Dollard & Marguerite Mailhot Antique Collection Reduction Auction: Gasoline Pumps; Oil & Gas Advertising; Toys; Vehicles; Crocks; Oil lamps & much more

Antique Auction in Shamrock Centre, Killarney, Manitoba, Canada

04 Sunday
04th August, 2019 10:00 AM

Dollard & Marguerite Mailhot Antique Collection Reduction Auction: Gasoline Pumps; Oil & Gas Advertising; Toys; Vehicles; Crocks; Oil lamps & much more

Antique Auction in Shamrock Centre, Killarney Manitoba, Canada

Sunday at - 04th August , 2019


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Auction Items For Sale

Dollard & Marguerite Mailhot Antique Collection Reduction Auction: Gasoline Pumps; Oil & Gas Advertising; Toys; Vehicles; Crocks; Oil lamps & much more

Sunday, Aug. 4        10am start

Shamrock Centre, Killarney, MB

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Wilderness Inn, Killarney 1-204-523-4111, Erin Inn, Killarney 1-204-523-4651, Emerald Iise & Resort, Killarney 1204-523-4215, Wilderness Inn, Boissevain 1-204-534-7155

Camping: Kerry Park, Killarney 1-204-523-6000 or Killarney Ag Society & Campground 1-204-523-4699


Dollard & Marguerite Mailhot Antique Reduction Auction – Day 2

Sun. Aug. 4      10 am start

Shamrock Centre, Killarney, MB

List is for Day 2 only!

Pumps/Lubsters: Clear vision, single visible pump, original; Wayne 70 pump, missing one door, G &B 176 fuel pump, to be assembled, original; Red Sentry curbside fuel pump, original; Bennett gas pump, for parts; G & B 176 fuel pump, for parts; G & B fuel pump for parts; many fuel pump parts incl. tops, internal, skins, etc.; Triple etched glass cyl, numbers repainted; triple etched glass cyl., 2 sm. Chips, original;  Rare Mobiloil Gargoyle oil cabinet w/ original signs & oil lubrication chart w/o globe; Standard Oil ISO-VIS lubster, original;

Globes: Gold Crown, 7”, original; Imperial Premier Gasoline, repainted, chipped on bottom; Imperial Gasoline globe, repainted; Acto high profile gas globe, repainted w/ metal frame; British American gas globe, 1 pc. Badly chipped bottom; One pc. BA – Nevr-nox globe, wide body glass frame; Imperial Premier gas globe, narrow body, repainted metal frame, original lenses; Peerless Blue 88, wide bottom, screw on base, no collar, original; British American Nevr-nox, wide body, screw on collar, one lens only, original; Co-op, narrow bose, screw on base, no collar, one lens only, original; Co-op Use Products, wide body globe, original; Gargoyle Mobiloil, plastic gas globe; Esso Extra, high profile, wide metal base, one lens only, repainted metal frame; Red Indian, wide profile globe, reproduction;

Signs: White Rose/En-ar-co, porcelain, double-sided, 48” dia., original; Purity 99 Products, porcelain, double-sided, in original bracket, 60” dia., original;  BA – green & red, metal, 66” dia., double-sided, original; BA – orange & blue, metal, double-sided, 66” dia., original; Radio Oil Product, tin –framed, 14” x 120”, original;  BA – blue & orange metal sign, 30” x 30”, original; BA Sentinel Tires, double-sided, metal, 13 ¾” x 28 ½”, original; Texaco Motor Oil, porcelain, double-sided, 30” x 30”, original; Grey Goose bus lines, tombstone, double-sided, metal, 18” x 18”; No Smoking or Open Flames, porcelain, 8” x 24”, original; Co-op member tin sign, 11 ¾” x 17”, fantasy; Gulf, plexi-glass, 32 ½”, original; 3 Star Imperial, oval sign, doubled sided, metal, 39 ½:, original; Alouette Snowmobiles Parts & Services, tin, 20” x 28”, original; AAA doube-sided, French, metal, 24” x 24”, original; White Rose, metal, 41” on diagonal, original; White Rose flange, double-sided, porcelain, 17 ½” x 18” original; BA – green & red, round, metal, 9 ¼” dia., original; BA – green & red, round, galvanized tin, 22” dia., original; Anglo, round, galvanized tin, 22” dia., original; Texaco Sky Chief pump plate for visible gas pump, 8” x 12”, original; Uptown, Sparkling Lemon, tin, 17 ½” x 53 ½”, original; Cast iron J.I. Case Threshing Machine Co. plaque, fantasy?; 1940s BA award plaque; Winnipeg Free Press flange, double-sided, tin, 10” x 14”, original; British America Oil Co., porcelain, 12” x 86”, original; Canadian Oil Dealer, porcelain, 26” x 138”, original; Quaker State motor oil, tombstone, porcelain, double-sided, 26 ½” x 29”, original; 2x Co-op Tires, tin, 19 ½” x 26 ¾”, original; Recommend DAA – Dominion Automobile Assoc., double-sided, porcelain, 21 ¾” x 23 ¼”, original; Texaco Sky Chief, porcelain, 12” x 22 ½”, original; Texaco Red Star, porcelain, 16” x 75”, original; Trump Oil Company Ltd., Morris, MB, tin, 8” x 28”; Texaco, porcelain, 16” x 72”; Nash Service Station, porcelain, double-sided; North Star Oil Company, tin, 17” x 142 ½”, original; Texaco, Standard Oil, Esso & BA road maps; Esso S&Ps & Esso match holder; Nash thermometer, original;

Cans: Buffalo motor oil, 1 gal.; Buffalo crank pin grease, rusty w/ a hole, ½ gal.; Royalite motor oil, 1 qt.; Antelop wheel bearing grease, 1 lb.; Buffalo City Oil Co. grease tin, 5 lb.;  REGA – Winnipeg Oil Co., hard oil tin, rusty;  Roco grease, 1 lb.; North Star Oil Co./William Penn water pump grease, 1lb.; White Rose anti-freeze tin; Mica- Imperial Oil Ltd. Axel grease, 1 lb.; Panther Oil & Grease Mfg. of Canada Ltd. Tin; White Rose, 5 gal. oil pail; En-ar-co motor oil, 5 gal. oil pail; White Rose ultra heavy duty brake fluid, 1 gal.; Husky grease tin, 5 lb.; White Rose hyd. Fluid, 1 gal.; Anglo anti-freeze, 1 qt.; Anglo anti-freeze, 1 gal.; North Star Oil Co. grease, 5 lb.; 3x White Rose, yellow label motor oil, 1 qt.; White Rose motor oil, 1 qt.; British America Oil Co. – Autolene oil, 1 gal.; Royalite motor oil, 1 qt.; Gulf pride motor oil, 1 qt.; Veedol motor oil, 1 qt.; Wearwell Oil – Radio Gas Cup Grease tin; 2x Hub oil Co. Ltd. Motor oil, full, 1 qt.; Shell Aeroshell oil, 1 qt.; Texaco Ursa motor oil, full, 1 qt.; Reliance anti-freeze, full, 1 qt.; Beaver heavy duty motor oil, 1 qt.; Rotunda anti-freeze, 1 qt.; White Rose ultra motor oil, 1 qt.; Pennzoil motor oil w/ owls, 1 qt.; Quaker State motor oil, 568ml; 0-50-EZY Products Co. cedar oil polish, ½ gal.; Anglo anti-freeze, 1 gal.; Valvoline motor oil, 1 qt.; Gulf XHD motor oil, 1 qt.; Royalite motor oil, 1 qt.; Roco heavy duty motor oil, 1 qt.; BA Peerless motor oil, 1 qt.; White Rose motor oil, 1 qt.; Co-op motor oil, 1 qt.; Co-op grease tin, 5lb.; Renfrew Cream Separator Oil, pint; Wynn’s Racing Formula oil, 14 oz.; Esso heavy duty motor oil, 1 qt.; Home gas grease tin, 5 lb.; White Rose cup grease tin, 1lb.; G.F. Stephens Co. varnish tin, has hole; Henderson Oil Ltd., motor grease, 1lb.; Rawleigh’s fly fluid tin, 64 oz.; Whiz Commando rust preventive, 16 oz.; North Star Oil Co./William Penn heavy duty motor oil, 1 qt.; BA Frost Cop anti-freeze tin, 1 gal.; Shell spirax HD motor oil, 60L; Husky gear lube,

Oil Bottles: Shell motor oil, 1 qt.; Huffman oil, 1 qt.; 2x En-ar-co “The oil of a million tests” bottles, 1 qt.; JB Rhondes Co. 1 qt.; Standard Oil Co. Service bottle, 1 qt.;  3x oil bottles ( 2 – qt. & 1 pint); oil bottle tops & caps, BA license plate topper;

Vehicles/Related Items: 1890s Massey Harris men’s bike w/ wooden rims, wrong seat: MB license plates & tags – 1912-1957; hood ornaments; brass car horn; v. old anti-freeze changer, incomplete; Leucherts auto lamp & mirror;

Other Advertising: The Chaffless coffee gold standard tin; Sunshine coffee tin; Nash’s Gateway Orange Pekoe tin; Pure Canadian honey; Fisher’s fresh roasted peanut tin, 10lb.; Nash’s regular grind coffee tin; Stafford berry pail, 28lb.; Pepsi-Cola door push, original; Red Rose tea door push, original; 7-Up bi-lingual door push, original; Planters peanuts cocktail tin, 8 oz.; 1948 Almanac & 1956 Waghorns guide; misc. modern coca-cola memorabilia; Canadian Liverpool Mortgage Corp. coin holder; Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Co. match holder & cigarette papers; Edgeworth & Murray tobacco tins; BA match book & Prince Albert pocket tin; North Star Oil water glass; Sears Roebuck & Co. catalogue; 1901 T Eatons catalogue; Hong Kong flour sack; Five Roses flour sack w/ removable stickers; 2x Five Roses Cracked wheat bags, 3lb.; Champion clothes pin bag; J.H. Puttnam Naty Clothes, Dunrea, MB coat hangers; Bank of Montreal wall calendar; Killarney Creamery Co. wooden crate; Eddy Match Co. Eddy Owl matches wooden crate; Drewry’s cooler w/ porcelain insert & spigots; Wawanesa Insurance clock; Winnipeg Tribune thermometer, rough, original; BA cooler – good shape;  Coca-cola cooler, vintage, original; modern coca-cola nostalgia standup cooler, plastic; variety of advertising door knobs - incl. En-ar-co, Coca-cola, Super 88, etc. 

Toys: Mini Toy Canadian Oil Co./White Rose tanker, original; Mini toy BA tanker, original; Mini Toy North Star Oil tanker, original; Mini Toy Supertest tanker, restored; Mini Toy BA tanker, restored; Husky Transport Lines, original; Husky gravel truck, original; gravel truck; Buddy L grader, original; 1940s Marx ride-on fire truck, original; Marx gravel truck, original; pedal fire truck; JD pedal tractor, partially restored; Thistle pedal car w/ key; pedal bike, neat; blue Thistle-style pedal tractor; old children’s carriage, folds up; Keystone toy gas station; 2x cast iron 6 horse team w/ barrels; gasoline pump phone; Chevrolet radio; cast iron baby buggy & fordson tractor; Canadian Pacific Rail toy train – partial;  modern Radio flyer sled;

Lamps: Ashine banquet lamp; pink floral parlor lamp; clear cottage lamp; 2x bullseye 14” lamps; Aladdin white hanging lamp insert; cottage scene parlor lamp; motion lamp; Green w/ pink flowers parlor lamp; Moonstone pink Aladdin lamp w/o burner; pink w/ blue flower parlor lamp; orange & red floral parlor lamp; large green parlor lamp; pink & floral parlor lamp; Beacon GSW lantern; Winged Wheel mini barn lantern; Raised-bat – D.R. barn lantern; Brass cherub parlor lamp, electric; brass floor lamp w/ floral shade; rose colored banquet, incomplete; v. nice Cranberry hanging lamp w/ clear prisms & brass font

Glassware: silver spoon rack; assorted shaving mugs; colored glass candy dish; assorted head vases; assorted hat pins; oval floral dish; flow blue S&P; green depression bowl and spoon; assorted cups; brides basket insert; Queen’s jubilee tray; contemporary carnival glass, depression glass; mixed cruet set; RCA Nipper pepper shaker; fenton vase; silver overlay; mustache cup; Noritake soup bowl and ladel; RS Prussia match holder; Planter peanut jar, Lg. planters peanuts jar w/ lid, sm. Chip on lid; porcelain water bottle; stoneware oven proof jug; partial Flow blue toilet set, damaged; glass crank butter churn; porcelain spittoon;

Radios/Clocks: Ingraham 8 day banjo clock w/ key; Welsh Clock Co. wall clock, interior weight driven; Forestville wooden mantle clock;  Ingraham Clock co., horse décor; Ingraham Clock Co. alarm clock; Westlox “Ben Hur” alarm clock; Thomas Collectors Ed. Electric radio; Philco radio; GE, AM-FM model C356 radio; Grandfather clock body; Wall clock w/ new mechanism, chipped; Johnson Maestro radio; Thorncraft electric radio;

Furniture: Lighted ash tray w/ tulip shades; Piano stool; oak kitchen chairs; carpet sweep; Duncan Fyfe- style drop leaf table; modern students roll top desk; sm. Upholstered foot stool; tea wagon; fumed oak plant table; Duncan Fyfe – style chairs; dr. metal stool; homemade show case w/ mirrored back, mirror cracked; T. Eaton’s Co. fumed oak show case; children wooden rocker; swivel wooden rocker; 2x sm. Dining room chairs; spinning wheels; washstand w/o harp; parlor table; New Williams sewing machine & cabinet; plus other pcs.; stained glass window; Renfew wash-rite washing machine; metal steamer trunk;

Telephones: The Holtzer-Cabot Electric Co. wall telephone; Brass Northern Electric Co.; K.T.A.S. telephone; wall phone; Northern Electric wall telephone; EGM Co. wall telephone; Leich telephone; United States telephone Co.;

Pottery: 2 gal. crock w/ lid; 2 gal. crock; 2 gal. RW crock w/ seal – wing reversed; bean pot; 5 gal. butter churn, cracked;

Musical Instruments: 1980s jukebox; Nicolo Salan accordion; Bundy clarinet w/ case; Dictaphone stand; gramophone (parts only); fumed oak record cabinet; Walnut gramophone cabinet, not working; Winnipeg Piano Co. Ltd. Euphonic gramophone cabinet, partial complete; gramophone horns;

Misc: Homemade bear leg trap; Fire alarm box, original; metal oil jug; metal swing jug w/ spout, 1 qt.; CNR lamp lighting pail; 1 gal. fuel pail; lightning rod, blue bulb w/ weathervane; cast iron cow key tray, made in Japan; metal pail w/ lid; old wooden music box; modern jewelry boxes; 4x mini sad irons; Ben Hur trolly cart w/ wooden wheels; cast iron harness hooks, 1 hook broken; buck saw; brass kettle; Lassie Come Home and Black Beauty books; ink box; tobacco cutter; twinplex pencil sharpener; pipes; cigarette cases & rolls razor sharpener; straight razors; stereoscope & cards; butter prints; Assorted lighters; carving set; war ration book, coupon book & meat tokens; Canadian lapel pins; gopher poison bottle; old bartender arm bands; Altamenet Fils beaded purse; bullet corkscrew; ink wells; blue lightning rod bulbs; 10-sided lightning rod bulbs; misc. collector guides; baseball masks; cork bottle caps; oak ice buckets; brass string holders; black muff & collar; polaroid camera; homemade well pump w/ cover; cast iron apple peeler; 3 blade propeller; variety of ornate cast iron trivets; Chiantel Fondiur cast/brass bell; sm. Coffee grinder; wooden butter churn w/o  plung; wooden paddle butter churn; Ice block tongs; Double ox yoke, damaged; misc. purple insulators; cast iron waffle maker; Union Jack flag; McClary drip top dutch oven; cast iron pots; Chickletts 5 cent machine; 

Friends: This is a sale of the century.  Many rare and hard to find petroleum items.  Dollard and Marguerite were both well-respected collectors and headed the infamous Dunrea Flea Market for years.  Most items are in original condition unless otherwise described.  I would plan on attending this unique auction.  Terms: cash, debit, VISA/MASTERCARD.  Cheque will only be accepted from known customers. 2.5% convenience fee for credit card use.  There will be NO BUYERS FEE for onsite buyers. There will be online bidding available for about 200 lots on day 2.  For more info contact Warren 204-534-7997 or Kelly 204-305-0284 or email [email protected]  For full list and pictures visit our website: Sale conducted by Wright’s Auction Service Ltd. Conducting sales the Wright way since 1959!