tarp & swing out endgate, 10.00 tires

*1975 Chev C-65 twin screw, 427 V8 eng, 5/4 trans, 19 ½’ box w/ roll tarp

*1974 Chev C-65 tandem axle, 427 eng w/ digital ignition, 5/4 trans, 19’ Knapheide box

*1974 Chev C-65 twin screw, 427 V-8, Allison auto trans, air brakes, 20’ Rugby box w/ roll tarp & Galion twin post hoist, 10.00-20 tires, recent OH, 61570 miles showing

*1974 Chev C-60 tag axle, 366 V8 eng, 5/2 trans, 19 ½’ box w/ roll tarp

*1971 Chev C-60 tag tandem, 366 V-8, 5/2 spd, 18 ½’ Knapheide box w/ roll tarp & Anthony twin post hoist, 9.00-20 fronts, 10.00-20 rears, 37770 miles showing

*1970 Chev C-60 tandem axle, 366 eng, 5/4 trans, 19 ½’ flatbed, 9.00-20 tires

*1968 Chev C-50, power steering, 327 V8 eng, 5/2 trans, 16’ Knapheide box w/ Red River tarp




*2012 Loadline 34’ triple axle end dump ag trailer, roll tarp, combo gate, beet equipment & rear controls, 445/75R22.5 super singles, alum wheels, 4 brand new tires

*2012 Neville 38 ½’ x 102” hopper bottom trailer w/ 66” sides, roll tarp, 11-22.5 tires, alum rims & good brakes

*2010 Wilson DWH550 48’ x 102” triple axle hopper bottom trailer w/ 78” sides, ag hoppers, new elec tarp control, motor & pole, LED lights, polished alum front corners & rear panel

*1992 Timpte tri-axle hopper bottom trailer, spring ride, power roll tarp, rebuilt traps, good tires & brakes

*1992 Cornhusker 45’ alum hopper bottom trailer w/ 84” sides, auto roll tarp, gate openers & alum wheels, recent tarp

*1992 Merritt 42’ alum hopper bottom trailer w/ 78” sides, 11R22.5 tires, recent roll tarp

*1991 Dakota 22’ hopper bottom trailer, VIN#1H9SH2210MY193074

*1987 Timpte 40’ x 96” grain trailer, 66” sides, non ag hoppers, spring ride, roll tarp, 11-24.5 tires, steel disk wheels

*1980 Timpte 42’ hopper bottom trailer w/ Shurlock roll tarp & 11-24.5 tires

*2007 Loadline 34’ end dump trailer w/ 425/65R22.5 tires, has been tipped, but has been used since

*1998 Ravens model 327A68 32’ triple axle alum end dump trailer, frame type, 295/75R22.5 tires, alum wheels, combo gate

*1990 East 32’ frame type alum end dump trailer, air lifting 3rd axle, elec roll tarp

*1998 BT 40’ step deck w/ steel frame, steel deck, spring ride, 2 flip over ramps w/ beaver tail, elec brakes, 235/85R16 tires

*1996 Load King 152LT tandem axle flatbed trailer w/ 19’ deck, 5’ beaver tail, fldg ramps, 30000lb frame capacity, 37640 GVWR, LED lights, elec brakes & 215/75R17.5 tires

*1996 Felling tandem axle gooseneck trailer w/ new 20’ deck, 5’ beaver tail, 25900 GVWR, 20000 GVWR, LED lights, elec brakes & 245/75R16 tires

*1978 Transcraft 50’ 50T tri-axle step deck, 32’ deck, 12’ top deck, 5’ dovetail, HD hyd ramps, built in Weathertight tool & chain boxes, good rubber

*1973 Brown 42’ flatbed semi trailer w/ 10.00R20 tires

*1995 28’ x 102” single axle van trailer w/ roll up rear door

*48’ x 102” dry van w/ 2 side doors & roll up rear door

*53’ x 102” dry van



*2015 Elmers Cropmaster CM30 30’ bean head w/ Quick hook hyd valve coupler, used on only 400 acres, used on CIH 8230, SN#CM300015688

*2013 Elmers Cropmaster 30’ dry bean pickup head w/ shop built transport for storage, used on IH 7088 combine, very few acres, always shedded

*2) Elmers Cropmaster CM30 30’ bean heads, SN#12629 & SN#12631

*Universal 22’ head w/ 20’ Sund pkp, screened, CIH older hookup- changes easily to JD hookup, SN#9373195

*Universal 22’ bean head

*Universal UH-30 30’ bean head w/ Elmer’s header trailer, SN#1567296

*Case IH 1010 20’ rigid head w/ 20’ Sund edible bean pickup & bean roller, kept indoors, very nice, SN#HJJC0204497

*Harriston (JR Welding) 24” folding conveyor w/ new variable flow, all hyd included, made for CIH 7088 for edible beans, stored inside

*2002 Elmers 12R22 front mount bean cutter w/ knives & front mount bracket, SN#021934

*Pickett 6030-1-B 6R30 bean cutter, SN#95-312

*Pickett One Step C-8030 8R30 edible bean cutter w/ end delivery & C-shank cushion, SN#95-453

*Lilliston 6200 Hi-Cap edible bean combine w/ 1000 PTO, bucket elevator & belt return Sund pickup

*Elmers BC1222 12R22 front mount bean cutter w/ new guide cone & 2 sets of tractor brackets fitting JD 50 & 55 series & JD 8220 & 8520 tractors, used very little

*Harriston 5200 12R22 rod weeder w/ 3pt & spare whisker dividers

*Harriston 5200 12R22 midmount bean cutter w/ spare whiskers & brackets fitting JD 4430, 4440, etc

*Harriston 8R30 midmount bean cutter, 1 divider row missing

*Harriston 8R30 midmount bean knife

*Elmers BC1222 12R22 bean knife w/ 3pt, 12R front mount & bracket, SN#031973

*Elmers BCDBF 24R22 bean knife w/ 12R rear 3pt hitch unit, cuts outside 6 rows on each side, SN#092372

*JR Welding 18’ x 24” belted bean elevator, last used on CIH 8230

*JR Welding bean conveyor w/ mounting brackets, used on 9600

*Nissen 12R22 3pt orbit bean rod w/ gauge wheels, like new

*Nissen 8R30 rod weeder w/ JD HD shanks

*Assortment of bean knives



*Late model Monosem NG4 Plus 12R22 vacuum planter, large hoppers, HD tool bar, markers, V-plows, windshields, low acres, kept indoors, INV#97498, SN#13A948

*Amity 3700 12R22 triple drum defoliator, steel front flails, 2 rows of rubber rear, front gauge wheels, 4) 11-24 rear tires, SN#701503

*JD 7200 16R30 vacuum planter, 2.6BU hoppers, liquid fert tank & pump, 2pt hookup, JD 250 monitor or ISO controlled w/ JD 2600 monitor & Ag Express brown box w/ full monitoring capabilities, many new bearings, chains, gauge wheel arms & bushings

*Unused 2014 Alloway WR18 18’ windrow shredder w/ 3pt hitch, RH discharge, direct drive auger, new cup knives, hyd struts, big tire 30” row spacing, new body style, SN#3615

*2012 Alloway CD25 25’ shredder w/ pull type hitch, center drive, all new L-knives, big tire 30” row spacing, fresh rebuilt on 1300RPM gearbox, fresh touch up paint, SN#3435

*2012 Alloway CD18 18’ shredder w/ 3pt hitch, center drive, brand new knives, small tire 30” row spacing, ratchet jack struts, old body style, SN#3378

*Pickett 24R beet thinner

*H&S 24R22 row crop cultivator, SN#1793

*Case IH 900 12R30 planter, SN#15102900

*IHC 800 Early Riser Cyclo Air planter, 8R30 pull type w/ liquid fertilizer

*1993 Artsway 680B 6R22 beet harvester, 4.5T tank, row finder & plastic grab rolls, electronics included, scrub chain in good condition, stored inside

*1993 Wic #40624 6R defoliator w/ knife scalpers & tarp, SN#896993

*Wic 8R22 sugar beet defoliator w/ scalpers, SN#31693

*Alloway Woods Topmaster 8R22 defoliator, steel, rubber, rubber, w/ scalpers & hyd lift top covers. SR#22908

*Alloway 18R24 row crop cultivator w/ factory lift assist & full tunnel shields

*Alloway 8R30 danish tine cultivator

*International 1820 8R30 row crop cultivator

*Lockwood 2R potato windrower w/ 7.50-24 tires

*Refuge Plus planter for JD DB planter



*2005 Ag Chem 8104 Terragator, 2WD, 70’ booms, Airmax 1000 dry box, Falcon 2 rate controller, Outback GPS, foam markers, single owner farmer owned, always shedded, only 2176 hrs, 23556 miles showing, very clean unit, SN#84072705

*1997 Ag Chem Rogator 854 w/ Cummins eng, 90’ booms, 800 gal tank, Trimble auto steer, Falcon monitor, new A/C, 23.1-26 tires, all oil & filters have been changed, 7400 hrs showing, SN#852513

*Summers Ultra Super Ultimate 132’ sprayer w/ 1500 gal tank, 150 gal rinse tank, Hypro pump, 20” spacing, triple nozzle bodies, Norak boom height control, adj axle, ext hitch & 14.9R46 tires

*Hardi HC950 90’ suspended boom sprayer, 540 PTO high pressure pump, 3-way nozzle bodies, 4 section boom control, 14.9-38 tires w/ adj axle

*Jones 90’ susp boom sprayer w/ 1000 gal tank, Hypro high pressure pump- up to 200 psi, small 1000 PTO, 3 section control, 11” nozzle spacing- capable of drop nozzles between rows, adj axle, touchdown wheels, 14.9-28 tires

*Spray Aire 3200 PT 90’ air assist sprayer w/ Trident booms

*2007 Freisen Seed Express 375 seed tender w/ 1000 gal tank & tarp, mounted on 1958 Timpte drop deck trailer- no brakes, SN#33027

*Alloway 24R22 band sprayer w/ 500 gal tank & hyd pump, SN#10904

*Elmers 24R22 band sprayer

*Hardi TR 800 PT sprayer w/ 66’ hyd fold booms, 800 gal tank, foam markers & PTO pump, SN#090360

*Keller 72R band sprayer w/ Raven 440 control & centrifugal pump, SN#9825

*Spray Pup 3pt sprayer w/ 60’ booms, 400 gal tank & hyd fold

*Broyhill Fairway LX  3012 15’ skid sprayer w/ 120 gal tank, 3 section boom, elec fold, Redball monitor, Hypro pump w/ Briggs 8hp eng & gauge wheels

*Century 12’ skid sprayer for ATV, 55 gal tank, 3 section fldg boom, no pump or motor

*Blue Jet GDI 200 ground driven NH3 pump w/ manifolds & hookup hose

*Glencoe 30’ NH3 applicator, SN#74553

*2) River Bend Industries 4000 gal fiberglass tanks, need truck support

*Olathe model 83-93 4’ slit seeder w/ 3pt & 540 PTO



*2013 Summers DK2610 47’ Diamond disk w/ 5 section fold, single pt depth control, Very Low Acres- front blades measure 25 ¾”, rear blades measure 25 15/16”, center disks & rear harrow section, heavy duty carrier wheels, SN#N0380

*Case IH 600 Flex Till 41’ chisel plow, walking tandems around, castering front gauge wheels, single pt depth control, floating tongue, 3 bar heavy tine harrow, low acres, SN#YBS003214

*Late model Wilrich QX2 52’ field cultivator, 5 section fold, single pt depth control, walking tandems around, dbl springs, hyd leveling hitch, castering front gauge wheels, 4 bar Wilrich harrow, low acres

*JD 2410 52’ chisel plow w/ 3 bar Summers 106 heavy harrow, 5 section fold & single pt depth control, walking tandems around, castering front gauge wheels, SN#N02410X010117

*Great Plains Turbo Max 4000 40’ vertical tillage tool, cushion gang front wave coulters, rolling spikes & rolling basket rear, 5 section fold, single pt depth control, HD 445/45R19.5 carrier wheels, self leveling hitch, low acres

*Late model Great Plains TC5317 Turbo Chisel 21’ heavy tillage tool, 17 shank unit w/ front hyd adj pitch wave coulters, deep till shanks, rolling rear choppers & 3 section fold, low acres, SN#GP-A1346X

*2009 Summers 70’ Super harrow, low acres on teeth, excellent tires, SN#G0024

*Brandt 7000 Contour Commander 70’ heavy harrow

*2000 DMI Tigermate II 50’ field cultivator w/ walking tandems, SN#JFH0010610

*DMI 38 ½’ field cultivator w/ 6” spacing & 3 bar harrow

*Summers 38’ Diamond disk, SN#C0366

*Flexicoil 50’ harrow/packer w/ S-tine cultivator, SN#ST.A0000-X036153

*Case IH 5600 33’ chisel plow w/ Summers 104 HD 3 bar harrow & walking tandems around

*JD 960 44’ 5 fold field cultivator

*Case IH 730B disk ripper w/ 7 ripper shanks, lead shanks, disk levelers & 2 rows of front disks

*Brent 7 shank ripper w/ ripper shanks, 2 disk gangs & crumbler, SN#B17360129

*Case 596 30’ disk w/ 11” spacing, front disks measure 21”, rear disks measure 24”, 31-13.5×15 duals around

*JD 335 32′ disk w/ 9″ spacing, walking tandems around, scrapers

*Case IH 8500 33’ hoe drill w/ rubber press wheels, Yetter markers & all run monitor

*Binkley 2111 HD 11 shank chisel plow, SN#7674

*Glencoe 16’ disk chisel

*JD 14’ chisel plow

*IHC 800 12 bottom plow, painted JD green

*Melroe 25’ pony cart harrow

*Shop built 26’ 3pt cultivator

*Shop built 20’ headland cultivator



*2018 Kwik Belt 1838 belt conveyor, single phase, SN#121567

*2018 Kwik Belt 1815 belt conveyor, single phase

*2010 Buhler Farm King 16104 16” x 104’ Backsaver auger w/ hyd swing, lift & raise, side auger, 1000 PTO & floatation tires

*2010 Westfield 130-71 Plus 13 x 71 auger w/ low profile swing out hopper, SN#223076

*2012 Batco 1535 FLTD belt conveyor, single phase

*2000 Batco 1330 belt conveyor, single phase, SN#11191

*2019 Hamilton Systems SB-44XL tote dumper

*2018 Hamilton Systems SB-44XL tote dumper

*1997 Case IH 8220 25’ PT swather w/ finger reel, low acres, SN#CFH0065957

*1995 Case IH 8220 25’ PT swather w/ finger reel, low acres, SN#CFH0065242

*JD 590 30’ PT swather, SN#E00590A877895

*JD 590 25’ PT swather w/ batt reel, full set of K-line lift guards, SN#E00590A824111

*JD 590 24’ PT swather

*JD 580 18’ PT swather w/ 540 PTO, finger reel & pickup guards

*Premier 1900 21’ PT swather w/ finger reel

*Weco 700bu grain cart w/ roll tarp & 24.5-32 singles, red in color

*Westfield 10 x 71 swing auger w/ hyd drive

*Brandt 10 x 70 auger w/ PTO & swing hopper

*Westfield MK100-71 10 x 71 auger w/ swing hopper, hyd lift & PTO drive, used very little, SN#155178

*Westfield 100-61 10 x 61 auger

*Westfield 8 x 61 auger w/ PTO

*Westfield 8 x 61 auger w/ 10hp single phase motor

*Westfield 80-36 8 x 36 auger w/ 12hp gas motor

*Snowco 8 x 54 auger w/ 540 PTO

*2013 Wheatheart BH851 8 x 51 auger w/ 10hp single phase motor

*Westfield 8 x 41 auger w/ 7 1/2hp single phase motor

*Sakundiak 7 x 42 auger w/ 10hp single phase motor & 9” hyd drag auger

*Wheatheart jump auger w/ hyd drive, like new

*Kleen air vacuum grain screener w/ discharge auger & cyclone screening collector

*Feteral model 100 rotary grain cleaner w/ hyd drive

*Walinga 614 grain vac w/ tubes

*DMC Transfer 1700 5” grain handling system, 40hp, 3 phase blower, rotary airlock, CA-Select distribution manifold, various lengths of 5” pipe, elbows, connectors & deadheads

*8’ poly swath roller

*6’ steel swath roller

*Westfield drill fill auger w/ steel flighting

*12’ hyd drill fill auger

*Inline take out auger w/ elec motor

*Farm King 9’ canola roller w/ ext hitch

*9’ canola roller



*2008 Deere 85D mini excavator, rubber track shoes, push blade, encl ROPS cab w/ A/C & heat, long arm, QT buckets, aux hyd for thumb or tamper, sells w/ 2 buckets & hyd tamper, only 2800 hrs, farmer consigned, SN#1FF085DXTCG017061

*2006 Cat 904B loader, A/C & heat, hyd quick attach, 11700 hrs, SN0904BTD4L00602

*Hitachi 120EL track excavator, 6086 hrs showing, SN#1E8P056732

*JD 544B wheel loader, cab, GP bucket, SN#241054T

*JD 450 dozer w/ 6 way blade

*JD 644B wheel loader      

*Big John Equipment forklift w/ 3pt & 50” lift

*Seaman Trencher 4×4 6” x 10’ trencher, JD 4 cyl diesel eng, ROPS, 7’ backfill blade, 24” bucket & front backhoe attachment w/ outrigger, 5165 hrs showing

*2013 Nissan LP indoor forklift

*2000 Toyota LP indoor forklift

*Unused Stout XHD84-6 brush/grapple buckets w/ skid steer quick attach

*Unused Stout HD72-3 open end combination rock/brush/grapple bucket w/ skid steer quick attach

*Unused double tine bale spear w/ skid steer quick attach & prem powder coat finish

*Unused tree & post puller w/ skid steer quick attach & prem powder coat finish

*Unused 74” dirt bucket w/ skid steer quick attach & prem powder coat finish

*Unused 72” HD rock bucket w/ skid steer quick attach & prem powder coat finish

*Unused 72”’ flat bottom double grapple bucket w/ skid steer quick attach & prem powder coat finish

*4) Unused HD solid weld on quick attach skid steer plates

*2) Unused receiver plate trailer movers w/ premium powder coated paint finish

*Unused 96” skid steer bucket w/ quick attach

*2) Unused 89” skid steer buckets w/ quick attach

*2) Unused 72” skid steer buckets w/ quick attach

*Jenkins 6’ HD high volume skid steer bucket w/ grapple & SS attachment, used only 2 hrs

*Unused Halton 48” quick attach toothed dirt bucket for Caterpillar 312 trackhoe

*Erskine hyd broom/sweeper w/ collection pan attachment for skid steer loader



*2010 Drenag 50 ditcher, 50/540 RPM

*Eagle model 4A ditcher, SN#10001199505

*Midland M66 6yd scraper

*Carry All LS 10yd converted cable scraper, SN#5-26305-LS-J

*Cat 50 12yd scraper

*Unused America 120R 12’ multi angle pull type blade w/ hyd angle adj, weight box & oversize tires

*Unused America 140R 14’ multi angle pull type blade w/ hyd angle adj, weight box & oversize tires

*Unused America 160R 16’ multi angle pull type blade w/ hyd angle adj, weight box & oversize tires

*Unused America 10F 10’ heavy duty box blade/killifer w/ hyd tilt

*Unused America 12F 12’ heavy duty box blade/killifer w/ hyd tilt

*Unused America F12 12’ pull type box blade/killifer

*Unused America F10 10’ pull type box blade/killifer

*2) Unused America F8 8’ pull type box blade/killifer

*Longhorn hi-lift 12-15yd box scraper

*Hammerback 10’ killifer

*JRB 644J 12’ snow pusher box blade for payloader

*Woods B320 14’ batwing mower w/ 540 PTO

*Woods 14’ batwing mower

*Vicon 8’ disk mower, 3pt, new blades

*Las Tec 10 ½’ articulator 7-21 rotary mower w/ 2pt, 540 PTO & belt drive

*2) Toro 1000 21” 5hp self propelled reel mowers

*Unused America 10” rotary mower

*Unused America 12” rotary mower



*1996 International 4700 service truck, DT466 eng, Allison auto trans, A/C, tool boxes, air compressor, 11R22.5 tires, self contained service body, only 150300 miles

*1991 IHC 4900 tandem axle dump truck w/ front mount snow plow & wing, DT466 eng, Allison auto trans, power divider, 14’ steel dump box, 93000 original miles

*1984 IHC S2500 tandem axle dump/snow plow truck, Detroit DT466 eng, 210hp, reman eng 2009, auto trans, strobe light, side post for wing, front hitch for plow, (plow not included) service records available, 204200 miles showing

*2007 GMC 1500 Sierra SLE 4×4 ext cab pickup, cloth interior, pwr windows, pwr mirrors, pwr locks, tilt, cruise, 6′ box, nurf bars, LT265/70R17 tires, 247715 miles showing

*2000 Ford F250 Lariat 4×4 ext cab pickup, Triton V10 gas eng, pwr windows, A/C, wired for fuel tank, short box, 195000 miles showing

*1999 Ford F-350 2×4 dually pickup, V10 gas, auto trans, cruise, 8×12 flatbed, LT215/85R16 rear duals, 166129 miles showing

*1983 Chev Kodiak single axle dump truck, Cat 3208 eng, 210hp, 5/2 spd trans, clutch & block heater 2015, 11.00R20 fronts, 10.00R20 rear 90%, pintle hitch, service records available, light duty service, 157934 miles showing

*1979 Ford L9000 dump truck, 855 Cummins eng, 6 spd trans, live hyd for snow plow, 14’ gravel box

*1990 Chev 1500 service truck, tool body, V8, auto trans, ladder racks, Winnco welder/generator

*1965 Ford F800 single axle water truck, 391 C7 eng, Allison 6 spd auto trans, box & hoist w/ 1500 gal poly tank, mix cone, Honda 2” water pump, 35 gal air comp w/ PTO drive- for chem totes,

*1965 Ford F800 single axle water truck, 391 C7 eng, Allison 6 spd auto trans, box & hoist w/ 1500 gal poly tank

*1981 Hyster 25’ x 108” tandem axle dual wheel tilt deck equipment trailer w/ pintle hitch, 10R15 tires on Dayton wheels

*1996 Shop Built 20’ trailer house frame tandem axle trailer, spring susp, loading ramps, 2” oak planks

*Shop built 16’ trailer, 4 wheel running gear, new implement tires w/ rims, non-load bearing hitch, suitable for flatbed or water tank application

*General Engines Co 14 ½’ tri-axle deck over pintle hitch trailer w/ 4′ beaver tail, flip up ramps, 7000lb axles & elec brakes

*2014 Magnum Moose model 17069 alum bumper w/ quick latch, 340 lbs, fits Western Star semis

*Unused set of 8’ pickup tool boxes

*Fuel tank for short box pickup

*Alum headache rack

*Frontier truck box, 3pc end gate w/ tip top, no rust

*Slide in frame w/ 2’ x 6’ tool boxes for 6′ pickup bed

*Cummins 855 Big Cam 3 engine, ran when pulled

*80 gal pickup fuel tank

*Single axle converter dolly



*2006 Rockwood (mfg by Forrest River) 28’ travel trailer w/ on elec slide out, refrigerator, microwave, stove, interior shower & outdoor shower, sleeps 8, 30 gal fresh water tank

*2004 Forrest River 32’ fifth wheel toy hauler, Onan 4000 generator, elec/gas, refrigerator & freezer, camper in front w/ queen bed, microwave, stove top w/ oven, dbl kitchen sink, bathroom & shower, A/C & heat, AM/FM stereo, CD, cassette, etrack tie downs w/ 2- motorcyle chocks, fuel station & leveling jacks, less than 2000 miles on 2 tires, 2- new tires 6/19, awning needs repair

*2004 Crossroads Cruiser 29’ 5th wheel camper w/ single slide out, refrigerator, stove, microwave, front bedroom, bathroom w/ tub & shower, propane heat & A/C, used very little

*1995 Bayliner Capri 14’ fiberglass boat w/ Force 40hp motor, SN#BL1A12C3E595

*1979 International 184 lowboy lawn tractor, 18hp manual trans, 3pt hitch,  Woods 60” mid mount finishing mower w/ rear PTO drive, hyd lift, 1567 hrs showing, SN#2000116U050225



*2005 Supreme International 500 vertical mixer wagon w/ left hand discharge & Digistar scale, 1000 PTO- recent repairs, SN#050055

*NH 116 mower conditioner, SN#575212

*Vermeer R23 twin rake w/ hyd drive, SN#1VRA201H1H1001151

*Unused America 625 25’ bale feeder wagon on 4-wheel transport

*Unused America 625 25’ bale carrier on 4-wheel transport

*Notch 24’ bale feeder wagon

*Big Valley calving pen w/ headgate & extra pen

*6) Unused bundles of 10 continuous fence panels- 20’ x 6 bar w/ 1 ¼” x 14 ga round tubing, 5 uprights, clips & connectors, galvanized finish

*40) 5’ x 10” portable panels

*16) 5’ x 24’ free standing panels

*20) Steel T posts

*20) Plastic electric fence posts, used once

*100) Steel fence posts



*17000 gal single wall upright fuel tank w/ Tuthill pump- located in Reynolds, ND, to be moved by Oct. 1st

*Haybuster 106 rock picker

*Degelman R570P fork type rock picker

*Crown rock picker w/ hyd 3 batt reel

*Fork style rock picker w/ hyd lift & dump

*Riteway WR2000 rock windrower

*JD 275 84” dual stage snow blower

*Winpower 12PT2 generator, single phase, 115/230 OHS, 540 PTO, SN#S-952-58

*Winpower 12PT2 12KW single phase generator

*Lincoln Weldan Power 130 welder/generator

*Shop built safety pull hitch

*Collector 1936 Gilbarco model 968200W pump, branded “Texaco”

*Leco ULV model HD series D commercial mosquito fogger on 4’ skid, Powerland 16hp engine & elec start

*2) JD slowdown kits for beans, fits 9600-9650 Series, less than 300 acres on each

*Assorted 90 series screens & slow down kit, fits JD 90 series

*Set of bean screens for 9650- only 300 acres

*Hunter World space heater, multi fuel, 120000 BTU, 12V

*550 gal fuel tank w/ pump

*O’Day 2000 gal tank

*Snapper 4’ roto tiller

*30) Lange NH3 knives

*16 gal chemical cone w/ rinse nozzles, 2” valve & stand

*Inline low temp LP bin heater, 24” x 36” plenum

*MFS 12” fan w/ 1.5hp motor & 12” galvanized ventilation tubes

*Napa battery charger

*Bosch C950 NG on demand water heater

*Alum office pedestal console for delivery truck

*Approx 350’ of 6” drainage tubing

*18” x 18” x 60” alum tool box

*2) Steel cones for cultivator

*2) Agsco Measure Ups 5 gallon containers for chemical

*Front mount steering guidance system w/ single rib tires

*Unused Integra Plastic Inc 100’ x 200’ tarp

*2) Lincoln battery grease guns

*2) Westgo 8” unload tubes for 18’ diameter bins

*Air floors from 3) 18’ diameter bins, 1 pallet of stands, 1 pallet of edges

*Assorted spare header parts

*Assorted knives & spare parts for bean cutter

*Crop dividers for front wheels off JF FWA tractor

*Reel teeth for JD flex head

*Assorted V belts

*2) Poly oil tanks for semi wet kit

*Replacement parts for Crary air reel

*Sund pickup parts

*Fuel hose reel

*Assorted gear boxes

*Assorted cultivator shovels

*Set of corn & soybean sieves for CIH combines

*Assorted garden hose

*5hp single phase electric motor

*Pony cart with harness

*New 100 gallon poly tank

*7) Flexi-coil 6’ 3 bar mounted harrow sections

*Hopper topper for JD 9770 combine

*50) Used Morton Buildings 15’ x 36” white steel panels

*Several sets of New Jay sunflower pans, end dividers and reels

*Edible bean slow down kit w/ JR Welding unloading conveyor belts, screens & brackets, for JD 9600

*Set of screens for JD 9600

*Set of bean/corn concaves w/ dirt screens for CIH 2388

*Set of Magnum tractor fenders

*Set of bean crop dividers for JD 930F head

*CIH Concord press wheel

*Direct mount scraper hitch, fits 2000-2010 CIH Quad Tracs

*3) Unloading chutes for CIH 8210 combines

*2) 27” dual extenders for CIH 8210 combines

*7 1/2hp centrifugal fan w/ 56’ of floor aeration tubes

*16’ x 23’ overhead door w/ opener

*2) 10 ½’ x 5 ½’ vacuum tubes

*63) Lange C-205 NH3 knives for chisel plow



*Pair of 18.4-38 tractor tires

*4) 24.5-32 diamond tread tires

*4) 270/95-54 sprayer tires- 2) Michelin 25%, 2) Kieber 70%

*2) 12.4-30 single rib tractor tires w/ 12 bolt rims

*2) 11.25-28 single rib tractor tires w/ 10 bolt rims

*2) 425/85R22.5 truck tires w/ steel rims

*2) 30.5L-32 combine tires, fits JD 90 series

*Pair of 800/70R38 tires on JD 9770 combine rims 60%

*4) Sets of 445/22.5 & 455/22.5 super singles on alum wheels

*Approx 150) Unused & used recap 24.5 & 22.5 truck tires, some on rims

*2) 32 x DW27TB rims w/ 10 bolt rims, 11” centers, fits JD 90 series

*11.25-28L single rib tires w/ 10 hole rims adj rims, 11” center

*3) 10.00-16 single rib tires w/ 8 hole rims, 6” center

*11.25-24 tire w/ 8 hole rim, 6” center

*4) Goodyear Dyna Torque radial tires on Titan rims, setup for triples

*7) 11R22.5 Griplug truck tires

*4) Goodyear 620/70R46 floater tires w/ JD rims, fits JD 20 or 30 series SP sprayers

*4) 320/90R46 sprayer tires w/ rims

*2) 7.50-16 single rib tires on 8 bolt rims

*2) 7.50-16 single rib tires on 8 bolt rims

*2) Galaxy 11.25-28 single rib tires on JD waffle rims

*2) 10 hole rims, fits 24.5-32 tires

*24.5-32 tire

*3) 425R22.5 trailer tires

*2) 12R24.5 trailer tires

*2) 275/80R24.5 truck tires

*4) 11.25-28 single rib tires

*Other assorted tires



GRAND FORKS AREA EQUIPMENT & TRUCK AUCTION- For more information call 701-757-4015 office, 701-215-2058 Dennis, 701-317-0870 Mark


TERMS: Cash, cashier’s check, wire transfer, approved check in US funds.  All sales final.  Statements made auction day take precedence over all advertising.  ND Sales tax laws may apply on some construction & consumer units. Document fee on vehicle titles will apply & vehicle titles will be mailed to buyers.  Due to some conflicts at press time, please note some file photos, see website for originals.


Canadian buyers are always welcome.  Please furnish a letter of credit for registration. Some purchases require payment by wire. Most units move easily across the border, feel free to ask in advance for document assistance if necessary.


AUCTIONEERS & CLERK: Resource Auction, Dennis Biliske- Auctioneer, 2702 17th Ave S, Grand Forks, ND 58201, ph 701-757-4015, fax 701-757-4016, Dennis Biliske ND Lic 237, ND Clerk Lic 624, email- [email protected], website-