Fall Gun Auction Sat Nov 2nd 2019 At 9:30 AM Stonewall MB

Auction in 12 Patterson Drive, Stonewall Manitoba, Canada

02 Saturday
November 02nd, 2019 9:30 AM
Phone: 204-467-1858

Fall Gun Auction Sat Nov 2nd 2019 At 9:30 AM Stonewall MB

Auction in 12 Patterson Drive, Stonewall Manitoba, Canada

Saturday at - 02nd November , 2019


Stuart McSherry
Stonewall, Manitoba
(204) 467-1858 or (204) 886-7027


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(204) 467-1858 or (204) 886-7027




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Auction Items For Sale








ABC1                            STEVENS 520 PA 12 GA 2 ¾”


ABC2                            MOSSBERG 535 PA 12 GA 2 ¾” 3” 3 ½”   

                                      W EXTRA BARREL & BAGE

ABC3                           BROWNING MEDALLION BA 270 WSM

                                       ONLY L H BOLT W SCOPE


BAT5                            BROWNING MAGNUM SA 12 GA 2 ¾” 3”

                                      VENTED BARREL


BAT6                            MOSSBERG PA 410 2 ½” 3” VENTED

                                      FULL CHOKE


BAT7                            SAVAGE 64 SA 22 W SCOPE


CAR8                            MOSSBERG PA 12 GA 2 ½” 3”, 410 BORE

                                      FULL CHOKE, VENTED BARREL


CAR9                            COOEY RANGER BA 22 S L LR W STRAP    RINGS


CAR10                         SAVAGE 340B BA 222 REM W SCOPE

                                      MTS & PAMPHLET, 1 CLIP


DUE11                         LEE ENFIELD 1895 MARK 1 NO1 BA

                                       303 BRIT SPORTERIZED W CARBINE BOLT

                                      1 CLIP


DUE12                         LEE ENFIELD 1917 SMLE MARK 3 NO 1

                                      BA 303 BRIT, C BROAD ARROW, FULL

                                      WOOD W 1 CLIP MATCHING SERIAL #’S


DUE13                         WINCHESTER 1902 BA 22 SINGLE SHOT


DUE14                         REMINGTON 1871 ROLLING BLOCK 50-70

                                      BLACK POWER- NEW YORK MILITIA




DUE15                         WINCHESTER 70 FEATHER WEIGHT BA

                                       308 W SCOPE AND ORIG SOFT CASE


FXR16                          RANGER 1600 BA 410 3”


FXR17                          CROSSMAN PELL MASTER 700

                                      SINGLE SHOT 22 CAL PELLET GUN


FXR18                          WINCHESTER 1873 LA 44-40


FXR19                          BRNO ARMS 1 CZ 527 BA 22 HORNET

                                      1 CLIP & SCOPE


FXR20                          COOEY 64 SA 22 CAL


FXR21                          REMINGTON FIELDMASTER 572 PA 22

                                      S, L, LR


FXR22                          REMINGTON MDL 31 12 GA 2 ¾”


GBD23                         REMINGTON GAMEMASTER MDL 760

                                      PA 308 WIN W 2 CLIPS



GBD24                         REMINGTON 812 SS 12 GA 2 3/4”

                                      FULL CHOKE


GBD25                         WINCHESTER MDL 190 SS 22 S,L,LR


GBD26                         WINCHESTER MDL 94 LA 30-30 WIN


GBD27                         BROWNING X BOLT BA 270 WIN

                                      W PAMPHLET





ABC4                           SMITH & WESSON 193 357 REV W HOLSTER





Viewing Friday, Nov 1st, 2019  - 1:00-8 pm

Please note: PAL (FAC) is require to make a Gun or Ammunition Purchase.
NO PAL (FAC) require if the gun has Antique Status 

WE ACCEPT PROXY BIDS  * VISA OR MC Must be given at time Proxy is given/taken *   We will ship your guns to you (Shipping is COD) **Credit Card is required to leave a Proxy Bid on Firearms **
If you require additional pictures/information, please email us with your request. A Gun Specialist will be on hand during the preview and auction day - Requests will be answered the day of the Gun Preview.  Please send request (additional info, or pictures) as we will do them when Gun Verifier/Specialist is in.

There are MORE GUNS than originally listed.    (Always Late Arrivals).  
Selling Order of the GUNS will be posted the week of the auction.  

5% Buyers Fee
Trigger Locks $3.00

Lever Action Locks $10.00  

GST & PST apply where applicable.