George Peterson Estate (2/3)

Commercial Auction in W7610 320th Ave, Hager City Wisconsin, United States

30 Monday
October 30th, 2017
Hines Auction Service, Inc

George Peterson Estate (2/3)

Commercial Auction in W7610 320th Ave, Hager City Wisconsin, United States

Monday at - 30th October , 2017





W7610 320TH AVE

Payment made in full day of pickup. Bidders will be charged a 14% buyers fee & WI 5.5% Sales Tax (4% CASH DISCOUNT). Buyer's fee not to exceed $300 per lot.

SHIPPING: All shipping will be at the expense of the buyer. There is a $5 per lot handling fee. In order to qualify for shipping, the lot must fit inside a 12 X 12 X 18 box (including packing). WE DO NOT SHIP LOTS WITH MULTIPLE ITEMS. The only exception is jewelry, coins, diecast & pressed metal toys. If unsure if your lot will fit, contact us. Your lots will only be insured at buyers request. Shipping for large items is up to the buyer to setup. NO LIQUIDS CAN BE SHIPPED (examples: antique extinguishers, bottles, etc)

FIREARMS: Buyers of long guns will be subject to a background check and $10 registration fee. The registration fee is only charged once per buyer. Buyers of pistols will be subject to a background check and $25 registration fee. Non-Wisconsin buyers must arrange for the pistols to be shipped to an FFL dealer in their state. The $25 registration fee then would be applied to the shipping of the firearm. The fee is only charged once per buyer. If you buy both a pistol and a long gun your fee is only $25.

ITEMS NOT PICKED UP: Any item not picked up on the day of pick-up, will automatically be charged to your credit card. If items are not picked, you must contact us before bidding(715-273-3377), otherwise the items will be held for only 7 days. If items are not picked up on pickup day, a $10 PER ITEM FOR A BOX LOT & A MINIMUM $25 PER ITEM FOR LARGER ITEMS removal charged will be added to all lots (NO EXCEPTIONS). After 7 days, all items left become the sole property of Hines Auction Service, Inc & no refund will be given. Any other arrangements for pickup or shipping must be made prior to the end of the sale.

DECLINED CREDIT CARDS: Any bidders with credit cards that are declined on reconciliation day will be charged a $30 processing fee to run another credit card- NO EXCEPTIONS!

BAD CHECKS: If Hines Auction Service, Inc receives a returned check; the buyer agrees to pay a $30 returned check fee. Buyer will either agree to pay via certified funds for the entirety of the returned check plus $30 or return the merchandise. If buyer returns the merchandise, they will be responsible for paying commissions for selling the merchandise, paying the difference in the amount owed after it sells & any other expenses incurred from the resale of the items.

If buyer does not pick up items or make payments up to date on merchandise, the buyer will be flagged for all Marknet auctions. This includes all auction companies under the Marknet service. This means, you will not be able to bid on any auctions under Marknet Alliance membership.

Please note these assets are sold one time with non-retractable bids. When you bid on any item, you are entering into a binding contract. All property is sold 'AS IS', and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Property is open to thorough public inspection. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determinative factor. Hines Auction Service, Inc may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising & on the internet but makes no representations. In no event shall Hines Auction Service, Inc be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Bidder shall be the sole judge of value.
Bidders who bid from off site and are not present at the preview understand and acknowledge that they may not be able to inspect an item as well as if they examined it in person. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determinative factor. Hines Auction Service, Inc will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the description of the merchandise. Bidder agrees that everything is sold as is and that they may not return any item they purchase.

Hines Auction Service, Inc is providing internet bidding as a service to Bidder. Bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function correctly the ending day of the auction. Under no circumstances shall Bidder have any kind of claim against Hines Auction Service, Inc or anyone else if the internet service fails to work correctly before or during the ending of the auction. Hines Auction Service, Inc will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. Internet bidders who desire to make certain their bid is acknowledged should use the internet bidding feature and leave their maximum bid 24 hours before the auction ends. Hines Auction Service, Inc reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction. Auction company employees, sellers and/or Auction Company may bid on auction items.

When you bid your max, the current bid price does not automatically go to your max bid. Someone else has to bid to increase the current price and the computer will automatically bid up to your max in the increments specified.

Information gathered is for the sole purpose & use of Hines Auction service, inc. Hines Auction gathers all emails & adds them to an email listing available only to Hines Auction Service, Inc. You have the right to unsubscribe at any time.

The successful purchaser agrees to pay any & all reasonable attorneys fees & costs incurred by Hines Auction Service Inc, the seller &/or their servants, agents or employees in the commencement or defense of any actions hereunder as well as in the collection of any obligations hereunder.

Venue & jurisdiction of any & all disputes which may arise by virtue of this auction sale or stemming from this auction sales shall be in the court of Pierce County, Wisconsin.

CHOICE OF LAW: The law of the state of Wisconsin shall govern the interpretation of any & all disputes or other matters relating to the subject sale &/or stemming from this auction sale.

This auction features EXTENDED BIDDING! Any lot that gets a bid within FIVE minutes of its Scheduled Closing Time will remain open for bids past its normal close; it will go into extended bidding. It will remain open until there are no bids on that lot. This only affects lots with bids in the last FIVE minutes; other lots will continue to close at their normal times. If you have questions please call us 715-273-3377



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Auction Items For Sale

Lot#: 0

Closing Times- Staggered (Practice Bid Lot)

Lot#: 8

Antique Reliance Wooden Wagon

Lot#: 9

1938 Chevrolet hood

Lot#: 10

1937-38 Chevrolet radiator

Lot#: 11

1938 Chevrolet trunk lid

Lot#: 12

Chevrolet bumper set

Lot#: 13

1937 Chevrolet hood

Lot#: 14

1937 Chevrolet trunk lid

Lot#: 15

Antique A. W. McDonald well pump

Lot#: 16

(3) Chevrolet starting cranks

Lot#: 17

(4) 1937-38 Chevrolet window frames

Lot#: 18

Chevrolet car parts

Lot#: 19

Chevrolet car parts

Lot#: 20

1937-38 Chevrolet parts

Lot#: 21

Box of 1938 Chevrolet bearings

Lot#: 22

(8) Tire irons

Lot#: 23

1948 Chevrolet engine parts

Lot#: 24

(5) 216 Chevrolet engine side covers

Lot#: 25

1937-38 Chevrolet transmission cover

Lot#: 26

1937 Chevrolet front radiator cover

Lot#: 27

Group of 1930-40 Chevrolet hubcaps and trim rings

Lot#: 28

(2) Boxes of hubcaps

Lot#: 29

1930's Chevrolet transmission

Lot#: 30

1930's Chevrolet transmission

Lot#: 31

1930's Chevrolet transmission

Lot#: 32

1930's Chevrolet transmission

Lot#: 33

1930's Chevrolet transmission

Lot#: 34

1930's Chevrolet transmission

Lot#: 35

1930's Chevrolet transmission

Lot#: 36

Chevrolet car parts

Lot#: 37

1950 Chevrolet parts

Lot#: 38

(2) 1930's T-3 glass headlights

Lot#: 39

(2) 1930's T-3 glass headlights

Lot#: 40

1937-39 Chevrolet parts

Lot#: 41

(2) 1930's Chevrolet glass headlights

Lot#: 42

Set of 1930's B-L-C 5-3/4 fog lamps

Lot#: 43

(4) 1930's Chevrolet fog lights

Lot#: 44

Tote of assorted Chevrolet parts

Lot#: 45

1937-39 Chevrolet horn

Lot#: 46

1937-39 Chevrolet horn

Lot#: 47

1937-39 Chevrolet horn

Lot#: 48

1937-39 Chevrolet horn

Lot#: 49

1937-39 Chevrolet horn

Lot#: 50

(3) 1930's Chevrolet air filters

Lot#: 51

(2) Chevrolet heads

Lot#: 52

(6) Chevrolet engine manifolds

Lot#: 53

(4) Boxes of Chevrolet car parts

Lot#: 54

Pair of headlight buckets

Lot#: 55

(2) Chevrolet headlight buckets

Lot#: 56

(2) Heater boxes

Lot#: 57

(2) Boxes of 1937-39 Chevrolet car parts

Lot#: 58

1937-38 Chevrolet car parts

Lot#: 59

(4) Boxes of Chevrolet car parts

Lot#: 60

Chevrolet brake and clutch pedals

Lot#: 61

(2) 1938-39 Chevrolet vent visor

Lot#: 62

Rear spare tire mount

Lot#: 63

(2) Chevrolet distributors

Lot#: 64

Group of Chevrolet parts

Lot#: 65

Chevrolet valve covers

Lot#: 66

Chevrolet starter

Lot#: 67

Chevrolet starter

Lot#: 68

(3) Chevrolet oil filters

Lot#: 69

(3) Chevrolet generators

Lot#: 70

(3) Chevrolet generators

Lot#: 71

Group of Chevrolet parts

Lot#: 72

Group of Chevrolet bezels and lenses

Lot#: 73

Assorted Chevrolet Chrome trim

Lot#: 74

(6) Chevrolet leaf springs

Lot#: 75

Group of blower pipe

Lot#: 76

(5) Assorted rims

Lot#: 77

(2) Solid disk steel wheels

Lot#: 78

(3) Chevrolet leaf springs

Lot#: 79

(2) License plate frames

Lot#: 80

(2) License plate frames

Lot#: 81

Group of Chevrolet chrome

Lot#: 82

Chevrolet gas group

Lot#: 83

Chevrolet steering wheel

Lot#: 84

(2) Chevrolet emergency brake handles

Lot#: 85

(10) Chevrolet hubcaps

Lot#: 86

(4) Chevrolet hubcaps

Lot#: 87

(5) Chevrolet Hubcaps

Lot#: 88

Wood trunk w/contents

Lot#: 89

(3) Emergency brakes

Lot#: 90

Antique well pump

Lot#: 91

Antique well pump

Lot#: 92

Antique wood block and tackle

Lot#: 93

Set of solid disc solid steel wheels w/tires

Lot#: 94

Steel implement rim w/tire

Lot#: 95

Galvanized screen

Lot#: 96

Rear axel

Lot#: 97

Rear axel

Lot#: 98

Group of car parts

Lot#: 99

Antique Horse drawn plow

Lot#: 100

Tool group

Lot#: 101

Ford Model A grill

Lot#: 102

Ford Model A Bumper

Lot#: 103

Ford Model A radiator support

Lot#: 104

Ford Model A radiator

Lot#: 105

Ford Model A radiator

Lot#: 106

Ford Model A radiator

Lot#: 107

Ford Model A radiator

Lot#: 108

(2) Ford Model A Vessels

Lot#: 109

(2) Model A windshield wiper

Lot#: 110

Ford Model A Transmission

Lot#: 111

(2) Ford Model A windshields

Lot#: 112

Group of car parts

Lot#: 113

Pair of Model A brackets

Lot#: 114

Model A fender

Lot#: 115

Group of Ford Model A parts

Lot#: 116

(6) Model A brake drums

Lot#: 117

Ford Model A Transmission

Lot#: 118

Ford Model A Transmission

Lot#: 119

Ford Model A bellhousing

Lot#: 120

Ford Model A Manifold

Lot#: 121

Ford Model A bumper brackets

Lot#: 122

Ford Model A oil pan

Lot#: 123

Group of Ford Model A parts

Lot#: 124

(2) Ford Model A parts

Lot#: 125

Group of Model A parts

Lot#: 126

Box of Ford Model A parts

Lot#: 127

Group of Ford Model A lights

Lot#: 128

(2) Ford Model A spindles

Lot#: 129

(2) Ford Model A spare tire mounts

Lot#: 130

Ford Model A brake backing plate

Lot#: 131

Group of Model A window cranks

Lot#: 132

(2) Ford Model A horns

Lot#: 133

Ford Model A steering wheel

Lot#: 134

Ford Model A engine gaskets

Lot#: 135

Ford Model A shifter parts

Lot#: 136

Ford Model A running board brackets

Lot#: 137

Group of parts

Lot#: 138

Ford Model A Fly ring gear wheel

Lot#: 139

Group of Model A parts

Lot#: 140

Group of Ford Model A parts

Lot#: 141

1938 Ford Deluxe Grill Cover

Lot#: 142

Group of Ford Model A parts

Lot#: 143

(2) Ford Model A engine parts

Lot#: 144

Ford Model A luggage bracket

Lot#: 145

Ford Model A bumper emblems

Lot#: 146

Ford Model A shifter

Lot#: 147

Pair of Ford Model A headlights

Lot#: 148

Pair of Ford Model A headlights

Lot#: 149

(2) Ford Model A license plate frames

Lot#: 150

Set of bumpers

Lot#: 151

(3) Chevrolet wheel trim rings

Lot#: 152

Farmall Headlight

Lot#: 153

Group of parts

Lot#: 154

Set of 1931 Ford Model A running boards

Lot#: 155

Ford Model A windshield visor

Lot#: 156

Group of Ford Model A parts

Lot#: 157

Steering Shaft

Lot#: 158

Model A rear trunk framework

Lot#: 159

(2) 5-bolt steel wheels

Lot#: 160

Group of packing boxes

Lot#: 161

Fuel tank straps

Lot#: 162

Group of Chevrolet Parts

Lot#: 163

Group of Chevrolet Parts

Lot#: 164

Antique wood 5-section drag w/pole

Lot#: 165

(5) Ford Model A rims

Lot#: 166

(3) Tires on rims

Lot#: 167

Vintage metal slide

Lot#: 168

Antique 2-section wood extension ladder

Lot#: 169

Primitive wood ladder

Lot#: 170

Bird feeder on pole

Lot#: 171

(2) Enamel wash tubs

Lot#: 172

Craftsman Reel Mower

Lot#: 173

Galvanized double sink

Lot#: 174

Galvanized tub

Lot#: 175

Galvanized tub

Lot#: 176

Galvanized tub

Lot#: 177

Pincore Reel Mower

Lot#: 178

(4) Vintage bikes

Lot#: 179

Vintage Kelly Yard Cart

Lot#: 180

Vintage Wheel barrow

Lot#: 181

Metal Wheel barrow

Lot#: 182

Antique dirt scoop

Lot#: 183

Craftsman 22" Push mower

Lot#: 184

Patio Table group

Lot#: 185

Vintage Wood an metal porch swing

Lot#: 186

Group of plastic patio furniture

Lot#: 187

John Deere 1032 Gas Snow blower

Lot#: 188

MTD Front tine tiller

Lot#: 189

Contents of Milk house

Lot#: 190

Chevrolet Inline 6 motor

Lot#: 191

Ford Model A engine

Lot#: 192

Ford Model A engine

Lot#: 193

Contents of work bench

Lot#: 194

Group of tires under work bench

Lot#: 195

Wabash battery charger

Lot#: 196

Campbell Hausfeld small compressor

Lot#: 197

Ford Model A Steering column

Lot#: 198

Parts group

Lot#: 199

Group in corner

Lot#: 200

Vintage bike group

Lot#: 201

Ford Model A Steering linkage

Lot#: 202

Parts group

Lot#: 203

Ford Model A Front axel

Lot#: 204

Lawnmower group

Lot#: 205

2-ton hydraulic floor jack

Lot#: 206

International part

Lot#: 207

International part

Lot#: 208

International pulley

Lot#: 209

Group of tomato cages

Lot#: 210

Walk behind cultivator

Lot#: 211

Farmers Union Co-Op oil can

Lot#: 212

Group along wall

Lot#: 213

Sickle mower motor

Lot#: 214

Chevrolet Powerglide trunk lid

Lot#: 215

Chevrolet Powerglide trunk lid

Lot#: 216

Group in bay

Lot#: 217

Group along wall

Lot#: 218

Enamelware group

Lot#: 219

Galvanized can group

Lot#: 220

Furniture Group

Lot#: 221

Wood telephone pole

Lot#: 222

Group along wall

Lot#: 223

Contents of bunks

Lot#: 224

Wood bird feeder on pole

Lot#: 225

(4) Vintage patio chairs

Lot#: 226

Contents of bunks

Lot#: 227

Front axel

Lot#: 228

Never Fail Corn sheller

Lot#: 229

Radiator w/bracket

Lot#: 230

Group along wall

Lot#: 231

Roll of wood snow fence

Lot#: 232

Antique Reel Mower

Lot#: 233

Vintage Maytag washing machine

Lot#: 234

Galvanized stock tank

Lot#: 235

Chevrolet Car hood

Lot#: 236

Group of log rounds

Lot#: 237

Group on floor

Lot#: 238

(2) Stainless Surge milkers

Lot#: 239

1/2" chain w/hooks

Lot#: 240

1/2" chain w/hooks

Lot#: 241

Group in corner