Estate Auction for the Late Joan Ireland

Auction in Shoal Lake Community Hall, Shoal Lake, Manitoba, Canada

19 Saturday
19th October, 2019 9:30 AM

Estate Auction for the Late Joan Ireland

Auction in Shoal Lake Community Hall, Shoal Lake Manitoba, Canada

Saturday at - 19th October , 2019


Please pay attention to the sale listings as some sales may start into equipment and larger items earlier than regularly scheduled.

We will start selling Farm Equipment at approximately 1:00 - 1:30 PM at most sales


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Auction Items For Sale

Large Auction of items from Joan's Estate - Many Surprises!

Pictures are juswt a start to the listing of this Estate, newest pics as of September 20 are at the end.



Cast iron pots, kettles, fry pans, muffin tins;

Cast iron urn, 80-pint Holocroft;

Variety of canners, inserts, lids;

Enamel basin, dippers, strainers, colander, tea pot sets, coffee maker, jugs, pail;

Conservo steamer, brass bottom;

Pail-style bread maker- instructions on lid;

Sausage stuffer, lard, fruit press – 3 machines in one;

Cookie presses, jars, cheese slicers, graters, mashers;

Potato cutter – Aspinwall Mfg;

Collapsible wooden bowl (handmade by Harold Woodhouse);

Small kitchenware incl juicer, sifter, sieve, etc.

Bakeware – pans, rolling pins;

Steamer pot, roaster, Finlay cooking pots;

Small stoves, hot plate, ice augers, meat grinders, iron, oven, scale;

Vivitar panorama IC101 camera (NEW);


Variety of decanters:  Fire Water decanter, Ezra Brooks 90-proof whiskey decanter, musical, in chests; 

Set of Texaco dishes, 4 footed dishes, Limoges plate, Wedgewood plate;

Red and white pottery pie plate, 2 casserole dishes;

Winterling Bavaria dishes (set of 8: plates,cups, saucers, plus 1 platter);

Glasses (Olympic, Margarita, etc);

Mugs (Black Zodiac, Firestone, Prince of Wales/Lady Diana, etc);

Bowls (Pyrex, Corning Ware, etc);

Cake plates, pans, pottery plates;

Butter, cheese dishes, nut mill;

Dozens of cups & saucers, salt & pepper sets; sugar & creamer sets; candy dishes; Rooster mugs, chimes, spoon rest;

Franklin Porcelain, Norman Rockwell mugs;


Children’s furniture- basket bed, cribs

Tables, chairs, stools, wall unit, chest of drawers, dresser;

Flower pattern couch and chair;

Wooden silver-painted project captain’s chair;

Wooden arm chair – captain’s chair;

3 project chairs – 2 upholstered, 1 wood;

Benches, baskets

Lamps: metal lamps, gas lamps, silver lantern, gas lanterns;

Lamp and chimney; other lamp pcs and parts


Brass items:  bells, candle holders, mug and goblets, wall hangers, plaques: pheasant/goose;

Parker Monchhichi’s in a box – the bride and groom;

Animal ornaments:  Mickey Mouse, monkeys, zebra, squirrel, musical bear, frog, roosters, etc; 

Other:  The Bartender; Friendship Rooster (Portugal), Royal Collection Tray – St James Palace (England); carving Set – antler handles (Germany);

Scotty dog ornaments;

2 Belgian horses and covered wagon;

Cowboy Boot clock; variety of clocks incl some Big Ben;


Porcelain dolls, walking dolls, ethnic dolls, rubber & plastic dolls;

Clowns, sheriff, stuffed animals, 1962 Charmer bride, Father Christmas;


2 Currier and Ives pictures;

Oval old time picture;

Robert Wood – Sunset Shore;

Marie Todesichuk, Shilo – Original Golden Lady Slippers;

M. Kotzer, Langenburg – Ruby;

Reykjalin – Winter Sunset 78;

Old Wagon Wheel with flowers;

Asian Silk Mountain;

Phillip Lord – Pheasant on a hill;

Gordon Henshel – Gone fishing;

Picture of a Royal child and many more paintings and wall decorations;

Illustrated World 1919;

Custom Muzzle Loading;

77 Furniture Projects;

Fine Woodworking and Bending Wood;

Fake or Real;

Masterpiece Furniture Making;

180 Homes;

Furniture Doctor;

Start to Finish Cabinet Making;

50 years of the Crown;

A Crown of Maples;


Tonka buggy, convertible, crane truck, turbo diesel, loader;

Playall double-decker bus;

John Deere playset;

Tanker trucks;

Mickey Mouse airmail plane;

Dolls’ carriage, cradles, chairs, wicker bassinette;

Chain-drive child pedal tractor (Iowa);

Small train and a multitude of other collectible toys.


Wooden wall phone, radio;

Wooden bred box;

Basin and pitcher;

Metal tub with wooden wringers;

Pencil sharpeners, old jars/ink wells, ink boxes;

Magnetic chess set; pewter turtle magnifying glass; onyx pen holder;

Eaton’s wool carder in the original box;

Cars:  4 24-carat gold-lacquered cars, yellow beetle car, 2 speeding grandpa’s cars, National Motor Museum Mint car;

Scales:  Triner Air Mail Accuracy scale, Soehnle Scale, Fairbanks scale;

Thermometers: 2 in boxes (Empire Hotel, Carievale Sk), JW Sorensen & Son thermometer (Theodore SK), small mercury thermometer (Germany), old thermometer and relative humidity gage; barometer (Germany);

Brass referee whistle, fan cigarette lighter, sml old curling iron;

Box camera;

Wooden barrel washer – stand missing; 6 washboards; 3 hand-laundry plungers;

SMP Triumph churn;

Early washing machine – Rival, JH Ashdowne Hardware (Wpg);

Rocker washing machine;

Viking phonograph/radio – instructions and 1 spare tube – model 51-66;

Silex early-model steam iron;


Tins - Welches Paradise Fruits, Export ‘A’, Edgeworth Extra High grade sliced pip tobacco, Watkins cloves, Benson’s English Toffee, old Planters Mixed Nuts, tin hat box,

Tim Hortons, old Blue Ribbon Tin with matches inside, Easter tin, old Eaton’s tin, Candy tin, CalaBash smoking mixture tin;

Boxes – Coke, Summerland Apple, Morning Star Prune, Kraft cheese;

Bottles – 7 up, Coke, NuGrape, baby, cream, medicine, old Glycerine bottle (Binscarth Drug Store), Nyal Camphorated Oil;

Trays - Don Messer & The Islanders tray, silver tray;

Ashtrays - Poole’s Clothing Store, other advertisers;

Fool’s gold and container from BC;

Avon jars, shaving mug, pipe, pipe holder;

Garbage can with old cars design on sides;

1 old picnic basket – tin with yellow plaid


Woodworking tool

Toro Leaf Blower, woodworking tool, Craftsman Router, old tin snips, hardware, saws,  old Stanley levels, saws;


Eaton and Co Fur Shawl, 2 hats – 1 Eaton’s, fancy apron, numerous white collars;

Quilting squares, panels, fabric, cottons, books;

Upholstery and curtain fabric bolts;

Bedspreads, doilies, dresser scarves, table cloths, blankets;


Wood nativity scene;

2 Christmas sleighs;

Christmas tins, cookie press, platter, coaster;

3 Heartwood Creek Christmas ornaments – Grumpy, a Pig and a Donkey;

Christmas cookie press;

Christmas sleigh – laser cut wood – made in Esterhazy;


Miniature Doll Cradle for doll houses;

Golden Keepsake doll – Chilali – 0488/2500;

Dominion of Canada $5.00 War Savings Certificate;

Daisy churn – St Louis;

Rose Chamber pot (England);

Lady’s pearl cigarette case – prior to 1920;

Brass spittoon;

Multiple pieces of silver and silver plate

Bells - phone bell, cow bell, grass bell




Variety of costume jewelry necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, watches;

Jewelry holders;

Pins, key chains, bookmarks, belts, buckles;

Pirate style wood chest; small wooden boxes, baskets;

Kashmir Box – hand painted 22K gold leaf;

Chinese style wooden box;

Decorative tin box;

Old Leroy watch box;

Old leather cufflink box;

Small green wicker basket;

2 old large jewelry boxes – one is a Buxton;


Wicker Bassinette

Pipestone Valley Agro Parts Square Yard Stick

6 washboards

Cast pot


Old tin snips

Milk strainer

Old plastic jello discs came in boxes of jello


Avon pot

Bird cage food holder

Old jars/ink wells

Magnetic chess set

Old iron


1 set of Texaco dishes

Woodworking tool

Old handmade wooden cutlery tray

Small gas stove with mica glass

Toro Leaf Blower

Box 125

Craftsman Router 150 in case

Triner Air Mail Accuracy Scale

2 lamps

Conservo Brass Bottom Steamer

Box 126

Woodworking tool

Small Stove

Sausage maker

JC Higgins Camper Stover – slide handle to open

Eaton’s wool carder in the original box

Coke box

Bird Cage

Coke box

2 gas lanterns

1 lantern no chimney or shade

Dolls carriage

Large canner and lid

2 canner inserts

Enamel pail


3 hand laundry plungers

Hand ice auger

2 saws




Strike Master gas ice auger


Pail style bread maker- instructions on lid

80 pint Holocroft cast urn

Ice box

Sausage stuffer, lard, fruit press – 3 machines in one


Wooden barrel washer – stand missing

Made in Iowa – Chain drive child pedal tractor

Rocker washing machine

Cowan’s Grain dockage tester – Cuthbert Co. Ltd

Woodyatt – Taylor Forbes Co. Ringer/Mangle

SMP Triumph churn

Viking phonograph/radio – instructions and 1 spare tube – model 51-66

3 Cuthbert hand grain sifters

Box 127

4 enamel dippers

Kitchen Queen Scale

Tin box

Phone bell

Tonka Buggy

Tonka convertible

Playall Double decker bus

rubber car


Small sifter

Fire Water decanter

Golden Keepsake doll – Chilali – 0488/2500


Ezra Brooks 90 proof real sipping whiskey decanter

Welches Paradise Fruits Box – tin

Don Messer & his Islanders tray

2 boxes

Small mercury thermometer from Germany

Flower frog

3 brass wall hangers

Cheese dish

Tonka Crane truck

Old truck

Garbage can with old cars on the sides

Woodworking tool

2 cookie presses

Brass Referee whistle

I went to “P” mug

Old ladies pearl cigarette case – prior to 1920

Brass spittoon

Marble cheese slicer

Bins 128 and 129

3 cast pots

Bins 128 and 129

1 cast pot holder

Cast kettle

Silver lantern

Small gas stove

Kraft cheese box

Hycieia Box

4 child’s shoe repair or metal moulds

Tin lantern/stove – broken mica glass

Various shoe brushes

3 advertising ashtrays

Cookie press

Silex early  model steam iron

Garbage bag

2 dolls cradles

John Deere kids factory playset


Water pail from Proudley’s sale

1 wooden silver painted project captain’s chair

1 wooden arm chair – captain’s chair

18” Cannon cast pot and lid

Rival – JH Ashdowne Hardware Wpg – Early washing machine

3 project chairs – 2 upholstered, 1 wood

Bread pan – no lid

Large kettle

Spare canner lid

Garbage bag

Tonka Turbo diesel

Tonka Loader

Old grader

Doll high chair

Summerland apple box

Potato cutter – Aspinwall Mfg

Box 130

7 Decanters, one musical

Box 131

4 Doll chairs

Box 132

Small sifter

New Vivitar panorama IC101 camera

2 Olympic glasses

4 vases

Steamer pot

10 Avon containers

Nut mill

Cake pan

Refrigerator container

Butter dish


Small hot plate

Soehnle Scale

Fairbanks scale

Set of large drawer pulls

Box 132

Fleming lump jaw cure

Export A tin

Coffee grinder

Pipe holder

5 decanters

Blue laundry basket

Cyclone Seeder

Cast muffin tin

Fine grinder


Box 133

2 cast stove plates

Box 134

Morning Star Prune Box

Moulinex Meat Grinder

Decanters in chests

Black and Decker iron

Sunbeam meat grinder

Old tin

Silver trays



Old Bread Box

Packer for old paper packing tape

Cow bell

2 old purple medicine bottles

2 Edgeworth Extra High grade sliced pip tobacco tins

Pocket hand warmer

2 damaged Queen Victoria Jubilee 1897 mugs

Bin 135

6 lamps or partial lamps

Popular Apple Box

2 gas lamps

2 metal lamps

Box 136

2 lamps

5 vases

2 candle holders

Cheese dish


Tin hat box

2 hats – 1 Eaton’s

Numerous white collars

Eaton and Co Fur Shawl

Box 137

2 old Stanley levels

Clothes line



Ladies travelling razor

Royal yeast cakes

Travel trouble lighter – plugs into a cigarette lighter

Coop thermos and mug

Box 137

Old masher

Box 138

5 cookie jars

14 Black Zodiac mugs

2 white milk glass sandwich plates

Box camera

Barometer – made in Germany

Case – trap clock

Old green mug

Green vase

Collapsible wooden bowl – handmade by Harold Woodhouse

Box 139

2 small sprayers

Wood nativity scene

2 tin Christmas trains

7 brass candle holders

2 Christmas sleighs

2 Avon jars

1 inkwell jar – no lid

Large soup Turenne – no lid

Christmas tin

3 vases

1 decanter

Cow notepad holder


Jello box medallions

Tea pot

Monkeys ornament

Stove – ash turner

Small lamp – no chimney

Lamp and chimney

Vinegar jug

Purple medicine bottle

Intricate shaker – milk glass

Tupperware marinating dish

Box 140

29 sets of cups and saucers

5 silver or silver plate dishes – great for repurposing or craft stock

Asia cup

Shortening tin

Old Iron

#8 cast frying pan – made in Canada

1 silver plate dish

1 brass plan pot base

Bin 141

Jumbo Noah’s Ark

1 silver plate dish

Benson’s English Toffee Tin

Tupperware snack tray

Green Suitcase

Polyester quilting squares

Orange suitcase

7 Adult quilting panels

31 children’s quilting panels

2 panels with colour matched backing and fabric for Prairie Points

Box 142

Polyester Quilt fabric

6 quilting books

Box 143

Flannel Quilting squares and flannelette

Box 144

Quilting cottons

Box 145

Polyester Quilting fabric

Box 146

Misc. Cotton fabric

Cotton quilt – edging to be finished

Box 147

8 children’s quilting panels

5 adult panels – 3 with backing fabric

2 old style bedspreads


Dresser scarfs

2 table clothes


5 Upholstery and curtain fabric bolts

7 wool blankets

4 Chenille Bedspreads

Embroidery floss

2 old slates

2 furniture books

Fancy apron


Dominion of Canada $5.00 War Savings Certificate

2 Currier and Ives Pictures

Old Planters Mixed Nut Tin

Miniature Doll Cradle for doll houses

2 Pyrex Bowl Sets

2 Pyrex Mixing bowls

4 Serving dishes

2 pottery bowls

2 Firestone mugs

2 mixers

Old Nutty Club Jar

2 Jugs

2 Vases

4 made in England mugs


Onyx pen holder

Fluted cake plate

3 made in England platters

2 serving dishes

Rose cake plate

Tim Hortons coffee tin

4 footed dishes

2 Finlay cooking pots

Rose Chamber pot – made in England

Cake plate and cover

2 Serving bowls

Cream jar

The Bartender – ornament

Made in England – Royal Collection Tray – St James Palace

Made in Germany – Carving Set – antler handles

Picture of a Royal child

Wire Chicken

2 English Rose cups

3 Heartwood Creek Christmas ornaments – Grumpy, a Pig and a Donkey

Made in Portugal Friendship Rooster

4 Margarita glasses

1 large handmade fishing lure

Box of old keys

Small metal number stamps

34 Costume jewelry necklaces

3 Knick Knack jewelry holders

1 made in England business card case

81 Costume jewelry bracelets

Pirate style wood chest

3 smaller wooden boxes – 1 is cedar

1 Kashmir Box – hand painted 22K gold leaf

1 Chinese style wooden box

1 Cloth jewelry box

5 belts

3 belt buckles

Decorative tin box

Approx. 50 long costume jewelry necklaces

36 long costume jewelry necklaces

24 short costume jewelry necklaces

70 pins/key chains/bookmarks

15 Rings

80 old pairs of costume jewelry earrings

Trivet dish

Old Leyroy watch box

Pewter turtle magnifying glass

Old leather cufflink box

Small green wick basket

Old watches for repair parts

5 pocket watches

41 Costume watches – need batteries

2 old large jewelry boxes – one is a Buxton

1 old picnic basket – tin with yellow plaid

1 Gulf tanker truck

1 Petrocan tanker truck

5 Trinket shoes

2 wooden mind game puzzles

14 cups and saucers

1 sm bud vase – green glass bottom

1 shaving mug

1 Christmas platter

Red and white pottery pie plate, 2 casserole dishes

5 Rogers silver plate – the Vortex Sanitary Service pieces – 1920 patent

1 Birks sterling mini cup – replica of the Bank of Montreal – Challenge Cup – name is scratched off

Set of 8 Winterling Bavaria dishes (7 dinner plates, 7 cups, 8 saucers, 8 soup bowls, 8 salad plates and 8 bread and butter plates, 1 platter)

1 Toll Hill Upper Canada Village

1 Carnival glass dish

1 old purple candy dish with lid

1 old ink well

18 old egg cups

1 egg and holder

1 old Easter egg

1 sm decorative thimble

Sm purple bud vase

19 pieces of Brass, bell, candle holder, mug and goblets

Ladies shoe stretcher

2 Empire Hotel – Carievale Sk – thermometers in boxes

2 candle holders

3 pottery soup cup and plate sets

Morning Glory Café – drink glass

Cream and Sugar

2 Medicine Hat pottery plates #85

1 Medicine Hat pottery plate

2 Crown Clarence Ironstone, England

1 Wedgewood plate

1 Limoges – France plate

1 old Blue Ribbon Tin with matches inside

Victoria Brand – Fruit box

2 cast pots

1 cast kettle

1 cast fry pan

Old Turenne

2 Bavaria candy dishes

1 gallon jug cut in half

2 brass candle holders

Cat creamer

2 musical bear ornaments

2 old moulds

Foxwarren Vanguard Credit Union mugs

4 Vanguard Credit Union glasses

2 tea pots

Brass bell

2 old medicine bottles

Fool’s gold and container from BC

Old sugar bowl

Turtle candle holder

Fish sign

Mickey mouse ornament

Sm old curling iron

3 milk glass plates

2 mugs

Coffee cup and saucer

Rose cup, saucer, bread and butter and salad late

Christmas cookie press

 Old English pottery mug

1 pint jug

8 pencil sharpeners

1 fan cigarette lighter

1 Limoges plate

1 turtle piggy bank

4 animal ornaments

2 mustache cup

12 sm animal ornaments

1 – 2 well ink box

1 old container of Sulfur Sublimed

Small train

Lg sq platter

2 cast bronze wall plaques – a pheasant and a Goose

Green sugar bowl

Salt cellar

Wire pot

2 squirrel ornaments

Clay flower pot

Clay bowl

1 copper potpourri

3 wooden handle kitchen utensils

1 oil or vinegar cruet decanter

2 old shot glasses

2 white glass eggs

Old thermometer and relative humidity gage

30 cups and saucers

2 mugs and plates

2 candle holders

5 ornaments

Wood paper town holder

Holland jug

Zebra ornament

3 trivet dishes

Christmas sleigh – laser cut wood – made in Esterhazy

Christmas coasters

Cream and sugar

Donut cup

Sm candy plate

Old – ornament of a young lady

Egg and stand

Hunter and dog ornament

Green shoe ornament

Large bull piggy bank

6 cocoa cups

4 tomato soup cups

6 Prince of Wales and Lady Diana commemorative mugs

1 cream jug

Violet design cream and sugar

3 bud vases

4 bells

5 man monkey bank – ornaments

6 fairy ornaments

Mini candle holder – made in the US

2 Rooster mugs

Enamel kettle

Appetizer plates and tray

4 sets of salt and peppers

Rooster Chimes

Rooster spoon rest

Wall Hangar

Parker Monchhichi’s in a box – the bride and groom

10 clocks – some Big Ben

13 ornaments

6 vases

3 sm ironstone bowls

1 oil or vinegar cruet jug

1 napkin holder

1 old English tin

2 salt and pepper sets

1 brass bird cage

2 sm cherry wall ornaments – old

Brass bowl

2 candle holders

Easter tin

Wooden sq grinder pursher

1 rooster

1 set of electric clippers


Shoe stretcher

Old Eaton’s tin


2 sprayers


Old napkin holder

Candy tin

6 taper candle holder

2 plant pails

Sunbeam food grinder attachment

Egg scale


Babbitt pot


Wear ever pot – no lid

2 presses

Daizy churn – St Louis

Chicken basket

2 cast  pots

Old cake decorations

Old funnel

 3 tine

2 moulds

2 jars

3 tea pots


1 enamel hospital – soup cup

3 juicers

Oil lamp

2 ornaments

1 sm atomizer

Old budget bank

Made in England jar opener

Cala Bash smoking mixture tin

Watkins cloves tin

Napkin holder

Sm cedar box

Christmas bell

2 trifle bowls

2 pearlescent bowls

JW Sorensen & Son thermometer – Theodore SK

Hand grinder

Old hand mixer

Silver plate tea pot, cream and sugar

Glass flower pot frog

8 vases

8 mugs

Decorative spoon

8 gold trimmed cream and sugar

Made in England – Cuistometrie

Sterling adding machine

Tin mail holder


Merry Mixer stamp

Metal letter stamps

4 lamp shades

Lg ironstone bowl

Bean pot from Italy – no lid

Juice jug

Old tin from England

8 shooter glasses

4 old juice glasses

6 brass tea spoons

2 meat pounders

Sm English ironstone dish

2 old ornaments

Lg green bowl

3 English bowls

15 Misc CN dishware pieces

Brass sieve

Green ashtray

Biscuit barrel

Enamel tea pot

2 Serving dishes

Singer Commemorative Sewing Measure

7 tall glasses – various Highland clans

4 silver plate serving dishes

5 vases

2 lamps

2 clocks

1 decanter

2 serving dishes

2 cruet jugs for oil or vinegar

Russian candle holder

Enamel pot

2 enamel strainers

2 muffin or bun tins

2 canning jar grippers or lifters

Salt cellar

Old lamp part

German bowl

Ornament for a girls room

5 decorative brass bed parts

Casserole holder

2 25th anniversary silver plate goblets

2 sets of candle holders

Woven box

Small clay jug

Sm green Santa boot

Cream picture – pottery from Rapid City, MB

Copper pot

3 handmade decoys


Tea pot

Red box

Multitude of collectible toys

Children’s mixer and blender

Metal tractor

Mickey’s airmail plane

Childs cobblers bench

1 oak draw pull

Green Christmas candle holder bells

3 sm copper jugs

2 piggy banks

Old lamp

Juice jug

Silver cream and sugar

2 bud vases

Silver candle holder

Chicken salt and pepper

3 wooden wall hangings

1 old white milk glass salt and pepper

Chicken egg cup

2 sm red refrigerator dishes

1 boot ornament

Oil jug

Oil can

Spoon sieve

Large masher

Hand mixer

Blue enamel tea pot, cream and sugar

Green enamel basin

Enamel colander

Enamel round dish washing tub

Large German cookie box, including cookie boxes in the original shipping  box

Copper and leather tooling kit

Avon collectibles

Singer sewing machine attachments

3 old fur hats


7 milk and cream bottles

4 moulds

Old tin box

Dial x sharpener

Power cut electric scissors

16 pieces of silver and silver plate

Old thermal bowl

7 vases

Slotted plate


4 tea ornaments

6 old lighters

Individual cigarette rollers

Players cigarette tin - $4.00 new

Set of 4 sm mugs

Candy dish

Incense burner

2 painted jars – sm – possibly old salt and pepper set

Red emergency light

Appetizer and napkin dish

Sm glass lamp shade

3 sets of hand clippers

1 barometer

Scotty dog ornaments

2 highland dancer ornaments

Frog ornament and scissors

4 larger porcelain dolls

3 walking dolls

1 large plastic doll

1 clown

3 Ethnic dolls

1 porcelain midsize doll

Philco Tube Radio

Brass look clock

Esterhazy Flourmill

Granite Clock


Give me time embroidery


Oval old time picture

Robert Wood – Sunset Shore

Marie Todesichuk, Shilo – Original Golden Lady Slippers

M. Kotzer, Langenburg – Ruby

Reykjalin – Winter Sunset 78

Old Wagon Wheel with flowers

Harvest 1932

Mom and Children

Asian Silk Mountain

Phillip Lord – Pheasant on a hill

Asian on Copper

Gordon Henshel – Gone fishing

4 children of the past

Evening to church

Golden hours

Dried pansies

European – Sandri and thore

3 misc scenes

Calm after the Storm

Lower Fort Garry

Early pastel

Homeward Bound

Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria BC

Piggy banks

Wonky dog

Jade tree

Chinese girls – ornaments

Mini clock and key

Sorry about that ornament


Brass Camel and candle sticks

Unicorn mirror

3 porcelain

Ashton Drake – David and Danielle

Porcelain twins

Ashton Drake – Everything is coming up Roses

3 porcelain

9 porcelain

3 Scottish dolls

1 Roddy doll

1 Debby doll

9 miscellaneous dolls

1 Coke Bottle doll

4 Pratt Bratz – Barb Pratt passed away January 2017

3 Porcelain dolls

3 Porcelain dolls

3 Midsize porcelain dolls

3 1st Nations dolls

1 Anne of Green Gables

Duck Decoy

3 toys

4 bird feeders

1 grinder

1 lock box

1 Chinese umbrella

2 wall bells

1 copper dipper

1 sprayer

1 camp cooker

1 scale

2 toys


Clay pheasant

Tattoo gun for animal ears

Ceramic pot

Brass rocking horse ornament

Ceramic giraffe

A 2 story back house ornament

Music cylinders

3 record sets

Wallmount candle holder

Chinese checker board

Chicken platter and  bowl

Oinking snack bowl

Glass eggs

Painted eggs

2 older jars

Turkey ornament

2 candle holders

2 brass ornaments

2 bells

1 egg ornament

1 bird ornament

Peanut holder

1935 Gillham auburn car ornament

Dutch shoe ornaments

3 blown glass ornaments


2 bird ornaments

Drink tray and coasters

Rummyo board game

2 old plaster and clay


Walking doll

3 special interest

12 Various

5 general interest

1 old straw filled bear

8 various






3 Musical

2 Moving

20 TY’s

Real Wool Ram



Piggy Bank

10 Games and puzzles

1 Tin Boat

4 Automobile Books

12 Miscellaneous

14 Christmas dolls

3 Christmas tins

Candle holders



2 Tins

Soup Train

Lighted Block

Tea pot

Rocking Santa and Sleigh

Ceramic Carolers

Nut Cracker Vase

2 mug set

Shelf Santa

Christmas candelabra


Tree Topper

Candle holder

Door Swag


NOEL – wood blocks

Christmas Stove

Mrs. Clause Knitting

Dickenson House

The Knome of Toad Hollow

3 Tractor and Car

2 on Antiques

1 Draft Horses

3 Old Books

2 Tin Vases

1 Duck Tin

3 old plaster dolls

12 other old dolls

Box of 15 unique old ornaments

Painted box

Box purse

11 miscellaneous old ornaments

1 cast man for a cast ornament

4 24 carat gold lacquered cars

Yellow beetle car

2 speeding grandpa’s cars

1 National Motor Museum Mint car

Chinese tea set

Boot scrubber

Snoopy dog piggy bank

Wood wagon

Dog piggy bank


Bowl of fruit

2 Deco art vase and bowl

Rooster Serving dish

2 Birds, Paul Witney Hunter

Betty Pash – Field of Stooks – of Binscarth

Betty Pash – Old House – of Binscarth

Chinese Print

Engraved Picture – valued at $100.00 in 1978

Men’s meeting – M Doveston

Creek Scene – Needlepoint

Viewpoints – Wayne Rejaud

Yarmouth – Wayne Rejaud

Banana Bark Art

Backgammon Card Room

A Grey November Day – Chris Williams – copyright 1904

Windmill and Sail Boat

2 sketches – M. Wilson of Russell

Genuine Chevrolet tin sign

Ship and Lighthouse – RD 810

3 Adult – Mickey’s Party posters

2 Plaster of Paris edged scenery pictures

Royal Bank – Tin money order sign

2 small artsy signs

Asia – clay/pottery

Horizons contemporary Art


Queen Elizabeth Coronation

Blue Jay

Lake Scene – J Scholz 2002

Old Print – Young Woman – graphic calendar company

1980 print – Hans P Loetoke

Cottage Sail boat

Cool Shadows – A. Turnbull #284

Oil – Island Causeway

Three Flowers Cleansing Cream – lithograph 1904 copyright

Old frame – young girl gazing to the right

Royal Crown Soap – lithograph – Vancouver Canada

Marrying him before he goes

Flowers of May – Asian Boat scene

Scenery – James Tryroler – New York

2 Oils – Braforg

2 curved glass old frames – Summer in Holland

Case tractors in a field print

Ripe for the picking – Dennet Woodland ‘92

Old print – A tug a war

The Herring Net – Winslow Homer - copyright 1892

Tractor Prints in Frame

New Brunswick Hills – Old Cabin

2 Wall easel frames – Off to church – 1 with a tin back

Print – Springtime in England

Country scene framed with a reflective mirror edge

Pub Sign – Load of Mischief

Bathroom reprint – Paul Peel – after the 1860’s to 1892

Bottom’s up – Bill Hamton

Windmill – oil – Wells

Broken Fence – Betty Pash – Binscarth

Sparrow – Cal D Fontaine – Well know Native Artist

Greek Inlay on Wood

Case Plowing – Don Greytak – Pencil – 274/500

July 4th – American Folk Artist Grandma Moses 1860-1961

It Snows Oh it Snows – Grandma Moses

Tin - Diamond Des – a Busy Day in Dollville

Egyptian Print

Bird and Bulrush – Petti point

Kitchen Table – still life print

Cottage – A Louise Howsemont - #306

3 old Beveled  mirror

Old picnic scene

3 Misc frames with glass

2 Misc small pictures

2 Frames with glass

Old Canal City

Line up at Work Camp

Chinese Cherry Tree – Happiness Symbol on a Slate tile

Church and Homestead – Jamie Wilson Hasmany – 1881

Still Life - Vase of Flowers – Lithograph

Etched Picture in a California Redwood

Emerson TV/Radio/Cassette player

2 lanterns

2 Folk art trays

Pepsi Tray

Redman wood tray

Brass candy dish

Glass Serving tray

2 Jugs

2 Vases

Candle Holder

Horn – Sailboat

Doll chair


2 yellow ceramic giraffes

Clear vase

Chinese tea holder

2 fur hats

2 fur hand warmers

Dolls rocker

Old tea tin

2 elephants

Chicks on a trawley



Soapstone Rabbit

Clay prospector

Toll keepers Cottage

Royal Doulton Bunnykins mug

Clay Bell

Stage Coach

Decorative Bin

Doll cradle

Doll wagon

Wicker Bowl

1934 Shellmouth Manitoba – Dog Tag

Brown Sewing Box – misc supplies

Doll chair

Round box filled with empty wooden sewing spools

Skirt ruler

Mechanical Movements

Russell and Area Memory Book

1950’s American Cars

The Man Who Discovered Flight

Colonial Furniture Making

1901 – replica – T. Eaton Company

Green Tin Basket

German Pottery

Blue Pottery Bell

4 Silverton Place mats

Green Pottery Bowl

Bell chimes

Nutcracker on wood

Corinthians 1378 – Horse on the Beach

Bouquet of Flowers in an old frame

Home Again – Print from original – Arthur G Elsley 1910

Mallard – cross stitch

Cabin in the Mountains – Oil – M. Magrad

23 misc prints and items – 1932 calendar, Stormy Seas, Glamis Castle, Queen Elizabeth

Canning at the Cabin – Oil

Prayers at Bedtime

Lady and Suitor – Wood backed frame

Artist and Child

Reflections – A Turnbull - #282 – pastel

Edinburgh Quarry – W L Lutch

Foot of the West Bow – JDH

Young Girl Joining the Church

King or Bishop at the Mount

Old Folk Art – You have been false to me – chickens and ducklings

2 wood frames – one with glass

2 large floor easels

1 bed warmer

Sewing Kit

Birdhouse painting by Margaret Pinette – former Binscarth resident

New Bathroom fan in the box

Ladies Leather shoes with stretchers

Green Bird House

2 Large Chinese Eggs

Dress Form jewelry stand

Folk Art duck door stop

Folk Art Card holder

Oil Diffuser – original design

2 doll chairs

Copper tined box

Old revolving lamp

Outdoor candle lantern

2 old lint brushes

Old watch case

Wicker basket

Plant Pot wheel round - brass

Nick knack box

2 Wine caddies

Solid Brass jug


Glass snack plat

Copper plate

Folk Art tin plate

Bios weather station

Coral and lava, Hawaii

2 games

Candle holder

Swinging picture frame

Quilted wall hanging

New flush mount light fixture in box

Checker board

2 new shower and tap sets in boxes


Confectionary jar

4 Midnight Sun Mugs

500 cc Beaker

3 small ornaments

Candle shop basket

Frosty candle holder


Mouse Phone music box – ceramic

Christmas cat box

Candle stick holder

Cookie tin

Candle snuffer

2 Nut crackers

2 Christmas candles

Cathedral music box

Christmas sled

12 Christmas mugs

2 Candle holders

Brass Cribbage Board

Eifel Tower Hand Mirror

Lipstick Holder

Jewelry Tree

Ring Holder

Rattan Tray

Christmas house

Christmas music box

Christmas shop basket

Christmas steam pudding mould

Tea jar

2 canisters

Clear vase

Candle holders

Tea pot

4 1975 Eaton’s Catalogues

Cast plaque

Wood tray – felt bottom

Folk Art Chicken door stop

Sable Island

Early Wooden Ware

The Biggest Day of the Year

Working Steam model

Leather Bound – 1000 Beautiful things – Arthur Mee4

Christmas House

1976 Olympic Tray

Queen’s Silver Jubilee Tray 1952-1977

Made in England – tin tray

2 Christmas Candles

Reel tin

4 Tom Thompson mugs

Chinese Glass Towers

Samsonite Briefcase case

1942 Webster’s Encyclopedia dictionary

Large decorative pot

2 Christmas sleighs

White doll bed

2 cylinder records

Ringer pail

The Automobile

Millers Price Guide

Antiques & Collectibles 2011

Antique Furniture of Quebec

Canadian Price Guide

2 Antique & Vintage (Canadian)

The Fixit Book

Dolls and Toys

Canadian Old Catalogue

1902-1912 Motor Buggy

Brass Bowl

Old Wash pan

Garden Dibber

2 sm green stool

Green Stool

Large Kettle

Early Trains


The Agricultural Tractor



Glass in Canada

2 Antique Power

1975 Eaton’s Fall and Winter

Legacies of the Tribune


Antiques buyer

Furniture care and repair

Auction Sale

Clocks and Watches

American and Canadian Goblets

Tractor and Crawler Value Guide

Unitts Canadian Price Guide

World Furniture

Wooden shelf


Rapid City History

RM of Boulton History

History of the Forks Red and Assiniboine

Banana Belt Home Remedies

Wall Basket

Yellow Stool

Depression Glass

Illustrated World 1919

Custom Muzzle Loading

Rebuilding a Player Piano

77 Furniture Projects

Fine Woodworking and Bending Wood

Band Saw tips and tricks

Fake or Real

Masterpiece Furniture Making

180 Homes

Working with Metal

Furniture Doctor

Start to Finish Cabinet Making

50 years of the Crown

A Crown of Maples

5 Porcelain Dolls

3 Ethnic Porcelain Dolls

2 Stuffed Animals

3 Walking dolls

1 plastic doll

1 McDonald’s Clown

1 Sheriff

2 Rubber dolls

1962 Charmer Bride

1 Ethnic Doll

Father Christmas

Boxed Kimmie Doll

9 Misc Dolls

6 Well used Barbie’s

6 sets of Doll shoes, large to small

Misc clothes


Leather bound book

The Folygraph and Album

Brass Candelabra

Old Beaker

Wine decanter

Lamp parts

2 Bottoms of lamps

Chicken Stove covers

2 Christmas Reindeer and Sleigh sets

1 Christmas Sleigh

Tin film reel box

Henry Bader – Toiletry clippers

Old razer

2 Trivet wall hangings – York Ministry and 3 Flowers

2 sm dresser top mirrors

4 baby bottles

2 Cream bottles

1 Medicine bottle

1 old Glycerine bottle – Binscarth Drug Store

Nyal Camphorated Oil

2 sm 7 up

1 Nu Grape

1 Coke

1 Poole’s Clothing store ashtray

Rooster Picture

Poppy Picture

Inglis Elevators 147/450 – Yakibowski 95

Folk art Nutcracker picture

Christmas Stave

Mystic Lady

Vanishing Prairie Sentinel – Hazel Yates Dauphin

Drive North America – CAA

Crop Circles

Joey Green’s Amazing Kitchen Cures

Readers Digest – Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

Furniture Restoration and Repair

Birds of Western Canada

The Way We Live in Manitoba – Free Press

Historic Sites of Canada

Thomas Collector Addition Wall Phone

Red Glass Lantern – no shade

Clark and Co. 5 quart presser cooker

Clucking Chicken laying eggs

1962 – 2 raised country scenes

House and Barn – Betty Pash – Binscarth

Old La Mode Illustree – Leyro Imp. Paris

All Saints Westgate Cathedral County – Marjorie C Bates

Chilton’s Auto Repair 1979

The Green Pharmacy – James A Duke

The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible – Edward Smith

Readers Digest – North American Folk Healing

10 Various Canadian Books

Double Sea Scape

East Lake – Mirror Frame for a Dresser

Bird cast 4 hook coat hangar

Beath Tub

Iron Cast and copper long handle pan

Aluminum long handle pan

Set of 3 interlocking aluminum pans

Feed basket

Large strainer

Wear ever fry pan #137

Folding vintage omelet pan – patent 1913

Jug Basin and Soap dish

Jade colour cat

2 glass paper weights

Made in Wales trivet box

Old wicker magazine basket

2 old piano jewelry boxes – 1 musical

Sm darner

Sm old Venice oval – made in Italy

25 books – Weird places and Ghost stories


Sleeve Board

Sm Scale

Pot menders and advertising items

5 cigar holders

Brass lamp air pump

Chalk line

Old glass baster

Rolls razer tool – patented 1927

Ivory tongue depressor

Old curling iron

Sewing Awl

Ingram timer

Cracker  box/tray

2 old nails

Valarie Pen Watch

Rooster – wicker basket – tissue box


Glass paper weight

Premi camera

Mini onyx lions



Hawaii pen holder

Old number stamps

Old weed/chemical/sprayer books

Old thermometer

Case straw spreader attachment manual

New Holland belt buckle

Old Mickey wine up toy

Beaded purse

Wooden Royal Bank pen holder

Classic tractor playing cards

4 Rooster placemats

4 Checkered placemats

8 various tablecloths

Devon sail boats 1961

German Army winter trials 65/66

1970 Bird cross stitch made in Stoney Mountain jail

2 oval frames with curved glass

Chinese checker board

3 old wood mirrors

Large square peanut jar – no lid

2 Bright’s port jugs

Old Green glass jar with a glass stopper

2 Old water pitchers

Canton House Tea Pot

Old English butter dish

Fish design round thermometer

2 Loney’s 5lb bonbon tins


Sm wood lamp

German thermometer in a Silver sleeve

Grain Bin Thermometer

Old duster brush

Marble Rolling Pin

Therma seat for outdoor events

6 cast pots

1 steel mallet

2 old knives

Live mouse trap

CNR Kettle or tea pot

Sm enamel jug

Sm camp stove

Old Dutch enamel jug

Old coffee maker

Sm yellow enamel tea pot

2 enamel pots

Lock box

Bird house

Candle mold holder

Old Napa funnel

Hospital men’s bed urinal and kidney dish

2 old kettles

Large enamel coffee maker

Babbitt pot

Iron pot

Pottery bell

Pottery jug with a wooden stopper

2 old wood picture frames

Sheffield England – bread board and stainless steel knife

Old Toffee Tin

Marble solitaire game

5 picture stands

Set of 3 ceramic canisters

2 cookie cutters

4 birds, some are salt and peppers

Heart trivet box

Various Christmas ornaments

10 muffin tins

White milk glass lamp shade

Floriam Fabric pinker – USA patent

Various wood work hardware pieces

Rooster soup bowl, plate and mug

4 oriental fruit nappies

Chicken salt and pepper

2 crystal candy dishes

Christmas covered bridge wreath

Nick knack box

2 Asian prints

The Cotswolds scroll

1867-1967 Confederation Map

Floating Mill on the River Stour – Jo Constable 1817 print

Fall canvas – Robert Wood ‘56

Milk bottle

Green bottle

2 coffee mugs and 2 tea mugs – Rose pattern – Royal Kirkham England

5 Franklin Porcelain mugs

2 Norman Rockwell mugs

1 Aquarius and 1 Leo mug

Large knife

Stop Watch

Crystal dishes

2 Pottery mugs

1 mug Yorkshireman – Advice to his Son

4 Irish coffee mugs

4 Norman Rockwell mugs

8 sm glasses

2 Pyrex bowls

5 crystal fruit nappies

3 Serving spoons

1 egg or pastry cutter

7 ice cream float spoons

4 Pyrex/corning ware and bakeware casseroles

1 flour sifter

4 crystal serving dishes

3 measuring cups

1 scoop

3 tin measuring cups

Wood carving platter, knife and fork

Corning ware

3 red and white bakeware pieces

7  rolling pins

4 metal pie plates

1 heavy made in Germany mold

Set of 3 pots

Old egg poacher

Anchor Hocking serving dish and silver plate holder

Decorative oven ready pie plate

Made in England 9 1/4 cup serving bowl

2 Fire King pie plates

1 large fruit decorative casserole

1 casserole dish

Wood plate

Tin bowl and lid

9 various aluminum bake pans

Various sets of mugs and special interest pieces

Rooster tin

Oil and vinegar server

28 Platters and Plates – England, Germany, Nippon

8 sets of mugs

1 cream and sugar

6 sets or individual glasses

23 assorted table clothes

Old Sewing machine case – Singer

2 place settings of 4 Texaco dishes in boxes

Picnic basket from Vermont Mass. – Basketville – 4 plates, cutlery and glasses

12 Misc plates – England, Bavaria, Austria

6 serving dishes

2 cutlery holder

4 fruit nappies

1 Ironstone jug

Fish Bowl

Soup dish and 2 saucers

Lemon juicer

Two handled mug

5 pieces of old glassware and glasses

Salt Cellar

1 oil server

2 decorative cups

Old hand mixer bowl, no mixer

Old tin box

Schaeffer pen

Metal bowl – Italy

6 Table clothes

2 wine glass sets

2 mugs

4 glasses

Cream and sugar


5 sm Bowls

Serving dish

17 individual special interest mugs

3 cups and saucers

15 Salt and Peppers

1 egg cup

Black ivory Shoe set

Meadow Flowers Note Paper – Greeting Card Book

Rose Pencils

Penguin fridge baking powder holder

Chinese fan

Sailing ship copper plate – Holland

Cat picture

Picture - Pulling a ship from the sea – A Morland – With all Sails Set

Picture – At Day Break – Arthur Heming


6 table clothes

1 quilt top

Embroidery Sewing Box

Evening Bag

Mahogany Jewelry Box

4 Avon pieces

Remington Razor

3 stylized shoe ornaments

Paper towel holder

5 ty’s

Royal Bank rain gauge

Crochet cotton

1972 Royal Bank Calendar

Couple of nick knacks

Key from room 16 – King George Hotel – Kamsack

Old brush and comb  set

5 table clothes

Bread box

6 old pictures

1 frame and glass

Set of 8 rooster glasses in box

3 old timers car pictures

4 quilting books

1 needle craft book

1 Chevrolet 1955-1957 – the Hot One book

2 made in Canada picture frames

6 pieces of women’s old intimate wear

Picture – Village Avenue by Meindert Hobbema – State Museum Berlin

Old Frame

Old Beveled glass mirror

Old Dresser mirror and Wood frame

Old leather chair seat

Little Cottage Shop Doll house kit

New sunbeam steam iron

7 lap quilting frames

Old framed picture

Old linen roll and linens

3 Sombrero’s

Wicker basket with Afghan to sew together

7 Bread tins

2 loaf pans

9 various peanut butter jars

Sm crock

Sz 9 riding boot covers – no lases – made in Canada

Wear ever aluminum press

2 sm lamp shades to be recovered

Old round beveled mirror

1 new corning wear casserole detachable handle in box

Various old tart pans

2 cast stove top pans

1 aluminum stove top pan

Old iron and stand

4 bundles of steel wool

Old wood coat hanger wall mount

10 various new hardware pieces

Wood scoop

Cut – stained glass pieces

Metal tray

Wood chair pieces

Honeywell – ceramic heater

Wicker basket

Scrap booking paper

7 - Historic Canada, Quilting, Gemstones and Robert Bateman

4 old ethnic dolls

Old aftershave jar

3 sm soapstone like ornaments

Bathroom T-paper stand – brushed chrome with magazine holder

v-tech phone

Old napkin holder


3 letter openers

26 various small china ornaments and boxes

60’s pen with nib

Old gate handle

4 shooter glasses

Fan shape mirror

2 soup tureens

Hand held ashtray

Wales cream and sugar

2 bottle openers

2 plates

Childs mug


9 cups and saucers

 China coffee mugs

2 metal egg cups

4 steins

2 tin boxes – 1 Hamilton & Co Sash Tools, 1 cigars?

Old purple glass bowl

Yellow bowl – US pottery

2 colours glass ornaments – cannot remember the name of the glass

2 Belgian horses and covered wagon

Honey jar

Bonbon dish

Cheese dish

6 crystal serving dishes

Cowboy Boot clock

Rooster trivet

Brass ashtray

12 mugs

Tea pot

Sm red refrigerator dish

Chinese tea holder

Blue Stilton Cheese pot and knife

6 fruit nappies

Old glass

Old sm dish

Shell bonbon dish