Fred & Louise Moulton Estate Auction

Estate Auction in 4075 85th RD , Thayer, Kansas, United States

20 Saturday
20th July, 2019 9:00 AM

Fred & Louise Moulton Estate Auction

Estate Auction in 4075 85th RD , Thayer Kansas, United States

Saturday at - 20th July , 2019


TERMS: Cash or Approved Check, Must have positive ID to Bid, Nothing Removed until settled for, all items sell as is where is with no warranties or guaranties from seller or sellers agent.  Not Responsible for Accidents or Theft

For Pictures email us at [email protected] , or visit , www.kansasauctions.netor find us on Facebook at Larry Marshall Auction & Realty.


Newton Family Concessions & Rest Rooms Available.


Owners: Fred & Louise Moulton Estate


AUCTIONEERS: Larry Marshall 620-485-6136 ~ Mark Garretson 620-433-2561

CLERKS & CASHIERS: Lorrie Marshall, Gayle Garretson, Rita Voth, Shawna Appelhans, Clancy Milligan






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Auction Items For Sale

Antiques & Collectibles

Ladies Side Saddle

2-Saddle Stands

Military Saddle

Western Stone Jugs


Sausage Stuffer

Wood Barrel Groover

Kafir Corn Cutter

Well Buckets

Horse Bits

Cotton Scales

Grocery Store Scales

Seed Sieves

2-Blue Grass Seed Harvesters

All Kinds of Handles

2-Metal Churns

3- Wood Churns

Tobacco Shredder

Apple Peeler

Seed Cleaner

Cattle Yoke

Wood Fellows for Wagon Wheels

Wood Boxes

Old Feed Dolly

Buggy Seat & Springs

Cross Cut Saws

Single Tree for Hayfork

Slave Iron

SAD Irons

Butter Molds

Pump Jack

Grain Roller Mills

Wooden Torques


Serris Auger Plow

Admiral Hay Press

3 PT, 2 Row Planters

McCormick Leering Separator

Antique Washing Machines

Sickle Hayfork

Montgomery Ward Corn Sheller

Then One Minute Seed Cleaner

Old Granite Top Kitchen Cabinet

Ivanhoe Kerosene-4 Burners

Galvanized Wash Tubs

2-Wood Box Wagon Complete w/Tongue

2-Wooden Hay Rakes

Minute Washer Washing Machine

Camel Saddle

Lorell Ringer & James Washer

Antique Phone


P.M. Gun Lach Sons Planter w/wood wheels

Egg Basket

Ox Shoes

Gunny Sack Holder, Keeps Them Open

Check Wire

Old Walk Behind Tractor

Clipper Grain & Seed Cleaner

Alfalfa Seeder

Tumble Bug

Old Seeders

Old IH Swather


Wooden Harrow

Alfalfa Seeder #3 & #4

Planter Boxes


Hay Trailer

Stacks of Tractor Seats

Vinegar Meter Spout Pump

Yard Sticks

Goodell Prat Co. Pipe Drill (unused)

Calvary Corral Stakes

#8 Crock

8+ Milk Cans

Cream Can

Oil Cans

Hay Cradles

Gas Bucket

Kerosene Heater

Douger Ball Maker

Peddle Grinders

Wagon Bows

Double & Single Trees

Match Box Holders

Well Pump

Old Jacks

2-Wood Seeder

Antique Hand Tools

Wood Egg Crate

Corn Shellers

Shoe Lathe

Wash Boards

Tools of All Kinds



Drill Press


Wood Spout Cutter


Coal Bucket

Wood Blocks

Bee Smoker

Hay Fork

#5 Crock

Metal Bucket

Hide Scraper

Gumbo Spade

Measuring Wheel

Ice Tongs

Cow Kickers


Wagon Jacks

Sausage Press

Lots of Garden Cultivators, Plows, & Planters.

Well Pump and Buckets

Universal Coal Stove, Home Comfort

Cook stove.

Forge #400


Horse Collars


Buggy Wheel Soaker Tub

Meat Grinders


Ice Saw

Wood Chicken Crate

Beam Drill Press

Rug Beaters

Milk Bottles & Metal Carrier

Water Cream Separator


Galvanized & Copper Boiler

Grain Mill

Anchor Woricotts Oil Can

Ice Chipper

Horse Drawn Equipment

Horse Drawn Buggy

Horse Drawn Planter

Horse Drawn Plow-1 Bottom & 2 Bottom

Horse Drawn Disk

Several Horse Drawn Sickle Mowers

Horse Drawn McCormick Sickle Mower

Horse Drawn 2 Row Planter

Stover Horse Drawn Mill Freeport 911

Multiple Horse Drawn Planters

2 Horse Drawn Graders

Horse Drawn Hay Rakes

Horse Drawn Cultivators

2-Horse Drawn Planters

All Wheels are Sitting on Creosote Timbers.


Lots of good quality items that you do not get

the opportunity to buy.

One lot of items too numerous to mention