Guns, Ammo, Game Mounts, Bronzes - Julesburg, CO

Estate Auction in Sedgwick County Fairgrounds, Julesburg, Colorado, United States

19 Saturday
19th September, 2020 12:00 PM

Guns, Ammo, Game Mounts, Bronzes - Julesburg, CO

Estate Auction in Sedgwick County Fairgrounds, Julesburg Colorado, United States

Saturday at - 19th September , 2020



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DUE TO COVID 19 you will be responsible for your own safety when attending this auction.  Social distancing and masks are strongly recommended.  Michael Auction Service will attempt to maintain a safe and clean environment, however will not be liable.

It is recommended that you check or call 970-474-3693 before coming for any announcement regarding any possible postponement.


We will be selling a nice selection for the Carlisle & Schroetlin families including 60+ firearms, ammo, 40 game mounts, 20 Remington & other Western bronzes, turquoise jewelry, large knife & straight razor collection.  Don’t miss this outstanding auction.


GUNS:  (sell at noon)  Background checks will be handled by Steve Deaver of Deaver Hardware in Holyoke, CO.  Due to the backlog for these checks, it could take one to five days or more.  Every effort will be made to conduct the checks on site auction day, however, be aware that you may need to pick your gun up in Holyoke at Deaver Hardware if the background check takes longer.  Your patience in this matter is appreciated.  Long Guns – Charles Daly o/u 12ga shotgun ventrib NIB #559300; Rem Mod 597 22 auto rifle w/scope #2707189; Marlin M80 22 auto rifle w/scope #02212216; Mossberg 22 ca auto rifle w/scope; Win M70 bolt action 22-250 ca Rem rifle w/Tasco scope #62497693; Rem Mod 722 ba rifle 222ca w/Tasco scope 3420527; Charles Daly 410 dble o/u shotgun w/ventrib #516620; Charles Daly 20 ga dble o/u shotgun w/ventrib #36334; Baikal Russia 20ga o/u shotgun #D22707858b; Rem 870 Express 410 ga shotgun w/ventrib #A170626H; Win Mod 12 12ga pump shotgun w/ventrib #816004; Rem 870 Wingmaster 28ga pump shotgun w/ventrib; #D0762025; Rem M 722 ba rifle 222ca w/scope; 30 Gibs ba rifle w/scope #257; Charles Daly 28ga o/u shotgun w/ventrib #232816; Huglu 20 ga o/u shotgun w/ventrib #05653320; US Repeating Arms Win Mod 1892 45 Colt grade 1 24 ¼ rd bar # nib; Stag Arms Ar 15 mod 45.56 nato (223 Rem) AZ stock #2245 nib; Stag Arms AR15 Mod 6 5.56 Nato 223 Rem AZ stock 2245 nib.


NYLON 66 RIFLES:  Rem Mod 66 Mohawk Brown 22ca auto rifle #A2374696 nib; Rem Mod 66 bd 22 auto “Black” rifle w/scope #A2289901 nib; Rem Mod 66 Gallery Special 22 auto rifle #2586047 nib; Rem Mod 66 ba 22 rifle; Rem Mod 66 Black stainless barrel 22ca auto rifle AZi40395; Rem Mod 66 22 ca auto rifle #2369434; Rem 66 Seneca Green 22 ca auto rifle #A2342535; Rem 66 Mohawk Brown 22 ca auto rifle w/scope #2371944; Rem Mod 66 Apache Black 22ca auto rifle #2305499; 3 Rem Mod 66 Mohawk Brown 22ca auto rifles; Rem Nylon Mohawk Brown 22ca auto rifle; Rem Nylon Mohawk 100 22ca auto rifle #2290617; Rem nylon 66 Mohawk Brown 22ca rifle #A2296791; 25 more guns that were unavailable at listing.


PISTOLS:  Springfield Armory 1911 Defender 45 ACP SN NM 617435 like new; Kimber Micro 9 9mm desert tan, crimson trace laser grips #0049919 like new; Ruger New Vaquero 44 gam hi gloss stainless #59-01341nib; Ruger new model Blackhawk Bisley 45 Colt, stainless #48-40564 nib; S&W M&P 40, pro core #HKD8467; Colt Delta Elite 10mm #9591; S&W 22ca revolver #9AB75; S&W 44 mag rev; Colt Combat Commander 45 auto pistol #70SC76071; AMT Hard Baller 45 auto pistol #B19717; Tarus 38sp revolver #P13541; S&W 22ca auto pistol #42179; Navy Arms 36ca black powder revolver #09634; Ruger Blackhawk 44 mag NRAComm gold plated & engraved w/custom case unfired #88-65861; Grendel 22 gam semi auto pistol #009181; Colt Match Target 22 semi auto pistol w/case mfg 1942 #197746-5; Colt Challenger 22 semi auto pistol w/holster #CL08518; Ulberti 44ca black powder revolver.


AMMO:  Lots of ammo for all types of guns.


KNIVES & STRAIGHT RAZORS:  lg collection of hunting & pocket knives, bayonets; 75+ straight razors.  Nice collections from the Stevens Estate.


GAME MOUNTS:  Kudu; sable; gemsbuck hartebeest; zebra; white tail; elk; oryx; bushbuck; springbuck; impala; pronghorns; blesbuck; addax; caribous; roan; lechwe; mule deer; wildebeest; nyala; eland; waterbuck; warthog; javalina; sailfish; dolphin; turkey; sev fish.


20 REMINGTON BRONZES:  Mountain Man; Through the Rye; Rattlesnake; Bronc Buster; The Cowboy; Stampede; Cowboy; Wicked Pony; Puncher; Scout; Hunter; Trail & more.