Dollard & Marguerite Mailhot Antique Collection Reduction Auction: Gasoline Pumps; Oil & Gas Advertising; Toys; Vehicles; Crocks; Oil lamps & much more

Antique Auction in Shamrock Centre, Killarney, Manitoba, Canada

03 Saturday
03rd August, 2019 9:30 AM

Dollard & Marguerite Mailhot Antique Collection Reduction Auction: Gasoline Pumps; Oil & Gas Advertising; Toys; Vehicles; Crocks; Oil lamps & much more

Antique Auction in Shamrock Centre, Killarney Manitoba, Canada

Saturday at - 03rd August , 2019


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Auction Items For Sale

Dollard & Marguerite Mailhot Antique Collection Reduction Auction: Gasoline Pumps; Oil & Gas Advertising; Toys; Vehicles; Crocks; Oil lamps & much more

Sat. Aug. 3     9:30am start
Shamrock Centre, Killarney, MB
Online bidding available - 
Sale registration will be available on Friday Aug. 2 after 4:30 at Shamrock Centre


Wilderness Inn, Killarney 1-204-523-4111, Erin Inn, Killarney 1-204-523-4651, Emerald Iise & Resort, Killarney 1204-523-4215, Wilderness Inn, Boissevain 1-204-534-7155

Camping: Kerry Park, Killarney 1-204-523-6000 or Killarney Ag Society & Campground 1-204-523-4699

Dollard & Marguerite Mailhot Antique Collection Reduction Auction Day 1

Sat. Aug. 3       9:30am start

Shamrock Centre, Killarney, MB

Online Bidding will be available on approx. 240 major items

All items listed are available on day 1 only!

Pumps, Racks & Lubsters: Clear Vision Model 700, double visible, partial restoration w/ fuel pump, original triple etched cyls. & hoses & nozel; Clear Vision visible, restored pump;  G&B 176 gas bowser; Single Clear Vision, all complete w/ original cyl. & nozel; Wayne 777 visible pump, partial restoration; Bennett model 58 curbside pump, partial restoration; G&B Self-measuring curb side pump; Milwakee clock face pump;  Clear vision visible gas pump; triple etched clear vision cyl., fits Stonewall Pump, original; 2x double etched visible cyl., original (1 has repainted numbers);  2x Texaco Sky Chief pump lenses, 3 3/8” x 28 5/8”, original; En-ar-co oil bottle rack; Imperial 3 Star rack, repainted;  North Star Oil Ltd. – William Penn lubster, Service Station Equip. Co, original; 

Globes: North Star Gas, banded body, wide profile, original; En-ar-co Motor Oil – White Rose Gasoline, repainted; Esso gas, metal low profile frame, repainted; Home gas, original; Imperial 3 Star, low profile frame, original; British America Super Power Gas, wide profile glass globe, original; Champlain Gasoline, original; Texaco black T, narrow body, metal screw on bottom, 6” base, original; Esso Extra, metal frame, original paint; White Eagle, blunt nose, no feather details, original; Texaco Sky Chief, wide body, original; Mobilgas, wide body, original; Red Crown globe, 7” metal base, original; Standard Oil flame globe, screw on, original (missing paint); North Start Buffalo globe, banded body, original; Texaco Sky Chief, Black T wide body, original; Shell clam globe (repaint on red shell), original;

Signs: Red Indian Motor Oil, double-sided, porcelain, 14 x 21 ¼”, original; White Rose, porcelain, double-sided, round w/ bracket, 50” dia., original; White Rose double-sided, porcelain, round, 48” dia, original; White Rose Station (Gasoline/Motor Oil) signs 2 pc., porcelain, 15 ½” x 94 ½”, original; Red Crown Gasoline, double-sided, porcelain, 30” dia., original; Firestone Tire Service – CA Jones, porcelain, 30”x 60”, original; HD Churchill, porcelain, 16” x 82”, original; White Rose metal sign, tapered, 41” on diagonal, original; Sherwin-Williams paint, double-sided flange, porcelain, 16” x 22”, original; Sprite, bi-lingual metal, 18 ¾” x 16 “, original; Five Roses All Purpose flour, 23” x 29 “, tin, original; White Rose double-sided flange, porcelain, 17 ½” x 18”, original; Texaco, double-sided, porcelain, 60” dia., original; Fire Chief Texaco pump plate, porcelain, 8” x 12”, original; Texaco Sky Chief, curved porcelain pump plate, fits clear vision pump, 8” x 12”, original; Briggs & Stratton Service Centre, double sided metal, 24” x 35”, original; Red Rose Coffee, embossed tin, 19 ¼” x 27 ½”, original; Coca-Cola palm press, porcelain, 3 ½” x 13 ½”, original; Imperial 3 Star, porcelain, double visible pump plate, 10” x 15”, some touch-ups, original; Gulf, metal, 41” dia., original; Canadian Oil Co. Ltd., porcelain, 17” x 35”, framed, original; Mobiloil Gargoyle, double-sided, porcelain, 23 ½” across, original; Wakefield Tractor Oil, Agricastrol, tin, 35 ½” x 23”, original; BA, porcelain, 35” dia., original; Gulf Guaranteed Good Value, metal, double sided, 12” x 48”, original; Texaco Green T, metal, 15” x 72”, original; Coca-cola, metal, 44 ½” x 44 ½”; Good Year Tires, porcelain, single-sided, 24” x 71”, original; Texaco Gasoline Motor Oil, porcelain, double-sided, 42” dia., original; Atlas Tires Batteries, porcelain, single-sided, 28” x 118”, original; Solo Store, light-up sign, plastic w/ metal casing, complete & original; Texaco, Gulf, Esso, White Rose road maps; Texaco thermometer – more modern; BA double bubble wall clock, works; Texaco Fire Chief thermometer, original; Gulf flag; Antelope Petroleum Products – Henderson Oil Ltd., tin sign; Firestone Tires “most miles per dollar”, porcelain, single-sided, drilled for neon, original; BA cooler, some rust on bottom edge;


Oil Bottles: McColl-Frontenac Red Indian, 1 pt.; 2x En-ar-co bottle, 1 qt.; oil bottle carrier;

Cans: McColl-Frontenac Red Indian grease 1lb. tin; Red Head grease tin, 1lb.; Prairie Cities Oil Co. – Buffalo Oil 5 gal. pail; Prairie Cities Oil Co. – Buffalo Oil motor oil, 1 gal.; Prairie Cities Oil Co. Ltd. Grease tins, 1,3,5lb. tins;   Roco grease tin, 1 lb.; White Rose permanent type Anti-Freeze; North Star oil Ltd. Grease tin, 1lb.; White Rose motor oil, 5 gal. pail, yellow; En-ar-co motor oil 5 gal pail, blue (rusted); Rare Rega Woco motor oil tin, 2 quart, good label, tin crushed; Rare Red Indian Heavy Arctic oil, 1 gal., rusted; BA autolene motor oil, 2 gal.; BA grease pail, 10 lb.; BA Frost Cop Anti-Freeze tin, 1 gal.; North Star Oil grease pail, 5 gal.; Beaver Oil Ltd – Monarch Oil, 1 qt.; Kendall Refining Co. 2000 mile, 1 qt.; Risoline snowmobile oil tin, 1 qt.; 3x White Rose oil, yellow tin, 1 qt.; 3x White Rose oil, yellow tin, 1 qt.; 2x Hub Oil co., 1 qt.; Husky motor oil, full, 1 qt.; Texaco Auto Transmission fluid, full, 1 qt.; BA Peerless heavy duty motor oil, full, 1 qt.; Shell silver motor oil, 1 qt.; Gulf valvetop oil tin, 6 oz.; Bulldog motor oil tin, 1 gal.; 3x White Rose motor oil, 1 qt.; North Star – William Penn motor oil, 1 qt.; Co-op motor oil, 1 qt.; British America Oil Co. tin, 1 qt.; Imperial Marvelube motor oil, 1 qt.; Ford anti-freeze, 1 qt. Gulf XHD motor oil, 1 qt.; BA Outboard motor oil, 1 qt.; Delaval Co. Ltd. Separator oil, 1 qt.; North Star Oil Ltd. Grease, 25 lb.; Beaver Premium motor oil, 1 qt.; Texaco motor oil, 5 gal. pail; Esso MP grease, 5 lb.; 3x Roco Glycol Anti-Freeze 1gal. w/ cardboard box; Esso Marvelube motor oil, 1 qt.; BA Autolene axle grease, 5lb.; Underwriters lab. Inc. safety can; North Star Oil lubrication, 1 gal.; Polarine Transmission lubrication tin, 5lb.; Mobiloil A heavy medium oil, 1 gal.; Polarine frost proof oil, 1 gal.; Antelope motor oil, full, 1 qt.; oil barrel stand; British American oil Co. cream style-can; British American Oil Co. cream-style can w/ lid;

Toys: Phillips 66 – replica handmade gas pump w/ shelving inside; Mini Toy BA Tanker, original; Mini toy Texaco tanker, restored; Mini Toy Red Indian Marathon Blue tanker, restored – fantasy; mini toy Winnipeg Supply tanker, original (missing 1 hubcap); Mini Toy North Star tanker, restored;  fire fighter pedal truck w/ bell, original; Thistle Major pedal tractor, original; Versatile pedal tractor; VW bug pedal car, some rust; Harley Davidson pedal bike; old three wheel tricycle, original; Nylint truck & camper, original; Dept. of Highway gravel truck, original; IH Ertl truck w/ racks, missing some parts; Tonka gravel truck; Willy jeep; Buddy L grader; Case gravel truck, ERTL; Imperial Esso garage bank; mettype toy typewriter; horse drawn, homemade, water wagon – neat; windup tin duck; Elna Junior sewing machine in original box; old pedal horse & cart;

Vehicles & related items:

  • 1927? Nash sedan, partially restored, suicide doors, reupholstered seats, re-done spoked wheels, not running - missing s/n
  • Early 1960s Nash  Metropolitain, 16,630 miles showing, 2 door, 4 cyl., s/n 33468, chassis # E33464 - not running
  • 1960s Studebaker Daytona, 4 door, 61,665 miles showing, not running, s/n 64SC-I60I
  • 1950s? Studebaker Land Cruiser, 6 cyl., suicide doors, not running, missing s/n plate
  • Late 1950s Mercedes Benz 180D, 4 door, diesel, not running, s/n 8518977
  • Late  1950s Mercedes Benz 180, 4 door, gas, not running, s/n 4607276
  • Late 1950s, Edsel Ranger, 82,061 miles showing, 4 door, not running
  • 1954 Oldsmobile 88, model 36-69D, 4 door, V8, 66,561 miles showing, s/n 4366903121 - not running
  • 1920s Ford model A, 4 door sedan, body, motor, chassis - parts
  • 1920s Chevrolet 4 door sedan, body - parts
  • 1920s Nash coupe w/ body & chassis, 6 cly. & trans., solid rims, s/n C45-20 - parts
  • 1920s Nash body, 4 door w/ suicide doors, 6 cyl., - parts
  • Dodge 800 crane truck, 5 spd. split trans., 79,110 miles showing, not running, not safetied 
  • 1998 Arctic Kat Kitty Kat, s/n 9902547, like new, less than 15 hrs.;
  • David Bradley walk-behind tractor w/ attachments, not running;
  • 1970 Yamaha RD 350 motorcycle;  s/n R5-107373
  • Kitty Tracks 112 Super Crawler, 12Hp, model 112, s/n7040092, not running 
  • Satoh tractor w/ loader, 25HP, bucket, 540PTO, motor seized 

2x C.A.A. license plate holders, 1927; Manitoba Motor League plate holders, years: 1923, 29, 30, 35, 36, 47-55; Manitoba Motor League plate holders w/o year tags; Ford Model A solar lamp; old brass car horn; MB license plates 1912-14, 16, 17, 19 tag, 20-48, 49 & 51 tags, 50, 52 plates, 53-56 tags & 59, 62, 63 tags; Australian license plate; 1979 Paraguay license plate; 4x hood ornaments; variety of car emblems incl. Chevrolet, Martin, Moffat, Myers, etc.; Delco-lite glass battery box;

Furniture: Concave-double curve china cabinet, gold-gilded (oriental);  2x stained glass window in brass frame, 12 ½” x 36”; stained glass window, one broken & one cracked panel, 16” x 36”; stained glass window, 14” x 27”; oak folding tea cart; Mahogany pin-back setee, original; oval end table; mahogany whatnot w/ curved glass cabinet; walnut washstand w/ marble backsplash; oval wooden parlor table, hand-carved top; oak homemade showcase, 24”x 24” x 48”; ¼ oak round single-pedestal table w/ leaves, 48” dia.; end table w/ marble top; single-curved glass, oak china cabinet; end table w/ marble top; 1980s French Provincial chesterfield, loveseat & chair (red velvet); 48” Brass bed frame; 2x Eastlake upholstered chairs; gentlemen’s free-standing coat hanger; Eastlake parlor table; wood inlayed coffee table; tin top kitchen table; fumed oak record cabinet w/ single shelf; maple/fumed oak gentlemen’s dresser w/ beveled mirror; twin size – wooden bookcase headboard w/ eagle inlay; 3x homemade show cases, 2 rounded & 1 flat font; spinning wheels; electrical pant presser valet; grandfather clock body; old wood wardrobe; tea wagon (needs repair); drop leaf desk, missing drop down; homemade showcase for lighters; stained glass window, 19 ¼” x 48”; stained glass window, 32 ½” x 45”; vintage B-D medical supply cabinet; chair w/ matching rocker, leather accents;

Lamps: Cranberry thumb print & brass hanging lamp w/ prisms; Cranberry hanging hall lamp; Floral hanging lamp w/ prisms; Brass/floral hand lamp w/ amber prisms; brass/floral hanging lamp w/ clear prisms; country scene hanging lamp w/ matching font; Napoleon Bonaparte banquet lamp; Boy w/ flute banquet lamp w/ cranberry swirl shade; Pewter cherub banquet lamp w/ amber ruffled shade; B&H brass/copper banquet lamp; Brass hanging lamp w/ cobalt blue candle holders & clear prisms; moonstone jadite green Aladdin lamp; pink floral, hand-painted GWTW lamp; brass banquet lamp; Green Satin GWTW, globe chipped at base; blue/green interchangeable lamp; Lady on Horse w/ tulip shades, modern-electric; bullseye; acetate lincoln drape Aladdin; Riverside panel w/ green font; Tiffany-style, slag glass lamp; mini lamps; variety of barn lanterns; red shaded barn lantern;

Clocks/Radios: Addison model 5E bakelite radio, good condition;  Westinghouse floor model clock/radio, missing internals; Electrohome cabinet radio; rocket tiny radio w/ pickup sticks game; gingerbread mantle clock; New Haven Clock Co. wall clock, interior weight driven; Mother of Pearl inlay wall clock; cast iron clock; Iron mantle clock; Seth Thomas mantel clock w/ porcelain face; Ingraham Clock Co. alarm clock; New Haven Clock Co w/ key; slate mantle clock;

Misc. Cans/Advertising: Cast iron “Old Abe” Case eagle, repainted, has been repaired, has re-cast original base + new base; Coca-Cola Policeman, double-sided, original; Bulldog salesman sample grain cleaner; coca-cola cooler, original; True 7-Up lg. cooler, original (unknown if it works); 1960s Coca-cola cooler w/ internals;  Edgeworth Extra pipe tobacco tin; McDonald’s fine cut smoking tobacco tin; Planters peanuts can; Big Ben Plug chewing tobacco tin; Bull Meat Brand Flour bin w/ original paper wrap; Hire’s syrup dispenser w/ sm. Chip; Pelissier Bry Ltd. Oak beer barrel; Fort Garry Bry Ltd. Oak beer barrel; Drewery’s Standard Lager, Western Canadian Breweries Ltd. Wooden beer barrel w/ paper tag;  assorted tobacco & cigarette tins/packages; misc. modern coca-cola memorabilia; BA drinking glasses; BA receipt book & Canadian Oil Co. receipt book; Esso rad anti-freeze tester; Keystone sign (sm.) watch fobs; Liberty Milk Co. Inc. cobalt blue milk bottle; Lincoln Nebraska lightning rod bulb; WC Shinn lightning rod bulb; ceramic case eagle statue; Texaco fuel man’s hat, missing peak; Lake of the Woods Milling Co. 20lb. flour bag; 4x rye mill bags; 4x cracked wheat bags; 2x IH Farmall thermometers, new; Club Beer double-sided wall light sign; George Washington cut plug lunch box; Case tractor crank case plate w/ eagle logo, cast iron; Free press newspaper stand; 2x Brandon Breweries ginger beer bottles (damaged); Midland Pottery Milling ginger beer bottle (neck chipped);

Pottery: Sunburst 2 gal. crock; Medalta 1 gal. crock; RW 2 gal. crock;

Telephones: Monophone Automatic Electric Inc.; Brass Western Electric; Northern Electric; Northern Electric wall phone; old wall telephone (no label); Norther Electric Co. wall; rotary dial wall; telephone accessory; old wall Bakelite phone; JYDSK Telefon Aktieselskab telephone; JYDSK wall telephone; Eveready telephone dry cell batteries;

Musical Instruments: AMI jukebox w/ some records; Dictaphone w/ cabinet; 11” RCA Nipper dog, paper Mache; Hohner accordion; Sea Breeze multi-speed model 121 record player; Hohner concertina; record box w/ E. Berliner records incl. brown & grand records; variety of gramophone needs; hohner sm. Accordion, missing 2 keys; 1930s Hohner squeeze box w/o strap; Keytone accordion w/ case; brass horn for gramophone;

Glassware: winking teacups; assorted shaving mugs; Beswick Holsten cow & calf, cow; damaged; Floral Hill vases & flower pots; Shafford head vase & assorted head vases; Cranberry opal brides basket; mr. peanut dishes;  cranberry sugar shaker; brides basket insert (repaired); gravy boat; cut glass pickle cruet; shaving mirror; swan, colored ash tray; pre-nippon pcs.; 2x chamber pots; wood & brass ice buckets; blue floral jam jar w/ spoon; lg. porcelain water container; qt. beaver sealer; blue opal vase; cheese dish; seltzer bottle; cream tester;

Misc: #5 New House beat trap, springs are both stamped; New House #4 wolf trap w/ drag; Triumph Trap Co., high grip 415-X wolf trap; 3 blade propeller for plane; Kerosene jug; Gamewell Fire Fire box w/ internals & key; metal swing spout can; metal oil jug; CNR ½ gal. fuel pail; G.R. Taylor Ltd. Trunks & sample cases, Wpg.; sm. Single cup coffee grinder; snowshoes; lightning rod w/ horse weathervane; tin water cooler w/ spigot; old wooden washing machine, repainted; butter presses; Forecaster Superline pipe w/ interchangeable bowls; razor blade sharpener; New Gillette razor in case; assorted brass bells; fountain pen & nibs; compasses; ink wells; perpetual calendar; railway spike; assorted lighters; assorted antique price guides; 1901 T Eatons book; 1908 Sears Robuck catalogue; 1927 Eaton’s catalogue; store string holders; Roland MB 6 horse hitch picture, Chicago Exhibition 1927, glass cracked; Champion highway patrol picture – 1886; military jacket; cigar cutter; old skate blades; old catcher masks; wooden hunting hanger; brass school bell; grain bag labeler; sad irons; Anscoset camera – 35mm; variety of leg clamp traps; Wooden fire pail w/ rounded bottom; news paper stand; vertical oil pump jack, homemade; Champion self-feeder – JW mixer w/ sediment bowl; hand crank centrifuge; Rushmore search light; cast iron school bell; lg. set of caribou antlers; floor crates/registers; convex oval picture frame; set of 4 carriage wheels; & more

Friends: This is a sale of the century.  Many rare and hard to find petroleum items.  Dollard and Marguerite were both well-respected collectors and headed the renowned Dunrea Flea Market for years.  Most items are in original condition unless otherwise described.  I would plan on attending this unique auction.  Terms: cash, debit, VISA/MASTERCARD.  Cheque will only be accepted from known customers. 2.5% convenience fee for credit card use.  There will be NO BUYERS FEE for onsite buyers. There will be online bidding available for about 240 lots on day 1.  For more info contact Warren 204-534-7997 or Kelly 204-305-0284 or email [email protected].  For full list and pictures visit our website: Sale conducted by Wright’s Auction Service Ltd. Conducting sales the Wright way since 1959!