Aircraft, Trucks, Tools, and More

Commercial Auction in 2921 Airport Road, Vidalia, Georgia, United States

02 Tuesday
02nd March, 2021

Aircraft, Trucks, Tools, and More

Commercial Auction in 2921 Airport Road, Vidalia Georgia, United States

Tuesday at - 02nd March , 2021



Online Auction
Aircraft, Models, Tools, & More
Vidalia, Georgia

Open House 
Tuesday, February 23rd 
4:00 - 6:00 PM

Bidding Ends
Tuesday, March 2nd  
 4 PM 

1946 Cassena 140 | SA - 300 "Starduster II"  
 1999 Bushwhacker (Experimental)
Model 1A "Peter Bowers Fly Baby" 
FP - 303 "Fisher Flying Products" Rotax Model 277
Craftsman 2 HP Air Compressor, 2 Ton Hydraulic Foldable Shop Crane
Work Tables, Ladders, Lathes, Milling Machines, 
 Grinders, Saws, Welding Machines
And Much, Much More  

Items Too Numerous To List 

For More Information
Ronnie Reagin | (229)891-8638
[email protected]

Brice Redding | (229) 921-6341



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