Complete Dispersal Handyman Shop Estate Sale of Tools

Online Auction in , Ontario, Canada

25 Thursday
25th July, 2019

Complete Dispersal Handyman Shop Estate Sale of Tools

Online Auction in Bracebridge Ontario, Canada

Thursday at - 25th July , 2019


Auction Terms & ConditionsTerms and Conditions The bidders(s) and the Auctioneer(s) agree that the terms listed below shall govern each and every auction sale. All registration information the Bidder provides to the Auctioneer shall be current, complete, and accurate. All bidders must be 18 years of age or older. 1. All items are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS". Once the item is sold, the Buyer shall assume full risk and responsibility for the item.2. All items are subject to a 10% Buyers Premium3. The Highest Bidder shall be the Buyer, and if any dispute arises during the Sale, then the Auctioneer, may at his/her discretion, put the Lot up again. 4. SHIPPING: Buyer will be responsible for payment of the convenience fees and shipping fees. These fees will be charged to the credit card on file. Convenience fees; all items being shipped will be charged with a $10.00 convenience fee for the first item purchased and a fee of $1.00 for every additional item. This fee covers securing your purchase at the facility until shipped.5. Auctioneer reserves the right to resell any property not paid for in full if all funds are not received by Auctioneer within two days from the online auction item/lots closing date. 6. Settlement for payment for purchases will be made by Visa or Mastercard or cash on pick-up. All sales are subject to provincial sales taxes where applicable. HST provinces will be charged 13% on all purchases, buyer's premium, convenience fees, and shipping and handling costs. British Columbia will be charged 12% on all fees and non-HST provinces with 5% on all fees and Quebec buyers will be charged GST and PST on all fees. International bidders do not pay any additional taxes provided items are shipped out of Canada.7. The Auctioneer's decision is final. The Auctioneer reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and shall control the bidding always.8. Photos with lot descriptions are to be used to act as part of the item description. We make all efforts to note any defects prior to the auction close. Please view all photos for each item before you bid and bid accordingly. 9. Auctioneer cannot, and will not, be held responsible for any interruption in service, errors and/or omissions, caused by any means and does not guarantee continual, uninterrupted or error free service or use of the Site. Bidder acknowledges that this auction is conducted electronically and relies on hardware and software that may malfunction without warning. The Auctioneer, in its sole discretion, may void a sale, temporarily suspend bidding and re-sell any items/lots that were affected by any malfunction. The decision of the Auctioneer is final.10. Auctioneer uses email mailing lists to notify its customers about online and live auctions. If you are receiving a particular mailing and wish to discontinue receiving future mailings, simply forward the received email to Auctioneer to have your name removed from our list.11. As a Bidder you are responsible for any bids placed under your bidding number and password. The security of your Bidder information is your sole responsibility as you, the Bidder, will be responsible for any and all bids placed under your number. If at any time you feel that your Bidder number and password have been compromised due to lack of security on your part you must notify Auctioneer immediately.12. What is "MAXIMUM BIDDING"? Bidders may place a maximum bid on each item. Your initial bid will increase automatically, each time you are outbid, up to your maximum bid. If a competing bid is above your maximum bid, you will be required to bid online again, if you want to be the successful bidder.13. By using this site, you, the Bidder, agree in advance to accept all rules, terms, and conditions, and any such possible changes thereto.14. What does "SOFT CLOSE" mean? Items close every second. Any bids placed in the last minute of the auction will cause the auction item to stay open for an additional 3 minutes. This will continue until all bidding has ceased.15. Your use of this auction site marks your acceptance in full these Terms and Conditions.



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Auction Items For Sale

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  • Lot #: 1
    Johnson T- Square & (2) Cutting Guides

    Johnson T- Square & (2) Cutting Gu...

  • Lot #: 2
    Sirius XM Satellite Radio and Components

    Sirius XM Satellite Radio and Comp...

  • Lot #: 3
    Snap-On 32

    Snap-On 32" x 26" x 18" Tool Box

  • Lot #: 4
    Qty of (2) MasterCraft Adjustable Saw Horse

    Qty of (2) MasterCraft Adjustable...

  • Lot #: 5
    Qty of (2) Unused MasterCraft Adjustable Saw

    Qty of (2) Unused MasterCraft Adju...

  • Lot #: 6
    Stanley 66

    Stanley 66" x 33" x 15" Two Door C...

  • Lot #: 7
    Qty of Assorted Lubricants

    Qty of Assorted Lubricants

  • Lot #: 8
    Power Fist 20 Ton Pneumatic Press

    Power Fist 20 Ton Pneumatic Press

  • Lot #: 9
    Qty of (3) Saw Horse

    Qty of (3) Saw Horse

  • Lot #: 10
    Qty of (10) Adjustable Clamps

    Qty of (10) Adjustable Clamps

  • Lot #: 11
    Boulevard 54

    Boulevard 54" x 36" x 28" Two Door...

  • Lot #: 12
    Qty of Assorted Automotive Parts

    Qty of Assorted Automotive Parts

  • Lot #: 13
    ProSource 72

    ProSource 72" x 36" x 18" Two Door...

  • Lot #: 14
    Qty of Assorted Rope

    Qty of Assorted Rope

  • Lot #: 15
    Husky Two Door 74

    Husky Two Door 74" x 48" x 19" Sto...

  • Lot #: 16
    Qty of Assorted Paints and Solvents

    Qty of Assorted Paints and Solvent...

  • Lot #: 17
    MasterCraft Electric Router Table

    MasterCraft Electric Router Table

  • Lot #: 18
    Qty of Assorted Pump Parts & Abrasive Accessories

    Qty of Assorted Pump Parts & Abras...

  • Lot #: 19
    Unused King 5

    Unused King 5" Electric Double Cut...

  • Lot #: 20
    Unused MasterCraft Electric Multi Cutter Precision

    Unused MasterCraft Electric Multi...

  • Lot #: 21
    Qty of Electrical & Automotive Components

    Qty of Electrical & Automotive Com...

  • Lot #: 22
    Herbrand HT830ATiming Light and MasterCraft

    Herbrand HT830ATiming Light and Ma...

  • Lot #: 23
    Qty of Electrical Components, Plumbing

    Qty of Electrical Components, Plum...

  • Lot #: 24
    Herbrand NT9445 Multi-Meter

    Herbrand NT9445 Multi-Meter

  • Lot #: 25
    AC Pressure Testing Kit

    AC Pressure Testing Kit

  • Lot #: 26
    MasterCraft Electric Biscuit Joiner & MasterCraft

    MasterCraft Electric Biscuit Joine...

  • Lot #: 27
    Unused Black & Decker 10 AMP Electric Variable

    Unused Black & Decker 10 AMP Elect...

  • Lot #: 28
    Qty of 3 Electric Work Lights

    Qty of 3 Electric Work Lights

  • Lot #: 29
    WEN Electric 10

    WEN Electric 10" Orbit Car Waxer

  • Lot #: 30
    MasterCraft Electric Multi Crafter Tool, & Power F

    MasterCraft Electric Multi Crafter...

  • Lot #: 31
    1965 Triumph TR4A Owners Handbook

    1965 Triumph TR4A Owners Handbook

  • Lot #: 32
    Ingersoll-Rand 231 Pneumatic Impact Gun

    Ingersoll-Rand 231 Pneumatic Impac...

  • Lot #: 33
    Craftsmen 7 1/4

    Craftsmen 7 1/4" Electric Circular...

  • Lot #: 34
    Qty of (3) Electric Tools

    Qty of (3) Electric Tools

  • Lot #: 35
    Black & Decker Electric Router & Tools

    Black & Decker Electric Router & T...

  • Lot #: 36
    Home Utility Electric Drill & MasterCraft

    Home Utility Electric Drill & Mast...

  • Lot #: 37
    Qty of Drill Bits & Accessories

    Qty of Drill Bits & Accessories

  • Lot #: 38
    Qty of Pneumatic Sprayers

    Qty of Pneumatic Sprayers

  • Lot #: 39
    Qty of (2) Unused Inverters

    Qty of (2) Unused Inverters

  • Lot #: 40
    Herbrand BF20455B Hydraulic Power Pack

    Herbrand BF20455B Hydraulic Power...

  • Lot #: 41
    Sunnen Cylinder Honing Unit

    Sunnen Cylinder Honing Unit

  • Lot #: 42
    Ultra X4 850W ATX Power Supply (Unused)

    Ultra X4 850W ATX Power Supply (Un...

  • Lot #: 43
    Qty of Ridgid Cordless Tools

    Qty of Ridgid Cordless Tools

  • Lot #: 44
    Unused Timber Tuff Electric Chain Saw Sharpener

    Unused Timber Tuff Electric Chain...

  • Lot #: 45
    Qty of (2) MotoMaster Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

    Qty of (2) MotoMaster Hydraulic Bo...

  • Lot #: 46
    Unused MasterCraft Pneumatic Micro Die Grinder & S

    Unused MasterCraft Pneumatic Micro...

  • Lot #: 47
    Drill Doctor 350X Electric Drill Bit Sharpener & S

    Drill Doctor 350X Electric Drill B...

  • Lot #: 48

    Unused Rhino 1200lb Hand Winch & T...

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