Surplus to the Ongoing Needs of GE Aviation

Commercial Auction in Multiple Locations, Multiple Locations Florida, United States

15 Thursday
March 15th, 2018 1:00 PM
Koster Industries Inc.
Phone: 631-454-1767

Surplus to the Ongoing Needs of GE Aviation

Commercial Auction in Multiple Locations, Multiple Locations Florida, United States

Thursday at - 15th March , 2018



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Auction Items For Sale

(6) Oerlikon Leybold Combination Vacuum Pumps - New as 2016 • (2012) Atlas Copco 75-HP Compressor with (2016) Cooling Skid • Carbolite Tube Furnace • CNC Machining Centers • (2008) CNC Surface Grinder • Komatsu Hydraulic Presses - up to 60-Ton • (2) 2013 Praxair Arc Spray Systems • Spot Welders & Welding Equipment • Lathes & Mills • Finishing • Plus Much More!
Surplus to the Ongoing Needs of GE Aviation
Online Bidding Ends: Thursday, March 15, 2018, at 1:00 P.M EDT

Multiple Locations: Clearwater, FL; Arkansas City, KS; Newark, DE


Wash System:
3-Stage Stainless Steel Pressure Washer, With 4-Stage Digital Control Dryer, 31” X 45” Opening, Hanging Conveyor Drying Racks, Approximately 2000 & 1500-Gal. Water Storage Tanks, Gas Fired (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Roto-Finish Mdl. 5173 Extended Range Series Spiratron Vibratory Finishing Mill, rubber lined, approximately 5’ diameter, S/N: ER-1011C-99-E9 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

CNC Vertical Mill:
Okuma & Howa Mdl. MILLAC4VAC CNC Vertical Machining Center, with 18” x 53” table, 24-position automatic tool changer, #40 taper, Fanuc System 11M controls, S/N: 02307 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

CNC Milling Center:
Miyano Mdl. TSV-33 CNC Drilling & Tapping Machine (Milling Center), with 12-position turret, [2] 12” x 19-1/2” drilled transfer tables, assorted BT-30 taper tool holders, Fanuc O-M controls, S/N: TSV330126 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

CNC Surface Grinder:
Rosa Mdl. IRON12.6 19.75” x 47.25” CNC Surface Grinder, with 19.75” x 47.25” permanent magnetic chuck, CNC wheel dresser, coolant, 10HP spindle speeds to 1500 RPM, Rosa CNC controls, S/N: 04031827 (2008) (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Komatsu Mdl. OBS-60 60 Ton Hydraulic Straight Side Punch Press, with 21-1/2” x 30” bed area, air clutch, S/N: 10626 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Komatsu Mdl. OBS-35 35 Ton Hydraulic Straight Side Press, with 15” x 23-1/2” bed area, air clutch, 100 SPM, 3.15” stroke, 8.27” die height, S/N: 204201 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Danly 75 Ton OBI Punch Press, with air clutch, 4” stroke, 15-1/2” shut height, 3” adjustment, 40 SPM, 3” bolster plate, S/N: 7555950168 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Perkins 10 Ton Straight Side Bench Type Punch Press & Table (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Press Brake:
Chicago Mdl. 68-B 8’ x 36-55 Ton Mechanical Press Brake, with motorized ram adjustment, manual back gage, Shadow V light curtain, S/N: L-14037 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Hardinge Mdl. HLV-H Toolroom Lathe, with quick collet closer, 4-way tool post, motorized carriage feed, spindle speeds to 3000 RPM, S/N: HLV-H-6817-P (Located: Clearwater, FL)

DoAll Romi Mdl. LT16 16” x 80” Geared Head Engine Lathe, Complete with Spindle Grinder, Tracer Attachment, 3-PH/60HZ, S/N: 002-080910-193 (1996) (Located In Newark, DE)

Mills (All Types):
Bridgeport Series I 2HP Vertical Milling Machine, with 9” x 42” power feed table, spindle speeds to 4200 RPM, vise, Acu-Rite digital readout, S/N: 12BR-187089 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Dehoff Nichols Horizontal Milling Machine, with 8-1/2” x 30” table, pneumatic feed on table, 3HP, vise, S/N: 86018N (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Surface Grinder:
Reid Rayscott Mdl. 618HR 6” x 18” Hand Feed Surface Grinder, with 6” x 18” permanent magnetic chuck, S/N: 30133FC (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Spray Arc System:
(2) Praxair Model CoArc 9910 Spray Arc System with Arc Spray Gun, S/N’s: AP970119; AP970120 (2013)

Spot Welders:
Taylor Winfield Mdl. ERB-12-150 150-KVA Spot Welder, with 18” throat, foot controls, S/N: 17604 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Thompson Mdl. A-1 75-KVA Spot Welder, with 18” throat, pneumatic ram downfeed, foot controls, Entron welding controls, S/N: 17604 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Taylor Winfield Type EBB3-8-50 50-KVA Spot Welder, with 9” throat, WTC Mdl. WT500 controller, S/N: 970125 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Lincoln Mdl. CV-305 Approximately 300-Amp Welder, with Lincoln LF-72 wire feeder (Located: Clearwater, FL)

DoAll 36” Vertical Bandsaw, with 30” x 30” hydraulic tilting table

Kysor Johnson 20” Vertical Bandsaw, with 24” x 28” tilting table, blade welding attachment, S/N: N/A

Ryobi Mdl. Pro-Tech 9-1/2” Bench Type Vertical Bandsaw

Stone Approximately 32” Cutoff Saw, with pneumatic downfeed, 1-1/2HP motor, short stop electronic motor brake, S/N: 856

Eisle Mdl. MS-11S-420 Approximately 12” Cutoff Saw, with roller infeed conveyor, automatic downfeed, S/N: 00343 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Bead Milling System:
Union Process Model DMQX-07-MILL Bead Milling System Complete With Removalble Polyurethane Lined Jacketed For Cooling, 304 Stainless Steel Water Cooled Jacket, 304 Ss Media Fill & Product Inlet Port, Discharge Port, Slurry Drain, Stainless Steel Agitator Shaft With Tri-Lobe Cam, Delta-Shaped Disks And Rods, Media Separator, 3-Hp Explosion Proof Motor, Ac Variable Frequency Controller, 5-Gallon Stainles Steel Premix Tank, Thermofisher Model Thermoflex 3500 Chiller, Meets Cooling Capacity Spec Of 7640 Btu/Hr At Minimum 50 Degrees F. Outgoing Fluid Temperature, S/N: 1002-140701 (2014) (Located: Newark, DE)

Crimping Machine:
Amp Mdl. K Bench Type Amp-O-Lectric Crimping Machine, S/N: 145208 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Air Compressor:
Atlas Copco Model ZR55VSD 75-HP Screw Type Air Comprssor, Water Cooled, 125-PSI, Complete with (2016) Cooling Skid With Dulex Pump, Dual Plate Type Heat Exchangers, Process Side: 20.6 Gpm, Inlet: 114 Degrees Fahrenheit, Outlet: 87 Degrees Fahrenheit, 1.3 Psid, 43.5 Psig Working Psi @ 275,000 Btuh, Cooling Side: 25% Pg / 75% Water, 57.3 Gpm, 85 Degree Fahrenheit Inlet, 95 Degree Fahrenheit Outlet, 8.44 Psid, 43.5 Psig, Complete With (2) 2-Hp Centrifugal Pump Skid Unit, Paddle Type Flow Switch, Nema 4-Control Panel With Full Voltage Magnetic Starters, (20) 304 Stainless Steel Plate Exchanger With Nbr Glueless Gaskets, Asme Stamped Expansion Tank, Maximum Tempature 230 Degrees Fahrenheit @ 150 Psig, 2″ Mpt Ansi B16.3 Aisi 316l Inlet & Outlet Pipe Connections (2012) (Located: Newark, DE)

Carbolite Model Special-CTF 17/600/DV650 Tube Furnace with separate control box and Eurotherm 2416CG temperature controller. For operation on 240 volt, 50/60 Hz, single phase. For use with a 3.75″ OD process tube.  Half of the heating elements are missing. S/N: 21-303337 (2013) (Located In Newark, DE)

Vacuum Pumps:
(6) Oerlikon Leybold WH2500/DV650 RUVAC/DRYVAC Combination Vacuum Pump, Compact Hermetically Sealed Horizontal Dry Rotary Lobe Blower, 380-480 V/50-60-HZ, Water Cooled Motor and Integral Frequency Drive, DRYVAC 650 Peak Performace of 383 CFM with Compact Hermetically Sealed Dry Compression Screw Technology, Complete with Integral Wide Range Motor and Frequency Drive 380-480 V, 50-60-HZ, Direct Water Cooling, 24 VDC Inlet, Rotor and Exhaust Pure Solenoids and Syntrhtic Oil. Accessories Including: Discharge Non-Return VBalve, Ehaust Silencer, Water and Gas Interlock Switches (Some Never Used – As New As 2016) Located in Newark, DE)

 Optical Comparator:
Deltronic Mdl. DH214 14” Optical Comparator, with 5” x 15” table, Deltronic 612R digital readout, S/N: N/A (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Clark Mdl. E0900-90 Electric Forklift Truck (Located In Newark, DE)

Ridgid Mdl. 535 Portable Pipe Threader, with assorted die heads, cutoff, S/N: EAM1-7300J98 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Pneumatic Can Crusher, with foot controls, approximately 30” stroke (Located: Clearwater, FL)

[2] Pneumatic Can Crushers (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Southworth Mdl. UP-2-90 2,000# Capacity Scissor Lift, with pendant controls, S/N: 109331 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Southworth 1,000# Capacity Scissor Lift, with foot controls, approximately 30” x 70” sheet capacity (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Southworth 500# Capacity Portable Scissor Lift, approximately 24” x 78” sheet capacity (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Kalamazoo Mdl. 4084 LPM Motor Driven Pallet Wrapper, S/N: 020701 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Diversitech Mdl. 4X8DD 10HP Portable Downdraft Table, S/N: 520095-1 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Air Flow Downdraft Table  (Located: Clearwater, FL)

(3) Airflow Systems Model MP04 & MP14-B1-P66 Mist Collectors (Located in Newark, DE)

Pneumatic Automatic Stamping Machine (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Shake-Proof Mdl. 400 Power Screwdriver, S/N: 2862 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Random Mdl. SB0062 Coil Winder, S/N: MET16466 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

600# Capacity Core Lifter (Located: Clearwater, FL)

[9] 5,000# Capacity Pallet Storage Racks (Located: Clearwater, FL)

AC/DC Transducer Test System, with Keithley Integra Series 2700 Multimeter Data Acquisition System, Ametek controls (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Schunk Ultrasonic (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Allen 2-Spindle 24” Floor Type Drill Press, with 20-3/4” x 26-1/2” table, S/N: 32853 (Located: Clearwater, FL)

Enco 13” Bench Type Drill Press (Located: Clearwater, FL)